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Spencer Hastings | Seventeen | Vampire (Bonded) | District One | Troian Bellisario | Availability: NPC

  • Strengths:

Manipulation - District Ones are taught strategy along with strength.  Although she is not skilled in outright physical cruelty, Spencer knows what words will cut someone to the quick or convince them to do as she wishes.  Sometimes, she sees it as the only or easiest way to get done what needs to be, but typically, she uses her powers for “good.”

Focus - Ever studious, Spencer can concentrate on one subject or multiple with seeming ease, although the stress can get to her and cause her to lash out.  If something is upsetting, she will push it away and focus even more ferociously on something else, typically the most pressing issue at hand.

Good under pressure - Her survival instincts are top notch, coming from One and years of training, so when the going gets tough, Spencer takes charge and makes sure everyone with her shapes up to survive.

Leadership - Although not everyone is a fan of working under Spencer, she is the mastermind of most plans put to work.  While she is good at getting things done, she is not often the most sensitive or thoughtful leader of any group. She considers every angle strategically with a clever and powerful personality that both draws people in and gets them to line up behind her.

Traps and small long-range weaponry - Spencer is talented with all weaponry, yes, but swords feel bulkier and strange in her hands, and spears aren’t as much an extension of her arm as she would like.  She much prefers to set traps for her kills, using mechanics and her mind, or throw knives and shoot arrows.  Her aim is impeccable.

  • Weaknesses:

Keeping people away - Spencer used to be able to avoid attachment to anyone, but since the Games and all the events that transpired, it is much more difficult for her to remain unattached.  This is not to say she does not continue insulting others and lashing out when they get too close, much like a wounded animal, but most of her friends now understand this is the way she shows affection.

Physical cruelty - Unlike her sister, Spencer has never been able to be outright malicious.  She attempts with her words, but it is more to keep people away from her true self than to harm them.  As for torture, as many One’s are known to enjoy, Spencer was never quite able to get on board with it.

Losing – Spencer - hates - losing.  She even has to win at yoga.  She’s a sore sport when she does not come out on top, but more than with just her competitors: with herself.  Anytime Spencer feels she has “lost" at something, she will mentally berate herself as her mentors and parents did so many times before.  She will push herself harder than before, overexerting and exhausting herself to be the best.  Her inferiority complex is massive.  She has been “second place” more times than she can count and is constantly afraid of becoming it again.

Overestimation - In One, overestimation is seen as confidence, something that will help someone perform better.  But in the arena as well as the rest of the world, it sometimes leads to Spencer getting in over her head in situations she can’t quite get herself out of.  She hates asking for help, and with the hero complex those closest to her insist that she has, Spencer will often try to take dangerous situations into her own hands to fix them when she should be allowing others to take over.

  • Biography:

She’d been trained for this all her life. The 75th Games were an honor, or so she pretended, and she went into them with the same single mindset she approached all situations with: I have to win. So Spencer did what she had to, transitioning into a vampire to better protect herself and those she cared about, turning off her humanity, and killing for the first time.  But things didn’t go as planned: she got attached.  She made friends, formed bonds that could not be broken, and watched nervously as faces were displayed across the night sky.  When the rebels broke into the arena, Spencer was left behind with a group of tributes she wasn’t sure would survive the night.  But they did.  They were kept in the Capitol, caged like animals, and Spencer again began plotting how she could win this new competition as well.  But this time, she was battling the.Capitol, teaming up with tributes she had previously only believed she could kill.

Her plan was discovered.  Trust placed in the wrong person, torture that left her paralyzed and without a name she recognized…just before the rebels crashed the Capitol and retrieved all the captives.  It took a few weeks of recovery and rehabilitation with an unlikely companion by her side, but she made it, as fierce and determined as ever. Her home district was bombed, leaving her orphaned with a rag-tag family she’d formed on her own. She put her mind to good use, researching, discovering Horcruxes, and watching as the world fell apart around them.

But even she couldn’t have predicted where they’d end up.  An abandoned arena, suffering and trying to survive through the Gamemaker traps they’d never dreamed they’d be thrust into again.  The arena shifted, delving into all of their deepest fears and changing to suit them.  But they made it out.  It was hard-won, but when they rebels had regrouped and prepared for a final battle in the Capitol, Spencer hid her shaking hands.

