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Everyone should remember this.

There is a huge chunk of time missing out of the DiLaurentis family’s timeline.

When Peter & Veronica were still getting their degrees, he began having an affair with Jessica, who was already married to Ken at the time. They were all living in Rosewood, although Veronica had been spending her time in Boston. When they found out about the pregnancy, Jessica decided to lie to Ken and let him think that the child was his. She & Ken left rosewood, while pregnant, and moved to ATLANTA. (I’m assuming near the famous “grandma from Georgia”?). Then Peter married Veronica. He said his first time seeing Jason was when they moved back to Rosewood, and next door. And Jason was outside riding his bike. He said Spencer was 5 years old at this time.

If Spencer was 5, and Jason is 7 years older… Then he would have been 12.

That literally means that 12 YEARS (or a little more, counting the months of pregnancy) had went by without Peter seeing them at all. 

However, we now know that they were NOT in Georgia for that whole time though. Because the video of Mrs. D and the boys was recorded outside of the Campbell Apple Farm/Orchard… Right there in Pennsylvania. (I’m assuming not far from Rosewood).

So what had happened during these 12 years of absence from Rosewood itself? They were obviously near the area, but never returned until Jason was 12 and Ali was 5. 

There could very well be another boy… Charles. He could be Jason’s twin. Or he could be a little younger, maybe by a year or two. I personally think that those boys don’t look 7 years old… So I’m not even entirely sure that the baby girl Jessica was holding was Ali. Maybe she had another affair going on with someone else? Andrew’s Father? Would this be why they were at the Campbell farm? If this is the case… then maybe only one of the boys in the video were actually hers. Maybe one was Jason, but maybe the other was Charles… Charles Campbell. And maybe that little girl was Bethany. Because if those boys weren’t actually 7 (because I think they look closer to 4 or 5), then the timing/age would match up better with Bethany’s age. She is a couple years older than the Liar’s, and a few years younger than the NAT club members. So if the boys were only 4 or 5 in that video, then that could have been Bethany. Than a couple years later, she would have actually had Ali. And Jason/Charles would have been 7 by then. I think that Bethany Young is not her real name. I think it may be Campbell.

If this is the case, then maybe Charles is Wren? He’s the only older male character that we don’t really know much about his past. So it leaves an open option for the PLL Writers to work in a new story line. And maybe Andrew was born a couple years after Bethany, which would line him up with being the same age as Ali & the other Liars. But Bethany was put in Radley, (due to reasons that I have no clue of yet), and Charles had several issues as well. I feel like Maybe he was taken away from Bethany first. Remember, she had drawn a photo of a girl running after a demon-figure who was carrying away a boy. Maybe he was put in Radley before she was? And this is what drove Bethany to being insane, which caused her to be put in Radley. Maybe by the time she got to Radley, he had already gotten out somehow, and they had no idea where he had went. And maybe she blamed Mrs. D for this, which is why Bethany had so much resentment towards her. And with Andrew being born younger than both Bethany & Charles… maybe he has no memory of either of them. Afterall, he was basically living as an only child at that point. With a sister in Radley that he doesn’t know about, and a brother out who-knows-where that he doesn’t know about.

But maybe he somehow starts catching on, and figures it out somehow. Maybe that’s what he’s currently digging into. And that’s why he seems so shady… he’s just now realizing he has these siblings, and he’s trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


I change my mind all the time. But as of right now, that’s where my head is at. What are your thoughts?!

  • alison in season 1: i like boys
  • alison in season 2: i like boys
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  • alison in season 5: shit
Re-watching season 4

And I dont understand how any of the season was relevant to whats happening now? It was a completely different show. Why was Ravenswood and Mrs Grunwald ever introduced? Did we ever get an explanation to the relevance of the two little girls in red coats that Hanna kept seeing? Whole seasons were focused on a storyline which is now completely irrelevant! I honestly believe that Season 6 and 7 were never supposed to happen and the writers are completely winging it and are trying their best to make it into a story that makes sense.

