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We are still unready, unwilling, to mingle with the gods.  The men of olden times knew the gods: they saw them face to face. Man was not removed, in consciousness, from either the higher or the lower orders of creation.  Today man is cut off.  Today man lives as a slave.  Worse, we are slaves to one another.  We have created a condition hitherto unknown, a condition altogether unique: we have become the slaves of slaves.  Doubt it not, the moment we truly desire freedom we shall be free.  Not a whit sooner!  Now we think like machines, because we have become as machines.  Craving power, we are the helpless victims of power….The day we learn to express love we shall know love and have love–and all else will fall away.
—  Henry Miller, Plexus 

I’m taking the first steps to being healthier- I signed up for the Pink Power 90 Day Challenge! Starting my Plexus Journey this week 💥 I was going to wait to post something, but after the awesome testimonies I heard last night on our team conference call I just had to share my joy and excitement! #pinkingridcooper #plexusslim #plexus #plexustriplex #healthybodyhealthymind #healthymama

Back on the #mealprep life! Yes I take plexus and yes I eat healthy and workout! Plexus is not a diet or a magic pill, it’s apart of a healthy lifestyle. With all the benefits plexus has to offer, I still want to make sure that I am feeding my body properly to obtain optimal health. Plexus is part of my health and wellness journey, shouldn’t it be apart of yours? #askmewhy #watchmeorjoinme #plexusslim #plexus #guthealth #mealprep #health #getfit

A New Endeavor: PLEXUS!

So I’ve just joined Plexus as an ambassador.
So excited to be part of such a great company - keep watching here for updates, testimonials, special deals, and some happy things I will be sharing.

Plexus endeavors to make you healthier all around - so the smiles come along as an added benefit!

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