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OMG, I have more than 1k followers!!

I can’t believe I reached my goal before the finale, or that it happened at all. I made this blog 3 months ago, and I never thought I would get there! I wanna thank every single one of you, and also say I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’d like to interact with you more, but I’m very busy these days. Here is my (huge) follow forever (and I know I forgot some of you). 

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I can’t believe I’ve hit 200 followers so quickly!! Just want to say a quick thankyou to all of my followers and followees who make this fandom the wonderful thing that it is.

Going to do a #FollowForever to mark my 200 followers ❤️

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Sorry if I have missed people out, my phone got laggy towards the end. Once again, THANKYOU!! 💟🅰


I forgot to do one for 1.5K so here are my first ever followed and some of my faves.. I’ve missed so many😩 thank you guys❤️❤️❤️

First follower: vanderyeezus
First few: cavanaughty fuckyeahprettylittleliar you-look-like-my-forever iansquared wrenisstillaidgaf tokillamockingliar immortalitymydxrlings iamaweirdokid bitch-chipped-us twistedhastings yassiee3 wastedhastings
More faves: montgomeryshastings prettylittletrxian drinkyoursauce prettylittletroian irlspencer hastingsandcavanaugh prodigiousliar emisonhopes safeplacetolandd troianlove just-assume-its-sparia cjalter hastingscentral hxnnamarin slay-mitchell takeanempanada cavanaughttoby prettylittlespobyyy hastings-troian alisondilxurentis allensbellisario baellisariotroian cmonwereteamsparia crazymonahastings theprettylittlejason ashbenzo-xo ezzy-fitzgerry fuckyeah-troianbellisario prettybiga yassiee3 xxariax xdreamingofwonderlandx wtfstroian wrenischarles troian-a-b toribellisario tobytomyspencer thisliarisonfire the-brit-he-lies spobyisinmyveins spencersforbes spencerhastingsfever spence-slutting-it-up sluttyspencer monasvanderballs manna-vandermarin crazylittlemona x-crush-on-mister-fitz-x ladybellisario king-cavanaugh rosewoodzs jasontrashfan hannasrivers gameovercece fuckyeahspencer fuckyeahprettylittleliar fuckyeahprettyianharding sashapieterses ariashastigs prettylittleliarsxxxx pll-fuckyeah iwasalwaysaromantic unleashing-a twistedlittleliars troianbellisaro rosewoodd redcoatblackveil ezbaefitz emisonisforever welcomebackmona whothefckischarles

So this is my HUGE follow forever. It’s hard to believe that a number represents the amount of people who like and follow my blog. More than 11,000 people all over the world follow me! I just think that that is crazy!!! It’s amazing how much one television show can bring so many people together. The Pretty Little Liars fandom really is the best fandom in my opinion :p Everyone is so nice and funny and caring and just amazing people of all ages from all over the world! I just wanted to say that i follow some amazing blogs and that you guys make my dash so amazing and the posts and gifs that you guys make are amazing. Some of you are extremely talented. It’s unbelievable how hard you guys work on edits and stuff!! You’re the ones who make my blog amazing because all i really do is reblog from you guys so than you so so much!! Also thank you to all my followers for following me and sending me messages and liking my posts and stuff. You guys are so sweet and i love all of you :) 

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I think I pretty much got everyone but if i forgot here is my blogroll :) Thank you all soooo much <3 Xoxoxo

I probably won’t be online much over the holidays but I will definitely be back after the hiatus! Feel free to message me whenever because I’m sure I’ll be checking that! Also, please let me know what your favourite Christmas songs are! I really need to get into the Christmas spirit FAST and I need to make a playlist! I wish all of my 3K followers a Happy Christmas and I hope that you are all safe and well! Enjoy the new year! Love Chloe X

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YAY! So I woke up today with 202 of you. How crazy is that? This was my goal before the summer finale and I have reached it, and I’m super happy. I would like to thank all of you for following my blog! I’m gonna do a follow forever kinda thing, except I’m pretty new to tumblr so I don’t know if I’m doing it right lol. I guess it just a list of blogs you love and will follow forever? That’s what I’m going for anyways haha.