2x13 Clues and my 5x25 Prediction/Theory BASED ON THAT Episode. (VERY LONG)

***DISCLAIMER- I have been playing over possible scenarios for how this finale will be. Due to spoilers, the name of the episode, and my biased opinion that Ezria is A, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO HAPPEN, I AM BY NO WAY SAYING THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING. NO SPOILERS HERE. ***

So in 2x13 “The First Secret” , We get some SOLID clues that I think have been overlooked because of the current plot line of Season 2 that we were in the midst of. They strategically placed this ENITRE flashback episode right in the middle of us trying to piece together Ali’s “murder” (at the time it was still a murder being solved.) It is also the episode right in the middle of the season that Mona was reveAled as A… and we know already that there are no coincidences in Rosewood. This is the farthest back we see the liars as far as I can tell. Jenna was JUST NOW moving into the Cavanaughs house. This is when Ali started receiving threats, and at the end we see her get the first threat signed ’-A’. Another huge clue is that, this is the first time we see Mona not as “loser Mona” and its WAY early on for that. Again Jenna was JUST moving in. The Jenna Thing was still a little while from happening. For Mona to be in this episode as NON-LOSER Mona is a big deal. ******some of these things that we know now about that episode aren’t revealed until later but its just easier to piece together that night when you string all the flashbacks together.******

Lets begin where I think we really start receiving in the clue department. I will first hash out the episodes and then hash out where I think we can pick out some major clues and guess on some possible things for the finale of 5x25.

“The First Secret”… Obviously the first scene is a clue but I’m not even going to try and figure that one out. Lets just agree that it is of importance and CREEPY. Moving on, the girls are invited to Noel Khans party. They are crazy excited, as they should be, it is refreshing to see them act like teens. Then they pass THE BIG ASS CREEPY HOUSE. Emily claimed to seeing someone inside. Spencer chimes in with normalcy, “Kids go in there all the time on Halloween, it’s like a right of passage in this town.” Aria chimes in and says that she wished they would just tear the house down already because when she walks by she gets the creeps. Ali, again thinking she is too cool for school, says that its just an ugly old house. Aria says that she can’t explain it but she feels like something bad happened here. Spencer says there is no one in there, so naturally as they leave, we see someone open the door, BUT we also see that there is a Radley Sanitarium vehicle across the street. (Interesting enough, this far back, do the girls even KNOW about Radley? We know Toby’s mom was there and that is where she died(still up for debate about suicude/murder) but did the girls know that she was there this far back? Do one of the girls have a connection to Radley already?) Moving right along, we find Emily having a conversation with Toby outside his house in front of the moving truck. She asks if they were moving, and he explains the new wife and step sister who “gets what she wants” are moving in. Next scene we see Ali shopping in the store, this is where she receives another threat, this is where Noel pranks her with the mask, this is where the creepy baby doll mask guy is staring at her, and this is where she meets Jenna- who by the way, DOES NOT LOOK/DRESS LIKE A TEEN. She looks like a grown women. Anyway, fast forward past the Ian/Melissa/Ali/Spencer tension scene that really doesn’t add to anything except Ian being a creep, Ali and Melissa hating each other and Spencer being a nerd. Now this next scene is one of my favs! Aria is running to her dads office and runs into Ezra(Ezria feels)- who is still a student at Hollis- and as she is dropping off her dads forgotten briefcase. She meets Meredith for the first time, laying on her dads couch; Byron comes in all nonchalant about his student in his office and makes a joke with Aria about forgetting his things. Meredith leaves, and Byron explains that students chill in his office all the time. End scene. Next we go to Hanna watching a scary movie and shoveling in popcorn, because honestly thats the best way to watch any movie. She gets a call from Ali asking is she messaged her or if she was at the Halloween shop today- she wasn’t. Hanna gets a knock at the door and Detective Wilden drops her mom off at home after some too many martinis. Hanna and her mom have a heart to heart. Next we see the girls at school, main topic of conversation is Ben telling people he and Emily had sex; Emily doesn’t mind the rumor; girls are shocked about it. Next we see Aria finding out about her dads affair with a student. Ali is with her. Then onto another scene when Ali receives another message. She hides it in her room. Next we see Hanna’s mom searching for a job(turns out to be the banker position that we see her with in Season 1.) Wilden comes by all sexist and forward and creepy. Ashley even calls him a horny cop. Now fast forward through Ali and Spencer talking about election, Aria’s dad trying to talk Aria out of telling her mom, both of them in tears, Emison talking about fake sex with Ben, Spencer wins the election, down to the girls getting ready in Spencer’s room. Aria tries to back out of tonights festivities, Ali won’t let that happen, we see some tension in their relationship. We also see the creepy doll face costume (well one of them) outside looking up at the window. Girls get creeped out. Now to the main point of the episode. The girls are at Noel Khan’s party. After we see Ali butt heads with Jenna as the other Gaga, the girls at some point lose Ali. They get a text from Ali saying she needs help, and to come alone. She gave them and address and when they get there they see that it is the creepy old house they passed earlier in the episode (313 Mockingbird). So they are obviously creeped out and assume its a joke, but they go inside anyway. Then they head upstairs and find her hiding in a room, and they all hide together. Ali goes into the hall to "call for help”-obvi a bad idea- and then she gets attacked by someone in the creepy doll face zombie costume. She runs down stairs after kicking the guy and the girls escape outside through a window, because the door is jammed. They go back inside to find Ali. She is  sitting in a chair with the knife. She smiles and says, “Look at you four. You’re scared to death. I totally got you. It was a hoaxes. The zombie was Noel. Happy Halloween.” The girls are pissed but still dont say anything. Ali slides her finger across the knife and licks her finger, “Mhh Ketchup. Want some Hanna? Come on you guys, it was funny.” Spencer says, “  We’re not laughing.” And Ali says, “Well you should be, you guys passed the test.” Aria sounding more pissed than ever, “What TEST?” Ali: “The way you guys came charging in here, I know I can count on you now. If I really need you, you’ll be there for me. Let’s go. We are missing a party.” They all go back to the party and while there we find out that Noel wasn’t the one who attacked Ali as they planned. It was someone else and it was real. And she gets ANOTHER text.  *END OF EPISODE* finally. 

