I Got You // Sydney & Leila

Sydney was glad that Leila had come to her for advice. Sydney wanted to be there for her. And Sydney had been feeling like she had been failing Leila so far as her big sis. She felt like they hadn’t been hanging out as much as bigs and littles usually did. Sydney remembered how she was so close with her big before she took some time off of school – before she found out her big was also her Eskimo sister when it came to Syrus.

Sydney had a joint rolled up in her hand, a bottle of wine and some mudslides poured in her mini-fridge, Oreos, ice cream in her mini-freezer and a big bag of Sour Patch kids sitting on her desk as she waited for Leila to show. Sydney was wearing her long-sleeved tie-dye DG shirt with a pair of navy shorts to match as she sat in her bed finishing off the roll.

✩ Cheer Tryouts ✩ Maggie & Leila

Once everyone was back on campus at MU, The PNK Sorority wasted no time in holding cheer tryouts. And now that they were open for Maggie, she was over-joyed to prove she could, in fact, be a cheer leader.

The gymnasium was packed PNK girls, mostly freshman, who wanted a shot at becoming one of the popular girls. This made the blonde overwhelmed, and more so, uncomfortable since she didn’t know too many people. And most of the people she did know, didn’t exactly like her. A loud clap sounded through the gym, and all of the girls immediately found a seat. A few girls and a teacher crawled into the room, the girls obviously the existing cheer squad. Some of the girls on the team looked at Maggie, mumbling a few unheard things to each other.  The teacher spoke first. “Students! I am Ms. Fjordo, Cheer Coach and you are about to get eaten alive!” Maggie swallowed hard, listening to her speech bout how Cheerleading required dedication and commitment, and was just a way to get college boys or become popular, causing a few girls to leave. “Now! Who wants to go first?” A few girls raised their hands, causing Maggie to look over at them, and then back to the team, one brunette catching her eye.