Warren’s Valentines disaster

Promt : Really fluffy warren x reader for Valentines? Maybe Playing off the whole cupid joke with warren.

Warnings: none

The metal winged creature had a beautiful valentine’s day planned for his beloved (y/n). He had stayed up for weeks on end planning this in advanced. First he  was gonna make her breakfast in bed, then he was going to take her out to see Beauty and the Beast the play, and finally snuggle up to her favorite movie (y/f/m), after eating dinner of course.Warren was excited to say the least so he set his alarm and awaited tomorrow, but what he didnt know was that (y/n) had planned out a day for him too.

Warren woke up with a smile on his face, ‘Time to head to the kitchen and whip up my favorite girl some pancakes, fruit salad, lemonade, and a chocolate heart to top it off.’

He walks into the kitchen and starts on his cooking, he smiles, as he get out the ingredients for the chocolate chip pancakes,and thinking of the wonderful day they are going to have together. Once he finishes cooking he puts everything on a serving tray and walks to (y/n)’s room. Slowly he goes to knock on the door after a minute of waiting he decides to go in so he opens the door and flips on the lights only to see no one in the bed.

‘The seems odd normally (y/n) is sleeping til ten it’s only seven in the morning, Maybe she is in the restroom?’ Warren sets the food on her dresser and knocks on the bathroom door to find no answer so he opens the door to no avail, no one is in there.

‘Where could she be?’ He runs down the hall looks in the living room, he looks for a good ten minutes before giving up and going back to his room, ‘so much for breakfast in bed.’

Warren walks into his bedroom to see his bed made with fast food and his girlfriend (y/n) sitting on it waiting patiently.

“So this is where you were hiding, my love?” Warren says as he wraps his arms around he waist and puts his head in the crook of her neck.

“Yeah I brought you breakfast.” (y/n) says smiling feeling the proud sensation that she actually got up early to buy this from mcdonalds for It is a well known fact that she cannot cook to save her life and she doesn’t really feel like poisoning her boyfriend with he cooking skills.”

Well.. I guess we eat but um before anything else I got you..” Warren holds up two tickets to the play. (Y/n)s face fell. Warren took a notice to the change in her reaction, his own face falling as well.

“What’s the matter is this not the play you have been begging me to see with you?” He says as he grabs her hands and looks into her eyes with the most pleeding of faces.

“NO no no no, they are its just I kinda bought tickets for that MMA turnament you wanted to go see.. Which is also tonight.” (y/n) says looking down feeling even more stupid then ever. Warren hugs her knowing it is just the thing she needed.

“Love its the thought that counts how bout we give tickets to peter knowing him he doesn’t have a date.” Warren suggests.

“I love you Warren.”

“I love you too.”

PaperHat Fusion 2 - Apart

@the-optimistic-view-on-pessimism asked for more so here’s more I guess

It’s a bit rushed and really short, but it’s a one shot so, ya know.

Part 1 I guess

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Klaus imagine

“Klaus?” I whispered.
He didn’t respond like usual. He continued to sit there, his back towards me.
“Klaus?” I said a little louder.
“Leave. Me. alone.” He answered sternly.
 That was it I couldn’t take this any more. I marched right up to his chair, kneeling in front of him.
“Klaus.” I said harsher, forcing him to look at me.
“Please just go.”
“No.” I oblige.
“What do you want me to say, huh? That that I’m a horrible person. And it’s all my fault she dead?” He asked.
I could hear the pain in his voice, the heartbreak.
“Its not your fault Klaus.”
He didn’t bother to listen. Shaking his head no.
“It was! Its all my fault! If I was there for her! If I hadn’t left she would still be here!” He shouted.
“You think that by you staying with her she would still be alive?! No Klaus someone would have just waited for the chance she was alone. You and I BOTH KNOW its true! You can’t just keep sitting here wallowing in pain. She’s dead I get that-”
“NO YOU DONT! YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO LOOSE THE ONE YOU LOVED!” Klaus hollered, his eyes know filled with tears.
“Klaus, please just listen to me.”
“Sigh.., fine.”
“I know she wouldn’t want you to be like this. Distraught. She would want you to go out and be the old Niklaus that she fell in love with. The one everyone fears, and find who did this.”
Klaus looked up at me with pleeding eyes, “I can’t do this anymore y/n. I can’t keep pretending that everything is okay. She was the only person that made me feel normal again. Not like the bastard son who always has to prove himself to everyone.”
I could tell that it was going to take a lot more of persuading to get him back to his old self.
“I know…”

Just Shut Up (scott x reader)

Warnings: slight fluff(?¿)
Characters: Reader, Scott Lang, & Cassie Lang
Pairings: scott x reader
Request: anon asks: can i request a oneshot/imagine/drabble? “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his/her cake hole.” with scott or steve? thanks doll!
A/N: yaaaay, I finally finished writing something! Sorry about the little break, i’ve been having absolutely no initiative to write lately.. :/ but i’m back??¿?

