Basso struggled to right the shelving. He figured he’d left it long enough. He needed to get back to work and he couldn’t do that when his office was still a wreck. The shelving swayed drunkenly and after a moment collapsed.

“Burrick’s balls! This is shit!” He kicked at the pile of boards. “I hope that Thief-Taker General gets what’s coming to him. I’m not about to pay another coin in Black Tax at this rate.”

“I don’t know about him, but I think that shelf has finally bit the dust.”

“Garrett!” Basso swung around to see the thief standing at the foot of the stairs. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you since you got back from Moira…”

Garrett ducked his head, the hood hiding his features. Basso frowned.

“Eh well come on in … I could use a hand tidying up the place. Unless you’ve come for a job?”

There was no answer and Basso finally looked up from where he’d started picking up books. Garrett hadn’t moved, his head still down. Basso let the books drop back to the floor and walked over to him.


The thief twitched and raised his head slightly. Basso took a few steps toward him and stopped as the smell of stagnant water and sludge washed over him.

“You alright … and why do you smell like someone dunked you in the river?”

Garrett shuddered and Basso realized he was shivering.

“Ah fuck Garrett, hang on.”

It took him a moment but he found a blanket that wasn’t either stained or full of holes. Garrett didn’t move as he wrapped it around his shoulders and he finally took the thief by the arm and led him over to the bed, kicking debris out of the way. Garrett didn’t protest as Basso had him sit.

Basso stood staring down at Garrett unsure what to do. It had been two days since he’d last seen him and he looked worse than ever. Other than the rumors going around he wasn’t even fully sure what had happened. He knew the Graven had attacked Dayport and Auldale, ransacking the Baron’s manor and killing every Watchman they came across. He leaned against his desk watching as Garrett fiddled with a loose string on the edge of the blanket.

“You eaten?”

Garrett started to nod then shook his head. Basso grunted and turned to take a piece of leftover bread off his plate.


Garrett took it and held it in his hands. Basso sighed and decided that once Garrett was ready, he would talk. In the meantime he would go back to cleaning. By the time he was done picking up the scattered books Garrett had eaten most of the roll and was watching him. Basso didn’t like the flat look in his eyes. Even when he’d first seen him a couple of weeks ago he’d been livelier than this. Basso cleared his throat but Garrett spoke before he could.

“I found Erin.”

“You found…? She’s alive.”

Garrett nodded, his fingers twisting the corner of the blanket. “Orion had her.”

“What?!” Basso quickly lowered his voice at the flinch. “Shit Garrett, if I’d had any idea…”

“He was using her to try and cure the gloom.”

Basso narrowed his eyes. “Umm … okay. Not sure how that works but okay.”

Garrett shook his head. “It’s hard to explain but it had to do with that stone you wanted us to get…”

“Well shit. You mean all this happened because of that stone.”

Garrett finally looked up at him and Basso was astonished to see the pain in Garrett’s eyes. “No, it happened because I made a mistake and did something I shouldn’t have.”

He looked down again and after a moment pulled something out of the holster on his right leg. He held it up for Basso to look at.

“She made this.” He pressed something and the claws extended. Basso let out a low whistle. “She was so proud of it, but then she went and used it to kill a guard.”


Garrett sighed and pressed the switch again, the claws retracting. “I stole it from her.”

“Well that’s kinda what you do.”

“She wouldn’t have fallen if she’d had it and none of this would have happened.”

Basso sighed and scratched his head. A snarky Garrett he could handle, but this wasn’t anything he was really used to dealing with. He sat down next to him and put an arm around his shoulders. Garrett didn’t shrug him off or pull away which worried Basso more than anything.

“Listen Garrett. You don’t do things rashly. You had a damn good reason for taking that thing from her. What happened that night is not your fault. How were you to know that any of that was going to happen? There’s nothing you could have done. Now get up, you’re sopping wet and getting my bed dirty.”

Garrett frowned at him. Basso just smiled.

“Come on, let’s get you a hot meal and a warm bath and then you can tell me just what the hell you’ve been doing for the past couple of days.”

A little more closure for the end of the game. Thank you to plintoon for the lovely art.


plintoon-reblogs  asked:

Grapple beam

When she’s doing stuff on her ship like suit repairs, Samus keeps the left arm of her suit on and uses the grapple beam to grab stuff so she doesn’t have to move. She never used to have any issue doing it, because her ship’s computer was never particularly intelligent. Now her ship’s computer is a person, namely the very professional Adam Malkovich, she gets away with it a lot less because he tends to point out that it’s a bad idea for health and safety reasons. (He’s not wrong here, she missed and nearly pulled out a vital pipe once.)

Human Series Master Post

I recently completed the final story in my Metroid fan fiction series, the “Human Series,” and promised I would type up a big master post on it with descriptions of each of the stories and their order. I feel like I should give a bit of information about the series first.

 The Human Series is something I started writing at the end of 2015, and I honestly never thought I would end up with a whole quadrilogy, let alone finish the first story. It just started out as feelings I wanted to write down, particularly after Other M. I had really liked the idea of Samus and Adam having a platonic relationship and Samus suffering from PTSD, but I had a lot of issues with the way the game presented these themes. So I decided to take a shot at it myself.

