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6x15 thoughts

Am I the only one who thought - just for a second - that this might be Hanna’s twin? Don’t ask me why, but it has crossed my mind during this scene. She looked so different in attitude!

You can see her different attitude in this scene, where she wants to leave town!:

And I think Sara and Alison are somehow working together. That scene where Alison tried to convince Emily that she imagined Sara attacking her was really suspicious to me. 

This looks like a hallucination:

But this doesn’t!

I don’t know what they are hiding but something’s NOT right here.

We all know that Marlene likes to mess with us. What if she’s pulling the biggest prank so far and it’s all in front of us?

I do not think that CeCe is A. I believe that she’s A’s helper, along with Sara, but that she’s not actually A. Her story had so many plot holes that the writers honestly should have noticed. And I think that they did that on purpose to misdirect us. 

The real A knew that it was only a matter of time until the police found her. Everyone was looking after the Dollhouse. She knew that she couldn’t get caught, so she somehow convinced CeCe to take the fall for her while she got away innocently.

And this A is Aria.

There’s a million little clues that all add up to her. I don’t think that the writers did this on purpose. 

Remember the Great Charlemagne? He was a clue for Charles/CeCe, except no one knew it at the time. 

Aria was the one picked to be the magician’s assistant. Why Aria? Spencer even said it herself. When it appears to the audience that it’s the magician doing all the work, it’s actually the assistant herself that is making everything happen. The magician is just there to distract the audience while the assistant performs the trick.

How does this relate back to PLL?

CeCe is the magician. She’s making the audience (Rosewood) believe and fall for her act that she is A. When in reality, it is Aria that is the one who is really putting on the show.


emison | always here with me

PLL 214 clue

Sara is staying in Charlotte’s old room (from Radley)… Sara’s room numbe in The Radley is 214…

This reminds me of the Caleb / Hanna / Jenna / Spencer/ Toby situation involving this number. This isn’t just because the number was involved in both situations but because it is coming off to me as a complete parallel.

**A main one? In BOTH situations, Caleb was helping the girls hack into a phone, or at least he was supposed to be.**

214 started off as a “clue” Toby gave to Spencer which he stole from Jenna’s room. It was in Braille which initially led Spencer to think it said “bad,” but it really meant 214. Spencer then was tricked by Jenna into believing that Jenna was staying at a local hotel in that room; there was flute music and props to trick her.

During the same time, Hanna had asked Caleb to hack into Jenna’s phone, which if I’m remembering correctly, the girls got from Toby. When 214 turned out to be a bust for Spencer’s investigating, the girls heard Caleb having suspicious phone conversations. It turned out 214 was Caleb’s locker combination that Jenna had because they were using his locker to exchange information Caleb was supposed to be stealing from Hanna. Jenna wanted her phone records because she WANTED THE VIDEOS.

Lucas has been tied to Jenna AND Jason (who is the one who started the whole NAT video club) and I wonder if that plays into the story. I only ask because as mentioned above, 214 could’ve meant “bad” in Braille too. Toby provided the clue, Jenna used the combination and got Caleb to spy on Hanna hoping to get NAT club videos from a club Jason started; Jenna knew one of the girls had access to the videos.

Now, Caleb is cloning Yvonne’s phone (who is linked to Toby) for the girls because they suspect they can find information about the new big bad in it, just like they thought they’d find out who A was. When Caleb cloned Yvonne’s phone, the section that said Phillips, Y had the number “421” which is a variation of 214 as well. Are these clues or have the writers lied to is when they said there are no coincidences in rosewood?

If it’s true that Sara is staying in the room to learn more about Charlotte, maybe she’s looking for information about the people who put her in that room in the first place .. There have been Sara / Jenna parallels and when Jenna was searching for something, it led to something NAT related.. Maybe Sara’s search will too. Alternatively her motives could be “bad” which would only satisfy me if she ended up being the real Bethany Young.