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Ooooh! No.1 Nalu! Pleeeeeeaaaseeee? Pretty pleeeeeeeaaaassseee?

1. “Come over here and make me.”

“Put. It. Down.”

Lucy was seething. For a moment, Natsu thought he saw veins bulging in her temples, streams of anger threatening to erupt in an explosion of bloody rage. When she lurched forward, Natsu took two steps back. Her second attempt was greater than the last, the tips of her fingers skimming the pages before he yanked them out of reach once again.

Natsu!” she yelled again, folding her arms across her chest.

Natsu flapped the novel over his head, watching the light blink in and out under the veil of white pages and black ink. After a moment, when his muscles yearned for relief, Natsu walked himself back towards the bed, eyes fixed on Lucy’s as she approached with fresh resolve. 

“Give. It. Back,” she said through gritted teeth. “Trespassing isn’t bad enough, now you have to steal from me, too?!”

Natsu felt himself grin. “Come over here and make me.” 

Her apartment seemed suddenly small and confining as the distance between them shortened. She came at him like a spell weaving its way through the trees – silent, deadly, and with the kind of grace that made Natsu’s knees tremble. 

When the backs of his legs hit the bed, Natsu steadied himself against the headboard and waved the papers in the air once again. She lunged for him again, their bodies coming together with a collective yell. When his back hit the mattress, Natsu unwittingly released the papers. Lucy, in her attempt at seizing them, rose up on his chest and, with a sharp breath, buried his face in her breasts.

Choking for breath, Natsu placed a hand on Lucy’s back and tugged gently at the lace of her shirt, lace that, to his dismay, loosened and fell apart. Lucy stood in a panic, clutching the shirt to her chest, lest it fall and expose more skin than she intended. In her effort to avoid further embarrassment, Lucy dropped the papers on the ground. 

“Y-you idiot!” she shrieked.

“What’re you yelling about now?” he mumbled, cheeks flushed as he averted his gaze. “You should wear clothes that don’t fall off so easily.”

When she leapt forward to strike him, Natsu caught her wrist and yanked her towards him. Papers rustled beneath their feet as he pulled her into an embrace. When her eyes met his, Natsu placed a kiss upon her lips. She melted against him the way she always did, trembling fingers lifting to touch his back. As they kissed, Natsu opened his eyes to catch her gazing up at him. 

“Why did you take my notes?” she whispered against his lips.

“I was curious,” he confessed.

“About what?” When their kiss finally ended, Lucy curled her fingers around his, swinging their arms between them. Her anger dwindled in the warmth of her brown eyes. 

“I wanted to know about your ideal…”

Lucy blinked. “My ideal… what?”

“Date,” Natsu said under his breath.

Lucy’s eyes widened. "Natsu…”

“Sorry,” he cleared his throat, “Levy said you write romantic stories and I thought you’d–” 

“It’s always more fun when we’re together,” she interrupted. “No matter where we go, if we’re together, I’ll be happy.”

Natsu grinned, swept Lucy off her feet and carried her towards the front door. She draped her arms around his neck, asking questions with her eyes as they moved, silently, through her apartment.

“Where are we going?” she asked aloud, finally.

“On a date,” he told her.

“R-right now?!”

“Yeah,” Natsu’s smile widened. “I’m all fired up.”