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Bethany Young and Charles

After reading about Charles and who he might be here’s what I got:

Charles is Jason’s twin or older brother (probably twin). The theory out there right now is that Charles has gender identity disorder, where he is a boy, but wants to be a girl/associates himself as one (hopefully I got that right). Which could make sense, it would explain A’s obsession with Alison, dolls, the girls, and why at times A seems like a man and other times like a woman, depending on how Charles wants to present himself (long shot I know, but I’m kind of confused by this finale). Also explains Red Coat (who looks like Alison – Charles is obsessed and dresses like her) and Black Veil (another feminine figure we have no idea who they are – and could be the reason Mrs. DiLaurentis dressed like Black Veil in the Christmas episode – she was either BV or referencing Charles, her son)

The dresses Mrs. DiLaurentis bought for Alison one Christmas was for Charles and Alison. And Mrs. DiLaurentis had to hide it from Mr. DiLaurentis because he does not approve of Charles, and that is why you don’t see Charles around because Mr. DiLaurentis sent Charles to Radley because he was ashamed of him. But Mrs. DiLaurentis supports Charles, so she bought him the dress and visits him at Radley. That is because Bethany Young is actually Charles DiLaurentis. 

If Mr. DiLaurentis didn’t want anyone knowing about Charles, he put him in Radley under a different name. And that’s why Mrs. DiLaurentis is on the board and why she hung out with Bethany a lot. 

It would also explain why Mrs. DiLaurentis had an affair with Bethany’s father because her father is Mr. Hastings. I mean how many affairs can she have?

It could also be the reason Mr. DiLaurentis hates Jason because he reminds him of Charles and loves Alison because she is his actual daughter. Also that is the reason Mrs. DiLaurentis protected Alison’s attacker because it was Charles. It could also explain the clothes Mrs. DiLaurentis was buying back in season 4. They weren’t clothes for Alison, but rather clothes for Charles. 

Also it would explain why Bethany thought Mrs. DiLaurentis was lying to her because Charles was so young when emitted to Radley he couldn’t remember who his mom was. So Charles found out somehow and sought revenge on Mrs. DiLaurentis for lying to him. And that’s why she was killed?

And it ties in Sarah Harvey because that would mean Bethany Young would have to be alive and it is actually Sarah Harvey’s body that was found not Bethany/Charles.  

And that would mean Hanna’s insult to A about being a “he-she-it-bitch” would be super spot on if Charles had gender identity disorder. 

I had more ideas, but I forgot them. I am also really confused and have no idea who Charles actually is – my guess is CeCe Drake (obsessed with Alison, is older, Charles DiLaurentis (CD) = CeCe Drake (CD)) Because A has to be someone we have met or else this is just ridiculous…


Hello Ezra’s shoes! So when I saw this I literally screamed because I remembered Hanna saying “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes” and usually when we see A doing stuff, they are wearing ALL BLACK even the shoes, so when I saw these shoes and how familiar they looked, I HAD to share! Also, you can’t see a Black hoodie and the arms would be bulkier if this person was wearing one. All we see is black pants and Ezra’s shoes.



Could Ali be a victim of abuse ?

Oliver Goldstick Said : ” One of the Wirting’ assistants this year just blurts things and she goes, “Oh my God. She’s so abused. For someone to be this dark, someone had to be this dark to her.”

But the truth is, what did happen to that girl that she could be this disturbed to take on this many people and be this vicious in her behavior?

Troian talking about Spencer and Ali’s relationship:
“And there’s a really great scene coming up between Spencer and Alison; There is such a sense of… brokenheartedness and fear of the world because they both come from households of abuse; the Hastings is more emotional abuse and there’s a real possiblity of it being some other kind of - possibly more physical abuse in the DiLaurentis house.”

Other Reasons I found :

1.) Alison comes off very sexual for her age and probably the most out of the entire girls.

2.) She is seen involved with older people a lot through the show; Going to frat parties, Flying in a plane with Duncan who obviously was older, hanging around with CeCe who is her brothers age, ‘dating’ Ian,

3.) Her remarks on how Jason doesn’t use door knobs, She came into spencer house talking about there aren’t enough locks on her doors and she starts to cry.

