pll season 5

Melissa Hastings

Let’s take another look at her.

First, she is surrounded by mystery, lies and secrets.

She’s the oldest sister. When she is introduced to us, she’s engaged to Wren, a med student, who rather quickly became attracted to Spencer. Almost too quickly. Which leads us to a flashback that another prior boyfriend, Ian, was attracted to her younger sister.

Let’s put ourselves in Melissa’s position. Two love interests kissed her younger sister. But wait, it gets better. Turns out Ian was messing around with Alison. At this time, the girls were 13/14. And he and his friends, Jason and Garret and mystery guy was videotaping them all. Gross.

When Melissa found Ian with Alison, why didn’t she dump his “a” right then and there and report all of this? No. She forgave him but gave him an ultimatum that if he didn’t stop seeing Ali, somebody would get hurt. Next thing we know, we see a video of her, on that night busting into Alison’s room on Ian, Garret and Jenna, demanding to know “Where is she?” Obviously angry. You can’t tell me that her and Alison did not meet up that night. Jason saw Melissa and so did Byron. Jason thinks he saw her with CeCe but what if it really was Alison? These two have been confused before. I think there is a confrontation we are missing and that’s the one between Melissa and Alison.

Melissa also had a “thing” with Jason who turns out to be her half sibling due to Peter’s affair with Jessica. And, guess what it just so happens Jason had a thing for Aria. Another one of her sister’s friends. No wonder Melissa calls them bitches. Every guy she knew had a thing for one or more of them.

The age difference at this time is critical in my opinion. They were 8th graders. And Melissa and her NAT friends were in college, about to graduate college. 13/14 year olds with 21/22 year olds.

After Wren is caught with Spencer, she cozied up with Ian again. Then the whole bell tower thing. Was it really Alison that pushed him or Melissa? I’m not convinced it was Alison just yet.

After Ian’s death, she cozies up to Garret (who also has a thing for younger girls…Jenna). He supposedly takes her to her ob/gyn appointments. Was she ever really pregnant? If not, why did she lie about it. Is it a clue or an alibi. Like the text, “Married for Love or an Alibi?”

Then, Garret dies in the train just when he was about to tell Spencer the truth. He claimed that he was only protecting her. Melissa tells her the same thing. Melissa also wears the same costume as Wilden’s. This has never been explained. I mean like Spencer said “that must have been awkward.” Aria was targeted in the train and she was trapped with Garret’s dead body.

Melissa is at almost every big A event. Homecoming, Masquerade Ball as Black Swan, Lodge Fire (she was scheming with Jenna and Shana), Halloween train, dressed as Queen of Hearts, etc. She shows up at just the “right” time or leaves at just the “right” time.

In Season 4, Ezra is very irate with someone in a car that looked alot like Melissa. Jake saw them. Told Aria. Then Jake had his knife present. Could that have been Melissa? Ezra could have told Melissa they were seen. We’ve seen Melissa waving a knife around in the Hastings’ kitchen quite a few times.

Another time in Season 5A, Spencer has grown suspicious of Melissa and borrows Ezra’s spy equipment. He seems hesitant and tries to warn her in a subtle way. Next we see the back of someone who looks a lot like Ezra show up. The person never showed their face like they knew they were being watched.

The Wren/Ezra connections are present and have been seen. And Wren and Melissa are still involved after everything. So it stands to reason Ezra and Melissa have a connection too. This trio are top suspects for me.

Melissa has been linked to Ian, Wren, Lucas, Jenna, Shana, Garret, CeCe, Wilden, Alison, Mona, Toby potentially Ezra, and of course the liars. She called them a “posse”. So did Toby. We know Toby was A team and we know he supposedly went to London to see her. They both lied about that story. Did he see her or didn’t he?

Who is dead so far? Shana, Garret, Wilden and Mona

Who is locked up? Alison - she hates her

Who is about to be framed? Hanna - Hanna always points the finger at Melissa but Spencer always covers or shifts the topic.

ATeam - Mona, Shana, (dead) Jenna, Lucas

NAT - Garrett, Ian (dead), Jason and a mystery guy

possible ATeam/NAT - Wilden (dead), Ezra, Wren (out of the country)

Melissa is connected to both ATeam and NAT club and HATES Alison. She’s not crazy about the liars. She’s always condescending to them. She treats Spencer horribly but claims to be protecting her.

Melissa has worn a single Leopard scarf. It has been said that leopard is a clue from 4x19 Shadow Play at the end.

Her laptop has matched As laptop.

She has a red coat. (It was hers that Aria tried on when they went to Brookhaven and Duncan saw her)

She has carried a large beige purse.

She’s of drinking age.

She likes that toffee flavored yogurt Aria had. So that links Aria, Melissa and Mona to the toffee clue. Maybe it was Melissa that visited Mona at Radley in a red coat.

The voice (Bethany) on the recording at Radley sounded soooooo much like Melissa.

It’s been stated that Melissa scored higher on her IQ test than Spencer. Could Melissa really be younger than we think? If she’s that smart she could have skipped some grades. Which could mean she has a twin?

Either way A is super smart. So is Melissa. Her mom and dad are very protective of her and seem to always side with her. Maybe they know how fragile she is. Maybe Melissa spent some time in Radley.

Melissa knows way more about everything. And people she is connected to winds up dead or in jail. (Ian, Garret, Wilden, Shana, Mona, Alison)

Where is she now? She supposedly confessed to Spencer but she didn’t say everything.

Melissa has suffered a broken heart repeatedly by her younger sister and friends. She has the motive.

I also want to know what the connect is to Ezra. I believe there is one. If that’s the case then that’s yet another guy who went for two of her sister’s young friends, Alison and Aria.

When you lay it out like this, Melissa looks like a good candidate for Black Widow. Or maybe her “twin”. Melissa seems to go from super mean to more calm. She definitely has a hot temper. Maybe she does have a twin that killed someone and that’s what she told her father and something he would not want Veronica to know about. (Not 100% on Melissa twin theory)

Alison told Spencer once that she deserved at least one good sister. Made it sound like she had more than one sister and they were all bad. So Spencer or Melissa could have a twin.

Melissa’s story is not over. She knows too much and has revealed very little. There are a whole slew of clues that point her way and we keep being told that she is to be trusted and that she’s just protecting Spencer.

The texts the girls have received about Melissa might be a B but she’s not A material could be just a cover up.