I guess I can finally share my pieces from the Iceland Residency Exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab!  Here’s my little blurb from the show, so I don’t have to write it out all over again:

“I love weird landscapes. I love inscrutable waterfalls, I love columnar basalt, I love incomprehensibly massive glacial tongues and unexpected volcanic activity.  I love all of this stuff, and so it frustrates me to no end that it’s so rarely reflected in my own work.  I spend most of my time (both professionally and personally) designing characters and costuming, so this show seemed as good a chance as any to step out of my comfort zone and focus on honing my landscape painting skills.  Hard to go wrong with Iceland in the landscape department.

I did a few plein air studies while on-site in Iceland, but most of my time during the residency was spent just taking photos and trying to absorb the scenery.  I ended up with ten finished paintings, and tried to focus on some of the imagery during the trip that really stuck with me – the acidic green mosses, the almost eternally overcast sky, the force of water, the semi-abandoned structures.  As much as I enjoyed the scenery, it’s not hard to admit that I enjoyed the people even more; this residency wouldn’t have been half as worthwhile if it weren’t for the amazing and talented people I got to spend it with.”

You can check out the rest of the show here, and purchase prints in the LGAL store!

anonymous asked:

What's happening with the 1975!! I'm so confused rn 😩

They’re reinventing themselves. Over the past few years they’ve grown and changed, and the black and white aesthetic that surrounds The 1975 no longer fits them. For these guys, it’s all about the art. They’re coming back with a new image and a new sound, most likely, and it’s going to be revolutionary. 

“la poésie est dans la rue en couleur pleine de vie”, or “poetry is on the streets in full living color” - it’s a saying that they’ve carried with them for a while and I think it really fits this situation. They’re coming back, they’re going to make a change, and they’re going to do it in color. They’re going to be seen.

La notte stellata – Van Gogh

Van Gogh era un grandissimo talento, perennemente tormentato che ha fatto di questa sua “malattia” la propria forza, trasferendo nei quadri tutta la sua prospettiva di vita e le sue emozioni.

Quest’opera, differentemente da molte altre, è stata dipinta dall’artista semplicemente grazie ad un ricordo impresso nella sua mente e non utilizzando la tecnica en plein air tipica della scuola artistica dell’impressionismo. Forse proprio a questo caso l’immagine è stata alterata dalla mentalità dell’artista stesso, portando una semplice illustrazione realista ad una visione personale e emotiva del luogo.

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” Music Video Black Boots

Nicki Minaj Instagrammed these photos (1 and 2) from her and Beyonce’s new “Feeling Myself” music video.

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