pll theme


Guys but like imagine if there was a Pretty Little Liars theme park and you could visit the dollhouse & Radley. And omg imagine if there were hotels so you could like stay in Spencer or Ali’s room. I WANT THIS DREAM TO BE REAL

Cece Drake Is A Part 2: Holly Varjak


So, with the Holly Golightly/Varjak hints, It suddenly struck me to where I’ve seen miss Varjak/Golightly on PLL before… Meet our Holly Varjak, everyone:

So, as if Cece taking Alison’s passports weren’t enough, she planted the Holly Varjak passport, letters, and all of the other evidence during the PLL Christmas episode and hired James Nielan to help her throw the PLL’s off. (Remember Nielan’s department store where Mrs. D bought Cece’s clothes? yeah thats not a coincidence…)

And since a recurring theme in PLL is France/Paris I did a little digging… When Cece left for France this was the song that was playing as she left in the Holly Golightly outfit. “Non, Je ne Regrette Rien” meaning “No, I regret nothing”

And if you’ve seen leaks about the blocks spelling out CHARLES in the blocks… Check out the air line ticket. Third line from the right under Vivian Darkbloom. It’s not a person, it’s a place. Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France

I tip my glasses to you, Miss Drake.

did you see hanna’s face when spence + caleb held hands? … she’s not okay with them y'all…and even though she is being dishonest, i know she ain’t saying shit ‘cause she wants her friend to be happy and that’s textbook hanna. i hope she finds peace soon, with or without her fiance, with or without her job.