“Daddy, how much longer until we get there?” Cassie asked.
“I don’t know, how about you, Y/N? How much longer?” Scott said, turning to face Y/N.
“Oh, I don’t know? Maybe an hour or so?” Scott and Cassie replied with loud groans.
“Geez, what music is this?” Scott asked, reaching for the controls.
“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” Y/N said, slapping Scott’s hand away from the radio controls.
“Come on babe, pleease? Just this once, I promise.” he replied, pleeding and shaking his hands in front of her face.
“Ugh stahp, I can’t see. And what happens if I can’t see Cassie?” Y/N said, peering in her mirror to see the girl in the backseat.
“You’ll crash the car.” Cassie replied, giggling. “And Miss Y/N, did you say shut his cake hole?” Y/N grinned, looking back at the road.
“Yes I did Cassie.”
“What does cake hole mean?” Scott was slouching and quietly groaning in the front.
“Well Cassie, our mouths is a hole where we put cake into, and your father, can not stop yappin’ so I need him to shut his mouth.” At this point, Scott was pinching his nose with one hand and covering his eyes with the other.
“That sounds like a great word, and since mommy wants me to strengthen my vocabulary, I’m gonna use it now.” she proclaimed. Y/N grinned, giving a thumbs up to Cassie.
“Y/N honestly, please stop.” Scott groaned.
“Please shut your cake hole.” Y/N replied back, her eyes shining as she glanced at Scott for a few seconds before turning her attention back to the road ahead of them.
“Yeah Daddy, shut your cake hole.” Cassie added. Y/N was cackling and Scott leaned back and covered his face.
“Okay, got it. I need to shut my face.”
“Cake hole!” Y/N and Cassie both yelled, then giggled.
“You two are never gonna let it go, huh?” Scott said, sighing slightly.
“Yup, it’s never gonna go.”
“Never in a million years!” Cassie proclaimed. Both Y/N and Scott cracked wistful smiles into the road ahead of them. Yeah, this car ride will be a long one.

Man in Russia kept four women as sex slaves

A 29 year old woman named Eleanor Glebova managed to escape from a flat in Irkutsk in Russia. She used knotted sheets to climb down two stories which led to Emmanuel Maslow being arrested and the three other women being freed.

Emmanuel had been convicted previously because he had forced women into prostitution, and because of dealing drugs. He had installed a security door in his apartment and threathened to kill the women if they made noise or if they tired to pleed with Emmanuels drug clients. He forced them to drink alchohol when they met with their clients.


I place you on my lap until I feel the urge to eat. Your tiny pathetic head looks up at me as I tower over you, your so helpless no where to run at all. You pleed that you don’t want to be eaten. I decline any little noise you make. I pick you up and give a smirk purposely exposing my teeth and tongue. My gut is where you’re meant to be. I place you on my giant tongue and swallow. #vore #vorarephilia #marcophilia #eaten alive #swallowed alive #giant #giant male #gay vore #gay giant #soft #vore #oral vore #marco vore #sexy gay vore

Baby don’t cry (scenario, request)

Anonymus asked:

Scenario where you weren’t at home and your husband have to take care of your child alone. make it sweet and mushy pls i really wanna see their dad side! Bigbang members ^•^ thank you and i love ur blog i check on your blog for updates everyday :):)

Thanks dear anon, I’m blushing. I was looking forward to write those short scenarios the moment I read your request. :) I hope you enjoy.


“Please, just stop crying.”, Jiyong begged, carrying his baby around the house. He just didn’t know what to do anymore. He’d tried to feed his little baby boy, sang any lullaby he knew, cuddled with him, tried every plushie and even sniffed at the butt of him like a lunatic dog. Nothing he tried seemed to work. How in the world did you manage all that? Everytime he came home, you presented him a friendly, smiling little angel that didn’t cry a lot and almost suddenly fell asleep, when you put him into bed. What did he do wrong?

Jiyong looked at his baby, whose face was red and wet from all the crying. He even had a hiccup. “Tell me what you want, I can’t stand this any longer…”, he pleeded, even if he knew that his baby couldn’t answer. A look at the clock told him, that it was 2 am and the mirror he passed by told him, that he looked anything but well rested and healthy. “Please come home, jagi…”, he murmured. Some minutes later he felt like he couldn’t take any more step, so he took a seat on the couch, still holding his baby. Should he call you?

When he tried to dry the face from his baby from all the tears, his thumb accidentally entered the wide open mouth. Almost immediately he stopped crying and started sucking on the thumb. Jiyong’s mouth opened in awe, watching his now quiet angel. Just moments later, his baby boy slept peacefully in his arms. All the stress forgotten he couldn’t just look away and started smiling.

Jiyong didn’t know how much time went by, but he didn’t want to move since he was afraid to wake his baby up again. Then he heard the front door open. Just moments later, you entered the living room quietly. “Why isn’t our angel in his bed? And why is he sucking on your thumb?” You carefully take your baby boy out of Jiyong’s arms to carry him into his bed. Jiyong explains and you start laughing softly. “My dear Jiyong, I told you that he needs his pacifier to sleep. And you tell me that you thought of everything but that?” Jiyong stood there dumbfolded. You smile and give him a peck. “Next time you’ll do better.”


“Appa?” Seunghyun looked up from the book he was reading. There was his little girl standing there in her pajama. He sighed silently. You brought her to bed just before you left to meet some friends. And as soon as you left, she stood there full awake. “Why are you still awake, little girl?”, he asked with his deep voice. She pouted a little. “Eomma didn’t tell me a story, so I can’t sleep.” Seunghyun smiled, since he knew what she was up to. “And now you want me to tell a story?” She nodded furiously and looked pleadingly at him with her big eyes. So he stood up and said: “Then hurry little girl. If I’m faster than you, I can’t tell the story properly.”

He made sure that she reached her bedroom first. “Lie down, little girl and I will tell you a story.” He sat down next to the bed and started to tell a story.