4.) She is so angry with Jenna for forcing Toby to sleep with Her.

5.) This could also lead to why She has such a tough exterior and is so mean to Mona, Lucas, Paige, Jenna and Toby. She knows they are weak and continues to mess with them to feel inferior to them, to feel strong and powerful in her own way.

Even with the Liars she is looked up to and feels like she owns them. She wants to feel this way and must maintain this because she is so down and out in her personal life!

Abuse Victim Characteristics:

People-pleasing and rescuing
Excessive need to control
Obsessive, compulsive behavior patterns
Weak boundaries
Unhealthy choices in members of the opposite sex
Neurotic tendencies
Addictions: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, relationships
Eating disorders
Manic-depressive behavior (emotional extremes of highs and lows)
Running away
Acting out
Wanting to leave school

Sounds a bit like Ali right ? The question is who was the offender ?

Ali's Plan/New Identity #PLL

“I’m pretending to be someone else … I do it a lot … because I’m bored.”

In last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars we see Alison DiLaurentis with dark hair again and we instantly assume she’s using her Vivian Darkbloom identity but Ali gave that identity to CeCe Drake in the Season 5 premiere episode ‘EscApe from New York.’

Cyrus Petrillo didn’t call her Vivian like Duncan would have, he called her Ali. Another thing is she’s wearing her chunky heels with black jeans again meaning she’s gone back to Redcoat style but instead of the red coat she’s in a black coat and her hair/wig is straight as opposed to curly like her Vivian identity.

She was spotted 4 nights ago on Spencer’s cam wearing her chunky heels and black jeans, which implies she was meeting up with Cyrus that night. Remember this is the same night of the Fields dinner 5.07.

Ali told Emily she didn’t know 'A’ found Cyrus in last night’s episode but she was seen speaking to Cyrus at night in 5.05 the same night that Aria and Ezra spotted her.

She also told Emily that she had a plan, this was before Emily broke up with her. I believe Ali was telling her the truth about her having a plan because as we all know 'A’ sees everything and I’m pretty damn sure 'A’ saw Ali leave her house that night (5.05) while she was standing out in the open talking to Cyrus in front of her father’s business. We noticed a guy in a Rosewood High jacket walking behind Aria and Ezra as they took their nightly stroll.

If Ali’s plan was put into motion on this very night then she just had to wait until 'A’ took the bait and get in touch with Cyrus, which is exactly what 'A’ did. Therefore, in 5.07 when Ali was seen sneaking out of her house dressed that way, she was on her way to meet up with Cyrus and find out info on whether or not anyone contacted him.

So once things started to heat up and she saw that 'A’ bought her plan she just had to wait it out, so she asked Cyrus to pretend to break into Ashley’s home. I don’t believe it was Noel according to what Tanner told Kenneth DiLaurentis; “A neighbor spotted him lurking outside the Marin home.” Meaning, Ali lied to the girls about the intruder being Noel Kahn.

Now here’s the interesting part, Mona was outside of the police station trying to find out who Cyrus would meet with, because she knew that she got punk’d. 'A’/Mona fell for Ali’s plan meaning Noel told Mona about Ali talking to the guy outside that night in 5.05. Hint: “He let me borrow his notes.” (5.07)

Therefore, when Mona pretended to faint at the choir audition she knew that Hanna would see the paper of Cyrus in her purse, because “we all know these bitches can’t keep a secret.” Mona knew Hanna would follow her just as Spencer did in 3.21.

So as Ali was following her plan through Mona’s plan of getting the Liars away from Ali was smooth sailing. Remember this from 5.05:

  • 'They don’t want things to go back to the way they were.’
  • They remember how she treated them,like they were her dolls.
  • Good then we can finally get rid of her.

Jenna, Mona, and Sydney have been playing the girls against Ali since 5.05 and Ali have been trying to protect the girls story about New York by lying and covering their tracks because like it or not Ali truly love her friends and Mona knows that as long as Ali have her friends she’ll want to stay in Rosewood … but Mona doesn’t realize that Ali will fight for her friends. This will lead to the 5.12 Summer Fatale Finale episode synopsis that states that the Liars will team with Mona and Ali will form her own team.