Okay so now for the fun part! Connections and possible clues! 

-The first clue we come across is when Aria says that she feels like something bad happened in that house, but she can’t explain it. 

-Spencer said that going into that house was like a right of passage for kids in Rosewood, so by her saying that can we assume the liars took that right of passage at one point? OR are they hinting at the liars being childlike *IT IS STILL A FLASHBACK BEFORE ALL THE A-NESS* and the right of passage comes later in that episode. 

-Obviously there is someone in that house from Radley. But who?

-Toby and Emily’s conversation always interested me because when we first see Toby in season one, he was described by the girls as Jenna’s step brother. BUT in this flashback the girls, or at least Emily, knew and talked to him before they ever met Jenna. Very interesting to me. Obviously when we see him and Jenna in season one there is tension between them and the liars because of the Jenna Thing, but up until the JT can we assume that Jenna and Toby were not fans of the group because of Ali? Did Ali make it to where they couldn’t possibly hold a conversation with Jenna- who Ali called a slut because she refused to join their group- would Ali consider that a betrayal? THINGS WE CAN NOT KNOW. Hopefully we can get some answers about plot holes and such. 

-JENNA: I mentioned it briefly above, but HONESTLY, she does NOT look like a high school student. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Its not the fact that she is a grown women playing the role, they made the other girls look younger than Sasha and SHE IS THE YOUNGEST. They made Jenna look way too old in this flashback. She is in bootylicious shorts and heels, not to mention how her top is cut and how her makeup is done. She was also holding a conversation with a grow POLICE MAN. I mean, they did that on purpose. I know the girls are a little out there now and even at the beginning of Season 1 with Ezria and Spren, but the girls were younger in this flashback, same for Jenna, so they definitely did these things on purpose…Question is, WHY?

-This next clue is really more of a few questions that the writers NEED to answer. When Aria runs into Ezra (Ezria feels), we realize that he was STILL in college. Her dad was STILL a professor, FOR THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT. Can we really assume they had NEVER met before. Same goes with Meredith and Ezra ( I hate Meredith), they were both studying ENGLISH as a major, and Hollis isn’t that big. Another thing that sticks out is Byron saying that student hang out in there all the time… ew no. Mr. Montgomery you are LYING and we figure that out later in the episode. 

