PLL - "The Twin" Theorie

Okay, I know that it has thousands and thousands of theories about “who is A?” or “who killed Alison?” and “why and who is/was Ms.diLaurentis covering for?” but here it comes another one…

I don’t know if you know, but in the books Alison has a twin called Courtney. I don’t know exactly how their story finished but I know that their relationship wasn’t the bests one and that one of them went to Radley or something like that. Similar to the twin story showed in the TV show (2x13 - The First Secret).

Anyway, even if Marlene told us that they aren’t following the book story, I think that Ali might have a twin on the show too. Think with me:

  • It was already told us that someone on the serie has a twin, so why not Alison?
  • Why would they show us that horrible twin story and it came back on the show so many times?
  • Why would that twin girls look so much like Ali (blond hair and light eyes)?
  • Sasha Pieterse, who portrays Alison, said in an interview with ClevverTV, while watching the episode, to make sure to pay close attention to Alison’s bedroom, most specifically, the photos next to her bed. If you examine closely, you can see a picture frame of Jason and two girls who look exactly alike. One, of course being Alison, the other possibly Courtney and a line in French that means: “It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” (picture in the end).
  • In “A is for Answers”, it shows Ms.diLaurentis talking worried in the phone and she tell Ali to stay at home that night. What if Ms.d was talking to someone from Radley telling her that her daughter run away from there? And she was concerned about Ali, that her twin might try to kill her again?

Who will Ms.D protect so much at the point to barry her own daughter in the yard so far from her other daughter?
I know it might sounds ridiculous but it makes sense in my mind. And if you have read it until here thank you!

If anyone agrees with me message me please! Am I the only one who think Ali has a twin?

The First Secret

Hey guys! So I was rewatching “The First Secret” (the second season Halloween’s episode) to see if I got more clues about -A and Ali’s possible twin Courtney.

Anyway, I realised that in the scene when Ali tell the liars that it was a prank and Noel was the zombie (but actually wasn’t him), in the door of the room where they are, it seems to have an “-A”.

I know it may be just a coincidence, but nothing is really just a coincidence in Rosewood… I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s certain something to think about…