The final fight was bloody.  Red painted across faces and streets, and Spencer’s adrenaline pumped so fiercely she managed to keep out the fear of facing Voldemort head-on.  In the end, she was left with nightmares, a curving burned scar up her left arm to match the bonded handprint over her heart; they didn’t feel the same on her skin.  But now that the war is won, and the citizens of Panem are slowly coming out of hiding, Spencer is not sure what will become of her in the aftermath.  And uncertainty is one thing Spencer Hastings does not do well with.

Mona Vanderwaal | Seventeen | Human | District Three | Availability: DECEASED


  • Preferred Ships: Mona/Male, Mona/Chemistry
  • Anti Ships: mona/female
  • Strengths:

- Mona is head strong. She knows what she wants and she will work out how to get it. 

-Mona is a schemer. She loves to make plans and think of ways to achieve things which also makes her a fabulous leader if she isn’t already manipulated.

-Mona knows how to stitch and how to steal. They are her best means of survival.

-Mona is very arrogant and she is a bit of a bully. She can easily intimidate people if not intimidated first. She knows how to appear nice, but is truly mean. She usually just wants the best for people-but not in these circumstances.

  • Weaknesses:

-Mona can sometimes be manipulated into being a follower. She can mimic and copy others and she may not even know she is doing it. This can make her an easy target for an ally.

- Mona has a bad medical past. She has been working on her psychotic thoughts with therapy and tablets but if easily angered or sent over the edge, Mona will lose it instantly. She will scream, and run and hurt everything.

  • Biography: 

Fashion was all that Mona knew and loved. Coming from district 3, the fashion district, Mona was never satisfied with the way she looked. The style constantly changed- and so did Mona. It took her 14 years to realise it; but she got there in the end, especially with her friend Hanna’s help. She had run into Hanna at school one day-quite literally, smacked into her. Both of their glasses’ had flown off their face, and they both apologised for their clumsiness. Mona had noticed Hanna around at school, but never thought to introduce herself- she was always reading a fashion magazine. They decided to fix themselves up- going for runs together, eating right, got their hair cut and did each other’s make-up. Mona loved having a friend- especially when it was someone she could relate to. School had changed for Mona since then- she always loved school, but now she had started to get attention. Boy attention! Hanna now came over often, much to the delight of Mona’s mother. Mona lived with her mother and her brother, in a nice house full of shoes and clothes. Her dad had gone to live in the Capitol because his work in fashion had become a hit success! Mona idolised her father, and he often sent awesome clothes home as presents. 

But there was another side to Mona. Her somewhat psychotic side. Her mother called them her ‘episodes’. She was born with her problem, without knowing she had it until she was 5. That was when she first started attending pre-school. Mona had walked away from her toy to get a crayon, only to come back and find her toy taken by another kid! Mona had asked for it back politely, to which the other stubborn child refused. Mona lost it- she screamed and screamed, throwing crayons and the child and punching her in the arms. That was when her mother took her to the doctors. They had enough money at the time to put her on medication, and Mona had been attending therapy ever since. 

When she was reaped, that was the only thing Mona worried about. She didn’t have pills in the Arena- she knew she was going to lose it. And she was going to kill someone if they even looked at her the wrong way. She supposed that wasn’t all a bad thing, but Mona hated the way it felt. Like a demon was taking over her body, possessing her, forcing her to do wrong. Mona was worried about staying alive- she hadn’t been trained and she didn’t have any physical skill! She had said goodbye to her mother and her beloved brother, and knew she wasn’t going to come back. There were werewolves, witches and vampires in this arena! Mona had nothing on them! She only knew how to stitch and punch. Mona knew she should probably keep her head down and not make an enemy out of the careers, but that wasn’t her style. Her and Hanna were going to rock this place. Mona would make a name for herself- and she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Alison DiLaurentis | Sixteen | Human | District One | Availability: DECEASED