Once there was a princess. She was a little one, just like you. She lived in a castle together with her eomma and appa and every day she experienced a lot of adventures. Next to the castle was a big forest with many friendly creatures living there. Every day after breakfast, she went out to visit all of her friends in the forest. In the morning she visited the pixies, who lived in tiny houses, which were made out of the most beautiful flowers. The little princess helped the pixies to sprinkle pollen everywhere, so new wonderful flowers could grow everywhere.

For lunch she visited the dwarfs, who lived in houses made of mushrooms. They were some funny little people, who told her stories about their work and made her laugh because of the pranks they played each other. Like every good little girl, the princess took a nap after lunch, together with the fluffy bunnies who cuddled with her. After she woke up from the soft tweet of the birds, the deers came around to visit the old wise bear with her, who taught her and all the animal children everything about the forest and the animals living there.

When the sun started to set, the bear would take her home to the castle on his back. During dinner she would tell her parents about her day. After taking a bath, she would lie in her bed and dream about the wonderful things that happened to her the whole day.

When Seungyhun finished his story, he looked at her and smiled. She slept peacefully with a smile on her lips. He left her bedroom, turning the lights of. She was the most precious you and he had and he wouldn’t mind to tell her a thousand stories, if she asked for it.


“Where’s eomma?” He knew that this would happen. His boy was totally addicted to you. He hardly did anything without you. If you weren’t around, he would whine and cry until you came back. Taeyang and you hoped, that you could go out without him noticing, if you waited and cuddled with him until he was asleep. Unfortunately both of you were wrong. “Oh wow, seems like I’m getting a special concert tonight.”, Taeyang murmured.

“Eomma is not at home, she is visiting some friends. But I’m here, so we can…” But he was interrupted by the loud cries his boy suddenly made. (c/n) sounded like an alarm or something, his face getting bright red, tears streaming down his face. Taeyang stood there and just stared for some moments. He tried several times, but he wasn’t able to rise his voice as loud as (cn)’s cries without yelling at him. “Eomma, I want eomma. Appa is dumb, I want eomma.” That was a hell of a tantrum. Taeyang tried to calm his boy down, but got pushed away and caused even more crying. Then Taeyang had an idea.

“Little angel, why are you crying?” Taeyang held his phone close to (c/n)’s ear. The crying got queter, he listened. “Do you hear me (c/n)?” After some more sobs, his boy said qiuetly: “Eomma?” “Yes it’s me. Why are you crying?” “Because you aren’t here eomma.” “But my little angel, that’s not a reason to cry. You are a big boy, aren’t you?” “Yes, eomma.” “Big boys should be able to go to sleep without their eomma. Be a nice boy and go to sleep with appa.” “Will you come back?” “Sure I will. When you wake up in the morning, I will be there.” “Then I will go to sleep like a big boy. I love you eomma.” “I love you too.”

After that call, Taeyang could put his boy into bed without problems.He told him a story while cuddling together. Just before (c/n) went to sleep, he murmured: “Appa, eomma can go away more often. I’m a big boy and you can cuddle and tell stories, too. I love you.” Taeyang smiled. “I love you too my big boy.”


“One more song, appa!”, she demanded, clapping her hands. Daesung sighed. He sung five songs already and his throat started feeling a little sore. “But you said, that you will sleep after this song.” His girl looked at him with puppy eyes. “But appa’s voice is so nice. Please one more.” “Ok, one more song. But appa needs something to drink first. How about we make some tea for appa and a warm milk for you?” She jumped out of the bed, eager to help him to make something to drink.

Daesung carried her to the kitchen, letting her take the mugs out of the cupboard and let her sit down on the table. After the milk was warm and the tea ready, they went back to her bedroom. “Drink your milk until it’s warm, little girl.”, he said, taking some sips from his tea. He waited until she finished her milk and listened to the stories she told about kindergarten. “Now make it yourself comfy. Appa will now sing another song for you.” Since she loved songs he made out of his mind, he just started singing with his soft voice.

Your eyes get heavy,

sleep is coming.

Don’t be afraid,

because I’m here.

Your bed so warm,

your dreams so pretty,

I love you so much my dear.

In your sleep you will see things,

wonderful and nice to see.

You can do anything you want,

be anything you want to be.

Good night my dear,

good night my heart,

‘till we meet again tomorrow.

When he finished, she was fast asleep. Daesung smiled, took the mugs and left the room quietly. He might have a hoarse voice in the morning, but to see his daughter smile so happily was definetly worth it.


“Appa, I won!”, his son yelled, throwing his tiny fists in the air. “Yes you did, you’re so good, appa can’t  just win against you”, Seungri said smiling. It was your ritual. You didn’t like, when he played console games with your son so much. So they could just play together, when you weren’t at home. It was their little secret.”This time, I will play Yoshi!”, (c/n) said, eager to play the next round.

“You know, that it is late already?”, Seungri asked. His son pouted. “Just one more round, please? It’s so much fun.” Seungri saw, that (c/n) started rubbing his eyes, but he gave in. “Ok, but if I win, you’ll go to bed immediately. Deal?” “Yes appa. But I will win anyways.” “We’ll see. Now 3,2,1 start!” “Yay!” Seungri pretended to have trouble beating his son and watched him holding the controller in his tiny hands. “Oh no, now you’re first!”, Seungri whined playfully. “Wait, I’ll get you!” (c/n) laughed happily and yelled: “No, I’m better!”

“I won!”, Seungri finally chanted. “Now you have to go to bed, little one!” “How did you do that?”, his son asked, but standing up. “I was just lucky. Next time you’ll win.”, Seungri said while ruffing (c/n)’s hair. “Now go change and brush your teeth. I’m coming soon to check.”

