Watch Pretty Little Liars - Season 7 Episode 10 : The DArkest Knight TV Series
The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.
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Speculative theory: Spencer dies.

In the 7x10 promo, Jenna has a gun and Spencer is protecting the group. 

She’s wearing a plain white sweater, which is the number one choice color for TV characters to get shot in. (It’s the best for displaying the blood.) 

To me, this is the big giveaway that Spencer will definitely get shot. It’s a terrible wardrobe choice otherwise, especially considering the nature of this show.

She’s also wearing brown suede boots and blue jeans, like these:

Picture it:

It’s dark.

Jenna’s waving a gun around. Her point of view is blurry.

Shots are fired. Everyone scatters and runs…

Except for Spencer. She’s hit and goes down, bleeding.

Somebody drags her away…

Once its safe, the others return for her, but she’s gone. 

When they get outside, Spencer is there waiting. Her sweater is bloody, but she says the bullet only grazed her. They all leave together.

At the end of the episode, we see “Spencer” burying her dead twin in the woods.

Troian returns to play the impostor for 7B. 

(Marlene would totally do this.)

Remember in the doll house when she was always the last one who would get locked up and there was always this long ass close up of her with this guilty look on her face. Now.
Spencer tells Aria about the flashdrive and the first thing she asks is have you watched them all?
Giiirl what do you have to hide?

Pretty Little Liars Finale Episode

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars will air March 14th 2017.

PLL theory: 6x10 and forwards is all a dream

i’ve been thinking about this A LOT lately and it kinda makes sense. we never saw futuristic elements in the show until 6x10 and then we never saw it again. what about all of the plotholes, the ending, etc. THIS is what i think happened!

we know that in 6x09 “Last Dance” that the girls went to prom and Alison basically spent all of it searching for Charles. she was kidnapped by him at the end of the episode, and then he revealed himself to her.

this, to me, is where i think the whole dream started. Alison had a surprised reaction, but she was acting as if she wasn’t shocked that much. we know in the next episode where it is all revealed, 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”, Alison is seen waking up on a bed.

she seems confused about where she is, but how would have Charles placed her there? did he force her to go there? did he knock her out? did she simply fall asleep?

after everything Alison has gone through in her life, i think she disappeared towards the end of 6x09 and went crazy, being found and admitted into Radley. we know that Charles and Alison were at Radley in 6x10 due to the fact that is where he grew-up, but what if that was to lure us from what was actually happening?

Alison dreamed everything in Radley, and her mind focused on the people she cared about most around her - her dad, her mom, Jason, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Charlotte (considering Alison was best friends with her) - and the people she despises, two of them being Mona and Wilden (who were both in 6x10). the end of 6x10, the flash-forward where “he” is coming for her, is a really odd scene and currently does not match with the events happening in S7.

the reason why i think Alison was the one dreaming this is because she was the one questioning Charlotte about everything throughout the episode, and she was the one being told of it all. furthermore, Archer Dunhill/Elliott Rollins was simply Alison’s doctor whilst in Radley, and Alison was afraid of him, which makes sense why he’d be in her dreams.

keep in mind that Alison was actually put in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital from 6x20 “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars” to 6x05 “Along Comes Mary”, so this could represent Alison being in Radley in real life. she only wants to be free, so her being released from Welby in 6x05 represents it.

Alison’s dream was interrupted during the ending of 6x10 when “he” is coming for her. she continues to dream when 6B starts and so on. everything that has happened in 6B and 7 represent her fears, from a loved one betraying her (Charlotte being Big ‘A’), a loved one dying (Charlotte being murdered), being abused (Elliott hurting her in Welby), her only true love being taken away by someone else (Emily with Sabrina), etc.

who ever Charles was in real life is for YOU to decide! i am biased on who the true Charles was if everything we’ve watched from 6x10 is a dream.

don’t forget that 6x10 included several plotholes, so wouldn’t it make sense if it was a dream?

thanks for reading!

it’s most likely Spencer’s legs in the promo on the floor so the majority are assuming either Toby or Spencer is shot…Melissa???? It seems everyone who’s hated Alison is making a return so it wouldn’t surprise me if she were to burst through the door & get shot. I guess Wren could’ve also gone with her/maybe be at her side in a hospital scene or something. Just a thought but yea

So many mistakes in 8 ½ minutes on PLL 7x09. [This is relevant GUYS!]

