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Queens of BMP: Her Majesty The Queen of Charles

The Steel Rose

Her Majesty The Queen has always been underestimated, which she used to her advantage through the years. She convincingly played the role of the fairytale Crown Princess to the point that The Royal Conference of Charles already forgot the steel underneath the blush, lace and tulle.  

Long before the Queen’s crown was placed on her head, she has already mastered the role of the deadliest piece on the chessboard. With just a whisper, a soft gaze, and a tender touch on her husband’s hand, she can turn the tables to her advantage. It’s no secret that she was the force behind the change in succession laws. Allowing Charles’ most beloved little princess to one day ascend the throne as Queen Regnant.

To the people of Charles and the rest of the world - they embody the fairytale that had gone right. However in small private gatherings, they raise their glasses, offering a toast to their King and Queen - to the most beloved Rose of Charles, and his protectress the Steel Rose of the House of Levainçois, long may they reign.

One thing I like about the kylux fandom is that I have quite literally never interacted with anyone who actually wants/expects kylux to become canon, yet these same people are the ones who pour all their talents and emotions into creating a plethora of fic and art and all sorts of other things and it’s all just very impressive imo

A gift for the always amazing @larkistin who does so much for us with her incredible artwork. Only a portion of what you deserve, lovely, but I hope it hits on all of your deepest desires ;)

Imagine Rafael posing nude for an artist

He had never stood a chance, the way she bounced into his office, flopping herself into the chair across from his desk. She always did this, always stopped by to see him too when she came to visit her brother. And he wasn’t sure why she had taken such a liking to him, but he also wasn’t dumb enough to complain.

Her cheery smile and youthful exuberance always made him feel a little more alive and it had been no different yesterday as he set his pen down to look at her.

“Morning, Raf!”

No one else ever called him ‘Raf.’ Hell, no one else ever even called him ‘Rafael.’ He was ‘Barba’ or ‘Counselor’ to everyone that didn’t share his blood.

Except her.

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x$5 Commissions ($5, $10, $15, etc...)

Hello my dear friends, followers, and fabulous others.

I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a pinch… My mom’s working two jobs to pay our bills, and I’m sharing what I make working part time, and I’ll be working over the summer, but it’s tough, especially with three kids in various stages of school/independence. As it is, we’re barely making rent, even with our landlord being supremely kind about our situation! And on top of it all I really want to go to Otakon this year to meet kirakirareload (and anyone else who may show up there!) and as anyone in the convention-going scene knows: that shit ain’t cheap. (Ota’s gonna cost me about $300 between registration and hotel room and the materials to finish my cosplay, plus spending/food money)

Here’s where I need your help. I’m going to be offering 5 DOLLAR ART COMMISSIONS to help my mom pay the bills, and also help myself get to Otakon this year. Everything I’m offering will be $5 USD or a multiple thereof. I can only accept PayPal transfers as payment right now. If you can commission me, contact me through email at or off-anon tumblr message (or submission). If you cannot, I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this as it’ll help get the word out! (More Info about commissions below the cut)

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I never made a soni,,c oc and while i know some people frown upon it and shun you for it–but forget them!!—i should make one for the fun of it tbfh

that and like a plethora of other art challenges like a magical girlsona and a witch sona and uh—mermay

i never do any art challenges for shit!!

Knowing that he had his full attention, Smithers reached forward and softly pulled on Burns’ tie, forcing the older man to lean forward.
From across the bar, Burns was sure heard the only bald man in the bar shout something along the lines of “Get some, Smithers,” in response to the situation, but Mr. Burns chose to not respond.
Whipping out the puppy-dog eyes, Smithers twirled his boss’ tie in his fingers gently. “Sir, please let me go home with you.”

a scene from this fic by @puffythepig !! definitely worth the read

anonymous asked:

Any chance for an updated Fuckpig chronological order post?

Hi, darling! Sorry this took so long. I’m virtually NEVER on my computer and this wasn’t one I wanted to answer on mobile.

First, a small disclaimer: the Fuckpig verse wasn’t written in chronological order so it’s TOTALLY okay to enjoy it in the order the stories were posted in! It has parts that are linear, parts that are flash backs, and parts that take place in the future. It wasn’t created “in order” so it’s really a more honest experience to read it “out of order.” 

However, this is something several people have asked so here’s my best attempt at providing a linear flow. I’ve broken it into sections based on when the stories take place. 

