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With the LGBT question having been asked during the VLD panel, what's your take on it? Like how would you like to see it done?

i’m not sure how much we should read into it but i don’t think they would say that it’s important to them if they didn’t plan on giving us at least something. and i just don’t see this something being a random side character we meet later on. just looking at korrasami i wanna believe that actual good rep is important to them, considering korrasami includes the title character and another main i’m hopeful that in vld it would be like that too. however, korrasami really wasn’t well developed at all imo but i’m thankful it exists nonetheless, but i feel like a big reason for the way it was executed and kept kinda vague (until it was confirmed after the show ended) was the network. nickelodeon didn’t even want a female avatar and the showrunners basically said the only way they’re doing a sequel/spin-off to atla was if the avatar was a girl. why would a network like that be supportive of lgbt+ rep, they ended up greenlighting it but only in this very vague way. but voltron is on netlfix and netflix is known for having lgbt+ rep in their shows, and even dreamworks isn’t completely against it as proven by gobbler in httyd (granted he isn’t a big character but at least he is there). 

but yea i can see them wanting to properly develop it this time, slowly over the seasons and not just suddenly throw in a gay alien or something. gay characters aren’t unusual anymore these days, most shows have the token gay lbr (maybe not kids shows but still). but these characters are never the main characters and very rarely do they get actual good relationships that are well written, while the het ships on these shows get plenty of screen time (stuff like that still pisses me off about shows like PLL, riverdale, scream etc.) plus often times these characters are walking stereotypes. 

and honestly, all of this and then seeing sheith the way it already is? makes it really hard for me not to see these two as romantic. the entire way these two are written, their relationship, the way their scenes are framed. i just…it’s hard ok lol. i just think this would be the perfect rep and the only one that makes sense to me at this point. not just about ‘’gay rep’’, just legitimately a well-written romance that flows nicely alongside the storyline, influencing it but not taking away from it. just not feeling forced, ya know. this is already one of the (if not the) best written relationships i’ve ever seen. they trust and love each other so much and treat each other with so much respect and care. if one of them was a girl no one would question if these two were supposed to become canon, and heck i would ship the hell out of them either way. their dynamic and development is what does it for me, not the fact that it’s ‘’gay’’. the rep is just a nice bonus.

 plus the fact that these are two main characters, at least one of them being poc, them both dealing with different mental health issues and they’re both generally not a walking ‘’gay stereotype’’, any of these types of characters individually getting a healthy, well-written love story arch is rare, but combining all of these things and have them be in a loving relationship despite the shit happening around them would be fucking amazing.