So here are a list of awesome blogs that you 👏🏼need 👏🏼to 👏🏼follow 👏🏼before the A reveal:

❤️A-C addictedtoprettylittleliars a-littleliartheory a-teamofficial alisondilxurentis alisondilaurentits bitchcankeepasecret bethanyisbiga bitch-chipped-us blackveilsociety benzo-b confusedpll crazylittlemona cavanaughty charlesdilaurentistrashfan

💚D-F dailypll dilaurentisfields daily-htgawm dilaxrentis ezbaefitz ezrafitzgerld ezriaxsparia ezra-fitzturkey emisonisforever fuckyeahprettylittleliar fuckyeshtgawm foreverpaily fiverosewoodliars fckhaleb

💛G-I gif-pll getawaywithgifs gameovercharles houseofhastings i-heart-paily itsmeredcoat its-immortality-my-darlingsx imwatchingyoumarlene immortalitymydxrlings immortalityspencer

💜J-L jasondi-laurentis katuriankaturiankaturian kissesfromrosewood lucvhale littlebookliar littleliarslyingpretty liarsliarsliarseverywhere

💙M-O monasvanderballs marinshannas manna-vandermarin mrs-hannamarin missariayoureezraswife nochillcharles oh-my-pll ohyeah-emisonforever

💖P-R prettylittleliars plldailly pllgifs prettylittlesecrethints pllismylife pll-fuckyeah plllovers queencecedrake rosewoodsecret rosewoodspy rosewoodslittleliarss rednailsblackveil redcoatisblackveil

❤️S-U spencexhastings @spencerslakehouse sashapieterrse spencexhastings spencer-baestings sashaysrivera thousandtimesovers troiancoolsario theplltheorist troians

💚V-X whothefckischarles wrenischarles wtfspemily wrxnkingston wrenkingtson xxariax

💛Y-Z you-look-like-my-forever

I’m sorry if I didn’t mention your blog, it wasn’t on purpose! If I forgot, just tell me and I’ll add your url to the list!

Now for my personal favorite blogs that you should definitely follow!
(In no particular order)


Wow ok haha
That’s a lot!
Thank you to everyone who follows me, and helped me reach my goal! Now follow all of these and let your dash explode on August 11th

Ian’s Files:
Bin (file folder)
nat final 65
hm11c (hanna marin-cut)
am17uc (aria montgomery-uncut or ashley marin)
NAT 10 Comp Final
mv12f (mona vanderwaal final)
dbs sat—??? (dbs = Dianne B Springer????)
tc08 (toby cavanaugh)
raw 14 —???
jm27!! (jenna marshall) [text file]
Jenna and Toby
Mix 9
efbdrm (emily fields or ezra fitz bedroom. probably emily)
hm-sh comp [photo] (hanna marin - spencer hastings or sara harvey)
blowup mv (mona vanderwaal)
nat final 82
Raw (file folder)
NATf (folder)
nr 02 —???/
bbt (html)
spp cut—-???
cuts (file folder)
sh04uc ( spencer hastings or sara harvey uncut)
am13x1 (aria montgomery or ashley marin)

People listed on NAT files: Melissa, Alison, Hanna, Aria and/or Ashley, Mona, Garrett, Toby, Jenna, Emily, Spencer and/or Sara Harvey
People not listed on NAT files: CeCe, Ezra, Lucas,  Byron and Meredith, Ian, Jason, Wren, Mike,  Andrew, Ted, Paige, Noel, Holden, The Parents (except Ashley), Caleb.

Big questions:
-what are the Mona vids? What does NAT have on her?
-tc08: what is this Toby vid? it’s not the one with Jenna!
-who is/what are: dbs sat, nr, spp. bbt?
-looks like NAT was only focused on the Liars (Ali, Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Mona,) other NAT people(Garrett, Jenna, Melissa) and possible Ashley or Sara.

-Who was Ian giving vids to / getting $ from??

-which girls were being paid to videotape?

Ashley says there’s a video of her and Wilden on the flashdrive so one of the am vids is probably that.
All those people on video were also in the First Secret except maybe Garrett.


Kelly’s Follow Forever

prettylittletheoriesuk, pllheada, pllcrazyness, plltherapysessions, prettylittlemanipulators, emison-feels, mylittleliarstheories, pllanswers, pllmama, donutcarex3, eralynne, wheresmeredcoat, gotasecretgottokeepit, prettylittlesecretsinthewoods, everythingisprettylittleliars, kisses-anonymous, chela-429, all4pll, megaprettylittleliars, she-knows-too-much-a, bambibeatles, hearloveinthesilence, miss-epic-love, aprettylittleaddictionx, pll-big-a, prettyredregalarrowswiftwolfie, fightculb

