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Cece Drake, -A Has Trust Issues, and Why Mona Was Actually“Playing” Cece in the Dollhouse Prom Scene - 3x07 Analysis and Theories

3x07 “Crazy” was a fun episode for sure! We are introduced to Cece Drake for the first time, Aria doesn`t let a friend sneak into a mental asylum alone, and we get one of the most memorable Mona scenes ever. 

Prom Queen Cece Drake and Why Her Necklace Might Be a Clue

The liars run into Cece Drake at a coffee shop. She sounds like Ali, she looks like Ali, and when she looks at you it`s like she looks right through you, just like Ali used to do. She might as well be Ali`s twin.

I`m immediately suspicious of Cece because she seems to know a lot about the girls while they`ve never even heard of her before. To this day I`m not quite sure why Ali kept Cece a secret. I mean, the liars, Ali, and Cece even went to the same party once - remember the frat party? The one the liars got into using fake IDs and they saw that girl fall down the stairs? Cece had to have been at the same party because later she was blamed for pushing the girl down and got thrown out of UPenn for it. 

Another thing about Cece, did you notice her octagon necklace? Doesn`t it remind you of something? 

3x13 —> Ali`s hands sticks out of the ground. OCTAGON.

4x19 —> Aria sits in a bar and makes a shape out of toothpicks. OCTAGON.

Same shape. What could that mean? 

One more thing. Spencer gets her hands an on old yearbook and guess what she finds out - Cece was a prom queen. It didn`t mean much to me back then, but with the whole prom thing happening in the season 5 finale, doesn`t it strike you as odd that Charles wanted Ali aka Mona to be crowned as the prom queen at his fake prom? 

Charles was recreating Melissa and Ian`s prom, which also was Cece`s prom, and Cece was voted prom queen back then. So by crowning Mona, wasn`t Charles actually making her play the part of Cece and not Ali?

What Did Spencer Put in Ali`s Grave?

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I know a lot of you are not happy with CeCe being A. I can understand that to some extent, so I hope this list can help you see the bigger picture and minimise the negativity. I honestly cannot see how it would have worked with anyone other than CeCe being A because let’s be honest - there’s heaps of clues (that I will share in this post) so if it was Wren like we all expected, then how do we explain all the CeCe clues? You can’t - and they would be plot holes! I think no matter what the result was, people were going to be disappointed and complain because it went on for 6 years and the mystery got so deep. There were going to be complaints regardless even if it were Wren because then the CeCe clues don’t make sense and there were going to be plot holes regardless.
Before you all message me saying “but Marion’s death is a plot hole in the timeline, how could it all make sense!”… I fully agree with you. THAT is a plot hole. But everything else makes sense! I hope you all enjoy this list of my favourite clues and clarifications on confusing story lines!

PERSONAL FAVOURITES ARE 1-4, 6, 8, 18, 21 and 22 .
LOL I have a lot of favourites ;) Most confusing storyline saved for last.

The writers made sure that throughout the years, CeCe is connected to every aspect of the show and they did a hell of a good job with that because CeCe is the only character I am aware of that can be linked to ALL 5 of the following -The A team, Red Coat, That Night, having an evil side and Radley. NO OTHER CHARACTER, and I mean not a single character, do we have solid evidence that we can link to ALL 5 areas above! So well done writers, for making CeCe the ONLY character we can link to ALL of those.

1. I kick myself and call myself the bad detective for not even thinking CeCe could be A because in 4x11, we literally see CeCe in a black hoodie. The writers were smart here - they made most of us rule out CeCe for thinking it’s too obvious for them to reveal A in a random episode. “Wren is A theorists”, or “the finale was re-shot theorists” or “anti-CeCe” theorists… I ask to you: how would this scene from August 2013 make sense if CeCe is NOT A? It wouldn’t! If Wren were A, I would call this a plot hole and say it was changed from CeCe to Wren.

2. My second favourite clue which is so ‘in your face’ was in 4x01, where Mona literally tells us that she passed on the A Game to CeCe in Radley. How did I miss this or not think to use it in any theories! “When CeCe came to Radley, I thought she was Ali. I don’t remember what we talked about, that was before they changed my meds”. Oh how convenient Mona can’t remember what they spoke about!!! No other character do we know of that visited Mona in Radley, and this whole time we were supposed to be looking for someone who can fit the role of being Mona’s visitor when she said “I did everything you asked me to”.

