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Some things that need to be cleared up about That Night and the Dollhouse before PLL ends

  • Alison got threatened, attacked and had to run away and at the same time, Sara aka another popular queen bee was kidnapped into the Dollhouse and forced to cooperate for like YEARS
  • The Dollhouse was ready when Sara got there, who built it? It couldn’t have been anyone the Liars’ age because they were fifteen at the time
  • Was Alison supposed to be in the Dollhouse all that time? Why? And why did they take Sara in stead? 
  • They kept Sara in The Yellow Top™️ all those years, they made Mona look like Ali, as she was dressed That Night, WHY?
  • Why did they make the Liars reenact Melissa and Jason’s prom?
  • Why did Garrett pretend to kill Alison and then proceeded to steal a part of the autopsy report? Who was he covering for?
  • Who was Melissa talking to That Night if it wasn’t Charlotte?
  • What exactly was on those NAT videos that could destroy everyone’s lives including the DiLaurentis family? What is on that footage?
Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aries; Toby (courageous, passionate, confrontational)

Taurus; Ezra (independant, persistant, possessive)

Gemini; Mona (intellectual, witty, superficial)

Cancer; Emily (loving, protective, clingy)

Leo; Alison (loyal, straightforward, dominating)

Virgo; Melissa (practical, analytical, overcritical)

Libra; Hanna (charming, balanced, indecisive)

Scorpio; Jenna (focused, intuitive, manipulative)

Sagittarius; Caleb (philosophical, adventurous, inconsistant)

Capricorn; Spencer (ambitious, disciplined, detached)

Aquarius; Maya (humanitarian, inventive, extremist)

Pisces; Aria (compassionate, sensitive, escapist)

“I mean… They’re on life support at this point. Like the characters are still there, but they’re not who they used to be and you don’t recognize them and they don’t recognize you. And you love them, so you don’t want them to die, but at this point, it would be heinous not to end their suffering. Someone switch the life support off. Let PLL die. Let the characters rest in peace.” - @dreamsarefantasmic cracking me the fuck up with her PLL metaphor.

Don’t defend her, it’s demeaning.
—  Paige McCullers, spilling that tea about how Al/son doesn’t deserve defending and anyone who defends her is just dragging themselves at this point

book pairings:Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch
from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

As they moved through the old barn, Adam felt Ronan’s eyes glance off him and away, his disinterest practiced but incomplete. Adam wondered if anyone else noticed. Part of him wished they did and immediately felt bad, because it was vanity, really: See, Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, someone like Ronan, who could want Gansey or anyone else and chose Adam for his hungry eyes.

  • ghost!mona refusing to rest in peace until the girls find out who A is
  • ghost!mona somehow becoming hanna’s guardian angel and protecting her from A
  • ghost!mona haunting the shit of alison dilaurentis because she won
  • ghost!mona looking after lucas every day to make sure he’s okay
  • ghost!mona haunting the malls where hanna and her used to shop because she just misses her best friend
  • ghost!mona having so much fun haunting rosewood that the town becomes scarier than ravenswood
  • ghost!mona helping the girls and trying to leave clues she’d found before and wanting them to find out who A is
  • ghost!mona starting slowly but surely to really care about aria, emily and spencer
  • ghost!mona wishing she could have let go of her anger towards alison whenever she sees how happy paige is now
  • ghost!mona wondering if a friendship with paige would have changed a lot of things
  • ghost!mona seeing hanna mourn her and wishing she could hug her and tell her she’ll be okay
  • ghost!mona missing hanna every day and going to school just to check that hanna is doing fine
  • ghost!mona trying to draw a small heart on hanna’s bedroom’s window whenever there’s steam on it
  • ghost!mona trying to drop objects to the ground to express her opinion
  • ghost!mona scaring ezra because that dude is a creep
  • ghost!mona trying to communicate with hanna and eventually managing to do it without scaring her
  • ghost!mona knowing she’ll never get over hanna’s smile when she finally understands that mona is still, somehow, in rosewood


I had a lot of fun making these today guys! . 

I was revamping the original polaroid set (which i’ll send out the update tomorrow ) And I thought it would be cute to have the polaroids pin to the postcard board! so i decided to make some individual polaroids (to make it easy for you to recolour)  and then you can place each one where you like .

I LOVE that it slots to the board as it creates a cute and realistic effect! PLUS you can add the PLL postcards I posted yesterday  and any of the original postcards that you get in the game ! ill be creating other meshes to pin to the board to make it really fun and cluttered but they will be released in the SWA bedroom clutter set! (to be released early September)

all the images used were found on tumblr.

so guys I would LOVE to see you recolour these with your tumblr pics !  or even your sims selfies! 


 I thought i would release a clutter set item early to go with these polaroids! 

My borderless corkboard! I hate the borders on the original postcard board because you could never align them next to each other to have a really large board … so i made this for you guys !

Enjoy & HAVE FUN! 

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PLL 5x25 - Air Times

Just a little guide for those of us outside of America planning to livestream :)

Addis Ababa - 3am
Algiers - 1am
Cairo - 2am
Cape Town - 2am
Dar es Salaam - 3am
Harare - 2am
Kinshasa - 1am

Abu Dhabi - 4am 
Bangkok - 7am
Beijing - 8am 
Delhi - 6:30am
Dubai - 4am
Hanoi - 7am
Hong Kong - 8am
Jakarta - 7am
Kuala Lumpur - 8am
Kuwait City - 3am
New Delhi - 6:30am
Osaka - 9am
Seoul - 9am
Shanghai - 8am
Singapore - 8am
Tel Aviv - 2am
Tokyo - 9am

Australia/New Zealand
Adelaide - 10:30am
Brisbane - 10am
Darwin - 9:30am
Hobart - 11am
Melbourne - 11am
Perth - 8am
Sydney - 11am
Wellington - 1pm

Amsterdam - 1am
Athens - 2am
Barcelona - 1am
Belfast - 12 Midnight
Berlin - 1am
Brussels - 1am
Budapest - 1am
Cardiff - 12 Midnight
Dublin - 12 Midnight
Edinburgh - 12 Midnight
Frankfurt - 1am
Geneva - 1am
Glasgow - 12 Midnight
Istanbul - 2am
Kazan - 3am
Lisbon - 12 Midnight
London - 12 Midnight
Luxembourg - 1am
Madrid - 1am
Milan - 1am
Monaco - 1am
Moscow - 3am
Oslo - 1am
Paris - 1am
Rome - 1am
Stockholm - 1am
Vienna - 1am
Zürich - 1am

Reasons why I think Spencer has a twin

1. Literally like 5 minutes before that “dream” (made me think of the Alison “dreams” tbh) Mary made a comment about Spencer and Melissa looking like they could almost be TWINS. Funny how that word was brought up

2. The Spencer in the “dream” didn’t have bangs.

3. A baby died while Mary was babysitting. Just saying but maybe Mary was so upset Charlotte was taken from her that she faked Spencer’s twins death and raised her in secret.

That’s all I can think of now, it’s late and I’m tired. If you guys have anymore feel free to add on!