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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together



Drew kuramiyu for @strawberryxtruffles ‘s birthday. One day late sorry Em ;;v;; hope you like it! <3

Color Intention Master Post!

Intent- The goal you want to achieve when casting. 

Intention is crazy important in any type of magic you are doing! If you are still a little bit unsure about intention there is a great and quick post on it from cosmic-witch here!

Moving on, color intention is the icing on the cake, it can add an extra spark to any and all magic and it is very important as well, pulling an entire spell together or being the center core of some lazy witch magic. 

I’m not saying a certain colored item of something is all you need to make your magic work I'm just saying that it helps along with everything else you doing. 

There are plenty of color intention posts but I have yet to find one that covered a wide variety of bases and was easy to go through in a pinch so I put one together for all of the witches out there to make getting witchy a little bit easier!

*Extra Tip - White coloring can be used as a catch-all in every area but it won’t have the same strength that using the correct color would. 


White - Purity, Beauty, Peace, Invisibility, Protection

Black - Bad, Banishing, Death, Exorcism

Yellow - Projection, Grounding, Divination, Dreams, Physic Power, Wisdom

Blue - Child Birth, Sleep, Happiness, Meditation

Purple - Healing, Magical Power, Meditation

Red - Sexual Energy, Strength, Passion, Lust


(This is makeup, Nails, Perfumes, things of this nature)

Red - Warmth, Fiery, Strong Foundation, Danger

Orange - Excitement, Energy, Nutrients 

Yellow - Happiness, Ideas, Creativity 

Green - Growth, Healing, Money, Luck, Earth ( Grounding ) 

Blue - Calm, Sub-Conscious, Communication, Emotions, Water

Purple - Power, Physic Energy

Pink - Love, Romance, Flirtation, Harmony

Grey - Stormy, Shadow

Brown - Neutral, Stability 

Black - Power, Hidden, Absorbing

White - Power, Reflecting


White - Halting Gossip, Spirituality, Happiness 

Brown - Healing Animals, Home

Green - Prosperity, Fertility, Beauty, Employment, Youth

Pink - Fidelity, Friendships

Red - Courage, Sexual Potency

Yellow - Mental Power, Wisdom, Visions

Purple - Exorcism

Blue - Peace

Orange - Success, Legal Matters

*Charm Bags/Sachets*

Gold - Wealth, Protection, God

Silver - Prosperity, The Moon, Psychism, Goddess

Yellow - Healing, Finding Employment

Orange - Communication, Messages, Travel

Green - Prosperity, Abundance, Friendship, Growth, Nature

Blue - Peace, Calm, Wisdom, Benevolence

Purple - Wisdom, Mystery, Wealth, Grandeur, Justice

Red - Success, Strength, Romance, Protection

Pink - Love, Friendship, Healing

Brown - Home, Justice, Earth, Permanence

Black - Absorbs and Dissolves Baneful Energy 

Gryphons and Dragons are Gravity Falls canon, and already they fit like a glove around the monsterfalls au. Gonna kick the fun off early with our favorite sphinx getting into a cat fight.


HAPPY BLACKOUT EVERYONE~!! Because I’m actually on time this time, I’ll be reblogging a lot of selfies (especially from my dark-skinned sisters) and sending love to everyone! I’m not really a selfie person (ikr it’s unheard of) so all of these are made after I did my makeup and hairdo😂😂 Gotta capture the art before the outside world ruins it.

Btw if you’re looking for a show with good music and plenty of characters of color, you should’ve watched ‘The Get Down’ yesterday! I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for weeks😳

SO i kinda think it is really weird for white people to make money off of making standing rock or black lives matter posters. Or like using qoutes by activists of color to sell your art. Like I get maybe they are trying to show solidartity or whatever “good intentions” behind it but thats bunk cuz you are profiting off of your “allyship” and there are plenty of artists of color who are already making these things and you are taking space from them. and like you are pretty much profiting off of the pain and struggles of black and brown folx.

illegal in new jersey

my preorder of journal 3 came in while i was away at mechacon last weekend, and i thought it was about time i revisit something i drew after the finale. i got plenty of the base coloring done, but with the con stress and the ebb and flow i go through going in and out of fandom stuff, this was left behind from march. but im glad i finished it.

stanley may be banned from new jersey, but i have no doubts that before heading off anywhere else, stan and ford visited illegally for just a little while and talked some things out before going on their next big adventure together.

anonymous asked:

hello! i hope ur having a good day, i was just wondering if you colour over your lineart or underneath it? please could you explain how you do it? bc i was watching one of ur process videos and it made me a little confused but i also want to colour like this because i like that it changes the lineart colour too, do you use like an overlay or smth? thank you for taking the time to read this! remember to drink plenty of water!!