Non-mutuals but awesome
a-isfor-answers, a-littleliartheory, a-stars-pll, abcprettylittletheories, adoringezria, aisforanswerss, alaskahastings-the-hurricane, alison-pll, analyzinga, ariafitzsgerald, arosewoodliar, benzisario, bllpll, buttahbenzoforever, byebyemona, canyoukeepa3ecret, closedcasketskeepsecrets, confusedpll, countryhale, dailypll, dangerous-g-a-me, dilaurentisfields, dilauren-fields, dilaurentisliar, emisondifields, emisonislifelifeisemison, emisonisonforever, emisonrevolution, ezbaefitz, ezra-fitzturkey, ezrafitzgerld, ezria–forever, ezria-fitzgomery, ezriaforlife, ezriagame, ezriaisendgame, ezrialovepll, ezriasupport, ezriaxsparia, falalaemison, fallenasecrets, fanofpll, fitzandmontgomery, fuckyeahprettylittleliars, fuckyeslittleliars, gibbinwes, hashtagpll, houseofhastings, how-about-emison, its–a–bitches, itspencerhastings, iwasalwaysaromantic, liars–pretty–liars, losersmona, lucyily, lucysharding, phonylittleliars, pll-biga, pll-fuckyeah, pllguy, plllogic, pllmysteries, pllsleuth, pllsp0bypll, pllsphere, pllspobylove, pretty–little–liars, pretty-littlethoughts, prettylittleblackhoodie, prettylittlecharmedone, prettylittleliarswerk, prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop, prettylittleliarsxxxx, prettylittleobsessedfans, rosewoodsecret, rosewoodhesterhigh, rosewoodspy, spencersalison, spencersbarn, spencerslakehouse, spencexhastings, spobyisinmyveins, spobyovereverything, spobyz, spoobs, thistimeistayed, tobiashastings, tobys-durag, troiansspenc, wh0isthismonst3r

I hope I didn’t forget anybody, and if I did it was by accident I swear.


A few clues that led me to these thoughts before the theory…
-The B26  poem isn’t very romantic.  I believe it’s a clue that is unrelated to Aria. 

-Mostly it seems like Ezra’s referring to things that ARE literally B26 .

 A number, a song, a girl.
(is the girl BBF? B26=BBF… Bethany Fitzgerald?)
a foreign car (there is a race car called B26) Bingo, etc..
-The poem ends with “something tells me, it smells bad.” Really,  Aria? You think that means he really loves you?
-What else is literally a B26? A B26 Marauder bomb plane from WW2. Reminds me of those posters in Ezra’s lair. .
One more thing about the poem. I tried to figure out what Pearl Joy packed meant. If B26 is Bethany then maybe this makes sense.  It may have been a reference to the movie Shanghai Girls. (or i’m way off base) here’s a brief summary: Pearl is sisters with May. They are jealous of each other.  Pearl is in love with a man named Z.  But Pearl marries guy named Sam and May marries his brother Vern.  Then, May has secret affair and a baby with Z, but gives the baby to Pearl to raise with Sam, since Pearl just had a stillborn, can pretend she’s the mom. May never slept with Vern so can’t pass off the baby as his. May’s baby that Pearl raises is named JOY!] 

— Does this suggest Bethany has a different mother, or a parallel theme in their storyline? It makes me think it’s possible that Marion and Jessica were sisters somehow.
-Ezra told Spencer that before he started writing a “book” about Ali, that he was writing about his family. How did that turn into a book about Alison?
-We have no idea who Ezra’s dad is. We know his parents divorced, but it wasn’t about infidelity, they already had an “understanding” about that. If they were knowingly cheating and staying together, it was for the kids and appearences.  So why did they split up? Is Bethany a lovechild of a Fitz parent? or an even darker scandal?
-Did Ezra learn about “Bethany”, researching his family for his original book?
-Ezra was really mad Ali lied about her age even thought they apparently didn’t “do anything”. Did Ezra get mad at Ali about her age because he thought she was someone else?
CRACK THEORY:  Jessica and Marion are sisters, the Young sisters.  Ezra’s dad had affair with Jessica, begetting Bethany.  Kenneth was out of town near the end of the pregnancy (4 months maybe) and Jessica hid the pregnancy. Her sister Marion was preggo with Toby.  Jessica asked Marion to pass the baby off as Toby’s twin.  Marion agreed but then she told her husband the truth and he said no way, so they sent the baby(Bethany) away. 

 This causes some sort of tension between Marion and Jessica. Jessica moves away to be near the place that Bethany is at. When Marion ends up in Radley, somehow so does Bethany. (Jessica arranged?) Jessica moves back to Rosewood and joins the board at Radley to be close to Bethany and Marion. Bethany is the fragile patient and she kills Marion for what she did to her after getting the truth from her.  She also wants to kill Ali and Jessica. 