3. My third favourite ‘in your face’ clue is in the very first scene we met CeCe from 3x07. She screwed up by mentioning Hanna’s shop lifting which she shouldn’t have known. BUT, she did, through conversation with Mona at Radley when the A Game was passed on. This line really sold it to me when Marlene said something along the lines of (not word for word) : “we intentionally introduced CeCe into the show to become A/Ali’s sister which couldn’t have been done with an existing character”. I mean… in her very first scene she knew something only A would know. If the writers didn’t plan on having CeCe be A, we would’ve had a totally normal first meeting (or she wouldn’t even have been introduced at all).

4. Another one I actually laughed at when I found this last week. Good one Marlene. The typical A ending scene of 3x06 was A looking for a house/apartment in Rosewood. The very next episode CeCe moves back into Rosewood. How did I not connect the dots when the ending of 306 was A looking for a place in Rosewood then the very next episode 307 we meet a new character who just moved in to Rosewood! Duh!!

5. When Spencer got locked in the shower in 3x20, the numbers 307320 popped up and a PLL writer (I believe it was Bryan Holdman but don’t quote me on that) took to Twitter to say that those numbers in the shower scene were significant. Well, if you go to season 3 episode 7, 3 minutes and 20 seconds in (307320), it is CeCe’s first appearance. Yep those numbers were significant!

6. This is the longest dot point and isn’t really a clue towards CeCe being A, but rather I want to clarify this extremely confusing event. It does key in to CeCe being A though, so it’s still relevant.

I need to make this loud and clear, CECE DID NOT PLAN ON KILLING THE LIARS AT THE LODGE IN 3x24.

If she did plan on killing them, that’s a plot hole because CeCe said “I love all of my dolls. I would never let anything really bad happen to them. That’s why they’re still alive.” CeCe clearly said in 610 she wanted to TRAP the girls. This doesn’t mean burn them alive.

CeCe wanted to put the girls in what seems to be a dangerous situation because CeCe knew that if it looked like the girls are in danger, Alison; her sister, would turn up to help them (which she did - Alison pulled the girls out). CeCe used the event as a mean to find out if her lost sister who she felt bad for 'killing’, is alive or not. And she was!

Pretty much that night at the lodge was all about Mona getting all the liars together in the lodge, under orders from CeCe (but Mona didn’t know it was CeCe). Mona and the liars thought the unknown Big A or Red Coat was flying down to meet them but not in a happy meet and greet way, but for Red Coat to ‘do something bad’ to them. CeCe fooled Mona/the A of that time, and sent a decoy Sara Harvey/Red Coat instead of herself hence Sara said “Mona thinks she’s about to see you (CeCe), she doesn’t have a clue (that I’m here instead).” Sara’s job was to round all the girls together in the house to make it look like something bad is going to happen, to make Ali come and save them, to find out if Ali is alive or not.

Melissa revealed in 4x04 that WILDEN SET THE FIRE. Why? Stay with me on this, it might get complicated, but Wilden needed Alison dead. I’ll explain why Wilden needed Alison dead in the next dot point, but for now… Wilden needed Ali dead. Wilden thought ALISON was flying down to meet the girls (as did the liars; they thought either A/Red Coat or Alison is coming to meet them) and Wilden thought Ali would be in the house with them. Wilden wanted to kill Ali by lighting that fire. Wow Wilden got it so damn wrong.

“Then Shana showed up, and all hell broke loose”, said CeCe in 610. There’s proof CeCe never wanted to set the lodge on fire and kill them; “All hell broke loose”! 

As Shana said in 501, “I thought I locked you all together at the lodge, but I guess you were late to the party Alison”. So, “all hell broke loose” because Shana escalated what was supposed to be a fake threat, to a REAL threat. Shana locked the girls in there, Wilden set the fire. Why did Shana want to do that? Shana ALSO thought Alison was going to be in the lodge (”but you were late to the party”), and as we learnt in 501, Shana was A to get justice for what Ali did to Jenna. Shana AND Wilden BOTH wanted Alison dead. They BOTH got it wrong when “Alison was late to the party” because CeCe sent a decoy/Alison was never the one coming down from that plane.

Additional: in 404, Melissa reveals she sent Shana and Jenna to the lodge to find out who the liars were going to meet. Well Shana escalated it and went one step further than just finding out who and reporting back to Melissa…

I know it’s complicated but don’t be too quick to hate on CeCe being A. She didn’t do everything. In this case, all CeCe wanted was to know if her sister is alive or not. Shana and Wilden screwed it up. CeCe didn’t want to kill the girls at the lodge!

