Danny Lawrence, quoting Severus Snape

Okay but hang on there’s actually a lot of parallels between Laura/Danny/Carmilla and Lily/Snape/James: Laura/Lily and Danny/Snape were fast friends, and there was the anticipation of something more, and there was the annoying “other love interest” (Carmilla/James) who was actually really cool, and then Danny/Snape said something they shouldn’t have and Laura/Lily got offended and told them to go to hell (essentially), but then Danny/Snape ended up being “not as bad” as everybody was thinking, but they were still totally into Laura/Lily, even though it’s clearly not gonna happen… and then, when Perry basically asks if Danny’d still protect Laura at all costs, the response is the same as Snape’s famous declaration: “Always.” 

In conclusion, I have no love for Danny Lawrence/Severus Snape, but I love the parallels.