Truly a great day guest lecturing & presenting an excerpt of my film “Furious Beauty” at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in LA. Thank you to Professor Vanessa Ochoa, Jake Gordon, and fellow guest lecturer Daniel “Eternal D” Ahn. Thank you to Versa-Style Next Generation & dancers from Homeland Cultural Center who all performed on stage. Also thank you to Arthur Tong for filming the event. We did a Q&A after and shared more about hip-hop, dance, film & community-building. Our audience of college students loved the feeling of community and support we told through our stories. #hiphop #losangeles #film #versastyle #homelandculturalcenter #homeland #vsng #furiousbeauty #plixyl #plixylstudios @versastylela @missfunk79 @breezelee82 @heylookitzigi @alex_ayon @alexxandraa21 @anthonyberry76 @arthurtong @swift05_yadig @c_hernandez94 @_pshock_ @_preciseee @janelle_elyse @fullout89 @immy_soulflight @jokiee3 @sassy_j20 @showstoppa11

Final 2 Days of our Kickstarter campaign for our film!  It ends this Wed, August 8th at 8:30am PST. If you’d like to contribute, please check the embedded link. We’ve raised over 152% of our original goal with a total of $7632 so far! Thank you to all of our backers and supporters!
Furious Beauty: A Hip-Hop Family | Booklist Online

Thanks to Candace Smith of for this review of our film Furious Beauty starring Versa-Style Dance Company: “Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez and Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad are the founders of a Los Angeles dance troupe that elevates hip-hop dance into theatrical performances. Working with underprivileged kids, Lopez and Foaad urge the students to express their emotions, including fear and rage, in their dance routines. In extensive interviews, the teachers share stories of their childhood and talk about the power of dance in their lives. Rehearsal dance sessions capture the young dancers’ energy and vitality. During practice sessions, Lopez fights through a knee injury, and the troupe rallies to support her. On opening night, the dancers—now a cohesive, tightly knit group—put on a powerful performance. Viewers will be blown away by the dancers’ hard work, commitment, and impressive talents.”

Review of my film “Furious Beauty: A Hip-Hop Family” starring Versa-Style Dance Company from the Video Librarian.  Text from the review:

“Calvin Leung’s upbeat documentary focuses on Los Angeles couple Jackie Lopez and Leigh Foaad, who run a nonprofit hip-hop dance studio Versa-Style.  Dedicated to raising the self-esteem of young dancers, the pair work with a troupe of adolescents and young adults, supplying mentorship and friendship, as well as opportunities for combining self-expression with discipline.  Leung takes viewers behind-the-scenes to witness the intricate rehearsals for a new Versa-Style production, one that requires both courage and honesty from the dancers as they explore (through dance) such personal issues as abuse and abandonment.  Several dancers offer moving testimony about the impact of Versa-Style on both their confidence and sense of readiness for life in the larger world.  Furious Beauty concludes with Leung’s stylish filming of the new show, which indeed provides to be captivating…”

Took this last night at the LA Funky Soul popping “musicality” battle.  These are some of the brightest, youngest dancers in LA (ages 20 & under).  Some of them are Versa-Style Next Generation members plus friends.  They’ve formed a new crew called SOUL AMMUNITION.  Proud to see them all grow up & represent on the dance floor.  Photo by Calvin Leung aka Centrifugal Force.

OG Waveomatic at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach.  He was the first person I talked to at Homeland over 9 years ago when I asked him how to do a basic arm wave.  That was a big moment for me as it helped start my own dance journey.  Photo by Calvin Leung aka Centrifugal Force.

Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez (from Versa-Style) & Davi Lorenzo (from Stylz Play & Lady Boogaloos) competing at the 2-on-2 popping battle at the Gr818ers 2nd Annual Family Affair in North Hills, California.  Davi also dances with Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson’s Immortal Tour!  Congrats to these ladies for repping in the semifinals!

Versa-Style Next Generation dancers supporting Homeland dancers OG BBoy Iceman & BBoy Don Sevilla, during a community event at the 109th St Recreation Center in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Photo by Calvin Leung (aka Centrifugal Force).  
Patty “P-Shock” Castorena of Versa-Style Next Generation gets down with dancers from Homeland, Versa-Style, Break Free ministry in a freestyle circle. 109th Recreation Center in the Watts neighborhood, Los Angeles. Photo by Calvin Leung (aka Centrifugal Force).  

BBoy Don Sevilla (left) gathers dancers from Homeland, Versa-Style Next Generation, Break Free Ministry to perform for the kids at the 109th Recreation Center in the Watts neighborhood, Los Angeles. Photo by Calvin Leung (aka Centrifugal Force).

Cynthia “C-Soul” Hernandez of Versa-Style Next Generation connecting with neighborhood kids at the showcase, 109th Recreation Center in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Photo by Calvin Leung (aka Centrifugal Force).