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introduction into nu’est

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debuted March 14, 2012 with “Face” under pledis entertainment

fandom ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (pronounced LOVE from the way you spell Nu’est in Korean 뉴이스트) fandom color hot pink

did pretty well during debut promotions but popularity kept declining due to shitty promotions from company and lack of comebacks  

many thought Nu’est was near disbandment

4 members (Jonghyun, Minki, Minhyun and Dongho) joined Produce 101 Season 2 in hopes of proving their skills and saving Nu’est

all four members made it to the finale but only Minhyun made it into the top11 (#9) and got to debut with wanna-one 

other members ranked 13 (Dongho), 14 (Jonghyun) and 20 (Minki)

but they did not fail because they did prove themselves throughout the show and gained a lot of popularity internationally and nation-wide 

in hopes that they continue to gain popularity I am making an introductory to the members of Nu’est for the new and upcoming ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s :)))

firstly Nu’est’s Leader

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 06.08.1995

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Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

talented affff

3 S’s Shy Sweet & Sensitive

extremely caring

blames himself for Nu’est’s lack of popularity

looks like onibugi 

cries a lot 

but only bc he loves his members and p101 children so much and he wants to do his best for them 24/7

wayyy too selfless

Nation’s Leader

cried bc other p101 trainees did a hidden camera on him on his birthday

plays like almost every instrument ever

speaks japanese

loves eminem

says he’s living his father’s dream by becoming an entertainer

too shy to speak english

humble affff

video game addict

brought a potato to school and talked to it like it was his child

says sorry too much

ren is his gf

camera slut always has to be in the shot

hates tomatoes

always gets way into karaoke 

wants to marry aron :))

next is the oldest 

Aron Kwak (Aron) 05.21.1993

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ft hungry Minhyun

Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

real name is youngmin 

but he fucking hates it

from LA

is the oldest but isn’t the leader

for good reason

hes a fucking mess

an adorable mess but a mess

does radio shows

sometimes says things without thinking and gets himself into trouble

smart af

got accepted into NYU but chose to become an idol instead

learned Korean in 9 months

is a slut for his members

prob a closeted alcoholic


high key gay for ren

mommas boy

ladies man

checks out girls even while on camera

thinks he’s cute and tags pictures of himself as #cutie

king of fan service

loves skinship

gets banned from twitter all the time bc all he does is follow fans

can actually cook 

has kissed ren and acted like he kissed baekho and minhyun

can’t ice-skate but claims he’s good at it

can’t say nu’est after all these years

hates horses and seagulls

can’t jump rope

has a crush on minhyun’s sister

is always 200% done with his members

“when I feel lonely at night I like lonnnggg hairrrr” 

ren: “rrreeaallly?”

claims he teaches the other nu’est guys english but has progressively given up

started the jr looks like onibugi thing

next is my bias :)))))))))))

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 07.21.1995 

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Main Vocal


can barely dance 

but has an amazing voice

looks scary but isn’t at all until he’s irritated

doesn’t get irritated easily but when he does gtg

is prob scared of ren

kang daddy

sexy bandit

really close to his dad

his dad has leukemia and dongho went to Instagram to ask people to donate blood to help his dad out

sweet pie

also hates horses

likes tacos

says he likes girls with “long hair, cute and sexy…. and a lot of money”

got his stage name bc he looked like Kang Baekho from SlamDunk

his stage name means white tiger

has a tiger tattooed on his forearm

2 more tattoos on his chest 

its hot af

has abs 

but gets too shy to show them 

knows kumdo and did it in his solo teaser before debut

again hot af

hates cleaning

won’t do it

has the most wholesome laugh I literally have a playlist of baekho laugh comps

if his laugh doesn’t make you smile idk what will

fought a drug dealer in Mexico bc he tried to start a fight with his members

strong af 

(saying hello on a radio show) “hello I’m baekho I’m fine thank you and you?”

has to hug someone to be able to sleep usually ren

sweats all the time 

he can breathe and start sweating 

a lil gay for Aron but kissed Minhyun on the cheek and is all over ren sooo

wants to be a comedian but only tells dad jokes

broke the lock on the bathroom door in their dorm once

says whats on his mind/what he feels

competitive but sucks under pressure 

sucked in school

lazy af

prob has the best English pronunciation out of the members besides Aron obviously

“I remember me”

has to pet every dog he sees 

called his parents just to ask to buy something worth like $6

talks shit to anyone and everyone

didnt mean to audition for pledis but went to support his friend in their audition and got casted lmao

is basically naked in the dorm all the time

but in public covers up like a nun

plays piano

always dies from secondhand embarrassment from ren

next is the model

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 08.09.1995

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Lead Vocalist, Visual

tall af

skinny but buff

should and could be a model

can hit high notes like nobody’s business

extremely innocent

still hasn’t had his first kiss

at first pledis only wanted him bc of how handsome he is 

speaks japanese

has an older sister that Aron has a crush on but he said she’s out of his league

low key savage

(saying hello on a radio show) “hi I’m minhyun, I like you *kiss noise*”

loves jr

is in Wanna-One (p101)

only pledis trainee to make it 

cried when minki jonghyun and dongho didnt make it 

didn’t even celebrate his victory bc all he could think about was leaving his brothers I’m crying

doesn’t drink

“perfect perfect perfect”

don’t ask him to improv dance

ren said baekho was the most handsome in nu’est and he accidentally blurted out “no he’s not” lmaoo

likes american-korean accents aka aron’s accent

got lost in turkey

rlly likes elephants

always has body lotion wyd boy ;););) 

loves things to be clean

always fighting with the members especially baekho bc nobody cleans except him

bribes baekho with food

hes a picky eater bc hes a child

sucks at bowling

said “this is your mistake” to Aron bc Aron didn’t know their English titles

sings everywhere

“thats no-no”

skips practice all the time

sleeps with earphones in how tf

cried when pledis scouted him 

next is the maknae

Choi Minki (Ren) 11.03.1995

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Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

is beautiful dressed as a boy and a girl

can rock long hair

actually any hair

made aron’s heart flutter when he was dressed as a girl

extra af

sassy af

on the topic of Mexican food he responded with “u know i luv u gurl I like mexican” and everyone in the room died

impersonated people drowning in an elevator from movie

minhyun said he had a lot of charisma and he said he was crying

ranted on how amazing and beautiful jr is for like 5 min on live radio

(saying hello on a radio show) “nice to meet you I’m ren thank you very much I love you too”

lady gaga’s number one fanboy sent her fanmail once

knows he’s pretty

can model walk


can play piano

thinks he can speak English


loves everyone

is actually terrifying 

does this thing with his shoulders 

so now he’s called shoulder gangster

not afraid to be embarrassed

can and will do any girl dance

can’t raise animals they all die

used to get mistaken for a girl all the time

members rlly love him

has a twitter

made jr sit in a trash can once

sucks at games like any game

amazing dancer

fell in love with baekho when he did kumdo for the solo teaser like same

is a lil bit of a loner

loves fashion

is a diva

likes nail art 

loves the movie titanic

hogs the bathroom bc he’s an ass

makes the members question their sexuality 

“how old are you” 

“I’m fine thank you”

likes skinship

says his older brother is terrifying lmao


thats everything I can remember about the nu’est members pls support and love them


anon said : Hi! Can I request how seventeen would react if their other half suddenly turned up to their entertainment company as a trainee? (Meaning that their other half auditioned for pledis secretly) thank you!

S.Coups: When he saw you more often around the building, he asked you why you always hung around it. He made sure to point out that he wasn’t mad about seeing you more often, just confused. When you told him that you were actually a trainee, his eyes would widen and he’d hug you tightly, asking you questions about it.

“Why did you decide to try out? Are you liking it?”

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Jeonghan: He ran into you coming out of a practice room one day and he was utterly confused. Why were you at the building without telling him? When he asked you about it and you confessed that you’d tried out secretly to be a trainee and made it, he’d become very excited for you.

“That’s awesome Y/N! Now we can see each other more often.”

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Joshua: He swore that he kept seeing you around the building, but he couldn’t be sure it was you. Why would you be at the building without coming to see him? The next time he was able to hang out with you, he asked you about it. When you shyly admitted that you’d auditioned and made it into Pledis, Joshua would get a big smile on his face. 

“I didn’t know you wanted to be an idol! This is so exciting, we have to celebrate!”

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Jun: He was surprised to see you at the building. His first thought was that you were there to visit him, but then he noticed that you weren’t carrying lunch boxes like you usually did when you came to see him. When you admitted that you’d auditioned- secretly in case you didn’t make it as a trainee- and made it, he’d be incredibly shocked, but also incredibly happy for you. With both of your schedules being so hectic he wouldn’t be able to see you as often, but he would find time to eat lunch with you. He’d be your number one fan!

“How’s it going so far? Is everyone nice? I bet you’re amazing.”

