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I don't think people realize how big of an impact Toby has had on Emily and Spencer. Especially now (or at least within the span of the last few seasons), they allow their hatred of his character to blind them from the fact that he actually has a strong rooted bond with them, and unlike the other boys, a strongly connected storyline. He's the only boyfriend that I think even still should be on the show. (But guess who gets 0.25 seconds of screentime?)

Ugh I know right! Toby gave Emily the courage to come out, he was always there for her to talk to about her problems, when she said she didn’t feel comfortable telling the girls things. Those are actual direct quotes from Emily. Clearly they kept in touch, even after Spoby broke up. Their friendship was separate from Spencer even when Toby’s whole life was Spencer. As shown in Emily’s reaction to his time on the A team. He showed up at Spencer’s house in 2x14 because she was, he thought, bullying Emily. He helped when Emily asked him to leave his engagement party to do research on the guy they just murdered. His friendship with Emily is probably one of the last standing good things on the show. Like I used to sort of dislike them but honestly, #TomilyForTheWin.

And Tobys impact on Spencer is incomparable to anything else in her entire life. She became who she was because of what being with Toby did for her. She let go of what her parents thought of her, their expectations and pressure to be perfect. She had a safe haven that she could always count on. She learned how she should be treated in a relationship because prior to Toby, men only used her underage body for their own sexual pleasure and threw her away when they were done, like a worthless possession. She stated herself, after Toby she had such high standards and no one could measure up. I don’t understand how this gets so twisted in the fandom. She doesn’t fall apart when Toby pulls away or they’re on the rocks because he’s mean to her or emotionally abusive or whatever. She falls apart because he’s always been the her entire heart and losing him kills her. Three years post breakup, she (and he as well) is still struggling with losing him and the destruction to their relationship. Caleb? She was hanging out with him for the last two episodes and there’s no lingering feelings and zero awkwardness and no desire left between them. After being broken up for a week, Spencer has zero issues watching him with Hanna or any hunger for him. But Toby? She’s still dying inside, watching him love someone else, after three damn years and lots of time to get used to him and Yvonne.

But also, anyone wants to see the impact Toby had on Spencer, watch her call him her safe place to land in 1x22, watch her speech in 3x22, where she states that him dying was the worst thing that ever could have happened to her and she couldn’t figure out how to go on anymore, then watch how in 5x05, when Toby saw her face, read between the lines of her expression, told her to climb into his arms, swore she’d never be alone and then watch how all the anxiety and anguish is lifted off her when he kisses her head.

And then watch 6x09. Because her speech says it all.