pll world war a

PLL figured out.

I officially know who A is. Okay so I’ve been watching episodes over and over , wracking my brains, doing intense research on tumblr and reading cast clues…I think Satan is A. But wait. Bare with me. There’s more to this. Marlene has been running us around in circles, dropping clues, red hearings and dead ends. Why? Because she is Satan. hence. Marlene is A. Why? she wants us to become fixated and obsessed over who A is , so she can slowly by slowly , gain control over the viewers, who then become so emotionally distraught , that they have no choice but to rebel against the government, dismantle the establishment thus forming a world war 3.

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Shipping Wars??????

So Emily “Pimp Game On One Thou” Fields Is Caught Between 3 Women

  • Paige McCullers
  • Alison DiLaurentis

And Now…

  • Talia Sandoval 

Now I’m A Paily Shipper (Actually An Emaya Shipper Holding Onto Hope) But I Actually Kinda Ship #Empanada/Emalia/Tamily…..???

Now Before When It Was Paily Vs Emison, I Was All Paily. But Ever Since Paige Left, Everyday She’s Been Looking More & More Sketchy. So While Paily Is On A Break, I’m Too Kinda On A Break.

Now Talia …… That’s A Woman With Some Balls. I Mean Big Ones Made Of Coconuts. She’s Going Straight For The Kill With No Shame And I Actually Like That! I Can See Them Being A “Temporary Fling” For A While. 

Now The Question Is What Will Emily “My Girl Getting Game Is On Fyah” Fields Do?

Who Do You Guys Ship At This Moment?

  • Paily

  • Emison

  • Empanada, Emalia, Tamily, Whatever TF We Are Calling This



Soooooo, I'm NOT OK With This Whole Paige Moving Chabang, MARELENE KING. We Warm Up To Paige, Fall In Love With “Paily" And Now You’re Gonna Send Her To California?? Do You Like Torturing Our Souls??? Is This What Gets You Off???

And To Those Rude, Anti-Paily, Emison Shippers That Are Celebrating: It’s On. It’s Soooooooo On. Laugh While You Can Because This Figment Of Imagination You Guys Got Isn’t Gonna Get Y'all Anywhere. We Are Not Going Down Without A Fight.

In The Words Of fightingforemison….

"World War Ships Has Just Been Declared”