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I read Undercover Swing and thought it was amazing, the way you recreated the feeling of impossibility and their urge to do something about it was really clever. I also love that you got so explicit without making it sound weird, it's like you were easing the reader into the more explicit vocabulary. I love how long the chapters are and that tantric sex vibe. I will be reading your other fics soon, but pleeeease keep them coming - I mean Mulder and Scully :D

Thank you!! I’m excited for the final chapter as well. It’s on its way!

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I had to give up cable so will you be my BFW recap supplier until I can find them online??? Pleeeease

I would absolutely love to do that for you! :DD

In the season premiere, a girl came through the time rift that was opened at the end of last season. Her name is Daisy and she is a 16th century princess. Shelby hilariously does not know how to act around her when she finds out she’s a princess. They’re all trying to figure out how to get Daisy back to where she came from, and Barry is going through a bit of a crisis in temrs of him not being able to do science asd well as he always thought he could. He wants to be the one to get Daisy back home, and Shelby and Cyd want to be the ones to do it, because they want to prove that girls can do anything!

As Barry is trying to figure out time travel, he accidentally blows up the RV! The whole thing is destroyed and it made me very sad! 😭 Cyd and Shelby figure out that if Daisy just stands where she came out of the time rift, it will open again and take her back. But as she is standing there, she describes her home life to the girls, and they discover that she had been a prisoner. Her parents died a few years earlier, and she now lived in a locked room where she saw no one. She got her meals through a slot in the door, and she was very lonely. She would rather stay in the 21st century of course, and the girls agree that this is for the best. All four friends help pull Daisy out of the rift, and she will now live at Naldo’s house. Barry’s parents used the insurance money from the explosion to build him a new lab in the garage, so that seems to be where they will be spending all of their time. Lastly, we got the season long arc introduced (like the future lab at GDD last season). This time, the girls accidentally jumped back to the 1500s, where they were inside Daisy’s room where she was held prisoner! They have no idea what made them jump back there, because they didn’t say the word “past” or anything! And that’s how the episode ended! I hope this was fun for you! 😀 let me know if you have any questions!

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It's your communication student anon again. OMG at that social media manager introducing himself... that's not normal. If you say that, then the tweets being sent out will have less credibility. Why... would... anyone... admit... that... like... are you trying to discredit the people or the organization or the company you are working for. And like... no person who wants to keep their job would say that unless.. that's what you were told to.. which in this case.. why is he trying to ruin 1D..

Comm student anon again. Like yeah there’s an understanding that social media accounts are managed, but you don’t put a face on who does it! That’s just wrong! Now every time that account is going to post, they’re not going to see your client! They’re going to see you! I’m just in awe. Oh my god. Who would do that…

I know, I know, it’s disconcerting! Completely, totally, absolutely not going to happen normally. There’s such a mess around here, we’ll never be able (and it’s not even worth trying anymore, if you ask me) to figure out the whys and hows, but this certainly wasn’t an organic slip or a naive employee.

It reminds me of that time some people were SURE Louis would be a judge on the XF becase Oli said so in a private FB conversation, haha, still one of my favorite moments! Wake up, please, if you keep this attitude up, you’ll end up believeing every single lie and sent your way. One day you might even end up buying a paternity story where the supposed mum was blatantly never even pregnant. Oops.

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122 and 124, lie low at lupin's pleeeease *puppy eyes*

wowowow this got long. LOVE THESET TWO.

Remus had learned to keep his distance from the second Sirius set foot through his door.

He’d been standing there, waiting, fists clenched in anticipation. He’d tidied the mangy house as much he could. He’d scrubbed the kitchen, the bathroom tiles, the windows. He’d gotten all new linens and curtains. Mended the chipped mugs, stocked the cupboards.

The knock at the door had been soft, almost non-existent. He wouldn’t have heard it if he hadn’t been standing right there. He had opened the door, bottom lip between his teeth, and Sirius had stood there, mirroring his expression until he seemed to realize Remus was looking right at him and he fixed a smile onto his face.


And Remus’ heart had faltered for a moment because he hadn’t been Moony is so so long.

“Padfoot.” He croaked out.

“The years have been good to you.” Sirius shuffled on the front step.

Remus stared at him. Looking at Sirius, he had forgotten he’d aged at all for a second.

Sirius took it the wrong way and his smiled turned sad, “You don’t have to say it back.” He said softly, “It’d only be a lie.”