Some minutes later, Seungri entered his son’s bedroom. He gave him a good night kiss. “Sleep well big boy.” “You too appa, you’re the best.”

BTS reaction- Pushed against their crush in an elevator.

- This one from third person. I though this was quite cute and cliché [in a good way] so enjoy. 


Letting his crush enter the elevator first he  takes the corner furthest away from her after pressing the btton to the requested floor. He and his crush are conversating about work and how its too busy, Namjoon isnt shy at all, if he wants to speak to you he will speak to someone he will.

they are stopped at a floor in between their stop, piles of people get in. a mix of people. Because Namjoon is by the keyboard for requesting floor numbers, he moves to next to his crush, un awkwardly. He keeps his distance but more people pile in and he is squashed up against his crush.
Namjoon *mouths the words sorry to his crush*
She smiles and doesn’t say anything.
The people get off on the following floor and when he is left in the elevator alone with his crush he just bursts into laughter and she joins. No awkwardness from Namjoon.

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Living in the same building as his crush he passes her in the elevator a lot but hes to shy to start a conversation. One day he comes home from shopping and she is entering the elevator, as the doors close he shouts.

Jin: hold please!
She puts her hand in between the doors and lets him onto the elevator.
Jin: thankyou
He says shyly.

They stand in the elevator in silence, jin awkwardly darting his eyes around as the girl taps on her phone. Suddenly the elevator stops on a different floor and people cram inside. Jins crush puts her phone away in the comotion and she greets the passengers but they, not taking any notice, push her over into Jin. Jin is shocked and staring at the girl. Hes actually touching her for the first time.
An old lady who is a passanger on the elevator turns to the girl.

Grandmother : you two make a lovely couple!
The girl is then forced to explain the situation but Jin doesn’t bother helping because hes too entranced by her beauty. [and he loves the idea]

[crush is v– obviously no pulling that face!]

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He’s at work and his boss needs some papers delivering to one of the floors, Suga willingly offered in hope to see his crush who works on the said floor.

They are quite good friends and spend coffee breaks with one another.

He presses the button for the elevator and when the doors open he realises his crush is standing there.
Crush: Oh! Suga! I was just coming to give you this! *gesturing to one of the two mugs of coffe*
Suga: I just need to deliver some papers.. are you okay holding it until I have a spare hand? *she nods and he smiles in return*
The doors close and the elevator starts to move upwards. It stops at the next floor just as suga had taken a breath to start conversation. Lots of people in clean suits cram into the elevator. Suga’s crush pulls him closer.
Crush : Suga.. im costraphobic.. help. *she looks at him with pleeding eyes and her breath quickens*
Suga: Im sorry Im afraid youre going to have to take the next elevator, my coligue here is afraid of tight spaces, *he practically pushes people out of the elevator* THANKYOU!

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J-hope is out shopping with his crush for a birthday present. They decide to take the lift up to the car park, J-Hope loves parking where there is a veiw he parked at the top floor. The get into the elevator, J-hope is thanking her for accompanying him.

Crush: just shush, like I said, it was fun!
J-Hope laughs. The elevator then stops to let people in. a lot of people pile into the elevator and J-hopes crush shuffles closer to him into the corner. They last a couple of floors and the people get out. J-Hope is laughing as his crush moves away.
Crush :im sorry, im just not good with new people.. *she looks to her feet* they smell weirdishhh.
J-Hope.. they smell weird? *he laughs* speeking of smells.. you smell nice! I like it.. *he walks over to his crush sniffing at her hair and she is laughing and pushing him lightly.*

[crish is V– again]

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Silently standing in the elevator with his next door neighbor, who is also his crush, V stares at his feet. Suddenly the elevator doors open and a bunch of rowdey, drunk boys stumble in. V thinks fast and pulls the girl to him as the boys surround them.
The girl is confused but doesn’t struggle. Instead she holds onto his coat as V just watches the boys carefully.

Drunk boy in elevator : She’s too good for you mate. Honey what are you doing with a stupid fella like this? *the bloke goes to stroke her cheek*
Vs hand snapps at the drunk boys wrist and stops it right in its track. V’s deadly stare peirces the boys. Suddenly the elevator door opens on V’s floor and V take hiself and the girl onto his floor.
 Who knows where this could lead?

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He pushes his crush into the elevator, even tho they were just walking past. She hits herself on the wall and hurts her arm, he chases her into the elevator.
Jimin :are you okay? I didn’t mean to push you THAT hard!
Crush: im fine! *she laughs*
Suddenly the doors close and she starts to panic.
Jimin: ah.. oh well.. I like this.. its kind of.. spontanious. *he bites his lips and his crush looks at him patheticaly*
Crush: umm. No.
Suddenly the door opens but they fail to get out. Instead they are pushed together into a corner, looking at eachother which just makes the moment more heated. The people leave and the doors shut again but they don’t move from there positions..
*to be contuinued* JOKES.. nevah.. ill let your own imaginations play with that 

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Obviously this little boy is so shy, but he has known his crush since pre-school. They are very close but jungkook would NEVER confess to her incase he ruins the friend ship. Theyre just chatting in an elevator but then the doors swing open and people pile in. Jungkook and his crush are close anyway but she just shuffles closer to make more room [which is needed]. Jungkook looks down at his crush with a smile. But when their eyes meet the smile is replaced by a look of awe. They both share the look but someone infront of jungkook acidently steps on his foot and in turn.. ruins the moment.