 I wrote the first three chapters of “Human” over the winter holidays when I was in New York visiting my parents. Then I set it on the shelf for a month or so, figuring I probably wouldn’t get back to it. I’m not sure exactly why I went back and wrote the rest, but I did, and I’m happy with that decision.

 All of the games in the series are canon in this AU except for Other M and Federation Force. Each of the four stories in the series has its own plot, but they all take place in the same AU on the same timeline. The first three happen one right after the other and there is a five-year gap before the fourth one begins.


Book 1

Link to story on

Link to story on Archive of Our Own

 This story begins six months after the events of Super Metroid. The Space Pirate War is over. The galaxy is more or less at peace. While this is what Samus has dedicated her life to fighting for, things aren’t going so well for her. Thirty years since the raid on K-2L, Samus finds herself without a purpose now that the Metroids and Space Pirates are gone.

 She ends up traveling to Earth to take an odd mission from a mysterious widow. Sensing that both Samus and her employer might have ulterior motives, Adam Malkovich accompanies her, but even he could not have predicted where this would lead them.

 “Human” is primarily a drama story about Samus rediscovering her place in the galaxy now that she has fulfilled her purpose in life. There is a subplot involving mystery, action, and of course, shooting things with missiles. “Human” sets the stage, introduces the characters, and builds the AU in which the rest of the series takes place.


Book 2

Link to story on fan

Link to Story on Archive of Our Own

 “Spawn” is the story immediately following “Human,” and it begins during the scene where “Human” left off. I can’t really say too much about the plot of this story without giving away spoilers. If “Human” was about Samus trying to come to terms with the galaxy after the war, “Spawn” is about Samus trying to move on and begin living her own life outside of being a bounty hunter.

 It’s the shortest story in the series, but it’s pretty special to me. It’s got drama, humor, and a budding romance.

 But there’s also another element to the story. While Samus is making a life for herself, a new evil is out in the galaxy, and at the end of the story, Samus will be faced with an impossible choice.


Book 3

Link to Story on

Link to Story on AO3

 This story is a full-out Metroid/Aliens cross over fic. Although it would be really great to have seen the first two Alien movies before reading this, I made sure prior familiarity with that series was not required.

 This story is a straight up action/sci-fi/horror story, and yes, lots of things blow up.

 Ellen Ripley and an a fleet of Colonial Marines are stranded in the destroyed Earth Colony on LV-426. Disaster strikes when a Federation Army team led by General Adam Malkovich sent to rescue them, but explodes before reaching the surface. Adam survives, only to awaken within the wreckage with one other survivor. The two of them will have to team up with Ripley’s group if they wish to survive nightfall, when the monstrous “Xenomorphs” are their most active.

 Samus is contracted to hunt the Xenomorphs and rescue survivors, but something more sinister lurks below the surface. And it will force her to confront her own alien origins.

“Zero Host”

Book 4

Link to Story on

Link to Story on AO3

 This is the only story in the series that takes place after Metroid Fusion. It is set five years after the end of “Xenophobia” and brings the conclusion to Samus’s story.

 Tensions have been growing between factions of the Galactic Federation for years. The election of a new Chairman and the repeal of the Bioweapons Ban has thrown the system into chaos and paved the way for experiments as dangerous and unethical as any completed by the Space Pirates years before.

 When Samus sets out to accompany a group scientists to SR-388, Samus Aran never imagines the mission would end in her going rogue and blowing up the planet and BSL station. Now a wanted fugitive, Samus must fight new enemies within the Federation itself. She’ll discover the insidious depths of their bioweapon projects, including the mysterious “Zero Host” weapon experiment.

Additional Information:

The four stories listed above make up the main bodies of work in the Human Series, but they are not all of it. Over time, I will release other stories within the same AU. Strangely enough, I already have a holiday special up from 2016 called “For the Rest of Us.” Humorous writing though it is, I actually consider it canon to the series. 

 Last summer, @plintoon also did some amazing art of scenes from the series, and I wanted to share that in this post as well. Here are the links:

 So this is it. This is the Human Series I’ve dedicated the past two years to writing. I hope you enjoy it. I always appreciate reviews and comments. If you have any questions, feel free to message or inbox me on here. I’m always happy to answer.

Enjoy! And see you next mission!

11/14/17 UPDATE: here’s a link to what will hopefully become an anthology of short stories in this AU.
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soooo guys.. I give you the first two and a half minutes (or so) of FTDWR in storyboard form. If it were like… animated or something.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no skills when it comes to animating so yeah… storyboard it is. Plintoon I don’t know how you do it, it’s freakin awesome.

It’s really just sort of an opening-credits-thing-to-the-tune-of-Sisyphus rising’s-lovely-Frost-Ballad but whatevers. enjoy! 

EDIT: I posted the storyboard on youtube as well since people are having trouble getting it to load. I put the link on my tumblr. Hope it helps!