I love how everyone is ignoring the Lesli shit. I haven’t seen even one naive person talking about her. Everyone just saw that, said “ok”, and went on theorizing about other people. Lol fucking writers. We’re smarter than they think.


To me it only makes sense that Mona killed Bethany Young. 

When Mona finds Ali on the side of the Road she takes her to the motel and gives her the idea to run away/fake her death. She is wearing the yellow top and the Alison Bracelet. Mona knows this will only work if people think she is dead. So she hits Bethany and puts Ali’s clothes and bracelet on Bethany. Bethany did not show up to Ali’s house wearing the yellow top and identical bracelet, it was placed on her after she was hit and the plan was in place for Ali to fake her death. 

The top picture is Alison after Mona finds her and takes her to the hotel.You can see her wearing the shirt and the bracelet. Ali does not wear these clothes the next day, so Mona had to of taken them while Ali slept.

The bottom picture is Bethany young from when Melissa is explaining she buried her in the video confession in season 5. She is wearing the shirt and the bracelet as well.

The shirt and bracelet were placed on Bethany, who had access to the clothes and bracelet? Mona. I just wanted to add to this due to a question about Bethany’s body. If she did dress Bethany up and the body was found by authorities obv they would know it wasn’t Alison unless Mona had a plan to deal with that but Melissa showed up so Mona aborted and left the body and that’s when she was buried or Bethany’s face is disfigured, or she is in fact Alison’s twin. This part needs more thinking. Let me know your thoughts! .