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fight pt. 2 | Jumin Han

(a/n: So here’s part two:) It was really fun writing it and also this is the last part of this Imagine:) I hope you like it! Again, I apologize for any writing mistakes xx)

part 1 | Masterlist| Requests| Ask me anything

summary: After Jumin left for work you felt miserable and you had to have a serious talk when he’d return.


You didn’t get much sleep the following night. You tossed and turned under the bedsheets, your body felt like it was set on fire.                                                You couldn’t get yourself to sleep, no matter what you did. All you could think about was the argument that took place in this room just a few hours ago.       You could still feel his cold gaze, how his dark eyes looked at you. You couldn’t find any trace of amusement in his dark orbs.                                                   You could still hear the heartbreaking words that slipped out of his mouth.

I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. I hope you’re back to normal till tomorrow morning. You know how much I hate sleeping on the couch.

God, he really hated sleeping on the couch, you thought to yourself.         

The last time he had to move his sleeping place onto your newly bought sofa, was when you catched a serious cold. Jumin had to fly to Italy the following morning for some business and you refused to let him sleep in the same bed as you. Where all your germs were distributed around you and he could get infected.

You rememberd the day like it was yesterday. How his pleeding gaze bore into your skin, how his eyes filles with worry and adoration and how your heart filled itself with pure love for this man. He was really worried about you. Overall he was a really protective man who wantet to protect his precious family at all costs. But now, you felt like all of this has changed.

How could he not care about the well being of his daughter?                           You didn’t care about Hawon anymore. But what made you furious was that Jumin simply refused to listen to you. He didn’t even asked about Minah specificly and tried to make you the bad guy.

As you stared at the bedroom ceiling you grabbed the sheet tightly between your fingers.                                                                                                               Now it was almost 8 AM. You only got 3 hours of sleep and you felt like you just drank four bottles of the expensive wine Jumin liked to purchase.                    You rolled on your side. Every muscle in your body hurt. Your face burned because of the tears that finally slipped out of your eyes after Jumin left you alone. At the foot of your bed, little Elizabeth 3rd nestled her furry body against your legs. Jumin must have let her in.

You frowned. He left already.                                                                                Now you remembered. Jumin always left your house at 7 AM so he must have grabbed one of his suits out of his closet before he left for work. He didn’t dare to wake you up. But it was pretty predictable. At work Jumin didn’t hesistate to confront the CEO’s or business men when he tried to set up a new deal for a project. But at home it was the opposite. He tried to avoid any confrontation of any kind at all costs. Sure, sometimes he couldn’t prevent it. But most of the time he acted like a little kid who didn’t want to be scolded by his mother.           But you tolerated his behaviour. You didn’t want to start a fight just because he forgot to turn on the dishwasher or he left you alone with your kids because a important call came in, so he had to rush to work.

But now you could slap yourself for all the times you said: “It’s okay, don’t worry” On the inside you tried to control your anger. This behaviour wasn’t healthy. Not for you, not for Jumin and especially not for your marriage.


After some time you finally decided to get up.                                                  There was no point in staying in bed all day long because Jumin decided to act like an complete asshole.                                                                                      After you washed yourself up and changed into some comfortable clothes, you called in sick at your work. You didn’t feel well enough to squeeze yourself back into those uncomfortable high heels, do left over paperwork and probably meet with new clients. Also you had to check on Minha. After what Hawon did yesterday, you didn’t want to leave her alone with your sick child.

You decided to make Minha a light breakfast, she must be really hungry and exhausted.                                                                                                             So after you prepared some cereal and made her a cup of tea, you approched her bedroom.

“Minha? Are you awake?”, you asked, knocking at the wooden door of her bedroom.

“Yes Mommy, come in”, she answeres, her voice was cracking and she sounded sniffy.                                                                                                                “Good morning”, you put on a bright smile and carried the traywith Minha’s breakfast into her room. “How are you feeling, Honey?”

“A bit better”, she answered, another cough coming out of her lungs. “Mommy I'm hot”

“I know, I’m sorry”, you said.                                                                            Seeing your little one in this state, made you feel terrible. There wasn’t much you could do but you simply wanted to make her illness dissapear. It killed you inside that you didn’t have the power to do that.

“Here”, you said and put the tray on her nightstand next to her bed. “I made you some breakfast. Eat up. You want to get well soon, don’t you?”

“Yes Mommy!”, she said and sat up.                                                                   You were glad that Minha felt a little bit better. Last night you were afraid you had to call an ambulance. You knew you were probably overacting, but your kids were never seriously ill exept for chickenpox, so it was all still knew to you.       You simply missed Jumin’s help.


“Mommy? Is Daddy already at work?”, she asked as you helped her sip at her tea.                                                                                                                       On the cup were pictured of various cartoon charakters like Bambi or Aurora, her favourites.

You swallowed. By the mention of your husband your muscles tensed up.           “Yes Honey”, you answered and saw how her face fell. “He’ll be back this afternoon”                                                                                                             Minha didn’t say anything after that. She just sipped her lemontea in peace while you read her something from one of her favourite books.

It made your heart hurt when you sae how sad she looked after you told her that Jumin left already. She wanted her Daddy here. Sure, you knew what to do to nurse her till she felt better. But she wanted to be held in her father’s arms. She wanted him to read her a bedtime story, to ask her how she was and to tell her lame jokes she still laughed over only because it was her Daddy. Minha has always been a Daddy’s girl while Jimin clinged more onto you.

