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In 3x7 Mona: Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife! •Killer? as in the baby’s killer? (This is before she killed Shana) its more than an anagram for (MAYA KNEW)(we all know Marlene🙄) •Seriously tho why would she say that BEFORE Shana?

•maybe aria was convinced she was Ezra’ wife



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 (the first picture is a comparison of art from 2x21 and 5x25, the second picture is from 4x13)

 2x21 and 5x25- with the help of confusedpll , we see that hanging on Wren’s wall is a picture of 3 skeletons. These skeletons seem to be aged. Now, in the playroom in the dollhouse, there is a colorful sketch art of three skeletons. These skeletons are more childlike than the ones in Wren’s home but Charles’ dollhouse was child-like. Possible hint? Maybe so! 

 4x13- this is a screenshot of what Spencer saw when she looked into Wren’s house. This is also the same episode where the girls went to Ravenswood and saw The Great Charlemagne (Charles). The screen takes time to focus on these two identical (twin) pictures of an old movie theatre poster. I think that they match the theme of Charles vault, considering his vault had an old movie theatre theme. Possible foreshadowing maybe?

Red coat

Judging by the promo and spencers Expression when she turns red
Coat around she seems disturbed by what she sees… I really really hope we actually get to see who is in the red coat instead of it being left Open until season 4

If I was spencer, who would I be most surprised to see in the red coat?

- Ali (or a twin or whatever)
Ali would be pretty disturbing if I believed her to be dead… And maybe it would be Kind of a good cliffhanger if we had to wait until season 4 to find out if it’s actually Ali or a twin..

- Melissa
My sister being the one in Charge of me being tortured would be pretty disturbing. Imagine your sister being in charge of the a team and therefore being responsible for your boyfriend doing those Crazy things…

- Jenna
Jenna always seemed to hate the girls, but it would kind of be shocking to actually see her be the woman in charge

- paige
It would be shocking to find out someone elses loved one is working the a team and paige has always seemed a bit suspicious

- a guy, probably Wren
Any guy would be disturbing, seeing as red coat has always been thought of as a girl, but wren who always seemed to be so nice and perfect would be a big surprise..

- a parent
A parent beeing in the red coat would probably make me question everything… How could a parent be doing those things?

- dr. Sullivan
The nice physciatrist who always tried to help, who seemed so nice and who you would trust completely.

- one of the other three liars
Imagine your friend beeing in charge of the a team..

For some reason I don’t think cece would be that big a surprise… She is too much like Ali in a way and a lot of a team things totally scream Ali so I think it would be kind of boring… Mona wouldn’t surprise me much either since we already know she is on the a team..

My money is one the twin theory, Melissa or Jenna, but I don’t really See Melissa being the red coat, she was too upset by the whole Ian thing… i think the Ali/twin theory is the most logical…

A dangerous game

So many people have been saying don’t hate the finale, because of course they weren’t going to reveal everything…and that’s true. I mean, we all want season 4 and 5 and probably tons more, so what would we watch if we found out everything in the season 3 finale?

I didn’t really love the finale, because for me it felt like they were just bringing back a lot of characters who didn’t really have much of a purpose in the finale. The whole Jenna/Shana/Melissa thing is interesting, but why bring it up in the finale and leave it unexplained. Why didn’t we get to see that in any of the last (kind of boring) episodes of the season? We were promised so many explanations, but I just have more questions. And if someone tells me people like Shana and Jenna will play an important role in season 3 b, personally I expect to see more of them than just 2 minutes in the finale.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the episode, I loved the Spoby stuff and the end in the motel, the Ali is red coat bit and I like going into season 4 with questions, but I just found it all a bit disappointing.

And am I just to believe Mona had a change of heart just like that? In the beginning she was all like “those bitches are going to get what they deserve” and in the end she is one of them.

I don’t know, I kind of felt like the episode was rushed a bit, nothing much happened in 3 b, so let’s just bring everyone back in the finale…