Linear / Current Events

Point of No Return by Exaggerated_Specificity

It’s All Happening by Exaggerated_Specificity

Slutpunk Blues by dollylux

as close as I can get to you by Exaggerated_Specificity

Opened Once by dollylux 


Interview with Fuckpig, or: how many synonyms are there for dirty? by dollylux

Checking Out Your Babe by dollylux 

Unknown Pleasures by dollylux

The Ghost in You by dollylux 

Future Tense

Get in the Van by saltandbyrne

Stay Down by saltandbyrne

Heart Shaped by saltandbyrne 

I’ve not read these in this order personally so I’m not even sure how well this works? I hope it helps! 

There’s also a plethora of aesthetics and art and inspo that help make up the verse I really recommend you hang out in my tags (or the assorted tags of my lovely partners in crime) to really get the full experience. 

Main Fuckpig Tag

NSFW Fuckpig Tag (on my porn blog)

I do intend to set up the fuckpig blog here soon but I have not had time. Thanks for your message and patience!!


the coven

@exaggeratedspecificity @dollylux@saltandbyrne @homo-pink



I have been silent all along, from they day people who pick on others came in this website, I have foreseen the day that something like this would happen and that I would post something as straightforward as this will be. Be prepared for some fuckin’ curses when you read this post.

Since the February of 2007, this website have produced more than  303.9 Million blogs and those blogs produced around  136.4 Billion posts, why those facts matter? Because this website is primarily created to share, collaborate and create connections with other people and the policy of this website strongly encourages people to celebrate that universal right. Furthermore, it is stated that any act of hate, violence and malice against others can be ‘punishable’ by the rule set by Tumblr. I have always been aware of these things in my five-year stay here and as I meet more and more people here I have come to a realization that the freedom given to us here – is getting out of hand.

To make the scope of this more digestible, I will only cover the Tumblr Community in the Philippines. Since 2009 or so, the popularity of this website went kaboom when some discovered this avenue, a plethora of art and food and love and everything under the sun. To make it clearer, people who discovered this are all diverse people from all walks of life whether an average person, a teenager, an adult, a middle aged person, a working person anyone you can imagine of all professions and ages. The Filipino Tumblr Community still expands up to this day, but this variety also allowed people with shallow minds, in my opinion to enter this ‘haven’.

You all maybe know all about ‘rants’ and the controversial tth’s every Thursday (you know what I mean) and the hashtag will delete and also, the undeniably hardest decision to make here, deactivate. It has been long since people discovered that deactivating here is a one way entrance, or exit because there is no turning back, you cannot fucking retrieve any of the information you have on your blog once you deactivate your blog, delete is a more acceptable turn because there is no way you can re-activate your blog in any form and you cannot do anything about it.

The thing about the current ‘users’ of this website, is they become greater in the field or the category they fit in (e.g. Personal, Reblogger, Photo Blogger, Literary Blogger and many more…) in which we people, create the variety or kind of blog we want to express ourselves in. In any case, we want to try something new and fresh and of course, criticism is always there no matter where you look. I forgot to mention of the infamous anonymous, bald people will shades with their motives unknown. It scales from utmost love to an overwhelming hate and wrath, of course by the messages sent by them. Wither they’re your friend or foe, we can never be certain what they want, but it is fucking cowardice alright to say things anonymously, and sometimes it can be so sweet, but still downright cowardice. I know this is all of a sudden, but the numbers of people who do hate directly and indirectly are exponentially increasing, and alarming I might add regardless if any people in my close circle are ‘victimized’ by their loathsome scheme.

Yes, I haven’t discussed this matter thoroughly but I want to make this point clear: that hating is irrelevant, criticism isn’t criticism if it’s personal, yeah freedom of speech but fuck it, fuck people who misuse this universal right, fuck everyone who have caused emotional pain towards others just so they can feel good about themselves.

I hope you all learned something.


Hey! So under a bunch of crappy circumstances that involved me having to move to another place in town– I’m unemployed! And also can’t afford food! So I’m opening up my commisons for both full pictures and icons.

I have a plethora of art styles to choose from (which you can view in my art tag here), but here’s the info you gotta know!

