Your name is PLESMO GAIRAL and you really should not be wasting time right now.

You are approximately 19 sweeps old and counting as of the CURRENT DATE. Yes, you are KEEPING TRACK. No, there is not really a reason why you have been keeping track, you just ALWAYS ARE. And, on that note, it may be wise to go ahead and mention that you are ALWAYS KEEPING TRACK of most everything about yourself AND OTHERS TOO. Some people have found this to be rather CREEPY but you seem to be fine with that.

It should be mentioned as well that you are FIERCELY HEMOLOYAL and have taken up the work of an EXECUTIONER. The work may not always be fun, but that’s alright with you. As one would expect, this has created quite a few ENEMIES that want to KILL YOU as well. You are also fine with that. Your HIVE SECURITY SYSTEM can deal with most threats. The ones that it cannot deal with, you or your LUSUS can.

Speaking of that lusus, he often helps you with your EXECUTIONS. You are not typically an executioner who beheads those brought to you and, as such, you HUNT THEM DOWN. Typically you deal with the more urgent executions that highbloods do not want to wait for. Your lusus, A GREAT WHITE BALVERINE, is quick enough to chase down most trolls with you riding on his back so that you can dispatch your foes AS QUICKLY AND EASILY AS POSSIBLE. They do not usually get the chance to FIGHT BACK. Which is good because some lowbloods have troublesome powers. Your lusus is very useful for things like that.

Your lusus has also been helpful in the past when it came to SPARRING to help MAKE YOUR STRONGER. With a few mishaps here and there. Among them was the LOSS OF YOUR ARM. You built yourself a new one to replace it. 

You had always had an interest in BUILDING THINGS, mostly small robots, and the arm was the first real challenge for you. Since then you have modified it several times, upgrading it as your skills progressed.

You have often found it funny how many trolls you meet have come to VIEW YOU as if you were ONE OF YOUR ROBOTS. You do not bother to correct them because of your amusement with the subject. There are FEW TROLLS who actually know the FULL EXTENT of your metallic substitutions. Among them are your QUADRANTS, MOIRAIL and MATESPRIT.

Your trolltag is automatonicHarmonics and along with your ever-present WHIRR _ You type in a proper way, minus a few beeps & boops, always making sure your grammar is used correctly & in tЧe proper place. Яeally tЧougЧ, your quirk is quite silly.

Your dancestor is DZENIK GAIRAL and your ancestor was known as EXECUTIONER IRASCIBLE.

Art tag.

How Plesmo’s job as an Executioner differs from the norm.