  • Preferred Ships: Alison/Manipulation, I honestly don’t see Alison with anyone (genuinely?) But I guess Alison/Chemistry
  • Anti Ships: Alison/Sadness
  • Strengths: Manipulation, Lying, Hiding, Violence, Agility
  • Weaknesses:  Friendship, Trusting, Plans Backfiring.
  • Biography:

As long as Alison could remember, she knew that she was something special. Being born in District One was definitely in her favor, it suited her personality perfectly. She was born into a well off family, whose main focus was training their youngest child for the Hunger Games.  She scared the other children off at the tender age of five; she was ready to rip their heads off, just like she had done to all of her dolls. One person that she managed to keep a close eye on was Spencer Hastings. They had done everything together, competed, studied, learned…competed. The only reason why Alison kept the girl close was so it was easier to finish her off. She knew that she had more skill than the brunette, and it was easier to keep an enemy closer.

From a young age, Alison learned how to manipulate anyone within her reach, to get what she wanted. With her signature blond hair, blue doe eyes, and charming smile, she could win anyone over. It became her mental weapon, the one thing that she cherished the most. Weaponry and physical violence wouldn’t be a problem either, as her parents made sure to keep her physically fit, training their pride and joy nearly 24/7. By the age of 15, Alison was ready for the games, and ready to come out on top as the victor. She was the complete package of the ideal tribute – tall, agile, confident, and smart. She was sure she was a shoe-win.

Emily Fields | Eighteen | Human | District Four | Availability: Taken

  • Preferred Ships: Emily/Tyler, Emily/Any District Four tributes but Harry, Emily/Career   
  • Anti Ships: Emily/female (getting tired of it), Emily/mentor, Emily/Harry Potter
  • Strengths: Emily has extraordinary swimming abilities due to her living environment and continuous, strenuous swimming sessions with her father. She also learned the art of fishing and seafood hunting abilities from her father, who was a fisherman in District Four. She is also a rather intellectual person - well, intelligent enough to participate in the Games and come out alive (but she chose to keep it to herself). Due to her parents’ death in her early teenhood, she has grown up independently, and doesn’t need to cling to someone for help. She also has decent physical strength and is well built for the Games.
  • Weaknesses: Emily is easily influenced by what people think of her - physically and mentally. People think of her as the weakest link amongst the tributes, and it affected her emotions badly. She also has trust issues due to her overwhelming independence, and develops a separation anxiety disorder towards someone she trusts due to past experiences. 
  • Biography: 

Emily is the kind of girl who would rather go unnoticed. She always liked living in the not so important side of District Four. Her mother died during labour and her father got lost in the sea when she was just about to turn thirteen the next day - and this affected her emotional being so much. Her emotions are like the sea - calm one day, turbulent the next.

Born in District Four seemed like a bonus to her, and her excellent swimming and fishing skills were some sort of a gift from heaven. She acquired the ability to do so the first time her father brought her to the dock where the fishing boats harbour. Due to her swimming activities, she grew up to be a woman with the perfect sun-kissed tan and curves at the right places.

Her difficult childhood taught her various life lessons - her financial hardships and the lack of love and care from a parent mostly. In school, she was always the one unnoticed. She was like a wallflower, and deep down, she liked that. She would be the one scoring a decent A, but never the one people go to for academic help. This helps in her independence - she secretly loves being a lone ranger, and she doesn’t need anyone to survive.

However, deep down, she knew she was an emotional mess. Sometimes, her emotions got the best of her, and that would drive her off the wall. Her trust issues are never ending, and the thought of people judging her is killing her all the time.

So, when she heard “female tribute from District Four - Emily Fields!” during the Reaping, everything was a blur. She knew all her life she was made for it, but she also knew that her emotions would kill her as easy as cake.