Ezra found out about a possible sister while writing about his parents divorce and tried to track her down. That’s why a rich boy like him went to Hollis and not an Ivy League.   When he found out Ali’s age, he gets mad because he realizes she might be his sister and that weirds him out, because of some romantic feelings. That’s why he’s so mad about her age. ( Ali and Bethany look alike and he saw a pic of Bethany?) So he asks her about Bethany and ends up telling her what he knows. Alison knows about her mom visiting someone in Radley, so they discuss and assume and guess that’s where she is.  They assume Bethany is half-sister to both of them and they want to know what happened to Bethany. Ezra points out how Ali and CeCe look similar to Bethany . Ali tells Ezra how she always pretends to be other people, and that she’s good at it. Ezra tries to visit Bethany , but Dianne has made sure he can’t gain access. Ezra and Ali plan with CeCe a scheme to get Bethany out of Radley.  That’s why CeCe pulls the stunt, the were testing the waters and accessing Bethany to make plans. That’s why all the yellow shirts also, part of the Radley escape.  
“THAT NIGHT”: Bethany hit Ali because she’s angry, jealous and crazy. Jessica buries Ali.  Grunwald pulls Ali out.  Ali goes to Lost Woods with Mona, and Mona convinces her to leave town.  Mona makes Ali promise that if she keeps Ali’s secret (that she’s alive) then Ali has to leave forever so Mona can take over as the popular one. Mona also promises to help figure out who tried to kill her. Ali and Mona agree that Mona should be A to the girls to make them solve the mystery, but Mona takes it too far sometimes (LOL), knowing she has the power.   Meanwhile,  a drugged Emily wanders into Ali’s yard, has some weird moment with Bethany thinking it’s Ali, it gets violent, Em knocks her out  in self defense, stumbles away, goes back to barn and passes out. Melissa buries Bethany.  
I know, Emily!? but see  this post:

Plus her flashback under hypnosis of killing Ali. 

“In the end we won’t be rooting for the protagonists as much as regretting a general tragedy”

Wren is either in love with Bethany or related to her somehow. I lean towards related. Possibly also a Fitzgerald, who was shipped off to boarding school. 

Wren wants vengeance for his Bethany. He knew Melissa was involved (maybe saw a NAT vid), that’s why he got close to her.
When he realized Spencer knew way more, he kissed her, tried to get close.  He also gets close with Hanna, and he covers for Em’s growth hormone test results.
They can’t have Wren do anything  with Aria, beacause she’s always with Ezra and the Ezra/Wren showdown is part of Endgame.
But when Mona lands in Radley, she tells Wren stuff while high on meds, and he steals the game. He is thrilled when he realizes how much Mona knows, because he knows  Ali being alive will help reveal the truth, and messing with the liars is the quickest way to do it.

“I play with body parts bitches”

The ‘wrong reasons’ Wren was at Radley, that Eddie Lamb spoke of, was all about Bethany.
Bethany is the “fragile patient”.
Maybe Melissa didn’t “go back” to Wren voluntarily. Maybe Wren kidnapped her in London after she confessed to Spencer. (which he knew about beacause he saw it in Melissa’s email or some other way, maybe she even admitted it to him, without knowing that he knew Bethany) or she’s a double agent / BW.

Ezra wants to know WTF happened so he’s spying.

We haven’t met Ezra’s dad because he had a mental breakdown. Thats why the divorce. Possibly he’s Wren’s father too, who he described as mentally unstable.

Mona of course finds out about Bethany in Radley, and tries to solve the mystery. She thinks whoever killed Bethany must be who stole her game. But later she realizes it’s Wren.  

Paige is the one who tried to strangle Mona (to protect Em, cuz she thinks Mona is the only A)Hitting Em and Aria also was an accident. Paige is also who tried to drown Jenna. She now knows Mona isn’t the only A.  And assumes it’s Jenna.  If Mona really is dead, my money is on Paige or Wren.

Who drugged Em? Melissa on Wren’s orders with Wren’s drugs
Who is Black Widow? Prob Melissa
Who killed Ian?  Wren
Who killed Garrett? Melissa or Wren and Wilden.
Who put Aria in the box? Melissa and Wilden
Who dug up the body? Wren. Why?  To get Ali out of hiding. This was the first thing done after Wren stole the game. Motive: Justice for Bethany.
Who is Board Shorts? Ezra 

Who is Beach Hottie? Possibly Wren or Wilden, I kinda lean towards Wilden. Who is Varjak? Ezra
How does NAT fit? They knew some/all of this. Wren had to kill them (Ian, Garrett, almost Jason) to cover for Melissa burying the body, in exchange for Melissa helping figure out who killed Bethany.

Who hit Toby at the lodge fire? Shana, he was following Jenna

Where is Meredith? She just disappeared. When Byron called her dad, they just say she disappeared. Maybe she put Aria in the box? Maybe she agreed to help Melissa or Wilden but then they realized she was insane and cut ties with her, so she got a job at Rosewood to find a way to access Aria instead.  

Who killed Mona, Is she dead? I hope not, but if she is, Paige or Wren.

Who killed Maya? Probably Wren.
Also, . I think Toby told Tanner everything he knows.
And Ali really doesn’t know who’s after her.

Also Ezra season 5 theory here: