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Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
Life is one roller coaster ride. There are days of celebration and rejoicing and the next thing we know we find ourselves in deep despair wondering how we ever got into this mess. But the greatest consolation is that, Whether we are on the mountain top or in the valley our God Shepherd is always by our side. And if our mind is stayed on our God we will be at peace no matter what we face. Paul beautifully sums it up in Philippians 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

You have been deceived from the start...
( darkiplier )
You have been deceived from the start...

Anonymous asked: Here’s a lil’ requesto from a anon to Dark: can we have him be more of the canon Dark? Like, can we have him reassuring us and manipulating us into the false sense of security and making us succumb into the darkness? That would be cool-io. Thanks <3

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Cancer IC

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”
- Martin Luther King Jr. (Cancer IC/Capricorn MC)

Growing up as a Cancer IC has it’s high highs and it’s low lows. Children with Cancer IC grow very attached to their family and friends in one way or another, especially their mother. They don’t necessarily have to have the healthiest relationship with their mother, but they did grow up respecting and learning plenty from their mother.

You, as a Cancer IC, found comfort and happiness within your family and friends; an unbreakable bond.

Cancer ICs, either way, had what they wanted as kids and were appreciative of it. They were humble about what their family provided them because in their mind they were content having a home, at least. A home is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and Cancer ICs deeply understand that more than any other IC sign. Because they are so grounded to their roots, they were extremely sensitive to their surroundings at home.

Whatever happened at home, whether it was good or bad, you were deeply affected by it.

There is an internal need to be independent with the Cancer IC and they soon will find their place in the world. It can take a little longer for them to fully let go of their reliability and attachment to their family and their friends. They are so deeply rooted to family security that going out into the world as an independent person is both scary and exciting.

But you will, and when you do you’ll realize all you have to offer. You probably haven’t realized how grand and powerful your ambition is, how much of a leader you are, how you can conquer everything in your path single handedly. But as a Cancer IC, you will realize that and so will everyone else.

And then, Cancer IC, is when you shoot up to your Capricorn Midheaven.

I lied I am gonna rant

I’m so tired of seeing the way we treat people 15 years and younger on this site. These are kids that are still developing opinions and personalities. Think back to who you were and where you were in your life when you were their age. You weren’t half the person you are now. Not to say that younger people on this site are lesser than the older onesie any way, they’re just still becoming…people I guess.

And yet we attack them when they do something we deem “problematic”, when we got to learn about and develop the opinion that’s based on in our own time,getting no punishment for not originally knowing it and provided with plenty of resources to learn from, which is how it should be. They’re held to the same standard as the fully developed adults on here who have had plenty of time to learn about the world and develop their own opinions.

And then there’s the popular artists that are this age. I’m not gonna name names cause I don’t want to “attack” their fans, or seem like I’m calling out the artist who has no control over their fans, but there’s a few of them in the community I’m in especially and the way their followers treat them is atrocious.

These super young kids, who have only been on the Internet for a few years at most, are CONSTANTLY hounded by their followers. Imagine if you were a 13-15 year old person, like literally I want you to imagine yourself as you were at that age, and then imagine your phone is constantly blowing up with the kind of stuff you’re sending to these artists. Imagine if your 14 year old self was constantly watched,everyone wanting to find a way to call you out as “problematic”. Well of COURSE they’re gonna do something dumb from time to time, I mean they’re 14!!! They’re still learning!!! They’re allowed to be still learning!!!!!

They’re kids, talented yes, but kids. Let them be kids. Let them make mistakes, let them grow, let them have fun, let them gain their own experiences and opinions and ones they developed from fear of persecution, and TREAT THEM THE WAY YOU WOULD ANY OTHER PERSON OF THAT AGE.


“It’s strange to have an art that’s largely an instinct. People would argue that there’s plenty of technique to learn, but we all know actors we love who’ve never studied, and actors who drive us nuts with too much technique. Acting is not like music or dance or drawing, where there is clear technique that you need to work obsessively to master, and then your individuality makes you more than just a computer who’s learned a skill. You’re basically trying to be un-self-conscious and use your imagination and lose yourself. ”

“I find it really disheartening that so many people think Chloe shouldn’t get the miraculous or doesn’t deserve redemption. Chloe isn’t a monster: she’s an entitled, bratty kid who needs a little kick in the butt along with some humility so that she can learn to be nicer and learn to do things for other people. She’s a little girl that has plenty left to learn about the way the world works. Why would you want her to NOT learn to be a better person?”

