pll 1x20


1x20 / 5x12 - What happens when Paige tells Emily about her dates.

Major Jenna/Charles Connection 1x20 & 6x01

So remember the owl flashdrive that Jenna gave Caleb to pass info about Hanna with?

Well do you think it may be connected with Charles’s owl camera, the one  watching Alison walk through Tyler State Park towards the dollhouse?

Original screenshot below, then i brightened and increased contrast and cropped to get a better look, below that.

I have been collecting ideas about Jenna you can read here

She seems like, too obvious to be A, but no doubt she’s connected…Just how?

Obviously, props are props, but using electronic secret devices disguised as owls, twice, screams clues to me….

Hmmm what do you think?