I can definitely confirm that Charles is part of the DiLaurentis family, but I cannot tell you where in the family tree that he is placed. But it’s very interesting, when the girls come back and tell Alison who A is, she has no idea who Charles is. In fact there’s just a lot of family issues, questions, everything about her family, and why she wasn’t told about Charles.
—  Sasha Pieterse [x]
I know where the Dollhouse is!

Ahh, season 2 has really been an eye opener. Honestly more clues there than in season 3 or 4. Let’s focus on the finale of season 2 (”Unmasked”)! 

So just a couple episodes prior, the girls learn that Ali had actually returned to PA a lot sooner than they thought she had. A friend named Duncan flew her into a landing field called Dougherty’s. While looking into the bag of Ali’s things that Jason gave them they find a post card (2x24) and this pen (2x25). 

They discover that this landing is tiny and that it’s off of highway 30. When Spencer asks if it is near anything, Hanna says it’s in the middle of no where. Sound like any place we know?? 

What they do find is that the postcard said “meets 30.” When they look it up, what do they find? The Lost Woods Resort. 

So then I thought, wait a second…that silly cartoon showed up just when Caleb, Toby and Ezra were talking about route 30 in 5x25 when they are looking for the girls!! Toby says that the van’s GPS system was lost on route 30. 

So now, what do we know is near route 30? THE LOST WOODS RESORT! And when do people go to the Lost Woods Resort? WHEN THEY DON’T WANT TO BE FOUND! 

Oh man guys, it’s all coming together! (maybe the writers did think this through lol) So now, let’s think. The Dollhouse is underground. But remember we find out that the Lost Woods Resort is up for sale at the end of 3x01. Peep that for sale by owner sign. 

So, here’s what I think. Harold (who I think definitely has something to do with the Charles business) sells the resort. BigA buys it. Tears it down. And starts building the Dollhouse. Meaning that A had an entire year and a half (PLL time or season 3, 4, and 5) to complete the Dollhouse. And being that it’s in the “lost woods” no one is going to notice them building it. 

And it’s funny because the creators literally tell and show us that the girls are LOST and in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and in the WOODS

Well there you have it! The liars are checked in at the Lost Woods Resort. Funny, it was right in our faces all along. Plus, doesn’t the decoration in A’s soul room remind you of the decoration inside the hotel?! 

Let me know what you think!! Xx

This is our darkest season. It’s really creepy! I mean, it’s intense to watch four or five girls go through torture. It’s hard to figure out what is happening and why, what makes Charles tick and how he works, and what’s brought him to this point that’s just really dark. It’s scary and sad that someone has gone this far, become such a terrible person. Everyone’s gonna have to watch the show with their lights on and their doors locked — very scary.
—  Sasha Pieterse [x]
Theory: Now I’m Suspicious...

In the 6x01 promo we see Alison and Mona wearing the infamous yellow top.

We can infer that if BigA is in fact recreating “that night”, one of them is playing Alison and the other Bethany. But let’s not forget there were THREE Yellow Tops being worn “that night”.

There was also CeCe Drake!

Keep in mind, we still don’t know why CeCe was wearing a yellow top on that night and I’m pretty sure there was no coincidence in that.

If someone is not playing CeCe’s role when Charles is recreating that night, my suspicious as to who BigA is or who knows Big A will go to CeCe. 

Was Jason hiding Charles?

At the beginning of Season 2 in 2x03 “My Name Is Trouble” Spencer goes to the DiLaurentis house which Jason has recently repurchased and is renovating. There she sees a shadowy figure in the upstairs window whilst Jason is working outside, but he denies that anyone is living there.

Later on, Jason is taking out some black trash bags and a few bloody bandages fall out. He says that he cut himself, but this is probably a lie. 

At the time a lot of people thought this was Ian because it was before he had been found in that barn. However, it seems unlikely that it was Ian because Ian was presumably hiding out in that barn the whole time and he would not have been bleeding from the probable neck injury he sustained from falling off of the bell tower. Therefore this poses the question, who was hiding in Jason’s house? It’s obviously a grown man so that puts any suspicions that it could have been Alison. This makes it very likely that if Charles is indeed Jason’s twin, he was the one hiding there in season two. 

There is the fact that Charles became A at the beginning of season 3. Marlene said this in an interview after the season five finale:

“We started when we knew that we were going to give the fans the identity of “Original A,” which [is what] I call Mona, “Original A.” It was before we started writing the scripts for that. We had three or four ideas of who we thought would be a great candidate to steal the game as “A” from Mona, and then very early on in season 3 we decided who that character is.”

However, she does not explicitly state that they came up with the idea of Charles in season three. He could have been planned from the very beginning of the show, allowing them to put in hints about him from earlier on in the series, such as Jason hiding him at the beginning of season two.

This brings up other questions like why was Charles staying at the DiLaurentis house and if those were his bloody bandages, why was he injured? Hopefully they shed some more light on this in the #SummerOfAnswers (yeah right) although I wouldn’t be surprised if this was completely forgotten seeing as it hasn’t even been mentioned since early season two. 



okok im gonna try and calm down and tell you what i just discovered that literally gAVE ME A HEARTATTACK

I was re-watching Misery Loves Company (s03e16, you know the episode when Toby tries to sneak into Spencers house to get the key and he gets busted (and bitch slapped) Remember the ending? When Mona is just sitting there enjoying the lasagna Spencer cooked and sipping red wine there is classical music playing in the background. 

Now I thought it sounded good, the classical music, so I decided to Shazam it. (Shazam is an app where you let the app identify a piece of music you don’t recognize, it’ll give you the artist and the name of the song) 

The first few tries it didn’t catch anything, and then I raised the volume and got the song on the second picture. Of course I just sat there with my phone and just starred at like god was talking to me through it, but then I tried again, and got the song on the third picture.

They were playing a song called Aria, or Arias Finale, during the time when Mona was sitting there in that room looking all smug and bad-ass. And this isn’t the first Aria reference she’s given; remember the episode with her and Toby in the A-van, and she says “Fear cuts deeper than a sword”? (Really sorry for not remembering who discovered this, but credits to whoever posted it first) That quote it from ARYA Stark from Game Of Thrones!!!

Could it be a hint to maybe it ending there for Aria? Hence “Arias Finale”? Or maybe she had planned for that to happen, and it finally did, her finale. I don’t know what to believe, but she’s the shadiest character on the show. Even more than Wilden was, at least we knew he was up to something. 

So, good-luck to anyone who still believes Aria is innocent, because this just killed me and that lady has a finger in all of this. Or an entire hand.

More Aria clues i got when i got this:




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