Here’s some more of my early Boondocks season 2 Pre-production designs/ artwork.

One of the things that i believe stands out about the production of The Boondocks ( and is one of the most tedious) when compared to other prime time animated comedies out there is the fact that the characters ( if you pay close attention) have several wardrobe changes through-out any point in an episode.

For the boys, when they are inside the house, the rule is they do not wear shoes.

when a day changes to night, the characters may wear pajamas. If a day passes in one episode, the characters change outfits completely. 

Above are conceptual sketches of options for Huey Jasmine & Riley Wardrobes for Season 2 i produced & submitted to Aaron, Seung Kim and the producers for approval.

Huey has always had a more conservative touch to urban fashion compared to Riley; Polos, military fashion w/ long sleeves, walking shoes and running shoes

Jasmine always repped a scaled back fashion style; denim, capris, sandals cardigans, velcro strap shoes. looking at J.Crew ads back then helped. We also tried to stay away from her wearing skirts or dresses in the show.