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Hoshi: He didn’t question that he saw you around so often. He was just happy to see you more than once a week. When he noticed that you were hanging around some of the new trainees, it clicked as to why you were around so often. He asked you about it when the two of you were eating lunch and when you confessed that you’d auditioned in secret and made it, he would hug you tightly.

“If you need anything like any help or just someone to vent to, I’m always here. This is so exciting!”

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Wonwoo: He ran into you- literally- at the building. When he asked what you were doing there since he could have sworn you said you couldn’t come see him, you decided to tell him that you’d auditioned to become a trainee… and that you’d made it. His eyes would show surprise and he’d break out into a shy smile. He would be incredibly proud of you for taking the chance and he would be even more proud that you’d made it.

“Let’s go out for a celebratory lunch… if you have time.”

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Woozi: He would hear from someone else that you’d auditioned, so he’d ask you about it when he next saw you. When you admitted that you’d auditioned secretly in case you didn’t make it, Jihoon would nod in understanding. He would love that he was able to see you more and he’d be incredibly happy that you were able to pursue your dream. He would make sure you ate and got as much sleep as you could with your hectic schedule and he’d always be there to support you.

“I’m here if you need me Y/N. Okay? If it ever seems too difficult, come find me.”

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DK: When he saw you at the Pledis building coming out of a practice room, he ran to catch up to you and ask you what you doing there out of curiosity. When you explained to him that you were a new trainee, his eyes would widen and he’d let out a whoop of happiness. He’d be your number one hype man throughout your time as a trainee, always encouraging you and complimenting you. 

“Wow! You singing’s really improved Y/N!”

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Mingyu: He would be surprised to see you hanging out with some of the new trainees. He’d heard your name circulating the building, but he hadn’t thought much about it… He’d ask you to confirm his suspicion that you were one of the new trainees. When you did, he would be more than excited. He knew being a trainee was hard, but he’d assure you that you would always have him if you needed him. He would make sure to eat lunch with you whenever he could and if you ever asked him to help you with anything, he would be quick to help you.

“Wow, okay well this is exciting.”

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The8: He would be confused as to why he kept running into you at the Pledis building. When the two of you were eating lunch one day, he’d ask you about it. When you told him you auditioned secretly and didn’t want to make it a big deal, he would simply nod and continue to eat his lunch. While he knew you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, he would still manage to get some other members of Seventeen to throw a small congratulatory party for you.

“Now I know you said you didn’t want to make it a big deal, but I just want you to know that I’m incredibly happy for you and proud of you.”

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Seungkwan: The day after you’d made it into the company as a trainee, you’d gone to see Seungkwan to tell him. He would be surprised to see you at the company, and when you told him you’d see him more often at the company because you were a trainee, he’d become even more surprised. He’d be proud of you for making it and he’d hype you up every chance he got.

“I just have one question: what prompted you to try out?”

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Vernon: He would be surprised when he saw you at the Pledis building. You weren’t wearing your usual style of clothing and you looked exhausted. He’d run up to you ask if you were okay and you would offhandedly say that being a trainee was harder than it looked, but that you enjoyed being one nonetheless. His eyes would widen in shock as he processed what you’d said before he’d smile widely.

“Oh my God we’re under the same company! Wait… when did you audition? What’s your position in the group?”

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Dino: He wouldn’t think too much of it when he saw you at the Pledis building. He figured you were there to see him. When he asked you if you wanted to hang out and you told him you couldn’t, he would be sad until you told him that the reason you couldn’t was because you had to go to dance practice… because you were a trainee. His eyes would widen and he’d grin widely at the idea of you being a trainee. Though he knew being a trainee was hard, he also knew that you’d be an amazing idol and that you’d debut soon,

“Okay, well after practice do you want to eat lunch together?”

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Vernons audition

Pledis: show us what u got kid

Vernon: fruits and veggies are good for ur tummy. they taste so good they make me say yummy

Pledis: jeusus chrsit…..ur in kid


and here we have a video of joshua before he was in seventeen (99.9% sure it’s his audition tape) and it’s the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD   

Nu’est Guide

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Nu’est(New Established Style Tempo) debuted in 2012 with their song “face” Nu’est has a sub-unit Nu’est-M. Nu’est has six members in total. Nu’est is under Pledis Entertainment, they were the entertainments first boy group. Nu’est did pre-debut activities featuring in music videos for their label mates after school and orange caramel.



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Main dancer? His real name is Kim Jonghyun (like shinee) he’s the leader of Nu’est. His stage name means Junior Royal. He’s a rapper-dancer in the group.


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Minhyun is the lead vocalist in nu’est. Minhyun is the face of nu’est, for his audition at PLEDIS he sang 2am’s song “You wouldn’t answer my calls” he’s allergic to salt and pledis got fake snow for overcome that was salt and that might explain his outfit a bit from the mv.


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His real name is Choi Minki, Minki is the maknae and visual of Nu’est. He loves girl groups. Baekho asked Minhyun how he felt about Minki his response was “He looks like those creepy porcelain dolls that are sitting on your shelf looking at you, waiting to kill you.” Minhyun said he was prettier than Nana. He’s confident in his abilities. Biggest Lady Gaga fan.


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Nu’est main vocalist, he is the member of nu’est that does martial arts. His nickname is white tiger, he is considered the most sincere member of Nu’est. Kang Dongho is his real name


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Kwak Youngmin is a rapper/vocalist in Nu’est, he’s the American boy in Nu’est. He’s the English speaking member, the only one that can speak English well(from what I’ve seen) he argued with a manager so that a fan could take a picture with him. He interacts the most with fans (personal experiences of my friends and my self)


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Fu Long Fei was a sub-unit exclusive member. He seemed to be closest with Minki. Nu’est wasn’t Long Fei’s first group. He was the oldest person in Nu’est. It’s never been confirmed that he left, but Nu’est isn’t under a different entertainment for Chinese music anymore, it’s just confusing and has been for about a year.

Official MVs:

Not Over You
Sleep Talking
Fine Girl
Good Bye Bye + Dance Version
I’m Bad
Overcome + Performance Version
Love Paint
Look(A Starlight Night) Choreography Video

Dance Practices:

Introduce Me To Your Nuna
Sleep Talking
Overcome Man In Black ver
Love Paint Fix ver
Love Paint Eye Contact Ver

Live Performances:

I’m Sorry & Face Debut Stage - 12.03.15 - M!Countdown
Face - 12.03.17 - Music Core
I’m Sorry - 12.03.18 - Inkigayo
Face - 12.03.23 - The Show
Face - 12.03.29 - M!Countdown
Face - 12.04.03
Face - 12.04.08 - Inkigayo
Face - 12.04.13 - Music Bank
Action - 12.07.12 - M!Countdown
Action - 12.07.14 - Music Core
Action - 12.07.26 - M!Countdown
Not Over You - 12.08.16
Face - 12.10.28
Hello - 13.02.14 - M!Countdown
Hello - 13.02.23 - Music Core
Hello - 13.03.06 - Show Champion
Hello - 13.03.16 - Music Bank
Hello -13.03.12 - Music Core
Hello - 13.03.23 -Music Core
Hello - 13.04.06 - Music Bank
Sleep Talking -13.09.01
Sleep Talking - 13.09.04 - Show Champion
Sleep Talking - 13.09.05 - M!Countdown
Beautiful Ghost - 13.09.28 - Music Core
Good Bye Bye - 14.07.13 - Inkigayo
Good Bye Bye - 14.07.19 - Music Core
Good Bye Bye - 14.07.20 - Inkigayo
Good Bye Bye - 14.07.27 - Inkigayo
Good Bye Bye - 14.08.10 - Inkigayo
Overcome - 16.01.04 Simply Kpop
Overcome - 16.02.20 - Music Core
Overcome - 16.02.24 - Show Champion
Overcome - 16.02.25 - Simply kpop
Overcome - 16.02.26 - Music Bank
Overcome - 16.02.16 - Simply Kpop
Overcome - 16.02.20 - Music Core
Overcome - 16.03.04 - Simply Kpop
VVITH - 16.02.24 - simply kpop
VVITH - 16.02.26 - Simply Kpop
Overcome - 16.04.23 - Show Champion
Love Paint - 16.09.01 - M!Countdown
Thank You/Love Paint - 16.09.02 - Music Bank
Love Paint - 16.09.03 - Music Core
Love Paint - 16.09.04 - Inkigayo 
Love Paint - 16.09.09 - Music Bank
Love Paint - 16.09.17 - Music Core
Love Paint - 16.09.20 - The Show
Love Paint - 16.09.21 - Show Champion
Love Paint - 16.09.23 - Music Bank
Love Paint - 16.09.25 - Inkigayo 
Love Paint - 16.09.28 - Show Champion
Love Paint - 16.10.01 - Music Core
Love Paint - 16.10.11 - The Show
Love Paint - 16.10.15 - Music Core
Love Paint - 16.10.14 - Music Bank
Love Paint - 16.12.03 - The Show

Special Videos:

Overcome Acoustic (Minhyun&Joshua)
Love Paint Part Switch
Love Paint MV Making ( I cant find the official video)
Canvas Behind Chapter 1
Canvas Behind Chapter 2
Canvas Behind Chapter 3
Canvas behind Bonus Chapter Daybreak
Thank you (Evening By Evening)
Nu’est dancing to I.O.I Pick Me 
Nu’est Love Paint Speed player
Nu’est Story Book Lyric Video (honestly the best thing ever)

Anyways I’m going to stop there because I’ve spent way too long on this one guide. Send questions to my ask. Like if you have a group you want me to make a guide on, I have three lined up right now.