“Try to get some sleep okay?”, you said and removed some of her hair that fell onto her forehead. “I promise, Daddy will be back when you wake up”

“Are you sure he wants to see me?”, she asked, her big doe eyes pierced into yours. Your heart clenched. Her words hurt and you just wanted to call Jumin, scream at him and tell him that his daughter feels miserable because her father wasn’t there. He really messed up this time.

“Of course, Baby!”, you ressured her and pulled up her covers under her chin. “There was just an emergency at work and he had to rush to work. I promise he’s going to see you when he comes home”                                                      Minha nodded. You had the feeling she wasn’t really believing your words.

“Try to get some sleep”, you planted a kiss on the top of Minha’s head and left her bedroom, the tray with the empty dishes in your hands.


At 7 PM you still waited for Jumin. You left him dozens of text messages on his phone and called him hundreds of times. But he won’t answer and didn’t pick up.

What an asshole, you thought.

You couldn’t keep your promise to Minha. Three hours ago she woke up, called for you and asked if her father finally returned. It broke your heart to tell your daughter the message, that Jumin was still at work.                                         You watched as her big eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks. It took you almost one hour to comfort her. Now she was up in her room, playing with her dolls while Jimin sat in the living room with some of his toys. You could hear his happy squeks and loud voice while he played with his little toy trucks.

You on the other hand, distracted yourself with some chores. Sure, Jumin and your household had a lot of electronic devices that could make things easier. You also had a maid, that would come by at the weekends and would help cleaning the house. But you liked to do things the traditional way. Jumin liked to solve things with money but that wasn’t your style.              

Right now you were busy with cleaning the dishes when you suddendly heard keys jiggling in the door. That could only be Jumin.

What is he doing at home this early?

Sure, you prayed that he would return soon but you didn’t expect that it would actually happen.

“Hey little one”, you heard his voice in the living room.                                  Suddendly your heart started beating rapidly against your chest. You breathed in and out before you set the wet plate aside and dried your hands with a towel.

“What are you doing all by yourself huh?”, he asked Jimin and you looked around the corner. You watched as Jumin kneeled infront of the 3 year old, his briefcade rested against your couch and he started to play a bit with the little car toys that Jimin kept himself busy with.

“Mommy is in the kitchen”, Jimin said and showed him a big smile. “Can you play with me Daddy? Look, I have bought all my cars here. You can have this one!”                                                                                                                    Jimin handed his father a little replica of a white Lamborgini. Jimin was especially proud of this one. Jumin gave it to him on his thirs birthday.

Jumin played a bit with the little toy in his hands.                                                   “Later okay?”, he said and looked down to his flesh and blood. “I’ll have to talk to Mommy first”

“Okay, Daddy”, Jimin nodded and Junin ruffled his dark hair. “But hurry!”

Jumin giggled and kissed the top of Jimin’s head.                                                He stood up, smoothed out his dress pants and made his way into the kitchen.

Like you were struck by a lightning, you rushed to your previous position infront of the sink and pretended like you were still cleaning the dirty dishes.              You heard his heavy steps beside you. The soles of his expensive and polished shoes stride over the white marbel floors.You felt his tall presence behind you. His body towered over yours and you were curious what he would do now.

“Y/N?”, he asked carefully.

“Yes, Jumin?”, you answered after some time,tried to be cold. You wanted him to know that you were seriously mad at him. But you didn’t want to break out into a fight when your child was in the next room.

“I’m…I’m sorry Y/N”, he apologized and your eyes widened. You were totally caught off guard. Jumin never apologized this quickly. Usually you had to wait one or two days till he would say sorry.

“What?”, you asked perplex and turned around.

Jumin’s hand sunk into his black hair and he bit onto his bottom lip nervously. It was really not like him.

“I want to apologize”, he said and took a step closer to you. “What I did was utterly wrong.” Jumin placed his strong hands on your shoulders, you blushed.

You were married to Jumin since 8 years. But he still had this effect on you. He made your heart beat ten times faster just because he looked at you. Besides your kids, he was the one that made you happy like no one else could. Sure, sometimes he really was an idiot but you still loved him with every piece of you.

“I know I shouldn’t have acted like that”, he said and gripped your shoulderblades. You swallowed and gripped your hands tightly.                      “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I just left instead of talking with you about this and I’m sorry that I went to work this morning. I should’ve stayed”

“Jumin-”, you started but he interrupted you.

“How’s Minha? God I didn’t even check on her”, he closed his eyes tightly. You’ve never seen your husband like this. He looked like he was about to cry. The last times he shed a few tears was at the birth of your children.

“Jumin, hey”, you cooed. You took his hands off of your shoulders and gripped them tightly. That made him look at you. “She’s fine”, you said but sighed a second later.                                                                                                     “She asked for you, but I had to tell her you were at work. She really wants to see you Jumin”

Again he closed his eyes. He probably hated himself now. But you couldn’t blame him because he deserved it. But still, you felt bad to see your husband suffer like this.

“I messed up, didn’t I?”, he asked, his pleading look pierced into yours. You simple nodded. “Jumin, we can’t go on like this”

Jumin lifted up his head. In his eyes gleamed pure worry and he gripped your hands tighter. So tight it almost hurt.                                                                  “What do you mean?”, he asked and you bid the inside of your cheek.

“The only thing that you do is working. Work here, work there. I don’t even see you anymore Jumin.”, you said. “We miss you. Your kids miss you…I miss you” Your voice became desperate and you were afraid you would start to cry.         “We leave our children alone with a babysitter. A babysitter that can’t do her job well. Instead of looking after them ourselves we give then into the hands of a young girl that didn’t even call us when our kid got sick and almost burned down our house that one time, Jumin”

Jumin didn’t say anything. He just listened and you were glad about that.             “I’m gonna take a break from work”, you announced and his eyes widened. “And I’ll fire Hawon. I don’t want her near my kids ever again” You avoided his eyes.