Remus felt guilty, but he was right. Azkaban had - not exactly aged Sirius - but more like… withered him. His cheekbones looked more pronounced than before, his eyes had dark rims around them, his hair shabbier, hanging limply around his ears instead of the usual thick curls. His lips were thinner, just like the rest of him. Remus felt a longing tug at his heart for all those years ago. For Sirius and him to be them again.

“Come in.” he said instead.

And then he’d made his first mistake.

As Sirius stepped through the doorway, Remus had, not being able to help himself, placed a gentile hand against Sirius’ back. Only, Sirius flinched so hard, you might’ve guessed Remus had just smacked him.

Sirius stumbled forward a few steps until he could press himself against the wall. He tilted his head back, breathing harshly - in through his nose, out his mouth.

Remus stood frozen, hand still raised.


“I’m s-“ Sirius gasped for another breath, “I’m sorry. Just give me a moment.” He squeezed his closed eyes, chest heaving, “Just give me a moment… Just a moment…”

Remus was afraid to speak, terrified he’d do something wrong again, step wrong.

Finally, Sirius opened his eyes again, staring at the ceiling before his eyes slowly found Remus’, “s’not you.”

Remus wet his lips, catching the bottom one between his teeth before nodding, “I know. It’s okay.” You’re okay he desperately wanted to add.

That had been the first day.

Sirius hadn’t really moved much. He spent most of his time on the couch, usually opting to sleep and eat there. Remus sat with him as much as he could, when he wasn’t doing Order business. Sirius’ happy front got less and less convincing each day, until it was nothing much more than a small smile, a weak joke in a small voice. His eyes stared into nothing more often than not when he thought Remus wasn’t looking. He showed no recollection or signs of what… of who… they use to be. Remus didn’t dare try to remind him. He was too fragile.

But it had been days now, and Remus decided he couldn’t let Sirius go on like this.

He sat down on the ratty chair across from the couch with his cup of tea. Sirius looked up from his deck of cards, smiling a little, “Morning.” He said.

Remus smiled back softly, pushing his hair out of his eyes, “Morning.. Sleep well?”

A funny expression crossed over Sirius’ features before he composed himself, “Fine. You?”

Remus bit back the no, because I know you don’t and I’m all alone in that room and you’re out here and it didn’t use to be like this.

“Yeah. Fine.” He cleared his throat, “I thought- I thought maybe you’d like to take a shower. Just might feel nice, y’know.”

Sirius studied him for a second before nodding, “Is… Is there hot water?”

Remus smiled a little, “‘m not that poor off.”

Sirius frowned, shrinking back a little, “Oh. No that’s not- I didn’t mean you, I just. They didn’t- They didn’t have-”

Remus’ eyes widened after a second, catching onto what Sirius was referring to, “Oh.”

“But I don’t think what they did have could even be classified as a shower, so..”

Remus swallowed, “Right.”

Sirius worried his lip for a moment before setting his cards aside and throwing the blanket off him, “I’d like that, though. A shower.”

“Just down the hall. Can’t miss it.” He nodded in the direction.

He got up to refill his cup, listening to Sirius’ footsteps pad down the hallway. He expected the sound of running water and the old pipes to fill the house but instead he heard a weak cry and a thump.

He turned, paying no mind to his mug shattering on the floor and ran. He wasn’t sure why he ran, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he turned the corner - for Sirius to not be there? To be hurt? He didn’t know which was worse.

What he didn’t expect was to find Sirius huddled in the corner of the bathroom, arms wrapped around his knees, eyes squeezed shut like the first day. Remus was there in a second, crouching in front of him, careful not to touch.

“Pads?” The old nickname rolled off his tongue effortlessly, mindlessly, “Pads, what is it? What’s wrong?”

He was taken by surprise again when Sirius let out a soft sob and leaned forward, grabbing a handful of Remus’ shirt and burying his nose into his neck. Remus could feel his wet cheeks against his skin, his shuttering breaths. He stayed frozen for a second, before slowly, wrapping Sirius up in his arms, a gesture all too familiar. He felt 17 again.

He felt complete again.

“Pads…” He said softly. His lips brushed the shell of Sirius’ ear, “What is it, love?”

Sirius let out a shaky breath, “Bars. The bars. On your window.”

Remus’ eyes widened. He hadn’t even thought of that. How could he not have thought of that?