7. In 4x07, the writers literally tell us who organised the plane carrying the person who the liars and Mona thought was going to be A/Red Coat. Nigel reveals to Caleb and Toby that CeCe Drake organised a flight to the lodge where the girls were, where CeCe let out Sara Harvey/Red Coat to distract them. Marlene said in an interview that after this episode where Nigel said “CeCe Drake organised the plane”, there was no going back.. Big A is confirmed!

8. Remember when Wilden said in the pilot that “Rest assured, I will find out what happened that summer”… that is sketchy because he kind of already knew. Wilden was paid off by Mrs. D to say that Charlotte/Ali’s 'murderer’ was never in Rosewood that night. So when Wilden found out Ali is alive, he wanted to pin the murder on the girls (which he tried so hard throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3) because he needed to save himself - if Ali came home alive, then investigations would open again into what TRULY happened that night and Wilden would be the first cop questioned (for covering it up). So, CeCe knowing that Wilden would never let her sister come home alive to tell her story, killed Wilden. Another reason CeCe killed Wilden is for ALMOST KILLING HER DOLLS in the lodge fire - CeCe had no intention of killing the girls at the lodge. Hence all of 4A was about A/CeCe framing Mrs. Marin for Wilden’s murder - I can’t believe it never occurred to me that CeCe is A when the liars CLEARLY thought CeCe killed Wilden (it was even reported on the news) yet A was framing someone else for the murder to save them self. Good one CeCe (and Marlene!)

9. Next to Charles’ name in blocks in the dollhouse is a red car. CeCe drives a red car almost identical to the toy in the dollhouse! (I saw this one in my dashboard on the night of the finale so I can’t take credit for this pick up, can’t remember the exact person though.)

10. Marlene said that the song 'Crazy’ by Patsy Cline is a clue. Lyrics include “I’m crazy for feeling so lonely” which we now know forms part of CeCe’s motive for torturing the girls. Further to this, I love how Marlene intentionally called episode 3x07 'Crazy’ - 307 is the episode we first meet CeCe.

11. In the webisode series Pretty Dirty Secrete, Jason asks CeCe why she broke up with him. CeCe says “I really don’t think you want me to do that”. Fair enough! In a costume store buying a Halloween costume is not exactly the best place for CeCe to tell Jason they’re related…

12. In 4x23 we see Mrs. D giving someone in the woods a briefcase. The next episode we see CeCe wearing a shirt previously seen in Mrs. D’s room so we can conclude Mrs. D was passing on that shirt to CeCe in the woods in 423. Cool little clue towards CeCe and Mrs. D having a bigger relationship than what was lead on because on top of that CeCe and Mrs. D exchanged awkward eye contact at the police station in 424.

13. CeCe has a violent side and has made A-like comments before. To Jenna she said “I will scratch your eyes out”.

14. This is major - how the hell did I miss this. CeCe leaves the country in 501, and we don’t hear from or see A until 505. Makes sense why A was quiet; duh she wasn’t in the country. HOW DID I NOT SUSPECT CECE; THIS IS MAJOR.

15. CeCe Drake has the same initials as Charles DiLaurentis. Even cooler, CeCe got her name from merging Charles and Charlotte. Both beginning with C, double C, equals CeCe. GREAT logic. Love this one.

16. CeCe says to Ali at Christmas “When you loose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest”. Almost seemed like she was talking from experience, as at that time CeCe was ALSO mourning over the death of Mrs. D like Ali (her mother too).

17. Two blondes killed Mona. Blonde number 1 who went up the stairs was CeCe, blonde number 2 who was in Mona’s bedroom, was Sara Harvey. It wasn’t Ali like they made us think, that killed Mona, obviously. It was CeCe. “We don’t just look alike, we think alike too”. - CeCe in 501. Yep they look so alike (especially from behind because I thought it was Ali who killed Mona).

18. “I did everything you asked me to” - Mona in 225. “I’m proud of you. You’re getting better. Just keep taking your meds” - CeCe in 610 in a flashback to 225.

Everyone, including myself, thought CeCe being Mona’s visitor was a weak-ass response. Well it makes sense and I’ll tell you how.

Here is a dialogue between Wren and Spencer in 3x23 that explain exactly CeCe’s reply to “I did everything you asked me to”.

