My afternoon snack! Cooper had one too. 15g protein, cold pressed 96 with coconut milk, Slim and frozen strawberries. SO. GOOD.
Coconut milk has a medium fatty chain that your body needs to BURN FAT. This is the recipe so many of us do to specially target BELLY FAT, AND it works! #getyasome
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Today I am 52 years old & I feel as though I’m 25, seriously I do! I celebrate ‘ME'🎉– and the greatest gift I gave myself is a loss of 22lbs and 29"😃After shopping yesterday for the first time in 3 years for myself ONLY (no kids, family or friends) I’m down 2 clothes size; actually the dress I got myself for today is 3 size down (woohoo)!!! All of this since starting #Plexus on Jan.1 (long story short) diet & exercise along wasn’t enough to help me lose weight & to heal me inside out, starting with my gut– a place where most of our aging diseases starts with the over growth of candida (yeast).

This is what I’ve been doing consistently since the 1st of Jan. I take Plexus Triplex combo - which consist of the #PlexusSlim “Pink Drink”, #BioCleanse & #ProBio5. I workout 3x a week 10-30 mins a day with #GfFC because I have an awesome online coach Concita Bohaner-Thomas who helps me get into BEAST MODE along with daily motivation & support of making healthy food choices and nutritional info. And I drink half my body weight in water which is now my primary drink of choice along with PlexusSlim🍷& coffee☕, yes I still have my coffee️, you didn’t think otherwise right? I don’t believe in giving up something you love❤️So the only thing I’ve given up which has become really easy these days are excuses, hungry, craves, binges & junk foods!

Anyway I did a facial comparison of a pic I took back in Jan. vs one the one I took the other day & look at my neck (it doesn’t fade into my chin)…
WARNING: Be on the look out because more pics (full body are coming soon to your timeline) This is only the beginning because my weight loss journey continues with a lifestyle change towards being a fit, fierce, fabulous female over fifty! Truth is, this is the best birthday gift ever!!! #celebratingme #happybithday

A ton of people are asking for info about our new product #Edge (you know, the one that crashed the website!!) Here is an informative Q&A:

Q: What sets #Plexus EDGE™ apart from other energy products?
A: EDGE gives you healthy, sustained #energy. It gets to work fast, improving focus, concentration, mood and outlook without the sugar crash associated with other energy products. What makes EDGE truly unique is its exclusive, clinically tested ingredients - energy-boosting Theacrine, jitter-busting L-Theanine, and natural caffeine. EDGE contains no unhealthy additives and unlike some energy drinks it contains no sugar or sodium. The result is long-lasting energy and focus powered by naturally-better ingredients.*

Q: Who should take Plexus EDGE™?
A: EDGE is great for anyone looking for healthy, long lasting energy combined with the ability to think sharp.* EDGE is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers and those under 18 years of age.

Q: What are the benefits of Plexus EDGE™?
Healthy, Sustained Energy*
Sharper Thinking*
Enhanced Concentration & Focus*
Improved Mood*

Q: Can I take more than 1 capsule of Plexus EDGE™ daily?
A: One EDGE capsule is great for the average person looking for long lasting energy and increased focus.* However, you may safely take up to 2 EDGE capsules when using EDGE as a preworkout.

Q: How much caffeine is in Plexus EDGE™?
A: The amount of caffeine in EDGE is equivalent to one cup of home-brewed coffee (90mg).

Q: Is Plexus EDGE™ gluten-free?
A: Yes, EDGE is gluten-free.

Q: Is Plexus EDGE™ kosher?
A: Unfortunately, EDGE it is not certified kosher.

Q: Is Plexus EDGE™ Vegan/Vegetarian?
A: Yes, EDGE is 100% vegan/vegetarian.

Q: Are there any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors in Edge?
A: No, there are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors in Edge.

Q: How is Plexus EDGE™ different from Plexus Boost™ and Plexus Accelerator+™?
A: EDGE is formulated to deliver sustained energy while improving concentration and focus.* Boost and Accelerator+ both complement weight management. For example, one of the key ingredients in Boost is a traditional hunger suppressant. Accelerator+ contains a number of active ingredients such as Higenamine (a plant-based compound) which has been shown in clinical studies to help boost the body’s metabolic rate and burn fat more efficiently. *

Q: When can I take Plexus EDGE™?
A: EDGE can be taken in the morning as you kick start your day or right around lunch time to energize and focus your mind in the afternoon. You can take the capsule before food, with food, or after food. You can also take EDGE with no food, however the effects of the product may be stronger if taken on an empty stomach.

Q: Can I take Plexus EDGE™ with other Plexus products?
A: Yes, when taken at the recommended dose of one capsule a day EDGE is safe to take with other Plexus products.

Q: What is Theacrine?
A: Theacrine (as Patented TeaCrine®) naturally occurs in Kucha Tea leaves. One of the many benefits of theacrine is that its effects are long-lasting. It improves mood, decreases feelings of stress and irritability and increases motivation.*

Q: What is L-Theanine?
A: L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found primarily in green tea leaves. It helps to improve memory and enhances your ability to learn. L-Theanine is also our “jitter-buster”. It has a calming effect, making it an excellent choice to pair with caffeine. *

Q: Can I take Plexus EDGE™ with my cup of coffee?
A: Yes, it is safe to take EDGE with a cup of coffee. While many consumers use EDGE as a replacement to coffee, the amount of caffeine when consumed together is within normal levels.

Q: Is Plexus EDGE GMO-Free?
A: Yes,EDGE is GMO-free.

Q: Is Plexus EDGE safe to take long-term?
A: EDGE is safe for long-term use.

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Henry Miller e la fisionomia di Dostoevskij

« Scusatemi », dissi, « ma vorrei dare uno sguardo a Dostoevskij. » Lo lasciai lì che parlava concitato con Mona adoperando le mani (e anche i piedi). Mi piantai davanti al ritratto di Dostoevskij, come avevo già fatto molte altre volte in passato, per studiare nuovamente la sua fisionomia familiare. Pensavo al mio amico Lou Jacobs che si toglieva il cappello ogni volta che passava davanti a una statua di Mozart. Io a Dostoevskij rivolgevo qualcosa di più di un inchino o d'un saluto. Qualcosa che somigliava a una preghiera, una preghiera perché egli schiudesse il segreto della rivelazione. Faccia comune, punto bella, la sua. Molto slava, proprio la faccia d'un mugik. La faccia d'un uomo che potrebbe passare inosservato nella folla.

[ Henry Miller, estratto da Plexus. ]

One of the biggest reasons that diets fail is because toxins remain trapped inside our bodies. Body fat is a form of protection, the body surrounds the toxins with fat to prevent organ damage. So until you find a way to eliminate them from your system, you won’t see long-term success.

The Plexus TriPlex (Slim, ProBio5 & Biocleanse) is a uniquely effective way to help get these toxins out so our organs can function at their best. Plexus isn’t a stimulant to force quick weight loss. It uses plant-based products to help the body reach its optimal functioning.

When your body’s systems are functioning at their best, everything falls into place naturally along with your weight.

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