“Oh god. Pads- Sirius, no. Those aren’t for you. God, no- some houses have those- I-“

“I know, I know.” Sirius’ grip on him tightened, “I just- it surprised me, that’s all.”

“‘m sorry.” Remus whispered. He rubbed softly along Sirius’ spine, “I could stay? Would that help? I can stay with you.”

I will always stay with you.

Sirius hesitated, then nodded, “Yeah. Yeah, it would.”

So Remus sat quietly atop the toilet while Sirius turned on the shower, glancing over at Remus several times.

“‘m right here.” He reassured.

When Sirius started letting his clothes fall to the floor, Remus had to choke back tears. Bones. He was bones. Rage burned up through his chest, to his heart. His Sirius… what had they done to his Sirius?

As soon as Sirius disappeared behind the curtain he let his head drop to his hands, biting back the tears, breathing heavily. He was so consumed in his own thoughts that it took him a few moments to identify the harsh sounds coming from behind the curtain and the soft calling of his name.

He was on his feet in a second, “‘m here, Pads.”

Sirius’ voice replied shakily, “I- I… They’re right there. The bars, Remus… Remus.”

Remus’ heart broke at the way Sirius said his name like a plea. He bit his lip, hesitating for only a moment before,

“It’s okay… I’m- I’m going to come in, alright? Pads?”

Sirius’ answer was so quiet he could barely hear it over the water, “Yes please…”

Remus kicked off his shoes, pulled his t-shirt over his head, draping it over one of the towel hooks. He hesitated with his pants, not wanting to take anything too far, before settling on keeping his boxers on.

The shower was steamy as he stepped behind the curtain. Sirius jumped a little at his appearance.

“It’s just me.” Remus said softly, “Just me.”

Sirius’ eyes were caught between two emotions - fear and embarrassment.

“‘m sorry. This is- This is so stupid-“

“No. No it isn’t, Pads… I promise you it isn’t.”

Sirius nodded slowly, his hands slowly unwinding from around himself, “If you could just.. stand there so I don’t have to see…”

Remus nodded, “Anything.”

This made the faintest of smiles cross Sirius’ mouth, and he nodded, reaching for the shampoo. But his hands were shaking- visibly shaking - so much that Remus couldn’t take it, his hand coming out to catch Sirius’, taking the bottle from him.

“I could… Let me?”

Sirius looked up at him through the steam, eyes shining with tears and closed his eyes against them, “I’m sorry.” He whispered again.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. Nothing.” Remus squeezed some shampoo onto his hands, “Just… Just relax. I’ll wash your hair for you, okay?”

The moment Remus’ fingers started making their way through Sirius’ tangled strands, Sirius was leaning into the touch. The more Remus worked his fingers through the knots, the more the years, the pain, seemed to fall from Sirius’ face. It was like watching a clock rewind. Remus stepped closer, his hands tilting Sirius’ head back, and he pressed a soft, tentative kiss to Sirius’ forehead.

“You okay?”

Sirius’ brows were drawn against the pure relief he was feeling - it felt like it was enough to bring him to his knees. He nodded.

Remus kept his lips to his forehead for another second, “Just checking.”

Remus worked his hands downward, messaging all the knots from Sirius’ shoulders, re-memorizing the feeling of Sirius’ skin beneath his hands. By the time he was clean, Sirius had once again fallen against Remus’ chest, cheek pressed to his collar bones. Remus’ head was bowed against the stream of water, cheek to Sirius’ temple, fingers tracing lightly over his spine. Sirius wasn’t sure when he started crying, but suddenly Remus was softly shushing him, whispering it’s okay and you’re okay now, you’re safe.

And for the first time in years, Sirius felt just that.


Remus let Sirius get out of the shower first. He allowed himself a few minutes to let the hot water pour over him, to let a few tears escape, to relish in the thought that, when he got out, Sirius would be waiting for him, waiting for Remus to hold him, to love him. He turned the water off with a squeak of the pipes.

He made his way into the bedroom, towel around his waist. He was in the middle of throwing his soaked boxers into the hamper, only to freeze when he spotted Sirius’ already stretched out on his bed. He felt like crying all over again at the sight.

Because it had been too long. And his hair was drying now and fluffing up into what resembled the old thick waves that curled around the tips of his ears. He was smiling up at Remus sleepily from the white sheets and- was that…

Remus bit his lip, grinning, “Are you wearing my shirt?”

Sirius grinned back and it was blinding and real, “Maybe.”