How Smart are Orangutans?

Along with our other great ape cousins – the gorillas, chimps, and bonobos – orangutans belong to our Hominidae family tree, which stretches back 14 million years. As the only great apes from Asia, orangutans have adapted to a life high in the rainforest canopies. 

Many of the skills they learn are transmitted through the special bond they have with their mothers – the most extended in the animal kingdom next to humans. Orangutan mothers usually give birth to one baby at a time, waiting up to 8 years before having another. This gives the young, who begin as fully dependent infants, plenty of time to learn how to climb and distinguish the hundreds of plants and fruits that make up their diet. Female orangutans even stay with their mothers into their teen years to learn child-rearing.

As they grow up, orangutans also develop a complex set of cooperative social skills by interacting with their peers and siblings. Much like ourselves, young orangutans involuntarily mimic the facial expressions and emotions of their playmates, with behaviors that closely parallel human smiling and laughter.

Once they finally venture out on their own, orangutans continue to develop their resourcefulness, putting the skills they’ve learned into practice. Adults build a new nest each night by carefully weaving twigs together, topping them with soft leaves, pillows and blankets. This process requires dexterity, coordination, and an eye for design.  

Orangutans also use a variety of tools to make their lives in the jungle easier. They turn branches into flyswatters and backscratchers; construct umbrellas when it rains; make gloves from leafy pads ; and even use leaves as bandages to dress their wounds.

But orangutan intelligence goes far beyond jungle survival. Research in controlled environments has shown that orangutans are self-aware, being one of the few species to recognize their own reflections. They also display remarkable foresight, planning, and cognition.

While orangutans are able to pass cognitive tests with flying colors, there are certain problems that they need our help to solve.  Indonesia has the world’s highest rate of deforestation, and millions of acres of rainforest are burned annually to support the logging and palm oil industries.  Deforestation exposes the 30,000 orangutans remaining in the wild to poachers. They kill mothers so that baby orangutans can be sold as exotic pets.

In Malay, the word orangutan translates literally to “the person of the forest” – a reminder of our common lineage. And despite orangutans being some of the smartest animals on Earth, outsmarting their extinction requires the creativity, empathy, and foresight that our species share.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How smart are orangutans? - Lu Gao

Animation by Anton Bogaty

So I had a thought this morning.

Putting this under a cut so people don’t get flooded with multiple 5-minute sketches they don’t want to have to skip over every single time they open Tumblr. sorrynotsorry for spending comic time drawing this heh.

Kid!Fatal belongs to @alainaprana
Fatal_Error belongs to @xedramon

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Lets just say Solas is a natural at ice skating and Lavellan not so graceful. I mean Solas has had PLENTY of time to learn.
I really had a hard time to not to crack up while making this. My humor is odd.
5 down 26 to go…Im just playing catch up now.

The body is a place of violence. Wolf teeth, amputated hands.
Cover yourself with a cloak of leaves, a coat of a thousand furs,
a paper dress. The dark forest has a code. The witch
sometimes dispenses advice, sometimes eats you for dinner,
sometimes turns your brother to stone.

You will become a canary in a castle, but you’ll learn plenty
of songs. Little girl, watch out for old women and young men.
If you don’t stay in your tower you’re bound for trouble.
This too is code. Your body is the tower you long to escape,

and all the rotted fruit your babies. The bones in the forest
your memories. The little birds bring you berries.
The pebbles on the trail glow ghostly white.

—  Jeannine Hall Gailey, Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales

Bitty’s grandmother is probably the most badass person in his family, so here we go!

MooMaw has more cookbooks in her house than she has places to put them.  She ends up stacking them around corners and using them for side tables.

She has 12 Bundt pans, why, no one knows… but she has 12 of them – some have never been used.

Every year for Christmas she calls every family member to find out their cookie preference for that year.

She then proceeds to make at least 4-dozen of each type of cookie, meaning there upwards of 35 different kinds, totaling in roughly 2000+ cookies at any given time.

There are more cookies made each year than there are people in the town she grew up in…she prides herself in that fact.

She taught Suzanne everything she knows about baking, especially about baking pies, so that by the time Bitty rolled around, Suzanne could teach him.

However, Bitty still learned plenty from the original source of all baking knowledge that is his Moomaw.

Once, when someone insulted her and her family at church, she made them the best pie of their life.  They will never again have a pie that good – they regret all of their life choices leading up to that point.