Mistletoe - Wonwoo Christmas imagine (fluff)

Hey y’all! So I want to get back to writing imagines/scenarios! I’m not that good yet but I hope to improve by writing a lot (: If you have a request just drop it in my ask box and I will try to write it as soon as possible! (I don’t write smut since I’m a smol bean and It’s very awkward to write)

I get caught with one of my friends under the mistletoe and you literally sprint from across the room to shove them out of the way and take their spot.

(I got this prompt from a list from this account) 

You closed your apartment door and shivered when you felt the cold breeze against your face. It was winter, almost Christmas, to be exact. So it wasn’t a big surprise when you saw some snow on the sidewalk, it must have snowed this night. You wouldn’t know, since you hardly came outside since you were, let’s say, a slightly unsocial person. It’s not that you didn’t like peop- no wait, it was. Even though you weren’t too fond of people, you were still pretty good friends with thirteen boys, all members of your best friend’s group. 

The friendship started when your best friend, Seokmin, auditioned at Pledis and became a trainee, to later be placed in the group. You’ve known Seokmin since you were small kids. You were from the same neighbourhood and your parents almost forced you two to spend time together, since they were good friends with each other. It only seemed logical to Seokmin that you would meet the boys he spent every minute of the day with immediately.

Keep reading

Seventeen as best friends - Mingyu

Masterlist - the other members (in unit order) will be posted soon!

  • when you first met him you never thought you’d become best friends because he looked like the cockiest guy ever
  • he wasn’t
  • the first thing Mingyu said to you was “wow you’re pretty damn short”
  • he was your (girl) best friends boyfriend at the time which was how you met
  • their relationship did not last long at all and she fell out with you over some stupid shit
  • you two continued to talk and hang out though
  • he sat next to you in biology after begging Mrs to move seats and you two got into all sorts of trouble
  • you started to sit next to him in all the lessons you shared
  • everyday you’d have to stay behind at school for getting into trouble together
  • “Mingyu, Y/N see me after class”
  • he embarrasses you so much its unreal
  • “you have a crush on that guy? HEY Y/N IS THAT THE GUY YOU LIKE”
  • oh my god the amount of times he’s told boys you like them
  • your parents absolutely adored him and your dad always watched sports games with him
  • “Mingyu would you stop growing I actually want to look your age rather then your younger sister”
  • he told you he was auditioning for Pledis and you were like “what the fuck is Pledis”
  • lets you use the discount codes that the boys all get from shopping online
  • “I wore this shirt in an interview do you want it?”
  • he is literally always laughing and cracking jokes yet is the kindest guy you have ever met
  • always offers money to people on the street or buys 3 drinks instead of 2 and gives them to people on the street
  • when you first heard him rap you were like “?!?!? so all this time where we’ve been jamming in the car and you actually have talent”
  • when you met the rest of Seventeen you couldn’t put names to their faces
  • Mingyu laughed his ass off when you got them mixed up
  • you two always go out for food at meat places and the fans thought you were dating
  • he was confronted on broadcast by the MC over whether you two were dating and Mingyu couldn’t stop laughing
  • the MC was like “you’ve been laughing for 5 minutes”
  • literally so protective
  • when you broke up with your ex boyfriend Mingyu got the rest of Seventeen and they all went around to his house and scared the living crap out of him
  • “if i hear you’ve tried talking to her I’ll be straight back”
  • you’re forbidden to date any of the members
  • whenever he visits different places with the rest of Seventeen he always brings you home souvenirs 
  • “Mingyu please don’t tell me that you just used my toothbrush”
  • hell his management staff would either love you or hate you
  • if you went to one of his shows you’d both mess around behind the stage and the staff would be like “kill us now”
  • you’d have so many inside jokes and if he was live on Vapp you’d be behind the camera with the rest of management making him laugh
  • the fans always knew if you were at the studio when they were on V because he never laughed so much at something happening off camera
  • you were lucky to have Mingyu as a best friend, and you’d really appreciate whatever time you had with him

posting the others soon, and I am doing it in unit order so keep waiting! Masterlist

S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, Mingyu, Hoshi, The8, Jun, Dino,  Woozi, Seokmin, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan

gifs aren’t mine

[My Name] Seventeen Vocal Team - Woozi, Joshua, Jeonghan, DK, Seungkwan


My Name is Woozi, real name is Lee Jihoon. Know, Ji(知) , service,hoon(勳) are used. Know my service>! Did I finish the service in first album as a producer? I’m thankful that members doesn’t hate the song and said that they like it.

1996 Nov 22nd born. I’m seventeen’s vocal team’s leader and producer. I made and produced all the songs from debut album.

As a producer, when I saw Adore U performance, it was daebak since the beginnign. I didn’t think that we would lie down on the stage. Since 13 members lie down at once, it draws attention and people are immersed in the performance.

The part I adore the most in Adore U is “Adore U Adore U, I even got dizziness”. It’s not because it is my part. haha and I also like seungkwan’s intro “I’m being alittle bit weird” part. It saves the feelings of seventeen who express teenagers. (SK : Woozi hyung’s voice can be used for variety of genres. It’s clear, emotional and firm)

rather than giving remarks, I’m the producer who lit up the atmosphere. When I did guide recording for the first time at the company, I met lots of types of composers. When I’m being scary, they felt down and cannot show their skills. So, I felt that I have to lit up the atmosphere when I get to do the directing.

I aodre Hoshi. If I choose from vocal team, it looks like im taking side.. haha, although hoshi is in charge of performance, he finished the recording first. He exactly knows himself well.

When I was young, I did classic for a long time. I played clarinet and also band instruments, but I was interested in singing a lot. People told me that I sing well but I was doubtful. Am I really good? Unexpectedly, I saw pledis audition poster and I wanted to try. “I will be a singer”. I tried it to see which position I’m at. I didn’t expect it but I got in. I practised and met pros and I met the new world. My music world become wider and it got continued excitingly.

Role models are Chris Brown and Park Jin Young sunbae nim. I want to put amaizing passion to endless music. I hope there will be people who will listen to my music even when the time passes. It’s okay even if there will not be a lot. I just hope people will keep listening to the music I made.

Woozi, always make a music passionately. I hope that you won’t lose the passion.  

My Name is Joshua, korean name is Hong Jisoo. Joshua is my american name and it’s the name which appeared on bible book.

1995 Dec 30th born and I’m from america. Parents are koreans and I lived in america for 19 years. I attended the church well. I was in the praise team and I did the music by playing guitar, and I got asked casting at the festival.

I have a voice that is sweet and soft, and go well with guitar. (Woozi : the 5 members of vocal team are all different. Josua ha acoustic voice and Jeonghan hyung whispers with his sweet voice and that is his charm.

Seventeen’s gentleman. I don’t get angry easily and try to talk softly. My voice is gentle,too. I behave with manners. (Hoshi : Joshua do even the simple request respectfully.) I always say “good morning” whenever I wake up in the mornings.

For role models, I want to be like Shinhwa sunbae nims who spend a long time as a team. They do the activities for a long time and their relationship is always good.

I want seventeen to become world stars. Now, KPOP is popular only in korea and asia, I hope it will be more popular in america.

I want be a dutiful son to parents by trying really hard. I’ll make my parents to be proud of me.  

My Name is Jeonghan, Yoon Jeonghan. Clean, Jeong (淨)and Han country, Han (漢). It has the meaning “milky way”.

1995 Oct 4th born so fans call em 1004, angel. so, when I first introduce myself, I call myself an angel (cheonsa). It’s a little bit cheesy but I have to introduce confidently! I can show both charms of fallen angel and normal angel.

I’m a long haired member of seventeen. At first, I don’t like long hair but when I got used to it, it became one of my special features so, I like it. People remember it first so, I like it more.

Visual member? There are members who are more handsome than me. Vernon, S.Coups, Mingyu, Jun, Wonwoo, Joshua.. emm.. others also have the looks with their own individuality. (all : What! Haha) My visual ranking? em.. 3rd. Oh, I’m one of the top ranked ones? haha.

My physical strength ranking is 13th. I have a weak phyiscal strength when we feel in daily life. It’s tiring but I’m keeping up. I am recharged only when I sleep. I sleep a lot so I got sleepy whenever, wherever. When I am sleepy at broadcasting station, I told them that I will go to toilet and I sleep there peacefully for 5 minutes. ah, it’s secret…

Sunbae nim I like the most is SHINee’s taemin sunbae nim. He showed the improvements and growth from debut album to till now. I want to learn that part. My skills have to improve more and more and I want to become a really helpful member for vocal team. Jeonghan, you really have to work hard!  

