Anti-Choice and their Quack Medicine Multi-Level Marketing, Anti-Vaccine, Anti Child Protective Services and Family Court problem.

I see many things as I wander through “Anti-Choice Facebook” as I call it. These perspectives are annecdotal, however, as I do further research, I think their might be something to all of this.

1. Quack Medicine, Multi-Level Marketing:

One vocal AHA member (and sister to AHA founder Toby Harmon) sells Plexus.  Plexus is marketed as a weight loss “pink drink” and makes all sorts of wild claims.  This one, that I got off of Tracey Harmon Lindsey’s facebook page, claims that Plexus will cure your diabetes.

One one hand, the logic of the multi-level marketing system makes sense in an anti-choice person’s world.  They can stay at home to a) take care of their children and b) spend time harassing people at the clinic and around their town.  This stuff is NOT a medicine.  This stuff is a scam that could make you sick.

2. Anti-Vaccine:

An old anti-choice trope is that vaccines contain aborted fetuses.  There are no human cells in vaccines, however, because an aborted fetuses COULD have been used in the development of certain vaccines in the 1960′s, lots of anti-choice people are against them.  Also its the whole “vaccines have formaldehyde”, even thought they body produces formaldehyde naturally.

I’ve seen this pretty consistently.  There are many “anti-choice moms” who don’t vaccinate. 

3. Anti-CPS and Family Courts:

This is the strangest one to me.  Anti-choice protesters seem to want to protect “all” children, yet a surprisingly high number of them have run-ins with the CPS and family courts system.  I have noted at least 8 (and probably many more) AHA member mention having a child taken from their custody. Are their mistakes made in the CPS/Family Court systems? Sure there are.  However, as someone who is familiar with the system, if someone calls CPS on you, there is a 75% chance that it is for a specific reason involving the welfare of your child. Many of these anti-choicers are against birth control, so they have large amounts of children and spotty income.  There was one AHA member who didn’t have electricity in his home and 8 children.  Another two sisters in Ohio have called CPS on each other repeatedly.  It is very strange.  I would love to be able to do more research on this as well. 

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