Spencer: How many times did CeCe visit her [Mona]?
Wren: I wouldn’t know.
Spencer: yes you would. You authorised it.
Wren: and I was almost suspended for it. Mona was under restriction at that time. No visitors.
Spencer: and you broke the rules for her because?
Wren: CeCe called me and was desperate to see Mona. She thought she could help her recover. CeCe thought she could serve as a role model for Mona (because CeCe also suffered from Ali’s bullying as Ali got CeCe kicked out of school, so CeCe thought she could help Mona get through her 'Ali problems’ too).

Isn’t this genius. Of course it doesn’t have to be true that CeCe thought she could be a role model for Mona. Well… it could be… but that was CeCe’s excuse to Wren, the doctor, so that he would authorise her visit. The real reason/second reason was to steal the A game. CeCe was already a patient at Radley at the time but under the name Charlotte. I highly doubt they let patients walk around from room to room, so, when Charlotte wanted to visit Mona she visited under a different name (her alias, CeCe Drake) with the help of Wren, the doctor, who thought CeCe was going to help Mona. This leads to the next question that perhaps Wren is the He of the time jump because maybe he worked out CeCe is Charlotte or maybe he authorised it for additional reasons, beyond him thinking that CeCe was helping Mona.

So, perhaps “you’re getting better. Just keep taking your meds” isn’t such a pathetic answer to that confusing scene of 225 like I originally thought. CeCe was supposed to act like she’s helping Mona - that’s how she was even authorised/allowed into Mona’s room!

19. Below is a photo from 4x12 in Ezra’s lair in Ravenswood.

Theory 1: One way CeCe got money to pull off her stunts as A was through Ezra paying her for knowledge on his true crime book (she most likely gave false info given that Ezra didn’t solve anything).

OR, I would prefer -

Theory 2: Spencer actually said “it looks like A formed a corporation”. So, that bank statement could actually be Ezra’s detective work that lead to him finding CeCe FORMING the Carissimi group! And once CeCe had formed this Carissimi group, she was transferring the funds into her own personal bank hence Spencer said “there were two payments made to CeCe Drake last week”. CeCe was paying herself from the corporation she formed, and Ezra found that? But Ezra wasn’t smart enough to work out what it’s for.

Either of these are a clue towards CeCe being A - but I don’t know which one is true. What do you think? Personally I think it’s number 2.

20. In 5x25 we see photos of the guys from the Ice Ball within the dollhouse. Well, A would’ve had to have been at the Ice Ball to have even taken those photos. CeCe was at the Ice Ball!!! Noticed this whilst re-watching Welcome to the Dollhouse which now makes a lot of sense knowing it is CeCe.

21. In 4x09 when Spencer asked Shana “who is Jenna so afraid of?”, Shana replies “CeCe Drake”. I believe Shana joined the A Team to help Jenna (as Jenna fears A) by infiltrating the A Team to take down CeCe. OR, Shana didn’t even have to know CeCe is A.. she could’ve just became A to take down CeCe to protect Jenna in general. Either one works, doesn’t really matter.

Why did Jenna fear CeCe? Well Ali and Jenna had it out for each other and Jenna probably noticed CeCe taking Ali’s side (now revealed because they’re sisters and CeCe loves Ali). Besides, CeCe pushed Jenna in that lake because Jenna was a threat to Alison and as we learnt with the lodge fire, CeCe wanted to make it safe for Ali to come home but feared Jenna would stop her…
So then why did Shana point the gun at Ali in 501? Exactly what I just said. Shana became A to help Jenna (they fell in love) by taking down Ali (and CeCe). It’s a REALLY complicated 'square’ between CeCe, Ali, Shana and Jenna but just know it’s CeCe and Ali vs Jenna and Shana. It makes sense now!

Marlene has confirmed it was CeCe who pushed Jenna in the lake. So, CeCe was scared that Jenna would be a threat to Alison if she comes back alive to Rosewood and CeCe wants to protect her sister.