-When Aria is trying to back out of the party we see for the first time some one on one interaction from them BY THEMSELVES and I think it sheds a lot of light onto their relationship. FULL OF TENSION. We all know that Aria had different sides to her and yet we always see a consistency of her being one way with a person in private, yet in front of others, with the same person, she can be completely different. This scene I feel shows how Aria and Ali are most of the time they are alone. Their attitudes kind of feed off one another. I feel like Ali HEAVILY adds some Ali-ness to their private convos to push Aria and see how far she can until Aria implodes. I am waiting to see that myself. 


Ali lures the girls to this house and plays victim but ends up being the orchestrator of the whole thing. She sits there all creepy and basically laughed at them that they believe the joke. It was “all fun in games” 


In my opinion this hints at one of the liars being A theory. I believe that liar is Aria. I have always believed her to be BigA. There is even a picture from the 2x13 behind the scenes pictures where Ali and Aria identical that had me thinking this somethin’ somethin’ about Aria. Take a look at the Ali pic then at the Aria picture.

NO WAY THAT IS COINCEDENCE. Which leads my to what I think would be awesome in the finale. It would be amazing if during their conflict in the episode, Aria plays victim throughout the episode (5x25) as they are in this life-size doll house and then at the end WE SEE HER BEING THE ORCHESTRATOR. They said we would know before the liars, so Aria could be like “taken to a certain room” but then we see her behind some big screens playing with her dolls in the doll house. I also think Ezra is Varjak and plays a huge role, but I can’t put my finger on what I want him to be guilty of.  


Anyway, this is just a “I WISH” theory. If you love it, or want to add to it, PLEASE DO. I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU ADDED TO IT. If you don’t like the whole Aria is A / Ezra is Varjak thing thats cool too. We all just want the same thing, ANSWERS. 


Why Emison is Endgame

Even though Paige is leaving, I’ve noticed some people who think she will come back and be Emily’s endgame. I disagree. I think Emison is endgame. Here is a few reasons/a rant as to why:

- Let’s start with the ‘real world’ reason: Emison has a huge fandom, without even being a couple. The Emison fandom is massive despite the fact that we are at a point in the storyline where we are supposed to believe Ali is A. From a creative standpoint, it makes sense for the writers to develop Emison further. In the end, the show is all about getting ratings, and Emison will help them to get more ratings. Giving Emison more screen time together is sure to get PLL more buzz on social media, something which the writers and producers thrive upon.

Now onto the in universe reasons:

Exploring Ali’s relationship with Emily humanizes Alison as a character. Humanizing Ali is an important thing for the writers to do. It makes the audience feel attached to Ali, rather than considering her a sociopath. We have already seen instances of the writers showing a more vulnerable and human side of Ali. Such instances include Ali crying on the bus by herself, and of Ali looking at the photos of the liars and crying.

But ultimately, what we need to see in order for Ali to be completely humanized is that Ali is truly capable of love. We know that Ali has a rough relationship with all of her family members, and that she has found it difficult to show her vulnerable side to people.

Emily herself has said that Ali “never really loved anybody. She never knew how to. She just collected love from other people” I want to break down that statement, because I think it’s important.

- “She never really loved anybody.” I disagree with this statement. I truly believe that Alison loves Emily. When Alison kissed Emily outside of the barn in Season 2, she had nothing to gain from that, because Emily thought that Alison was dead. There was nothing for Ali to gain by telling Emily she was her favourite in that scene. Also, Ali wanted to go to Paris with Emily. And look at how Alison looks at Emily during that scene.

Ali hasn’t looked at anyone else with such genuine love and affection in the entire show. That whole scene felt completely genuine on the part of Alison. She looks at Emily with nothing but genuine affection, and it’s obvious she has a soft spot for her.