My Name is Dokyum (DK),real name is Lee Seok Min. Stone, seok(石) and citizen, min (民.)are used. (really?) I’m just kidding. haha big,seok(碩) and precious gem stone,min (珉)are used. To be the big existence like a precious gem stone. I’m working as my name. The reason why my name is DK is that, to be a talented boy who can be on the roads with different directions. Also open the road of voice!

1997 Feb 18th born. I had a dream to be a singer when I saw Yoon Dohyun sunbae nim’s performance in middle school. the way how he gave that kind of energy on the stage and the way he interacted with the audiences and shared the amusing energy was just so cool.

My nickname is internal voice. Members call me that because I’m noisy when I practise singing and it sounds like a speaker. I sang karaoke a lot when I was in middle school. and my friends told me that my singing is good so I was glad. Since then, I enjoyed singing when there is a friend who plays guitar. Now, I always listen to songs whenever I’m taking a rest. I keep practising.

I sing a lot YB’s ‘박하사탕’ at karaokes. I love rock bands. I was a part of rock band when I was in middle school. Rocker Seokmin!

I’m seventeen’s acknowledeged man. I have to collaborate with seugkwan’s nice atmosphere maker. haha. Two of us suits a lot. I think it is because of we both are main vocalists. (S.Coups : Seungkwan is funny because of his words and seokmin is funny because of behaviour)

Seungkwan and I are seventeen’s main vocals two top mountains. Seungkwan’s vocal is emotional and he sings ballad well. he can express deep emotions. Compared to him, I have powerful vocal. It’s clear. We are different so we learn a lot from each other.

Role model is Yoon Dohyun sunbae nim! secondly, it’s Moon Myungjin sunbae nim! I liked him because his soulful and honest songs. I want to sing by heart for many people. I want seventeen to recognized by public and I want to be recognized as a vocalist.

Hard work is the only way to live.  

My Name is Seungkwan, real name is Boo Seungkwan. Adult, boo(夫), success, seung(勝), generous, kwan (勝)are used. A successer being generous? Dad named it. I’m trying hard to be generous. I love giving energy to other people.
1998 Jan 16th born and form Jeju. I use jeju saturi sometimes. If I have to use it being forced, I cannot. ( he used saturi here lol) haha. Jeju is a pleasant environment, and a place for healing. Even I feel like that. It has a native charm.

since 1st year of elementary school, I participated in childrens’ songs festival which are held in school and sand a lot. Since I’m from jeju, I never thought to be a singer which is a dream stage. Luckily, I got casting via internet video. That video was when I participated in singing festival, our art teacher from the school took a video of it because I sang his/her favorite song. According to people’s response, it got uploaded on internet. I got asked casting via message and at first, I thought it was a lie. haha. I sang '연’ by big mama that time.

I’m seventeen’s nice atmosphere maker. If they are feeling down, I go to the members. I mitate the members or make them love with funny charms. for eg., voice imitation of our CEO-nim> haha when I am feeling down that’s only because I’m hungry. Besides hunger, I can contol my condition. I need to reduce my high tension.

My role model is Kim Junsu sunbae nim. It’s over 10 years but, he does musicals and solo activities, and it looks so cool. I want to be successful as a team and then show my solo activities.

I want to be a singer who can long-run with our members. I want to prove that people’s prejudice for many-membered group are wrong. I want to be active from many sides. Don’t be arrogant and always be modest!  

Source: tenasia || Trans cr: @17wonkkyu

Seventeen Vocal Unit reacting to you admitting your crush on them

A/N: Requests can be left in my inbox! Rules!

S: Vocal Unit reacting to you (a famous girl group member) admitting that they’re your celebrity crush on a live television show.


Woozi didn’t hear it himself but from the members as they came rushing over as soon as the show had ended. At first he didn’t believe what they were telling him and checked it online himself. When he heard you admit it live on Weekly Idol, he just stared at the TV blankly for a while.  He turned bright red whenever someone mentioned you or your confession in his presence.


He had a crush on you aswell for a really long time and couldn’t believe the words that just came out of your mouth. He even had to rewind the scene to hear it again. He took his time to go over everything you said on TV and next time he saw you, took his chance to ask you out.


Joshua felt really honoured when he heard you admitting how highly you think of him on After School Club. He had a lot of respect for you as an artist aswell and only took it kindly when you admitted. He also thanked you on Twitter for your kind-hearted words and tries to catch up with you to keep in contact.


At first he couldn’t stop the smiling from spreading from his cheeks since he was so excited about you admitting that he’s your celebrity crush. But his smile soon faited when he realized that you confessed in front of a live audience and that everyone’ll sooner or later mention it to him. He got really embarrased and tried to avoid the topic for most.


You were Seungkwan’s main reason to audition for Pledis and he couldn’t stop but think very highly of himself when you mentioned your crush on him on Running Man. He played it cool in front of the members but melted into a puddle whenever he saw you at the companies building or shows. He kept it as couragement to keep fighting through hard times.

Seventeen Scenario: Through Thick And Thin (Woozi)

☁️ Hello hello hello! As promised, I worked on some scenarios last night. This was requested by an anon, thank you so much~ Platonic love is just as cute as romantic love so this was so sweet to write ^^ Thank you for requesting. I hope you like this! 

- Admin Mochi ✨

To say that Jihoon was just your best friend was a little of an understatement. No, not like a lover—- you were both way too young to see each other in that sense. He was more like your twin brother, with many similarities and interests that allowed you both to function as a whole. But like twins, there were the differences. For example, waking up in the morning.

“Jihoon? Seriously, get up!” You laughed as you tried to tug the blanket off of the drowsy teen. It was ten in the morning and the sun was already bright and shining in the clear blue sky outside of Jihoon’s bedroom window yet Jihoon was ignoring it. The whole world was awake with activity: cars zoomed past, a bus droned by, birds chirped to one another and people walked to their destinations on the icy sidewalks, covered with snow from last night.

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Hoshi Scenario (Requested)

