Inktober day 19 - Coral Goddess

Inspired from Hindu/ Tao deity with multiple arms.
This goddess keeps the balance of life on the reef.

Some of the corals featured here are: acropora; montipora; euphyllia; plerogyra; clavularia; and sea fan (not really a coral)
Would’ve added fish, but I was so rushed

Colored with copic marker.

Plerogyra sinuosa

Commonly known as the grape, bladder, pearl or branching bubble coral Plerogyra sinuosa is a species of “bubble coral” that is distributed throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, ranging from the Red Sea to the West and Central Pacific Ocean. P. sinuosa’s bubbles will vary in size and will increase/decrease depending on the amount of light available. With them being larger during the day and smaller at night, as it will make room for its tentacles to reach out to capture food.


Animalia-Cnidaria-Anthozoa-Scleractinia-Caryophylliidae-Plerogyra-P. sinuosa

Image: RevolverOcelot