Spencer, Emily and Aria are at Ezra’s apartment. Aria plans doing some research at the courthouse when it opens. Emily’s in hurry to have her swim-coach job interview.
[The ‘Hanna-factor’ isn’t relevant at all because she’s out of Rosewood.]

Then the intro starts.

The next scene shows Spencer in her barn.

She spends some time on an online research for ‘Noel Kahn’. But with no results. Then Marco enters the scene. He tells her that he was at Alison’s house just before and comes to say ‘Hello’ because he saw Spencer’s car outside.

In the next scene Emily exits Ezra’s apartment on the stairway inside of the “Rear Window Brew”.

There she meets Sabrina. While both are talking about a cake order, Emily’s phone shows 4:37.
[That must be P.M., right? And it’s sunlight out there.]

The next scene shows Aria still staying in Ezra’s apartment. Then Jason enters the scene by the backdoor. He tells Aria that he runs into Emily in the ‘Brew’ and was told that she (Aria) was in Ezra’s apartment. Jason says that Marco told him something about Archer.

Aria then is up to do her research on adoptions in the courthouse. Jason tells her she won’t get any information . Aria tells him he’s a relative and capable to get information about adoptions.

This is what happened in the first 8 ½ minutes in this episode … and there are a lot of new questions:
- When does the courthouse usually open?
- How has Spencer exit Ezra’s apartment?
- Why has Spencer so much time, to come home and do ‘online-research’ before Marco knocks at her door?
- Did Marco wait the whole time for Spencer to come home?
- When was Jason running into Emily at the Brew?
- How is it possible that Emily left Ezra’s apartment on the backdoor and front door simultaneously?
- When did Sabrina wake up with a sugar craving when it was 4.37 p.m. ?

— This episode was written by Jonell Lennon (-Twitter). The director was Chad Lowe (-Twitter). —

In this 8 ½ minutes of PLL 7x09 too many mistakes happen.
And I haven’t even started with Sara’s-supposedly-iPhone: This iPhone had “No Service”, the battery level was at 1% but there was an incoming call from Sara because: “Slide to answer.”

This episode wasn’t even a filler – it was an imposition!

Ali's Secret Child

So I just had a random thought. I came across many theories saying Wilden might have been beach hottie and that maybe CeCe was telling the truth on Ali being pregnant maybe she somehow planned her disappearance with mona so she can go away and have a child. I never believed the whole Cyrus thing and maybe somehow she paid him off that one time they met up in the woods cause he was her alibi for the last two years. And I also heard theories that maybe the little Amish girl is their baby and she got adopted into the Amish community also Wilden was linked to being Amish too I think? That would make sense cause why would CeCe have a connection with some random little girl? Not saying she wouldn’t be nice. But what if she knew it was a long lost niece or part of the family? I always felt Ali was hiding something too since she’s been back. And maybe Wilden was so shady and so determined to find Ali and find out that summer cause he knew she was Preggo with his child and he just couldn’t track her.

Another thought! Maybe Jessica knew where Ali was all along and that would explain the cellar of Ali photographed in those 2 years of missing. And also the I can’t protect you anymore text (Or maybe it was for Mary, Peter, etc) My mind is just going a mile a minute with all these different theories. I would like the writers to explain what Ali was up to in those 2 years and it would be cool to see it played out like this somehow.

okay but

the writing on the back of the car was LITERALLY the same as when Noel wrote on Ezra’s car, same sentence

and the car doors open with the alarm going off has happened like two times before

and Jenna trying to kiss Toby

someone (Noel?) almost running Hanna over like Mona did

Spencer giving the girls the name necklaces like Ali gave them the bracelets

Jason and Aria

is this season 1 or season 7 because i’m confused