Characters: Hoshi x You

Word count: 1K+

Genre: Angst, friendship

Rating: G

When you were little, there was a really energetic little boy with the cheesiest smile that sat next to you on your first day of kindergarten. You had spent the last fifteen minutes, sitting at the farthest back seat you could find, crying because your mother had left you by yourself in this classroom full of strangers when a little boy had thrown an arm around your shoulders as he made funny faces at you, hoping that his attempts would help you to stop crying. Which it did and you were grateful for it. The little boy with the cheesy smile introduced himself as Kwon Soonyoung.
“My name is Kwon Soonyoung,” he had said with a loud and clear voice, “From this day forward, we are going to be best friends.”
Taken aback with surprise, you couldn’t help but to nod your head in agreement as Soonyoung flashed yet another cheesy smile at you. By the end of the day, you found yourself forgetting all about missing your mother’s embrace and instead laughing at all the jokes that Soonyoung kept throwing your way.
When the last bell finally rang to signal the end of the day, Soonyoung held your hand and intertwined your fingers together as he refused to let you go. You didn’t want to leave him either because you felt like you would miss his presence as soon as he lets go of your hand. Crazy that spending a day with someone could make you so clingy with them.
Your mothers had found the two of you huddled up together near the school’s entrance with chalk in your hands drawing pictures of the sun smiling down at children playing in a playground. It took all the strength they had to pry the two of you away from one another.
“Goodbye, Soonyoung,” you began to sniffle again as your mother held your hand tightly in hers.
“Don’t say that, Y/N,” Soonyoung replied with a small frown.
“Why not?”
“If you say ‘goodbye,’ then it means I can’t see you anymore. So say ‘see you later’ instead.”
“Okay,” you nodded slowly in agreement before you waved and began to walk towards your car, “See you later, Soonyoung!”
Every weekend the two of you spent a night at each other’s houses, with the approval and permissions of your mothers. Most of the time was spent with the two of you huddled up underneath a blanket as your wide eyes stared up at the popular idols performing their latest hit singles.
“Y/N,” Soonyoung shook your shoulders to catch your attention once you realized you had been so immersed in DBSK’s performance of Mirotic to hear that Soonyoung had been calling your name for the last minute.
“What is it?” You asked as he tugged on your hand. You let him pull you up to your feet and towards his bedroom before he closed the door firmly shut behind him, “What’s going on?”
“Shh, I want to show you something!” Soonyoung bounced on the balls of his feet in eagerness as he made his way towards his bookshelf and pulled out a rather rusty-looking binder that he soon plopped down onto his bed. You immediately appeared at his side to peer down at the binder with burning curiosity, “Look.”
He had opened the binder to a page where a poster that announced an audition for Pledis Entertainment was taped into it. He grinned cheekily as he ran his fingers delicately across the poster, “One day, I’m going to be an idol too.”
“That means you’ll have to go away, won’t it?” You frowned as you stared down at the audition poster with something short of sorrow. The two of you had made a promise that you would never leave each other’s side no matter what. Even if you two fought, you would always make up and be best friends again. So it made you really sad to think that Soonyoung would one day be leaving your side to become a trainee and, one day, a well known and loved idol. He could do it too, you knew. He was always singing to you on the phone when you couldn’t sleep late at night and you would sneak downstairs after your parents were deep in sleep to use the home phone to call him. You knew you had to be supportive though, Soonyoung would be able to accomplish this dream if he really put his heart and soul into it, and who were you to tell him no?
“It’s not guaranteed that I’ll be accepted, silly head,” Soonyoung chuckled and wrapped his arms around your fragile frame, his head resting against your shoulder to comfort you like he always does when he detects that you’re upset, “Even if I’m accepted, I’ll never forget you, you know?”
“You promise, right?” You hated being a crybaby but Soonyoung was the closest thing to comfort you have ever known and you wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t around anymore.
“I promise! Now no more crying, Y/N. You look prettier when you have a smile on your face,” Soonyoung brushed the stray strands of hair off your face as he flashed a bright smile.
The next week, you accompanied Soonyoung to the auditions, where many other kids your age had decided to audition for a chance to be an idol as well. Soonyoung had tried to convince you to audition as well but you knew there was no way anyone could convince you that you had any chance to become an idol. So you sat down behind the judges that would decide whether or not Soonyoung had enough talent to be scouted into Pledis.
“Go, Soonyoung!” You squealed loudly, clapping your hands as his name was called up to go on stage. There was scattered applause all around you as high beat music began to play in the background and you watched as Soonyoung’s body began to move impossibly smooth and quick to the rhythm. You were caught off guard as you thought Soonyoung would surely sing, since you never seen him dance before.
Even if you thought it was a waste that Soonyoung didn’t sing instead of dance, one of the nicer looking judges approached the two of you after the auditions were finished. You had congratulated Soonyoung on doing such a great job on his auditions and gushed on and on about how he was surely going to be accepted into Pledis, when you heard a woman’s laughter from behind you and you turned around to see a judge by the name of Lizzy squatting down and waving to the both of you.
“Hi, sweetheart,” she smiles politely as she waved, “You’re Soonyoung, aren’t you?”
Soonyoung nodded slowly, his eyes wide as he stared at the pretty lady that squatted in front of him, a packet in her hands. With shaky hands, Soonyoung reached out to take the packet from her and glanced down at it curiously.
“Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to become a Pledis trainee.”
With that, Soonyoung immediately threw his arms around you in a tight embrace, his laughter mixed in with your tears of joy and sorrow. You were so proud of Soonyoung for finally making it this far but you knew now that he would have to be taken away from you soon.
The two of you were greeted moments later by Soonyoung’s mother, whose son proudly showed her the packet that was the seal of his acceptance into Pledis and she cried tears of joy as she held her son close to him. Then when all of you had finally calmed down, with the exception of Soonyoung who would not stop bouncing in his seat, his mother took you to go eat Korean BBQ for the special occasion. There wasn’t anything to worry about except for packing because Pledis had already arranged his airplane ticket as well as boarding and food expenses; Soonyoung was going to leave in less than a week, which gave you less than a week left to cling onto your best friend before he’s taken away from you for who knows how long.
At the airport, you couldn’t believe the really energetic little boy with the cheesiest smile that sat next to you on your first day of kindergarten was going to be an idol one day. There he was though, a second-grader standing right in front of you with his carry-on bag gripped tightly in one hand and his airplane ticket in the other. You couldn’t be any happier for your best friend but when he waved at you for the last time before disappearing into the airplane, you burst into tears and clung onto your mother’s waist as your tears began to soak through her shirt. After today, you wouldn’t be able to see your best friend anymore.
It was hard at first, when you couldn’t sleep, you’d sneak downstairs to call Soonyoung in the middle of the night only to end the call by the second ring because you’d remember that he wasn’t home anymore. Your first days of third, fourth, fifth, middle school, and high school weren’t filled with an energetic little boy with the cheesiest smile but instead with new friends that didn’t have quite the same cheesy smile that Soonyoung had. Weekends weren’t spent at another friend’s house but instead were spent with a pile of homework that you procrastinated until the very last minute.
You were proud when one day you received the news that Soonyoung had finally debuted with his group SEVENTEEN. You knew that he was supposed to debut several years ago but it was delayed so many times, you could only imagine how discouraged he was. Finally though, here he was, debuting in an already well known group and having thousands of fans vouching for their success. You being one of those fans, of course.
News came that SEVENTEEN was coming to your city this upcoming holiday and you couldn’t be anymore ecstatic. You could finally surprise Soonyoung by attending their first fanmeet in his hometown. You friends had all gone crazy, blowing up your phone with messages to make plans to attend the fanmeet so you casually went along, as not to seem like a total fangirl to all your fans but inside you were extremely nervous and anxious to meet with Soonyoung again. This time, he’ll be known as the nationwide-known Hoshi. The performance team’s leader, Hoshi.
It was a sunny weekend, complete with a perfect breeze when you finally arrived at the location where the fanmeet was being held. It was close to the beach, you and Soonyoung had visited it before he left for training so maybe he did remember you, or maybe this was just a mere coincidence. You couldn’t tell. Your friends immediately dragged you towards the lines that were forming to wait for signatures from each member and a chance to talk to them. You immediately headed towards Soonyoung when you noted that not many people had crowded in front of him yet so you had to take the opportunity now.
“Hello,” you bowed politely as you were finally in his line of vision, a notebook opened to a blank page held tightly in your hands.
“Hello, thank you for coming today!” Soonyoung grinned sheepishly as he waved with both hands before reaching out to take the notebook from your hands and hold a pen out, he asked, “Who will I make this out to?”
“Um, Y/N,” you stated nonchalantly as you stared down at the empty notebook, noting that Soonyoung’s hand hadn’t moved yet. You could feel his eyes boring holes into your head as he unblinkingly stared at you in confusion.
“Y/N?” Soonyoung suddenly reached out to grab a hold of your hand, his grin changing into the cheesy smile that had become so familiar to you when the two of you were younger. There he was; the really energetic little boy who had the cheesiest smile, had grown into a successful and hardworking idol and you couldn’t have felt any prouder than you felt now.
“Congratulations, Soonyoung. You made it.”

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: But Wonwoo's verse in the No Flex Zone remix was literally so fire, how does he rap so fast, didn't he join and audition for Pledis as a singer? Who taught him to rap like this? Even after an entire year his part has been plaguing my mind. And he wrote it himself, how is he so talented at only 20 years old I would like a direct answer please.
my complied list of NU'EST-related videos

Besides acting as my personal record, this is also for new L.O.V.Es that are looking for videos, you might want to try your luck searching with these titles. Streaming links will be provided if available, otherwise please try your best to google for them. I will NOT be uploading them because I do not have permission to do so, sorry; google is a good way to start these searches.

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[2013] CanCam March Photoshoot Clip I_Baekho&Minhyun [ o ]
[2013] CanCam March Photoshoot Clip II_Aron&JR&Ren [ o ]
[2013] Dance Practice Video - HELLO [ o ]  
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[2012] New Balance_w/o Baekho [ o ]
[2013] McDonalds [ o ]

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[130227] LOEN TV: Let’s Dance - HELLO [ xo ]
[140713] Judgement Dance Performance Ver. [ o ]
[140716] Good Bye Bye Choreography Ver. [ o ]

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[2013] Reckless Family Sitcom_Minhyun [ep1-31]

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[140323] NU'EST SHOWTIME 2 in Tokyo: Miss You_Aron&JR [ o ]
[140713] Inkigayo Mini Fan Meeting_Punishment Cut [ o ]
[140713] Inkigayo Mini Fan Meeting_JR Rap [ o ]
[140713] Inkigayo Mini Fan Meeting_JR taking attendence [ o ]
[140720] All Force One Hot & Cool: Mirror_Baekho [ o | o | o ]
[140720] All Force One Hot & Cool: One Man Show_Minhyun [ o ]
[140720] All Force One Hot & Cool: Shine On My Life_Baekho&Minhyun [ o ]

MESSAGES & PROMO: [YYMMDD] message/members if not in group 
20 (17) VIDEOS

[120718] Melon: Special Message on Action Comeback [ o ]
[120913] Official: 2012 PLEDIS Asian-American Auditions in the USA [ o ]
[130315] Official:1st Anniversary Message [ o ]
[130821] Official: Message for NU'EST in LOVE [ o ]
[140124] Official: New Year Message [ o ]
[140127] CeCi: Message for CeCi_NUESTM [ o ]
[140219] Official: SHOWTIME 2 Promotional Message [ o ]
[140312] FanCafe: My 러브들~♥_Aron [ o ]
[140314] (X)TV!: White Day Mesage_Aron [ x ]
[140318] Kstyle: Message for Japan FM_Aron [ x | o ]
[140318] Kstyle: Message for Japan FM_Baekho [ x | o ]
[140319] Kstyle: Message for Japan FM_Ren [ x | o ]
[140326] Official: Support Message for Orange Caramel Catallena [ o ]
[140530] Official: Japan Debut Promotional Message [ o ]
[140617] Promotional video for Peru concert [ o ]
[140617] Promotional video for Japan Summer Tour [ o ]
[140704] High Cut: Message for Japan Summer Tour [ o ]

