‘Supergirl’ Adds Floriana Lima as Gay DC Character Maggie Sawyer

Supergirl has cast its Maggie Sawyer.

The CBS-turned-CW series has tapped Floriana Lima (The Family) for the series regular role inspired by the gay DC Comics character, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

On the Warner Bros.-produced Supergirl, Maggie will be a detective for the National City Police Department who takes a special interest in the cases involving aliens.

Created by John Byrne, Maggie was first introduced in 1987 as a captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit where she was a highly skilled member of the Science Police, the division of the police department that deals with metahumans.


- Marco’s “Safe kid” nickname
- Star singing “Marco’s (insert item here)”
- Tom raging at Marco for stealing his dance with Star (This is practically confirmed)
- Star’s butterfly wings to be like a magical weapon or something
- Ludo trying to steal Star’s wand (I actually enjoyed it)
- More random Janna banter
- Buff Frog’s ‘babies’ (This is also practically confirmed)
- Toffee

And most importantly…


You know what I really want in s2? a scene in which Alec comes in,with crumpled clothes and messy hair,and izzy,sassy little shit that she is,realizes who what he’s been doing,and asks him: “and where were you?”and then magnus comes in, even bigger little shit that he is, also disheveled and with a proud grin stuck on his face,and wiggles his eyebrows at izzy and winks at alec,and alec is  just so embarassed and then magnus and izzy high-five behind his back or something  WE MUST SEE THIS