Any Style Full Picture:

$20 - Full Body + Colour + Simple Background ( Extra Characters + $10)
$15 - Bust + Colour + Simple Background (Extra Characters + $7)
$10 - Full Body Lineart ( Extra Characters + $5)
$5 - Bust lineart (Extra Characters + $3)

Icon Bundles - Any Style
(all full colour + simple background):

$3.50 - Per icon
$10.00 - Three icons
$20.00 - Six icons
$30.00 - Nine icons + one for free (10 in total!)

Regarding icons, you can give me a list of expressions you want to have shown, etc– or I can take the wheel and come up with as many needed! 
(Great for reaction images or roleplay blogs!)

If you’re interested you can contact me by:

Sending me an ask!
or emailing me at

all commission payments are in USD and received over paypal!

Sorry about all the negative posts today. I’ve had a really rough day and the snark is real for me.

I just want to point out the idiocy that is in the Gency tag right now.

One person points out that Gency is wrong and problematic, then proceeds to reblog Reaper76, Widowtracer, Shimadacest, and a plethora of art where characters look like they’re not happy being close to each other in sexual situations.

I want to point out…

Gabriel and Jack want to kill each other and have tried.
Amelie wants to kill Lena and has tried.
Shimadacest is incest, which is illegal.

While I have no issue with any pairings UNLESS THEY ARE ILLEGAL, how can someone actually justify that the Gency age gap is a deal breaker? Mercy saving his life with his consent is a deal breaker? They haven’t tried to kill each other and the only canon hostility between the two might have been him coming to terms with his body. Mercy didn’t want to do it per the lore.

And don’t get me started on the doctor/patient crap. Literally any pairing with Mercy would be doctor/patient at this point, including Pharmercy. Every. Single. Pairing.

I’m just tired you guys. They announced a bi/lesbian character today and instead of focusing on that and being happy with the announcement, it’s not good enough of a start. Now people are up in arms because some of the characters might be straight. Not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome when they’re all revealed because not all of us have the same ships. But Christ, don’t you dare ruin someone’s day because you think Blizzard owes you something and take it out on the fan base that you don’t like.

Caught Inside

Summary:  Point Break AU. FBI Agent Emma Swan goes undercover to determine if a gang of surfers is responsible for a recent string of priceless art heists. What she doesn’t expect is to get in too deep with one of the suspects. Can she keep her head above the water as the stakes get higher? Or will the waves of danger leave her caught inside?

A/N: My first Multi-chapter fic! I’ve been planning on writing this for a long time, even before I knew they were coming out with a remake of the movie. So, if you aren’t already familiar, you may be soon (it comes out on Christmas day). This fic should include plenty of adventure, danger, suspicion, and action (if you know what I mean). Not to mention Killian as a surfer. Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to the-captains-ayebrows and lenfaz for helping me flesh it out!

Rating: T for now, but will eventually be M link here

Chapter One

A cool breeze drifts off the water, tickling Emma’s nose as she brushes a wayward strand of hair from her face. It’s early morning on the Pacific Ocean, and if she weren’t here on business, she might find the whole experience utterly relaxing.

“There they are.” David hands her the binoculars. Without pointing, he nods his head subtly in the direction of a group of surfers, currently floating above the water on their boards, waiting for the next break. She and her partner are standing high above them on at the lookout at the point, and from this distance their wetsuits make them look like sleek black seals. She isn’t sure how she’ll be able to distinguish them from every other group of identically-clad surfers out this morning.

Emma lifts the binoculars to her eyes, squinting against the harsh light reflecting off the water. As her pupils adjust, she moves her head, scanning the rolling blue-green waves capped with foam.

“Two o’clock,” David murmurs, and she swings her head in the right direction. There. Four men grouped together, obviously part of a crew, since they didn’t seem to mind the close competition for waves.

One white blonde - Whale - check. Two brunettes - Jefferson and Locksley - check. And the mark she’d be approaching, his hair nearly black, saturated with water. Jones.

Lowering the binoculars, she lets out a sigh. “‘K. It’s time to find out if these guys are really a ruthless band of thieves or not. And if Jones really has a thing for leggy blondes, like it says on his profile.”

She gives David a mischievous smirk, raising her eyebrows, and he smiles tersely in response.

“Emma,” he sighs. “Take this seriously, OK? I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Oh boy, here comes the overprotective big brother speech.

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America’s Most Overpriced Cities 2015

While many of these cities offer a plethora of universities, arts organizations, top-notch health care institutions, and strong start-up culture, if there’s one thing they don’t offer it’s a cheap cost of living.