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So We’re Being Attacked By An Anti-Pop Punk Censorship Group…

 Hey everybody,

As some of you know, we were ‘targeted’ by a Baltimore censorship group called “Society to Clean Up Music” or: SCUM. Ironic acronyms aside, they are run by a guy named Benjamin Hess and he is very dedicated to get rid of just about any music you could ever consider good. He especially dislikes pop punk and for whatever reason chose to harass us first.

Just to give you a sample of this nutjob, here is an excerpt from the SCUM facebook page:

The Society to Clean Up Music (S.C.U.M.) is a consumer advocacy group whose mission is to inform the public about dangerous music which incites or celebrates any of the following: dancing, drinking, partying, consorting with young women, “moshing,” excess of any kind, loudness, lewdness, screaming, “raising the roof,” et al. 

Music of this nature is responsible for the general decay of American young people, and we believe it should be stopped at all costs.

You can find the actual facebook page here:

Also, his ridiculous twitter that he clearly has no clue how to use:


He may be trying to rid Baltimore of “that pop punk music… This is the kind of music I want off the streets,” but obviously that guy can’t achieve anything. Baltimore pop punk cannot and will not be censored and anyone who wants to try has quite the battle ahead of them.

Anyway, we’ll see you guys at some shows. Look out for tour dates and a few new songs over the coming months. Keep the scene strong and fuck music censorship of all kinds.