MUSIC VIDEOS: [YYYY] song title/members if not in group 
21 (11) VIDEOS

[2012] Action [ o | o ]
[2012] FACE [ xo | o | xo | o ]
[2012] Love Letter - Pledis Boys ver. [ o ]
[2012] Sandy [ xo | o ]
[2013] Fine Girl [ xo | o ]
[2013] HELLO [ xo | o ]
[2013] Not Over You [ o | o ]
[2013] Sleep Talking [ xo | o ]
[2013] MV Featuring: Kye Bumjoo's The Ceiling [ xo ]
[2014] Rap Featuring: Chad Future’s Got It Figured Out [ o ]
[2014] Good Bye Bye [ xo | o ]

NEWS CLIPS & INTERVIEWS: [YYMMDD] Program/performance/members if not in group 
89 (39) VIDEOS

[121028] Kourier: Interview with NU'EST [ x ]
[121028] (X)TV!: Interview with NU'EST [ x ]
[130914] Arirang Secret Box [ x ]
[131001] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 01: Intro [ x | x | o ]
[131001] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 02: JR [ x | x | o ]
[131002] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 03: Aron [ x | x | o ]
[131004] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 04: Baekho [ x | x | o ]
[131004] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 05: Minhyun [ x | x | o ]
[131005] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 06: Ren [ x | x | o ]
[131006] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 07: To-Do List with Japanese Fans [ x | x | o ]
[131007] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 08: Minhyun Talk About Japan FM [ x | x | o ]
[131008] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 09: Aron Talk About Showing Cute Sides [ x | x | o ]
[131009] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 10: Baekho Talk About Japanese Fans [ x | x | o ]
[131010] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 11: Ren Talk About Heading to Japan [ x | x | o ]
[131011] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 12: JR Talk About Japanese & Japanese Fans [ x | x | o ]
[131012] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 13: Ideal Types [ x | x | o ]
[131014] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 14: Talk about 'Sleep Talking’ [ x | x | o ]
[131014] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 15: Sleeping Habits [ x | x | o ]
[131015] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 16: Member that Wakes Up The Best [ x | x | o ]
[131017] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 17: Thoughts of Minhyun’s Impersonation of JR [ x | x | o ]
[131018] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 18: Aron’s Most Confident Feature [ x | o ]
[131018] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 19: Baekho’s Handsome Smile [ x | o ]
[131019] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 20: Minhyun’s Favourite Style on Girls [ x | o ]
[131020] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 21: Ren choosing Dad, Brothers & Lovers from Members [ x | x | o ]
[131021] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 22: Which Member To Spend Your Day on a Deserted Island [ x | o ]
[131022] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 23: Personality VS Image [ x | o ]
[131024] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 24: Recently Learnt Japanese I [ x | o ]
[131024] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 25: Recently Learnt Japanese II [ x | o ]
[131025] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 26: Charm of Member Next to You [ x | o ]
[131027] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 27: Ren’s Birthday Presents [ x | x | o ]
[131027] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 28: Fave Song [ x | o ]
[131028] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 29: ARen/JRen Couple Talk [ x | x | o ]
[131029] 30 Days with NU'EST - Day 30: Ending Ment [ x | o ]
[140213] UPTV: SOPA Graduation_Minhyun [ o ]
[140409] (X)TV!: Interview with DJ Aron of Music Access_Aron [ x ]
[140526] Official: Japan Debut Press Conference [ o ]
[140604] Tower Records KPOP Lovers: NU'EST Japan Debut [ o ]
[140604] Arirang Showbiz Korea: NU'EST Japan Debut [ o ]

NU'PAPA: [YYMMDD] Program/performance/members if not in group 

[140327] NU'PAPA Harddisk Revelation - Chicken Fight [ o ]
[140403] NU'PAPA Harddisk Revelation - Practicing in the Studio [ o ]
[140601] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 1 [ o ]
[140602] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 2: Baekho Weight Check_Baekho [ o ]
[140603] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 3: Aron Fan Letter_Aron [ o ]
[140604] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 4: Minhyun Practicing Pronunciation_Minhyun [ o ]
[140605] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 5: Baekho Gym_Baekho [ o ]
[140606] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 6: JR Studio_JR [ o ]
[140607] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 7: Minhyun Practicing Pronunciation_Minhyun [ o ]
[140608] NU'PAPA JR Birthday Clip - Playing in Guam [ o ]
[140608] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 8: Ren Web Surfing_Ren [ o ]
[140609] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 9: Aron Spelling_Aron [ o ]
[140610] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 10: JR Recording_JR [ o ]
[140611] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 11: Baekho Exercise_Baekho [ o ]
[140613] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 13: Ren Haircut_Ren [ o ]
[140614] NU'PAPA 14 Day Project - Day 14 [ o ]

OTHERS: [YYMMDD] title/members if not in group 

[130326] Runway: Designer Park Younsoo_Ren [ o ]
[140127] Mwave Meet & Greet [ o ]
[140714] NU'EST Parent’s Love Letters To Members [ o ]

PERFORMANCES: [YYMMDD] song title/members if not in group 
80 (72) VIDEOS

[120314] Cover - Ra.D’s I’m In Love_Minhyun [ o ]
[120315] Mnet M-countdown - I’m Sorry + FACE [ o ]
[120316] KBS Music Bank - I’m Sorry + FACE [ o ]
[120317] MBC Music Core - FACE [ o ]
[120320] MBC Show Champion - FACE [ o ]
[120322] Mnet M-countdown - FACE [ o ]
[120323] KBS Music Bank - FACE [ o ]
[120323] SBS MTV The Show - FACE [ o ]
[120329] Mnet-M-countdown - FACE [ o ]
[120330] KBS Music Bank - FACE [ o ]
[120330] SBS MTV The Show - FACE [ o ]
[120331] MBC Music Core - FACE [ o ]
[120403] MBC Show Champion - FACE [ o ]
[120405] Mnet-M-countdown - FACE [ o ]
[120406] SBS MTV The Show - FACE [ o ]
[120407] MBC Music Core - FACE [ o ]
[120410] MBC Show Champion - FACE [ o ]
[120413] KBS Music Bank - FACE [ ]
[120414] MBC Music Core - FACE [ o ]
[120424] MBC Show Champion - I’m Sorry [ o ]
[120427] KBS Music Bank - I’m Sorry [ o ]
[120428] MBC Music Core - I’m Sorry [ o ]
[120712] Mnet M-countdown - Action [ o ]
[120714] MBC Music Core - Action [ o ]
[120717] MBC Show Champion - Not Over You & Action [ o ]
[120720] KBS Music Bank - Action [ o ]
[120724] MBC Show Champion - Action [ o ]
[120728] MBC Music Core - Action [ o ]
[120816] Mnet M-countdown - Not Over You [ o ]
[120830] Arirang Simply K-Pop - Action [ o ]
[120926] MBC Big Concert in Cheongju - FACE + Not Over You [ o | o | o ]
[121013] Mnet K-Con 2012 - FACE + Not Over You + Action [ o ]
[130214] Mnet M-countdown - HELLO + Hello Hello [ o | o | o ]
[130216] MBC Music Core - HELLO [ o ]
[130221] Mnet M-countdown - HELLO [ o ]
[130222] KBS Music Bank - HELLO [ o ]
[130223] MBC Music Core - HELLO [ o ]
[130227] MBC Show Champion - HELLO [ o | o ]
[130228] Mnet M-countdown - HELLO [ o ]
[130301] KBS Music Bank - HELLO [ o ]
[130302] MBC Music Core - HELLO [ o ]
[130306] MBC Show Champion - HELLO [ o | o ]
[130308] KBS Music Bank - HELLO [ o ]
[130313] MBC Show Champion - HELLO [ o ]
[130316] KBS Music Bank - HELLO [ x ]
[130317] SBS Inkigayo - HELLO [ o ]
[130319] Arirang Simply Kpop - HELLO + Interview [ o ]
[130320] MBC Show Champion - HELLO [ o | o ]
[130323] MBC Music Core - HELLO [ o ]
[130327] MBC Show Champion - HELLO [ o | o ]
[130406] KBS Music Bank - HELLO [ x ]
[130822] Mnet M-countdown - Beautiful Ghost + Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130824] MBC Music Core - Beautiful Ghost + Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130828] MBC Show Champion - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130904] MBC Show Champion - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130905] Mnet M-countdown - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130918] MBC Show Champion - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130921] MBC Music Core - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130925] MBC Show Champion - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[130926] Mnet M-countdown - Beautiful Ghost [ o ]
[130928] MBC Music Core - Beautiful Ghost [ o ]
[130929] SBS Inkigayo - Beautiful Ghost [ o ]
[131003] Mnet M-countdown - Beautiful Ghost [ o ]
[131004] Arirang Simply Kpop EP83 - Beautiful Ghost [ o ]
[131220] 天天向上 - Sleep Talking (Chi. Ver)_M [ o ]
[140123] Top Chinese Music - Sleep Talking (Chi. Ver) _M [ o ] 
[140308] Cover - MBC Music Core Boy’s Day_Ren [ o ]
[140621] NU'EST In Guam Highlights Clip [ o ]
[140709] NU'EST Re:BIRTH showcase [ xox ]
[140711] KBS Music Bank - Good Bye Bye [ o ]
[140723] MBC Music Core - Judgement + Good Bye Bye [ o ]
[140723] MBC Show Champion - Good Bye Bye [ o ]

