pll 2x04

Did Wren Kill Ian? (Theory)

I`ve started to compile a list of “UnAnswered” PLL questions which I plan to post once Season 5 is over (in case any of the questions are answered in the Season 5 finale). I`m beginning with episodes from season 2 and after watching 2x04 “Blind Dates” a theory came to mind. 


At this point of the show Ian has disappeared after trying to kill Spencer by throwing her from the top of the bell tower. Spencer finds out that Ian is alive, he is in hiding, and Melissa knows about it. 

In the same episode Dr. Sullivan`s office is vandalized. She finds the words “Nosey Bitches Die” written on the wall in red. “Nosey’ is spelled the way British people would spell it. We still have no idea why it was spelled this way. Hence why this moment will make it into my list of “UnAnswered PLL Questions” :D  

Spencer finds out that this whole time Wren has been helping Melissa care for injured Ian by providing him with medicine behind the hospital`s back. Using this information Spencer gets the liars together, they follow Melissa and Wren to where Ian is hiding only to find Ian dead of an apparent suicide. In the suicide note he admits to killing Alison which we now know is not true. 

We thought that “Nosey Bitches” refers to the girls for trying to find out who killed Ali and who ‘A’ is. But what if Ian was looking into things to? When he is about to kill Spencer, she tells him that if he loves her sister he won`t do it. Ian answers that he`s doing this BECAUSE he loves her sister. What if Ian knew about Melissa thinking that Spencer killed Bethany and how she buried her so Spencer wouldn`t get in trouble? What if Ian wanted to kill Spencer so the fact that Spencer allegedly killed Bethany would never blow back on Melissa?

I`m starting to think that maybe Wren has a connection to Bethany Young. Maybe he wants to punish Melissa and Spencer and Ian knowing too much about the whole thing is not convenient for him. Mona was -A at the time, but Marlene did say that in her time of being -A, Mona did all but two things. I think Ian`s death wasn`t her doing. Since aside from Melissa, Wren is the only other person who knew of Ian`s whereabouts I think that he killed him and made it seem like a suicide. “NOSEY BITCHES DIE”.