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Thoughts Watching PLL “Salt Meets Wound”

Hurricane Irma has made the state pretty incapacitated, so all I’ve got right now is 4G and Netflix, so I’ll probably post several of these today. I apologize to my followers who are not PLL fans.

1) “I want a pop-tart.” Hanna is me. I am Hanna.

2) Spencer kissing Hanna on the head…like what? Lol.

3) Pam: “Does Maya have any allergies?” Emily: “No.” Maya: *is deathly allergic to shellfish*

4) Alex is adorable. God, that’s a weird sentence.

5) Noel, you creepy motherfucker.

6) I spent the entirety of the series trying to figure out how Maya had a niece. This episode just reminded me that she had a brother. Mystery solved.

7) Pam, you really need to chill the fuck out.

8) “I only kill when I need food. Or when I’m bored.” Classic Ali line.

9) It’s the beginning of angry angsty Lucas.

10) Honestly, I’m rooting for Lucas over Sean. Drunk Lucas is hilarious.

11) Seriously, Pam, take your bigoted bullshit elsewhere.

12) Ali: “Wait for it…” Me: *starts singing Hamilton*