RADIO: [YYMMDD] programme name/members if not in group 

[120328] MBC Kiss The Radio [ x ]
[140331] Arirang Music Access_Aron&Baekho [ xo ]
[140403] Arirang Music Access_Aron [ xo ]

TEASERS: [YYMMDD] programme/members if not in group 

[120302] DEBUT: FACE Teaser [ o ]
[120305] DEBUT: FACE Teaser_Baekho [ o ]
[120306] DEBUT: FACE Teaser_Ren [ o ]
[120308] DEBUT: FACE Teaser_Minhyun [ o ]
[120310] DEBUT: FACE Teaser_JR [ o ]
[120312] DEBUT: FACE Teaser_Aron [ o ]
[120705] COMEBACK: Action Teaser - 30s [ o ]
[120707] COMEBACK: Action Teaser - 60s [ o ]
[120708] SBS Inkigayo - Action Comeback Teaser [ o ] 
[120710] MBC Show Champion - Action Comeback Teaser [ o ]
[130207] COMEBACK: Hello Teaser - 30s ver.1 [ o ]
[130211] COMEBACK: Hello Teaser - 30s ver.1 [ o ]
[140623] Featuring: Got It Figured Out Teaser_Aron  [ o ]
[140704] COMEBACK: Re:BIRTH Highlight Medley  [ o ]
[140706] Judgement Teaser [ o ]
[140704] KBS Music Bank- Good Bye Bye Comeback Teaser  [ o ]
[140705] MBC Music Core - Good Bye Bye Comeback Teaser  [ o ]
[140706] SBS Inkigayo - Good Bye Bye Comeback Teaser  [ o ]

TV SPECIALS: [YYMMDD] title/members if not in group 

[140702] NU'EST Showtime 2 in Japan Special [ o ]

VARIETY: [YYMMDD] programme/members if not in group 
36 (31) VIDEOS

[120617] NU'EST LOVE STORY S1 ep1 [ o ]
[120625] NU'EST LOVE STORY S1 ep2 [ o ] 
[120702] NU'EST LOVE STORY S1 ep3 [ o ] 
[120709] NU'EST LOVE STORY S1 ep4 [ o ] 
[120801] MBC Weekly Idol with Hello Venus [ o | x | x ]
[130110] NU'EST LOVE STORY S2 ep1 [ o ]
[130120/30] NU'EST LOVE STORY S2 ep2 [ o | o ]
[130213] NU'EST LOVE STORY S2 ep3 [ o ]
[130223] NU'EST LOVE STORY S2 ep4 [ o ]
[130628] NU'EST LOVE STORY S3 ep1 - JRON Day [ o ]
[130711] NU'EST LOVE STORY S3 ep2 - NU'EST in Turkey [ o ]
[130723] NU'EST LOVE STORY S3 ep3 - Practicing in Studio [ o ]
[130802] NU'EST LOVE STORY S3 ep4_Minhyun&Ren [ o ]
[130813] NU'EST LOVE STORY S3 ep5_Aron&JR&Baekho [ o ]
[130910] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep1 [ o ]
[130917] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep2 [ o ]
[130917] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 special - Korean Thanksgiving [ o ]
[130924] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep3 [ x | o ]
[130925] MBC Show Champion - MC cuts_Baekho&Minhyun [ o ]
[131001] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep4 [ x | o ]
[131007] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 ep1 - Fan Meeting [ o | o ] 
[131008] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep5 [ o ]
[131015] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep6 [ o ]
[131022] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep7 [ o ]
[131023] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 ep2 - Sleep Talking [ o ]
[131029] Mnet Japan NU'EST in LOVE ep8 [ o ]
[131102] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 ep3 - Ren’s Birthday [ o ]
[131202] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 ep4 - NU'EST in China [ o ]
[131209] NU'EST LOVE STORY S4 ep4 - Time Capsule [ o ]
[131208] Idol Show 爱逗秀 Part I [ xo ]
[131215] Idol Show 爱逗秀 Part II [ xo ]


Seventeen are under Pledis Entertainment, and have thirteen members, despite the name of the group. Seventeen used to have seventeen members, but they were all trainees, and Pledis announced that the final members would be chosen from fan feedback. Because of this, four members were ‘disqualified’.  This was before debut; Seventeen debuted with thirteen members. Some other people say that Seventeen are named this because they have three units (Hip hop, vocalist and performance) and so 13 members + 3 units + 1 Seventeen (As a group) equal seventeen. Their fandom name is Carats. They made a live debut on the 26th of May 2015, but they released their first MV Adore U and debut album 17 Carat on the 29th of May, 2015. The thirteen members are (ordered by individual units):

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[My Name] Seventeen Hip-Hop Team - S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon

My Name is S.Coups
, real name is Choi Seungcheol, Win, Seung(勝), Clear, Cheol(澈), are used. Win clearly! Win fairly! S.Coups is the name created by me. I added Coups which means big success to Seungcheol’s S and Seventeen’s S. As a rapper, I wanted to have my own cool name.

I was born on 1996 August 8th and I am seventeen’s general leader and hip hop team’s leader. I trained for the longest time. At fist I had thoughts that I wanted to debut fast but as the members came in, I thought that I had to lead the team well. As I continue to get trained, I got into the dance team of after school blue team. I could not forget the energy I felt when I was on the stage.

When I got the debut album for the first time, I felt like “Is this ours!”.It’s been 2 week since debut but it’s like a dream till now. I think I’ll become a trainee when I wake up tomorrow. I feel like I am the idol the most when I met sunbae nims at music programs and when I am on the stafge together with them at broadcasting station.

Beagle, power, manliness are my keywords. I’m confident the most when it comes to power. I’m stronger than my friends and hyungs. I like sports. About beagle (being crazy), all the members have this but since I am the leader, I’m like the captain of beagle? Haha

Role models are Uknow Yunho sunbae nim, G-Dragon sunbae nim, Zico sunbae nin. As I am a leader, I want to emulate the sunbae nims who played their role well. I also want to be the role model of others by keeping my dream.

My Name is Wonwoo, and the surname is Jeon. Round,Won(圓) and Help,Woo(祐)are used. Let’s live by helping with rounded mind!

1996 July 17th born and I’m from Gyeongsang-nam do, Changwon. I moved to seoul in 3rd year of middle school. I went to guitar class since I want to do the music. When I started to play it, I participitated in pledis audition just for experience. I got in luckily.

At first, I sang but because of persuation from surroundings, I got into hip hop team. They told me to rap because of good voice. Since then, I looked for the hip hop music and listened to. And then, I got recognized and got into the hip hop team.

The extreme sexiness which comes out when I’m tired? When I’m not in good condition, I just stay blankly and people say that I’m really handsome when I’m staying blanky. I’m emo when I’m hurt/sick. haha My mind is not sexy but my appearance has something like that. I love myself. so, my visual ranking is 3th~4th.

seventeen’s number 1 visual in my heart is S.Coups hyung. I like the ones who look manly. Leader S.Coups hyung ha amazing leadership so I always want to follow him. The more I see him, the more I respect him.

Role model is LUPE FIASCO, in korea, it’s Tablo sunbae nim. I like writing lyrics, I got ideas for lyrics when I see that person and Tablo sunbae nim. When I look at sad things, I become sad and when I look at happy things I become happy.

I want to be the best with seventeen members. Wonwoo, this is our starting point. Fighting! (Seungkwan : Wonwoo hyung is the charge of cheesy lines)  

My Name is Mingyu, precious gem stone, min(珉) and star, gyu(奎) are used. A gem stone like a star? haha We cannot touch the star but we can touch the stone. So I want to be a star which can be touched. (Members : ohhhh~) I just made it up now. haha

1997 April 6th born and I got asked for casting in 2nd year of middle school. I got trianed and held small concerts with members and I got fans’ support, it was really good. I thought that I had to continue this.

I’m seventeen’s all round hand. I heard a lot from my surrounding that I’m good at hand skills. I can repair the thing which are broken. When I was young, I made a sailing ship with chopsticks. When I am bored at dorm, I moved the things and changed the interior. I am in charge of changing bulbs since I am tall.