 His dark orbs looked at you intensively, and you could hear your own heartbeat in your ears. You felt like a heavy load was liftet up from your shoulders. It has been a long time since you poured your heart out to Jumin like this.

You waited nervously for an answer.                                                                   But insted you felt how this strong arms wrapped around your body. He nestled his face into the crock of your neck and you could feel his warm breath on your skin.

“Fire her”, he agreed. “I’m so sorry Y/N. Again, I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am. What husband treats his wife and children like this? God I’m terrible”

You shook your head and buried your fingers into his back.                             “You’re not terrible. The kids still love you. I still love you. You just have to understand your priorities. And your priority is your family”

Jumin nodded. “I know. I’m gonna take a break from work too. I want to keep you three as happy as possible. And I can only do that when I give my whole attention to you”                                                                                                     He took your face into his hands and planted a delicate kiss onto your forehead.

“I love you.”, he said and you felt your knees go weak. “And I love our kids. Minha and Jumin are the best things that could’ve happened to me. And of cours, marrying you was the best desicion I ever made”. Again he planted a kiss onto your forehead.

“I love you”, you blurted out and he smirked.

“I love you too”, he said. “Go, have a rest. I’ll do the dirty dishes. You’ve alredy done enough”                                                                                                         You nodded and left a kiss on his lips. God you loved kissing him. His lips were always so soft and his kisses were like a drug. You couldn’t get enough of him.

“Minha is still in her room?”, he asked and started to loosen his tie.                 “Yeah”, you nodded and leaned against your marble counter.                           “I’ll check on her”, he said and after you nodded he left the kitchen.

Jumin Han was a idiot. But he was your idiot. Sure, sometimes he messes up, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t love him any less. You didn’t marry this big goofball without a reason. Jumin loved to spoil you. He liked to buy you expensive designer dresses, diamond earrings and liked to take you on extravagant trips. But the best present that he could’ve give you were your two children. Who loved him as much as you did.

You were deep in thought when you suddendly heard Jimin’s voice pearcing through your house.

“Dad! You said you’ll play with me!”, the little boy shouted. “Dad!”

You smiled to yourself and tried to contain your laughter.


(a/n: I hope you liked it:) If you have any requests just leave a message xx)

Stories- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Stories
Request: 25 Peter Pan
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Peter watched from his tent as Y/N told a story to the lost boys.
He smiled, admiring the glow of her face from the camp fire.
“And that was when the prince and the princess fell in love, and they lived happily ever after.” Y/N said concluding her story.
“Tell another one!” the youngest lost boy, Lucas pleeded.
“Not tonight. It’s getting late you all should go to bed.” Y/N said.
Peter approached Y/N, ands at beside her.
“Ok we’ll go. Night Y/N.” another lost boy said.
“Night boys.” Y/N responded.
“Don’t you think if Lucas wants another story you should tell him one?” Peter asked smiling.
“It’s almost midnight Peter. Go to bed Lucas.” Y/N said as Lucas began to walk back to her.
“No, Lucas stay.” Peter said.
“Y/N do you want me to go to bed?” Lucas asked quietly, he was confused.
“Yes please, sorry. Good night.” Y/N said.
“Night.” Lucas said yawning.

“What was that? You know it’s time for them to go to bed.” Y/N said.
“I just thought maybe he really wanted another story that’s all.” Peter responded.
Why don’t you want to be alone with me?” Y/N asked.
“What tells you that?” Peter said.
“You always get flustered when we are alone and know you tell the youngest lost boy not to go to bed and stay here with us. You don’t want to be alone with me.” Y/N said.
“Fine, no I don’t want to be alone with you.” Peter confessed.
“Why not?” Y/N asked confused.
“I’m nervous I’m going to screw something up and you’ll hate me. Y/N, I really like you. Like, a lot.” Peter said.
“Why didn’t you tell me! There’s nothing to be scared of, Peter I like you too. I want to spend time alone with you.” Y/N said.
“Thank god. I’ve been hiding my feelings for so long and every day was so stressful because I didn’t know if you felt the same was as I do.” Peter said.
Y/N reached for his hand, “There’s nothing to be stressed out or scared of now.”
“I have an idea. Let’s make up for all our lost time alone and go to the lake.” Peter said.
“It’s midnight.” Y/N laughed.
“So? It’ll be fun. You said it yourself you wanted time alone with me. Come on!” Peter said standing up happily.
“Ok, let’s go.” Y/N said standing up to walk with him.

As they walked, Peter began to admire Y/N once again.
“The moon light reflecting off of you makes you look so beautiful Y/N.” Peter said.
Y/N blushed, “Thanks.”
“I’ve had to keep those compliments in my head for so long.” Peter laughed.
“Well don’t keep them in now, I like them.” Y/N responded.
“Oh so you don’t have any for me?” Peter asked.
“I have plenty.” Y/N said, “You’re hair looks so good in the middle of the day when it’s windy, it looks like golden waves. Oh and your eyes and like the shiniest gem in the world-”
“Ok that’s enough for now Y/N.” Peter laughed, putting his arm around her.
“Maybe that can be our story, like the ones I tell the lost boys. I just compliment you and make it sound like a story!” Y/N exclaimed.
“Best story in the world, but mine for you would be better.” Peter said.
“Oh really Pan?” Y/N laughed.
For the rest of the night, on the edge of the lake, Peter and Y/N told each other their ‘stories’. They had both never blushed so much in their lives! The night was perfect, and would be a hell of a story to tell in the future.


