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Sorry about all the negative posts today. I’ve had a really rough day and the snark is real for me.

I just want to point out the idiocy that is in the Gency tag right now.

One person points out that Gency is wrong and problematic, then proceeds to reblog Reaper76, Widowtracer, Shimadacest, and a plethora of art where characters look like they’re not happy being close to each other in sexual situations.

I want to point out…

Gabriel and Jack want to kill each other and have tried.
Amelie wants to kill Lena and has tried.
Shimadacest is incest, which is illegal.

While I have no issue with any pairings UNLESS THEY ARE ILLEGAL, how can someone actually justify that the Gency age gap is a deal breaker? Mercy saving his life with his consent is a deal breaker? They haven’t tried to kill each other and the only canon hostility between the two might have been him coming to terms with his body. Mercy didn’t want to do it per the lore.

And don’t get me started on the doctor/patient crap. Literally any pairing with Mercy would be doctor/patient at this point, including Pharmercy. Every. Single. Pairing.

I’m just tired you guys. They announced a bi/lesbian character today and instead of focusing on that and being happy with the announcement, it’s not good enough of a start. Now people are up in arms because some of the characters might be straight. Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome when they’re all revealed because not all of us have the same ships. But Christ, don’t you dare ruin someone’s day because you think Blizzard owes you something and take it out on the fan base that you don’t like.


Hey! So under a bunch of crappy circumstances that involved me having to move to another place in town– I’m unemployed! And also can’t afford food! So I’m opening up my commisons for both full pictures and icons.

I have a plethora of art styles to choose from (which you can view in my art tag here), but here’s the info you gotta know!

Any Style Full Picture:

$20 - Full Body + Colour + Simple Background ( Extra Characters + $10)
$15 - Bust + Colour + Simple Background (Extra Characters + $7)
$10 - Full Body Lineart ( Extra Characters + $5)
$5 - Bust lineart (Extra Characters + $3)

Icon Bundles - Any Style
(all full colour + simple background):

$3.50 - Per icon
$10.00 - Three icons
$20.00 - Six icons
$30.00 - Nine icons + one for free (10 in total!)

Regarding icons, you can give me a list of expressions you want to have shown, etc– or I can take the wheel and come up with as many needed! 
(Great for reaction images or roleplay blogs!)

If you’re interested you can contact me by:

Sending me an ask!
or emailing me at

all commission payments are in USD and received over paypal!


America’s Most Overpriced Cities 2015

While many of these cities offer a plethora of universities, arts organizations, top-notch health care institutions, and strong start-up culture, if there’s one thing they don’t offer it’s a cheap cost of living.