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pretty little liars meme: [2/7] episodes → unmAsked

I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering, I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango? They think it’s over, Loser Mona’s going to the nuthouse, and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked, don’t they know, that’s what we want?


Cody Christian AU: He does a Live stream at 2AM while staying over at your place


Cody Christian AU: He facetimes you

Imagine; Out of all days, you woke up feeling sick on the day of the VMAs. The first VMAs that Cody was invited to. That morning he immediately realised that you weren’t feeling well so he made sure you stayed in his bed to get some rest, even though you were supposed to be his +1. A few hours of your him being gone and you lazing around in his bedroom, you get a facetime call. He’s in the car on his way to the event, checking up on you. What he doesn’t admit is that you’re the only one who can calm his nerves and now that you’re not there with him, he at least wants to see your face before he walks out on the red carpet.

I dedicate this one to @codlena and @hakunamatatalltheway cause you guys made me smile so much with your comments :D ❤️‍