“She never knew how to." Now this is the most important part of Emily’s comment. Alison never knew how to love anybody. Her own mother taught her at a very young age to lie. Her mother manipulated her, and told her to lie to her own father. She also had a difficult relationship with Jason. In 2x03, Alison came over to Spencer’s and was almost crying, because Jason was having a party, and that “they’re aren’t enough locks on my bedroom door.” She also mentioned that she was the only girl at the party. It hints that Alison may have been abused, and certainly shows why Alison struggled to show affection to people.

It also shows why Alison tried to distance herself from Emily during the locker room scene. She could feel herself getting too close to Emily, and she knew what had happened in the past with all of the people who were supposed to love her, being her family. So I believe she lashed out at Emily not because she didn’t love her, but because she felt that if she got too close to her, it would turn out like her relationships with her family.

"She just collected love from other people." Alison didn’t get any love from her family, so she looked for it from other sources. But again, she didn’t know how love really worked, nor how to love.  Alison said that she wanted Spencer to tell Melissa about her kiss with Ian because she believed that Ian really liked her. At first it seems that this is because Alison really liked Ian herself, but I’m not convinced. I think her relationships with Ian and Ezra were both about staying in control. She knew that her charms worked on them, she had an influence over them and it helped her feel appreciated in a way that she would never feel in her home. Perhaps she did believe that this was love, because she had never known real love herself.

At the beginning, I feel Alison may have just been looking to play with Emily’s feelings. But she found herself falling for Emily, unlike with Ian and Ezra, and losing control. Emily is her one weakness, the one she missed the most, the hardest one to leave behind. Emily showed her what real love was. As such, she panicked, and she lashed out at Emily in the locker room. It’s a cycle that again links back to her poor relationship with her family. Now that she has returned after a 2 year absence, she is better equipped to deal with her feelings for Emily. And I believe the Christmas Episode, and the revelations shown by Mona’s ghost will allow Alison to be more honest with Emily. Alison will learn how to express her love properly, it will just be a slow process.

There are more reasons though:

This ship has been going since the beginning of the show. It’s long been established that Ali is Emily’s first love. The writers have made a whole point of bringing that up, despite at the time the audience believing that Ali was dead. We’ve had the library scene, the barn scene and the Paris scene in the classroom. None of these things would be brought up if the writers were just going to bring Ali back, have them sleep together in 5x05, break up a few episodes later and then have Emily run back to Paige.They aren’t going to have Paige move to California just for Emison to be left in this state. Spending time establishing Emily’s feelings for Ali in the earlier seasons, just for this to happen is a poor pay off. And we have seen in the Christmas Episode that Emily’s feelings aren’t going to go away just like that. Alison was still very much on Emily’s mind during that episode, and we need to see how Emily works through these feelings. We also need to see Alison deal with her feelings. As such, we need a scene where these two characters can talk honestly about their feelings, with it being clear to the audience that Ali is not manipulating Emily.

Now let’s look at Emily’s character: 

Marlene has given Emily a significant amount of character growth. In fact, I’d probably say that Emily has had more character development than any of the other liars. All of this character development seems to make a relationship with Ali more plausible. The Emily we see now is much different from the one we see in the flashbacks before Ali went missing. That Emily allowed herself to be pushed around by Ali, and that sort of relationship was never going to be healthy. Fast forward until after Ali’s return, and we now see Emily stand up for herself against Ali when she finds out that Ali lied about slapping Mona.

Making Emily stand up for herself also helps to develop Ali as a character, by bringing her down a few notches from her queen bee status. It brings them both onto an equal footing. Ali doesn’t have any control in this relationship now. This will force her to deal with her love for Emily directly.

Both Emily and Alison have to work through their issues together. I don’t think that Alison is complete without Emily, and I think she learnt this while she was away.

Honestly, I’m convinced Emison will be endgame. We just have to be patient, and I think it will be worth it. 

Pretty Little Liars

they don’t always tell us who ‘A’ is, but when they do, they don’t!! 


Credit to my sissy, @missboudreau who thought of all of thid. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to use tumblr 😂😂😂😂 Before this convo, tanner takes Alison to the place where “Cyrus held her captive” and we see a flashback from Alison’s point of view. She has apparently been staying in that building. She walks in with Cyrus and says “let me introduce you to my friends”. Then it goes to her sleeping and she wakes up to a noise. It’s Cyrus leaving with her bag. She goes after him. They fight. He slices her leg open with a knife and then he and her friend leave after robbing her of everything.

