Horoscopes and Tarot for December 6, 2016                                                   from

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The Moon sits in emotional Pisces all day giving us a chance to look at all our choices from a deeply intuitive perspective. We are full of creative, forward thinking ideas that prompt us to be resourceful and experimental. This morning the Moon sextiles Mercury and semi-squares Rx Uranus bringing the promise of some surprising communications from past acquaintances or dear friends that have lost touch, which have the potential to advance any project we have on the table.   

This afternoon the Moon and Neptune align, both is Pisces, heightening our psychic awareness and leaving us no choice but to listen to those important gut feelings. Let your instincts guide you to a new place of healing power in love and work relationships.  

Tonight Mars and Rx Uranus form an explosive sextile bringing energy to our most incredible ideas. We are made very aware of some rather brilliant hindsight that can strike like a thunderbolt out the blue and be perfectly fitting for the present moment or a future project. Listen carefully with intelligence and weigh risk factors mindfully, then proceed in your best interests. 

Tarot Cards of the Day: The Queen of Pentacles, The Chariot and the Knight of Pentacles-take command of your work situation and bring light artful and inventive to ideas that have the possibility of actually working. Feel free to explore past opportunities and future hopes with energy and a little adventurous risk.  

Keep your sights on creative possibilities but stay rooted and firmly in your beliefs that hope is around every corner. Keep a yellow topaz and a garnet on your person, along with a blend of lemon, and patchouli essential oils. In yoga stay in balance poses added to your regular practice.                                    
Aries-If you can keep steady emotionally, you will be able to make lasting connections, on a personal, business and social level. Your drive and determination is too big to handle alone., so work within a community of like-minded individuals to assist your visions.   

Taurus-surprising praise from a past endeavor may catch you off guard. Recalling old dreams and visions will likely take you down a successful and productive path. Stay attentive to opportunities and their potential reward today, make the most of prospects.   

Gemini-although you will work well in a group setting today, you may prefer to be on your own, alone with your multitude of thoughts. Make sure you record all your brilliant observations and inventive ideas. Then share them at the right time for your benefit.  

Cancer-you are bolstered by the positive energy of opportunities that lie before you. They will manifest at the right time and place for you. Keep emotions steadily rooted in empathy and compassion for those who need your strong willed help.   

Leo-your fiery appeal and fortitude pushes you further than you ever dreamed possible. Creative ideas are possible because you have made them practical and irresistible. Be courageous, exceptional and flexible in order to move your visions forward.    

Virgo- your drive and determination finds the ideal situation to help you express your creativity while remaining grounded in facts and practicality. Move forward in habits that improve health, work and social matters to benefit your long term focus on self-care.   

Libra-you are ready to be slightly risky, and move out of your usual routine today when unexpected insights come to light. Your time is well spent discerning which direction to take but, positivity reigns so you can find something hopeful in whatever you choose..  

Scorpio-love, family and home life are your priorities today so releasing old feelings and embracing positive new emotions brings helpful and promising changes. Tune into inspirational visions and look more deeply into past insights that may have slipped by.   

Sagittarius-embrace the good energy of the day and transform hopeful ideas into self-assured action. Challenges will only serve to bring you to new and exciting conclusions you may not have seen previously but will want to take action on. Use cooperative energy to assist you.   

Capricorn- useful ideas and excellent communication highlights your day. You have the extra bonus of practicality and common sense to be able to see and feel others’ viewpoints and will be able to discuss ways to assist healing and promote self-assured action.    

Aquarius- your mind is extremely active, as you are able to talk about your emotions on a ground breaking level. Ideas are strong and you are ready to actively participate in bringing creative concepts to fruition. Take these important changes in stride.  

Pisces-the Moon in your sign brings you incredibly accurate intuition and the foresight to move on opportunities you may have overlooked. Stay in tune with your creative insights and bring new light and healing to old situations that need resolving today.