Thinkin about the curative and transformative fan theory in regards to Pacific Rim is interesting because I felt a lot of curative fans didn’t give it the time of day because they only saw it as the sum of its influences or negatively compared it to other “giant robot” films. There also wasn’t any pre existing aspect of this franchise so there’s nothing to compare it to or place it to or spot references within.

I’ve always felt Pacific Rim as a fandom survived through it’s transformative fanbase where we expanded so much of the world. Yes we are curative in that we’ve catalogued almost every Jaeger pliot and kaiju and put them on a timeline of events, we obsess over the birthdays and birthplaces of even the most minor character - but all of this is done purely as inspiration to create new stories and art.

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Lexa has one of my favorite characters! She's such a great addition to the already aamzing cast. We don't know if she will survive season 2, and of course you cant tell us, but if she does(or doesn't because the dead can always come back for flashbacks or hallucinations) will Alycia be able to appear occasionally in season 3, since she's a series regular now on The Walking Dead companion show(if the pliot gets picked up)? Or will that not give her any time to do anything else?

Hard to answer. A) I can’t tell you what will happen to Lexa, because, spoilers. B) Because I have no idea what her shooting schedule on the TWD spinoff will be, if it gets picked up to series.

I can tell you that everyone loved Alycia’s performance on the show a great deal — whether Lexa will return in any form? I’m as curious as you are!

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