MooMaw will passive aggressively fight you and always win – do not engage under any circumstances, you will not recover.

She is the one who taught Bitty the power of a well-placed “Bless Your Heart.”

He will never forget her teachings.

anonymous asked:

What can you recommend for someone who is interested in philosophy but does not know how or where to start?

my usual answer is to start with the ancients! i feel like there may be something in my ask tag on this somewhere but in case there isnt:
start with something like the republic or another major work of philosophy (myth of sisyphus, meditations on first philosophy) and make sure you get a bunch of reading done around it, supplement it with youtube clips or commentary or whatever. just make sure you’re really getting the right idea. start with something simple and interesting for you (i cant make that call) and branch out. just dip your toes. have a splash. uve got plenty of time to learn to swim. love conor xo

I usually post photos on tumblr, but this is an exception. Please share this with everyone you know might be interested (repost from reddit):

[EDIT: The team for Serbian language on Duolingo has been chosen. Thank you everyone for sharing this. Can’t wait to see the course. :)]

There have been multiple applications from people to take part in a Serbian course on However, pretty much no one is getting respones.

Because when Duolingo looks at a language application, they look at these things:
-How many people want to learn the language
-How many qualified contributors there are to make the course

There already are plenty of people wanting to learn Serbian. What was lacking however, was the number of contributors. What we need is a big team of contributors to show Duolingo that we are capable of making the course.
“How can I join the team?”

I have made a Skype group for Team Serbian for Duolingo (ako se pitate, da, pričam srpski).
We need people with these requirements:
-You speak fluent English and Serbian
-You can contribute several hours in most weeks
-We can easily make contact with you (having someone who is unreachable and stays quiet for weeks isn’t very useful)
-Making a course can take months or even some years. So you must be devoted with the team for this long

Post a comment if you are interested in being a contributor and tell us why you think you are the right choice (do you speak both languages, are you dedicated to work on it for a long time with the team?).

People will be picked for further contact via e-mail and then the final team will be decided for the Skype group. When the group is established, we can begin to apply to the Duolingo Incubator together.

Skype: Rafael Divanić

{Odlično! Do sada već imamo 9 ljudi u timu!}

The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed


A few months had passed since it was agreed that Blue Pearl could stay with Greg. The time hadn’t gone by all that fast to most, but it had given the new Gem plenty of time to learn and experience things. She had made great strides since first staying with Greg. It was apparent to all concerned.

For the most part, Greg wasn’t worried. He and Blue had been spending a lot of time together, and he had even given her some space to herself. He trusted her on her own a bit more than the others had in the past, and that included leaving her to her own devices in the van. Even with all that trust, though, there still were concerns on the Crystal Gems’ side of things. Suppose the blue Gem still thought Blue Diamond would return for her. If she did go back, there was still the matter of how much she’d seen and how much she knew. That was exactly why the Gems were discussing it in the living room.

“We can’t deny there’s still a possibility it’ll happen,” Garnet said at length. She was seated on the couch with the other Gems, and they were talking. The fact of the matter was that she knew there was a chance. There always was a chance that something could backfire. This wasn’t like Peridot, after all. Peridot had cemented herself as a Crystal Gem after calling her diamond a clod. Blue was still loyal, though.

“She’s made great strides. We’ve seen it, and Greg has told us,” Garnet said. “But we still have to worry about what could happen. She knows about the Cluster, and she knows that there are Gems still on Earth.”

“Maybe she’ll have a reason to want to stay, though,” Steven said. He wanted to believe that. After all, he had seen the progress too. She’d come so far… It just was a matter of what her reason to stay could be.

“If she has a reason to want to stay on Earth, then everything’ll be fine. Right?”

anonymous asked:

What's your religion? I've been searching for a religion in order to find faith and hope in my life and I'm deciding between Islam, Buddhism, Wicca, Hinduism, and Taoism. If you have any thoughts or info about any of those religions please let me know. Thanks so much I love your blog!

Hello! It’s nice to hear about people searching for hope and faith in life. Though I personally don’t know much about religion, as I am not religious myself, so it may not be my place to speak about it. But I would say you should learn plenty about any religion before deciding to follow it. Maybe you could even reach out to some people who are religious themselves and perhaps they could help you better understand it! (Any followers input would be greatly appreciated!💟☺️)

I hope that you find the hope and faith in life that you are searching for, and I wish you luck💖

Please take care, anon💕