pll s04e13

Analyzing the Promo for PLL: s04e13

It looks like Aria and the liars see something. I believe they are spotting Ezra at this point.

You can tell by the way Aria is standing, and the way she turns that she was just talking to Ezra but something else catches her attention.’

So, I don’t think Ezra is going to be dangerous in this episode. He is probably just trying to explain why he is even in Ravenswood. But something else happens that makes all the liars turn away from him, which probably means he isn’t threatening to them at this point. They probably don’t know he is A or his possible connections to Ali. 

PLL Season 4 Ep 13 Halloween Episode

I hated it, hated it, hated it. They just ran around, ran around again and ran around a little bit more. We knew it was Ali, the PLLs knew it was Ali, and guess what..? it was Ali. How Hanna asked Caleb to stay the night with Miranda was so unbelievable and not realistic but they just had to come up with something to make Caleb stay there. Could have put more effort into the storyline? Sorry about the rant, just an honest opinion.


Woo hoo! I finished my clue puzzle. It is a script from PLL 413! Looks like Miranda wants to steal some chips. 

They blacked out the words that her uncle works in a funeral home. (Which we already know that Caleb is going to get a job working there.)

I am not sure why, but the letters “L L I E” are in blue. IDK if it is some kind of clue. I thought it would be LIE but why two L’s? Any ideas or are they just messing with me? Lol

ok I love PLL and all but honestly that is just the most unrealistic tunnel, what with all that whirlwind storm or whatever. It leads to a mansion, where the hell did those leaves come from?

Also Hanna being replaced by a statue, which I’m sure is heavy that you can’t just quietly slip it there, without Aria noticing one bit? Sounds sketchy to me.

Spencer also disappearing, when Aria & Em are like 2 feet away. What is this, Hogwarts? 

I can’t even, I have lost the ability to even. I’m done. no i’m not