Amazing/Surreal Bodies of Water

  1. Caño Cristales / The River of Five Colors - Meta, Colombia
  2. The Underwater Waterfall Illusion - Mauritius Island
  3. Pamukkale Hot Springs - Denizle, Turkey
  4. Plitvice Lakes - Karlovac County, Croatia
  5. Thor’s Well - Cape Perpetua, Oregon
  6. Sea of Stars - Vaadhoo Island, Maldives
  7. Lake Hillier - Recherche Archipelago, Australia
  8. The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring - Teton County, Wyoming

There’s a place on earth called Plitvice by Sébastien A.
Via Flickr:
Our next few shots will try to give you an idea of how much Plitivice National Park, in Croatia may be one of the closest place on earth that may be called Eden. More than 16 lakes joined by more than 90 waterfalls. Dont miss our Croatian pics here.