I color underneath the lines. The layer with the line art has an effect on but I won’t tell u what it is (trade secret ya feel)

imagine clint and nat in a car chase though



clint: [makes a sharp turn] EXCUSE ME, I KNOW PLENTY OF THINGS ABOUT COLOR [hands her a grenade]

nat: BECAUSE YOU WERE IN THE CIRCUS???? YEAH THAT GIVES YOU A TON OF CREDIBILITY [pulls pin out of grenade with her teeth] CAN YOU JUST TRUST ME ON THIS ONE [throws grenade]


There have been a lot of very nice questions about this journal.

My book, nicknamed ‘All Thing’ is a Fabriano Artist Journal. A very lovely friend gave it to me. Fabriano makes good paper, really good. Great for drawing with a softer tooth but sturdy. This book is especially enchanting because of the colorful page signatures.

As far as I know they are kinda tricky to find- so my best advice is make your own books- bind signatures of your favorite paper! 

I’m sure there are also plenty of colorful notebooks out there too. But it’s really wonderful having good paper to work with. Hope that sorta answers the many questions about this book. This book, that I may add, I finished very recently. :)

@moonian yeah im sorry!! genuinely just didnt see it on the website, and given the problems with losing color vibrancy i figured cmyk was the best choice anyway. but the good news is that there is still plenty of time to color-correct stuff.


I would like to inform you guys about Arctic fox hair dye! It’s probably the best hair dye in the whole world. They have plenty of different colors, what I have in my hair is Poseidon and Purple rain.

The best part about this brand is that it’s one hundred percent vegan and completely cruelty free.15% of the money they make goes to prevent animal cruelty! Like holy shit! You get to have incredibly bright hair AND help animals at the same time?

Also there are not any harsh chemicals in it! So it’s not like your hair is gonna fall out when you use it like some other brands.

Unfortunately the only downside is that you need to leave it in for a hella long time. I left mine in for like seven hours and it didn’t damage my hair one bit since it is mostly conditioner. Also it smells like grapes so it’s not like you have to deal with chemical smell for all that time. Just play video games, nap, leave it in for as long as you want to get more vibrancy.

Also, even though it’s great quality, it is really cheap! You can get 8 OZ for like thirteen bucks, and 4 OZ for like 8. That’s a hell of a lot better than most other brands.

Just….Please try this brand out! You help animals and have great hair at the same time.

Why is Ever After High so good???? The synopsis is eye-rolling and it’s basically just a marketing ploy to sell toys. Yet the characters are actually enjoyable? The soundtrack is actually pretty good? The animation is actually nice and smooth with plenty of pretty colors? How did they make this work???

What Doesn’t Kill You

About four and a half hours into her trek from Bellevue to Puyallup, it had started to pour. Of course it was pouring. Kestrel, having hopped off her last bus at the southern cap of Puyallup, had soon after stepped straight off the brim of a pothole that had filled already with water. Her boots squelched with every step she took, timed to the beat of The Horseman’s Debtor by Leviathan. The thrum of the bass echoed in her skull, inaudible to the outside world as she tramped down the pockmarked sidewalk.

Her cybereyes were set straight ahead, a thermographic overlay on top of her regular vision. Night hadn’t quite begun to fall–her AR display showed it was just after five in the evening–but with the heavy cloud cover the world was quickly growing dark. Figures shifted in alleys around her, huddled under overpasses and awnings along the way. There were plenty of gang colors to be had in the Puyallup Barrens, and for that she’d taken to strapping on her weapons. She’d forsaken her sling, too, replacing it with a snap blade on each arm and her weapons holstered at her sides.

Better to be safe than dead.

Kestrel had stowed her duffel bag in a locker at the metro station near the Crypt, a haven two busses northwest of here in Hell’s Kitchen. She’d visited once or twice while she was still running the shadows, and planned to stay a night there before heading back north again. Her jacket pockets held a few soy bars to hold her over, and she’d forked over a handful of nuyen for a couple soy dogs at a street vendor. From this point on, she travelled light, like she belonged.

A blinking arrow at the forefront of her vision led the way, and a few blocks later she was slipping through the first-floor window of a desiccated building and into the depths of the Underground.

Her low-light clicked on to no avail, immediately shifting gears into thermographic vision. Better–still terrible–but better. At least she’d be able to see ghouls or gangers coming. She followed the arrow on her vision, mostly blind in the dark, and crept along through the network of tunnels.

And there she was, face to face with a cold slab of sheet metal. The arrow had turned into a smilie face on her vision. She was here.

Glancing behind her to be sure no one was coming, she reached out her good arm and gave a quick rap on the metal.

“Yo?” she asked, other hand grasping at the grip of her taser, still nestled in its holster. “Onyx?”