Sure enough the t-shirt that Remus had discarded was draped over Sirius’ body.

“Well, looks better on you anyway.” Remus said as he shrugged on a fresh pair of boxers and a t-shirt of his own. He fell onto the other side of the bed, their noses inches apart.

Sirius blinked at him, face half buried in a pillow, “Can I sleep here tonight?”

Remus held out his arms for a moment, asking for permission, before pulling Sirius into them, flush against his chest, letting Sirius burrow against his neck, “Only for the rest of you life.”

He heard a soft laugh.

He can’t remember ever holding someone so tight.

ohhhh please don’t throw Jasper away again this time

theres nothing I can do anymore & I’m giving up on trying to stay positive about her just please, please, please, please (´;o;` pleeeease <//3 I’m begging

please. please. please. please. please. please. please. please. please.

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Jill I've been a fan of Bo since what and I was wondering if there were any things that Bo's done that maybe someone like me might have missed? Like old stuff? Maybe? Pleeeease!

Hmm… Let’s see.

Okay, I’m definitely missing a lot of stuff.

Reblog this and add stuff!

Babe (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “could you pleeeease write a fic where lafayette and the reader are best friends and they love teasing each other?????”


A/N (Can I do that annoying thing I do where you didn’t ask for a modern AU, but I do it anyway? Because I’m a terrible person?)


“Ugh gross. Who invited you over?” You opened the door to see Lafayette standing there. 

“Awww I love you too, Y/N” Lafayette ruffled your hair and walked into your apartment. 

“Yes please, come in.” you said to no one because Lafayette was already sprawled out on your couch.

“What are we doing today?” he asked from your couch.

“Well I just gonna eat,” Lafayette sat up excitedly. “ooooh but we just ran out of baguettes. I guess you’re gonna have to eat somewhere else.”

“Haha. You are very funny, ma chérie.” He ginned at you. “Are you actually hungry, babe?” 

“Are you, babe?” You and Lafayette constantly used the nickname ironically, but you weren’t dating. There had been a few drunken kisses that you guys only knew about because Alexander reminded you. You each assumed the other had no idea it had happened. 

“I could eat.” You shrugged.

“In or out?” Lafayette got up from the couch and walked over to you. 

“Well…” You took the opportunity of Lafayette leaving to lay down in his place. “If we go out it’s your turn to pay, and if we stay in it’s your turn to cook.” You gave him a shit eating grin and his face fell. “So either one’s fine by me.”

“I’m not cooking so we’re going out.” Lafayette picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. 

“No! Put me down!” You carried you down the stairs of your apartment building. 

“Laf! I’m not even wearing shoes!” 

“You left some in my car last week.” Lafayette refused to put you down. 

“Gilbert! Put me down!” Lafayette slapped you lightly on the ass and smirked at you. “What the hell was that for?” you asked. 

“I don’t like getting called Gilbert.” he shrugged. 

“Wow, Lafayette. There are better ways to hit on a girl.” 

“Oh you wish I was hitting you, petit gâteau.” Lafayette carried you all the way to his car, only setting you down to get his keys out. He opened the passenger side door for you. 

“Oh now you’re being a gentleman?” you asked stepping in. 

“I’m always a gentleman.” 

When you got to the restaurant, you and Lafayette sat across from each other in a booth with low lighting. Lafayette was throwing popcorn in your hair. You shook it out and opened your mouth for him to throw the popcorn into. 

“Wow the last time a girl opened her mouth for me like that-” 

“Please do not finish that sentence.” you said to him. You both fell into laughter and were still giggling when the waitress came over.    

“Aw you guys make a cute couple!” she said with a smile. 

“Oh we’re not-”

“Thank you very much!” Lafayette said, laying his hand on top of yours. You furrowed your brow at him, but he just smiled at you. Lafayette ordered drinks for both of you, and the waitress left. 

“Lafayette? You know were not dating right?” you said smiling. 

“Oh believe me, chaton, I’m fully aware that. Kind of sucks doesn’t it?” He cocked his head. 

“I-I guess.” You pulled out your phone to distracted yourself and keep your blushing to a minimum. 

“Vraiment dommage…” You heard Lafayette mutter. 

Could someone do me a big favor and create some Bradley James/Katie McGrath- or Arthur/Morgana-AU of Rhaegar Targaryen/Lyanna Stark please?! I’d DIE to see something like that… *sobs*