Now here is their conversation at the end of 5x10. Cyrus is waiting in the woods when Alison walks up. Cyrus: I was beginning to think you might now show. There’s a warrant out for my arrest. I barely made it out in time, that wasn’t part of the deal we made. Alison: you’re lucky there was even a deal at all. I should have left you for des when I found you. No one would miss you, act, not for a second. **she then shows him a passport and a map of Philadelphia** Cyrus: you know I could have told them the truth about you - how we met - all the fun we had to together. Alison: so could I. But then we both lose. **hands him passport and map** now we both win. I found you once, and you can bet your life I can find you again. This is your one chance to start over, Cy. You better use it. Cyrus: the way you did, Ali?

Okay now here are my questions…. 1. Why does she have the dark wig on? 2. Why doesn’t he seem phased by the dark wig? In her flashback she had blonde hair. 3. How does she get a passport for him to leave town with? 4. How much does he know about her past? 5. How did they meet? 6.What does he know about her “starting over”?


Okay so literally we know that Aria has a TON of insanely accurate reasons and evidence piled up to her being A. Several different theories that could all be backed up and true. I believe them.

I believe that there is a team that is AGAINST A.

We have seen Paige and Caleb join forces to protect the girls from A. We have seen Mona put together an army before (whose purpose of existence is still fuzzy.) We have also seen Lucas, and Jenna, and Shana, and almost everyone look sketchy in this show. There have been theories about a “AGAINST A” TEAM on the loose. We have even seen a detective and Melissa(who has claimed to be protecting Spencer since it started) join together to push Aria off the train.

I believe there is a new person who knows about Aria being A, and after watching this episode, MY MONEY IS ON ANDREW. He has said some pretty sketchy stuff to her in these past few episodes.
Last we saw of him, he was crushing on Spencer and now all of a sudden he is fascinated with Aria? Makes NO sense.

Also not making a lot of sense, Mike and his connection.
We know from his confession to Aria about The Mona Thing (great nickname in my opinion since we can’t trust all the stories we hear) that he KNOWS ABOUT A. Now he doesn’t know who A is, OR DOES HE? If his story isn’t entirely true(which I believe it is not) then why is he so emotional while he is telling Aria? I think he knows Aria is A and he isn’t coping with it, because he doesn’t want to believe she is capable of that. Also, if you believe the Aria MPD theory, we could make a case that Mike feels bad that Aria doesn’t even know herself, that she is A and is doing all these terrible things. If I found out my sister was not only capable of these things but because of a disorder, doesn’t realize it herself, I would emotional and I wouldn’t know how to cope. I would also be angry with her(which we have seem from Mike.)
We also know how Aria tends to react and how all hell breaks loose for her when one of her family members is involved with anything. She literally looses herself every time. She never wants to accept that her family could have anything to do with anything. And now that her baby bro is dipping his toes in all that Rosewood has to offer, we see her slowly coming undone. We also know she doesn’t want involve the girls in these things until she has resolved them or already dealt with them herself. When she does clue them in, we never hear everything that she told them or didn’t tell them.

All of these things have me believing that there is a group of people trying to sabotage A the best way they know how, making her distracted with her family being in “trouble/danger” . From this episode we see she never told the girls that A tried to “kill” Mike. Maybe that’s why the writers wrote in another “Aria kiss” with Andrew. She had a few seconds to think and she started crying then BOOM a kiss to throw off her trAin of thought(which is funny considering she almost got thrown off a train.) They aren’t clueless to that being a weak, drug out, over told storyline. THEY DID WRITE THIS CRAZY SHOW. The writers are very smart. And they know Aria is only EASILY distracted by two things ALWAYS, her family and love. Why not kill the mockinggirl with the two stones that hit the hardest?

IF IVE LEFT HOLES PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If I made a mistake in my evidence let me know. This is the first time I’ve ever made up my own little theory.