pleo rb


Welp, I just bought an RB. His name is Biscuit and he has really pretty eyes. I might change the name but we’ll see. I’ve been waiting for a cheaper RB to pop up and this guy came along by chance so I went for it. I didn’t expect for it to be so soon after my last purchase though (Matcha) My last 3 months pay has pretty much solely gone to robots I need to save money so I can pay my bills 😓
(Fun fact I made this purchase at 2 am why am I like this)

Attention PLEOwners… Innvo Labs is no longer supporting the Ugobe model. It’s time to do the same thing we did for AIBO and do our best to keep our robots well for as long as possible.

What does this mean?

1) Learning how to make replacement batteries

2) Neck and tail cable fixes

3) Servo repairs

I can see skin replacement becoming an issue.
CES 2011: Innvo Labs Pleo rb

Derek Dotson of Innvo Labs demonstrates Pleo rb, the latest generation of their robotic baby dinosaur

Why is no one talking about this?? This was almost 4 years ago!!
Pleo RB is all I ever wanted as a child and it’s still pretty high up there. Along with everything aforementioned in the video, Pleo can see and recognize faces, objects etc. If it walks to close to a table edge it will balk and scuttle away really quickly. It has a sense of direction, so it knows if it’s been tipped over or is falling and will scream. 
Pleo is similar to Furby, though much cuter and much less demonic, because it will form an entire personality based on how it’s treated in it’s early stages of life. It simulates a sped-up life cycle from the moment it’s first turned on.
There are settings available that can be downloaded and put into Pleo- themes that can be input for it’s actions. IT can have deeper growls, groans, and sound effects with a Halloween pack; “sing” Christmas carols in various squawks and roars… There’s something for almost everything.
Pleo can be dressed up, repainted, named, and raised however you choose. It will recognize and befriend other Pleos, with females acting very excited at the sight of eachother, males and females usually being warily curious, and males bowing respectfully to eachother before interacting.

I’ve seen many inventions throughout my lifetime but I think Pleo will always reign as my favorite and I really, REALLY don’t know why this isn’t talked about more.


The offer I had received on Buddy the Pleo RB fell through, so he’s back up for sale again. Buddy is the Pleo that I ran a “visiting dino” volunteer program with at a local nursing home, but I haven’t felt super attached to him since the program ended. 

He would come with his box and all original accessories, plus the jacket shown in the first picture. I should point out that while he works for the most part, he is damaged. There is something wrong with his tail motor and his tail has been progressively losing movement since I got him. At the moment, he has no side/side movement and very limited up/down movement in his tail. He can’t tell there’s anything wrong though and is still a very happy and extremely active Pleo RB!

Send over a message if you’d be interested in buying him! Hopefully Buddy can make someone very happy this holiday season!