Hanna Marin | Seventeen | Human | District Three | Availability: Taken

  • Preferred Ships: All of them. 
  • Anti Ships: None of them. 
  • Strengths: 

Determination- Hanna likes to look at life threw a positive view, and she likes to follow through with her goals. Fashion- although this may seem pathetic, the fact Hanna knows how to present herself is great when it comes to sponsors. Mental strength- she’s been through a lot, and learnt to overcome it and not look back. This has made Hanna a stronger person, and she may hold herself better than some in the arena. Revenge- Hanna will occasionally like to take her anger out when she gets hurt, and this can’t be bad in the arena right? She really cares for those close to her- both strength and a weakness. Even though she is one of the most popular and beautiful girls in the school of district 3, Hanna is generous and kind. She may be bold most times but she is also the trusting. She knows how to steal things without getting caught

  • Weaknesses:

Due to Hanna’s past, she is easily hurt. Going through life in the way she has been difficult and although she has conquered it and become stronger, there is still some things that just make her hurt. Some people say she can care too much, when she was lonely in the earlier years in her life- it has made the people she has now extremely important to her. She and her best friend Mona can be quite the pair of gossips, which may cause a few problems. She used to have bulimia, which has left her mentally scarred at it was a tough time in her past, especially due the fact that nobody knows about it. As it was not her choice to be part of the Hunger Games, she has not acquired the appropriate training. She isn’t the brightest tool in the box- but some people find this humorous and makes Hanna nice to be around. 

  • Biography: 

Hanna Marin was born and raised in district 3, the district of fashion. Her parents had been loving and complimentary of Hanna, despite the fact that she was overweight. When she was young, she didn’t much care for the way she looked to herself let alone others- but verging on her teenage years she decided she had had enough of Hefty Hanna and the bullying which came with that, and decided to turn into Hottie Hanna. But it was going to take some help, and that help came in the form of a girl named Mona. They ran into each other one day at school, and the girls have been inseparable ever since. 

But with this came problems, she wanted a reputation to make people forget about the old her. When her parents broke up, it made her upset and rational. She started stealing things from stores, and fashioned herself on the districts clothing models who were way too skinny to be healthy. When she wasn’t getting skinny quick enough, she started to become bulimic. Although nobody noticed, she eventually helped herself overcome this and she came out a stronger person. She started to make more and more friends, fell in and out and love and finally started to enjoy her high school experience at least. She and her best friend were the ‘it’ girls- and that’s all she wanted since the age of fourteen.

Then came the reaping, and both Hanna’s and Mona’s names were called out. Now, Hanna knew she wasn’t that smart but this wasn’t a coincidence- the two most popular girls who happen to be best friends reaped out of hundreds? What are the odds? But she was going to give this her best shot. She promised herself that she would protect Mona, and come home to her mother if she could.  But that was going to be a lot harder than getting skinny and looking pretty. 

Spencer Hastings | Seventeen | Vampire | District One | Availability: Taken

  • Preferred Ships: All the things
  • Anti-Ships: None of the things
  • Strengths: Manipulation, focus, good under pressure, traps, detachment, agility
  • Weaknesses: When attached, attached hard; strength; cruelty; trusting; losing
  • Biography:

She’d been trained for this all her life.  It always happened with the District 1’s, and even though her parents pushed for her to enjoy her destiny, she never quite could.  So, instead of trying to enjoy the blood-thirst and carnage, she thrived on competition and besting anyone she could.

Especially Alison DiLaurentis, who always seemed to be a toe ahead of her their entire life.  When they toddled around together as children, everyone gushed over Alison’s flaxen curls.  The first days of training, Alison’s cruel smile intimidated the others while Spencer glared from behind her.  And even now, when Spencer can move swiftly past any opponent and tire them, Alison managed to rip her legs from under her and brush her hands off sweetly before walking away.  It would be…a relief if Spencer was given the chance to destroy Alison once and for all, but…by the same token, she can’t escape the girl’s pull.  They’ve known each other their entire lives, and though Alison is the epitome of a “frenemy,” Alison never fails to back Spencer up or invite her along…when it helps Alison.

Perhaps it made her seem like a pushover, but that was all Spencer had known.  Her entire life, she was second.  Second born and never quite as brilliant or talented as her sister, Melissa.  Lucky for Melissa, she aged out of the reaping a while ago, though she excelled in all of her training with cleverness and blind cruelty.  Even though Spencer manages to detach herself from most situations and set her traps to almost perfection, there is always that glimmer of hesitance when she is forced to take on a first year or a twig is out of place.  And that, she is constantly reminded by her trainers, parents, and Alison, will be what kills her.

NOTE: Intentionally transitioned into a vampire in the arena.