Thanks for reading!!


Okay but listen...
Come save me, come save me
Remember, inside your drawer
Remember, inside your wallet
The traces that I left behind
Engrave them without leaving anything out

reminisce, inside that photo
Inside that space that remains
So that all of my scent, all of my breath
Won’t disappear

- Back

Is it crazy to think that these lines from Back connect to those few seconds of the The Eye mv seeing THIS particular photo with THIS particular wallet? Am I weird? 

It was the first thing I thought of. Then -MV storywise of course- this would mean Back was a dialogue between Myungsoo and the other members. Myungsoo pleeding to be saved? And the members trying to get him to remember the good times they had?

 It is pretty clear that Myungsso wanted to commit suicide in the beginn of The Eye. And he kinda fainted, right? And then he tried to reach that light? And the other members are trying to keep him from reaching that light, to be honest it was kinda brutal and triggering at some moments, but hell. I kinda expected to see that girl from Back again. To see her saved… but Myungsoo is the one to be saved. 

 …nevertheless I am really surprised by that MV.

In Every voltage game the guy says "Lets stay together forever!" Guys dont say that in real life!

I wish they did….

Someone go create a machine which makes the voltage men real please and then give me either

Or a combanation of the above (preferably with Takao’s face, Kenshi’s body, Satsuki’s gentleman like behaviour, Katsuragi’s adorableness, Russell’s….. jealousy(???) Junya’s charm and Haku’s archery skills)

Thank you very much,

Imagine # 7: Luke is insecure about being chubby



Imagine #7: Luke is insecure about being chubby

Requested : Yas! by anon<3

Rating : cute

Starring: Luke Hemming & (Y/N)

You were sitting on the couch, with yout pj’s on and the TV on, waiting for the interview to start. You decided to stay at home, instead of goin with Luke and the lads, since you were a little bit tired. Luke agreed with you, and he proposed to spend the night watching movies and eating junk food.

Anyway, the interview started and everything seemed to be fine, the normal questions about the tour, the new cd and the private life os 5sos. But suddenly, the host show some pics of the guys when they were little, and you could tell by the expression on your boyfriend’s face that he wasn’t pleased at all. They showed a pic of him when he was younger and chubby. They all made fun of him and the others, but you knew Luke was fighting back the tears. Your heart squeezed as you saw his hurted face.

-Hi babe- You said, as you saw him in the door frame, a couple of hours later. He smiled slightly, and walked in. 

-Hi. Uhm… babe, do you mind if we let the movie night for other day? I’m…uhm… tired- He excused as he walked to your room.

You left him alone for maybe 5 minutes, before knocking the door. You noticed a bulge in the bed, he was in fetal position, cuddling a pillow. You walked into him and sat by his side.

-You are perfect to me.- You said, knowing he was awake. -They didn’t know what they were saying babe.

-But… I’m… still chubby.- He was obviously crying. Luke spitted that last word with anger.

-Of course you are not!-You caress his arm softly.-You’re so dang fit, you are handsome, amazingly cute. I love your beautiful blue eyes, aaaand… I love to tickle you!- You screamed, jumping above him and tickling his sides and his belly, which was far away from being fat.

-No! (y/n)- He chucled, with tears still streaming down his face -Babe stop!

You stopped, and stare into his eyes and leaned to kiss his lips softly. Luke tangled his fingers into your hair, pulling you closer.

-I love you- He murmured.

-I love you even more!- You smiled, and trace a path with your fingers until his belly, with Luke following your moves with his gaze. You bend over and left a peck on his tummy. -Do you wanna watch a movie with me?

-Sure, baby- He smiled and intertwined his fingers with yours and walk towards to the living room.


OMG! My heart just melted while writing this ♥ so cute! I’ve realized that my imagines are quite long haha, maybe they are more like one-shots, aaanyway. Hope you like it <3 and for all those ppl out there who feels insecure about your weight: weight doesn’t define you! you are beautiful, worthy and incredibly amazing♥

Lots of love :)

You Annoy Him

Michael: mikel wante to dhow u to his femlie, so u 2 wre at his perintys howese. “and i sayed, he’s not an eggpleant, he’s retarded!!!!!!!!”u lauf. “omg pls shut up and die” micehak whipser undr hes breeth. “mikel pelase it funny joke” u pleed. “DONT JOK ABIUT EGG PLINTS” he hit u on hed n u revel ur tru from as galena reznikov.

Calum: u n clamu wer sittin on coch n wachin tv. bein ccurius fuk u r, yu talk evry twO SECINDS. “omfg pece of shite shut ur face plesae.” kalum sey. “i was askn quecthins bith.” u skoff. “yeh well…….. suk a penis.” u end up havin sex n suking claums penis.

Ashton: ash n u wer takin doggis on welks wen you assidentaly fel n al dogs ran awey. “omg r u seriously???” he groaAnz, snapin his fingies. “ya” u reply sarcestikaly, laffin. “te fuck u sey” he growel bfor puncin yo in te face, his large hans instenly kilin u.

Luke: luek was alweys slepin wen he gat hoem frum toor. “haha bby wkey wake!!!!!” u laf, ticklin feather on he nose. he raps his legs rownd ur neck, snappin it in half. takin ur broken bodie in his hand, bringi ur ear to his mowth. “ball is life.” he say.