22. CeCe drugged Mona and kidnapped her then put her in the dollhouse because Mona was a threat to Alison - Mona and the liars all thought Ali was A and were about to take action to bring down Alison. CeCe wanted to protect her sister evident when CeCe said to Ali in the Christmas episode “Mona can’t hurt you anymore [CeCe looked so serious when saying this]. You can’t let your guard down Ali”. CeCe being A also explains why she favoured Alison/Mona in the dollhouse, and at the same time; why Mona copped it bad in the dollhouse being sent to the hole as she said “Game over Alison, I win” – CeCe was scared that Mona was about to take down her sister (with the help of the liars)!!! And a similar case for the liars - “your ex-friends are here tonight and I don’t think they came to say merry Christmas”, says CeCe. CeCe knew that the liars are on Mona’s side so she needed to ‘get rid of them’ TOO before they take down Ali which she did by getting them all in the dollhouse. I BELIEVE CECE WAS GOING TO GIVE UP THE A GAME IN THE DOLLHOUSE once everyone was assembled together to tell them the truth of who she really is, why the game was going on, ultimately so that the liars can leave Alison alone. If Mona and the liars hurt Ali for being A (suspected for being A), then CeCe would never get back to her family which she so badly needs! That would explain why CeCe voluntarily gave up the A game in 6x10.. why she voluntarily turned around to reveal herself: she arranged the dollhouse so that she can save Ali from Mona and the liars, and once all assembled in the dollhouse (perhaps at the prom or in the vault), CeCe could come clean just like she did in 6x10. Well, she was going to do end it earlier because thats why she kidnapped them all and put them in the dollhouse, but the girls escaped by setting of that trap at the prom! This probably really pissed off CeCe. Plan failed. All that effort to get the girls in the dollhouse and they escaped. HENCE they spent the night outside in the cold rain. Hence CeCe played mind games with them in their rooms. As punishment for all the effort CeCe went through to assemble them in the dollhouse to come clean about everything - and they tried to escape during the prom.

Hope you enjoyed! I understand if you don’t like CeCe being A, the way the finale was done was very underwhelming with not much intensity and OMG moments but the overall concept makes a lot of sense and I hope this post helps you see that :)

(I feel like this link is worth leaving here.)

Hanna's Blood in the Bin?

I’m thinking that Tanner found Hanna’s blood in the storage unit. A already has indicated that he/she has access to Hanna’s blood:

Remember back in 3x07, when Hanna pricked her finger on that ouija board thing? And look at this note that was left on the board. A is taunting Hanna with the knowledge that they have her blood.

And don’t forget Alison’s Anklet:

The police found 2 people’s blood on this anklet: Alison’s and an unknown person’s, which turned out to be none other than Hanna. A already has planted Hanna’s blood on evidence, who is to say they haven’t done it again?

Not to mention that there’s going to be a blood drive in 5x19. What’s the bet that A will have access to all the liars blood after that?


18 weeks ago Marlene Instagramed a picture of Walkin After Midnight playing on her iPod. I read earlier (and I’m sorry that I can’t remember who posted it) that maybe the clue is within the picture and not the song itself. This person then explained all the song titles listed on the album artwork having some significance with PLL. And I realized that “Crazy” is the first song listed, as well as a direct PLL episode title (3x07) which just so happens to be our first encounter with CeCe Drake.

So a while back, I posted a picture of CeCe in the Rosewood year book and under her name it says “Prom Queen” (amongst other things but this is the most relevant). I immediately thought this to be a clue that maybe CeCe has something to do with this whole Charles prom thing because CeCe, Melissa, Ian, Jason, and Garrett are all the same age. So if CeCe was crowned prom queen then she was the queen for the prom Charles is trying to recreate.

Now while writing this I just thought of something else that blew my mind. Let’s pretend that the “Charles is A” reveal is a complete and total lie just like Ezra is A and Toby is A reveals. In “Welcome to the Dollhouse” we all know “Charles/-A” tried to recreate a prom that Rosewood High already had. And I ways wondered why THAT prom of all proms in the history of Rosewood. The people who attended? Melissa and Ian (confirmed by Spencer) most likely Jason and Garrett because they are Ian’s club buds. And who else might you ask, CeCe Drake since she was crowned prom queen (confirmed by the yearbook). While watching (and now rewatching) I was so so so confused as to why “Charles/-A” would make Alison (Mona) be the prom queen to Melissa, Ian, and CeCe’s prom if “Charles/-A” hated her so much. Well if you guys remember we’ve been shown/told since day one of meeting CeCe Drake that her and Alison talked, thought, and looked alike. So why not basically have someone that looks, talks, and acts like CeCe be crowned prom queen in the recreation of this prom?

I don’t know who the fuck Charles is but I’m starting to think he might have been obsessed with CeCe and maybe he is hurting Alison and the liars because they (Alison) got CeCe kicked out of college and CeCe has no clue about it. He could be CeCe’s stalker and she doesn’t know that she’s being stalked. For some reason I believe Wren is Charles as Big -A and this would confirm why Wren gave CeCe the visitors pass to see Mona in Radley so easily and what not. But CeCe doesn’t know that he is her stalker.

Just some thoughts. Feel free to rip apart or add to this theory.