I’m also in charge of hair styling. Mingyu shop which do the styling simply for the members! I’m counting 1000 won for each as credit. (Joshua: he is really good). I sometimes do so badly that I even feel sorry. I touched DK’s hair and told him to wash.

Role model is Big Bang’s TOP sunbae nim. TOP sunbae nim shows the cool images on the stage and he also do well as an actor. I want to emulate those sides. Ler’s practise acting.

My dream is not “I want to be something” but “Wherever I am, whatever I do, I hope people will like me”. I want to be a person whom people become happy when they work with me.  

My Name is Vernon, real name is Hansol Vernon Chwe. My middle name is my mother’s surname and I used it as my stage name. Korean name is Choi Hansol. It’s hangul name.

1998 Feb 18th born. I was born is America but before I went to elementary school, I moved to korea. To be honest, korean is more comfortable for me.

I got casting at the station in front of school when I was in middle school. The more I practise, the more my dream that I wanted to be a singer becomes confirmed.

The variety show which I appeared in when I was young, becomes an issue. I went there because I was bored… It’s strange and I’m embarrassed. haha but it was fan. I was also in “hello stranger” by MBC before debut. I knew that how the broadcast works. All the people who worked with me were nice. I’m thankful.

America rapper J Cole is my role model. I want to be the great artist like him. I want to be the improving artist who climb the steps till the final aim. Vernon, let’s practise rapping harder!

Source: tenasia || Trans cr: @17wonkkyu

Seventeen as best friends - Seokmin

Masterlist - the other members (in unit order) will be posted soon!

  • you’d become friends after not really liking him
  • like he would go to the same school as you, and you knew him but you’d never really want to be friends with Dokyeom because he’s a bit loud
  • in all of the lessons you shared you would try to stay out of his way because he’s so loud
  • you were staying after school for revision, and once it had finished you were walking through the yard, and you saw Seokmin sat inside the football goal crying
  • you went over to comfort him, and he confided his problems with you, even though you’d never spoken
  • after that you went home and thought you’d never talk to him again
  • the next day at school he brought you a thank you card and gave you that huge smile (you still have the card)
  • and then BAM he was with you 24/7 and you loved it
  • you never knew how funny Seokmin was until you started hanging around with him
  • when you were with him, you didn’t realise but you were also being insanely loud - he just has that effect on people
  • it was like whenever you saw him you just couldn’t stop a grin from appearing on your face
  • his older sister adores you
  • in fact his whole family adore you, because you know when to be funny with him, and also know when to tell him to be serious
  • you were with him at your house one time and he just started to sing out of nowhere and you nearly died
  • like how did have such an angelic voice
  • Seokmin told you he was auditioning for Pledis and you were like “bro you’ll kill it”
  • when he made it you couldn’t contain your happiness
  • within the first few weeks of his training, you noticed a change in his attitude
  • he went from loud and fun to quiet and careful
  • truth is, he was having trouble keeping up with the other boys in his group
  • yet once Dk found his confidence, he was back to normal, and he started having fun again
  • you two would be loud as hell when you were at Seventeen’s dorms
  • he’d take you to karaoke booths all the time even though you both knew you couldn’t even hit one note
  • if you were with him there would never be a dull moment, the whole day would be fun 
  • comparing and watching anime together
  • “Y/N do you want to see my Naruto impression?”
  • he would literally do anything to make you smile
  • if Seokmin saw you upset, his normal giddy voice would turn soft and gentle, and he’d bend his head to look you in the eye
  • if you were crying he would just hold you, for hours if he had too
  • literally the biggest ball of happiness to ever enter your life
  • DK wouldn’t do anything that would threaten your friendship
  • he would invite you to all of his concert / performances and if you couldn’t make one of them, he would come to your house the next day and sing each song for you 
  • a genuine guy who you just wanted to see happy

posting the others soon, and I am doing it in unit order so keep waiting! Masterlist

S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, Mingyu, Hoshi, The8, Jun, Dino, Woozi, Seokmin, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan

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[My Name] Seventeen (1) Hip-Hop Team – S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon

My Name is S.Coups, birth name is Choi Seungcheol. My name means winning Seung(勝) and clear Cheol(澈). Win with clarity! Win fair and square! I thought of the name S.Coups. S for Seungcheol and Seventeen while Coups means big success. I wanted my own cool name as a rapper.

Born on August 8th, 1995, I am the leader of Seventeen and the hip-hop team. I trained for the longest. Initially, I had many thoughts of wanting to debut quickly but as more members entered the team, I wanted to lead the team well. While I was training, I became a part of After School Blue Team’s dance team. The strong feeling that I had when standing on stage is unforgettable.

When I first received our debut album, I thought, ‘This is ours!’. Two weeks of our debut have passed but this still feels like a dream. I feel like I’m still a trainee when I sleep and wake up the next day. Reality hits me (that we debuted) when seeing senior artists at music broadcast stations, standing on stage with them, and being in the broadcast station in general.

My keywords are beagle, power, and masculinity. I’m confident (in the keyword) power. I’m stronger than my same-aged friends and hyungs. I like sports a lot. All the members are beagles but since I’m the leader, I guess I’m the beagle captain? Haha. (T/N: Being a ‘beagle’ means that one is very lively like a beagle!)

Role models are U-Know Yunho, G-Dragon, and Zico. Since I’m the leader of the team, I want to become a leader like these seniors who perform the leader role well. As I live my dream, I want to become someone else’s model someday.

My Name is Wonwoo, my last name is Jeon. My name means round Won(圓) and helping Woo(祐). Let’s live with a round heart while helping people!

Born on July 17th, 1996, I am from Kyungsangnam-do Changwon. I came to Seoul when I was in my third year of junior high school. I wanted to do music so I went to guitar class. Just when I barely knew how to hold chords and play, I auditioned for Pledis for experience. I was lucky enough to pass the audition.

Initially, I sang but I was invited into the hip-hop team. They said I had a nice voice and told me to try rapping. Since then, I search hip-hop songs and listened to them. While doing that, they gave me approval and put into the hip-hop team.

My sexy side comes out when I’m tired? When I’m not in good condition and stare off into space, people say that I look handsome when staring off into space. It’s corrupting when I get sick. Haha. My personality isn’t sexy but there’s something about my looks. I love myself. So my appearance ranking is 3rd~4th.

The number one visual in my heart is S.Coups hyung, I like a person who looks masculine. Leader S.Coups hyung’s leadership is superior so I want to keep following him. The more I look at him, the more I respect him.

Role model is Lupe Fiasco, in Korea he’s like the Tablo. I like writing lyrics but when I see him and Tablo, the lyrics shake me. When seeing something sad, we all become sad, when seeing something happy, we call become happy.

I want to become the best with Seventeen. Wonwoo-yah, this is now the start line. Hwaiting! (Seungkwan: Wonwoo hyung is in charge of cheesy lines)

My Name is Mingyu, my name means jade Min(珉) and star Gyu(奎). Star like rock? Haha. Although you can’t touch a star, you can touch a rock. That’s why I want to become a star that you can reach. (Members: Oh~) I just made that up on the spot. Haha.

Born on April 6th, 1997, I was casted when I was in my second year of junior high school. I really liked standing on stage, performing a small concert, and receiving responses from fans while practicing. I thought that I should keep doing it.

I am Seventeen’s almighty hand. I hear from a lot of people around me that I am a good handicraft. I fix broken things very well. I once made a sailboat out of wooden chopsticks. When I’m bored at the dorm, I move the furniture and rearrange the interior. Since I’m the tallest, I’m in charge of changing the light bulbs.

I’m briefly in charge of styling hair. Briefly styling the member’s hair, Mingyu Shop! People who don’t pay owe an extra 1000won (~$1). (Joshua: He’s really good). There was a time when I didn’t do a good job, even when I saw it. After styling Dokyum’s hair, I told him to wash his hair.

Role model is Big Bang TOP. TOP shows a very cool side on stage and even when acting, he promotes very well. I want to have a (cool) side like him. Let’s practice acting.

My dream isn’t wanting to become something but to have people like me for whatever I do. I want to become a person who makes people happy.

My Name is Vernon, my birth name is Hansol Vernon Chwe. My middle name is my mother’s surname but I use it as my stage name. My Korean name is Chwe Hansol. That is my name in Hangul (Korean).

Born on February 18th, 1998. I was born in the US but came to Korea before even going to elementary school. Truthfully, Korean is more comfortable.

I was casted on the streets during junior high school at the subway station in front of my school. My dream as an artist became more secure as I trained.

The program I went on when I was younger became the hot topic. (Love adherence choding [elementary schooler]) I was bored so I went on it… It’s fascinating and embarrassing. Haha. I think it was fun. Before debut, I appeared on MBC’s ‘Hello Stranger’. I experienced how shows progressed. Everyone who I was with was very good to me. Thank you.

Role model is American rapper, J Cole. I want to become a cool artist like him. My final goal is to become an artist who develops one step at a time. Vernon-ah, let’s work harder on rapping

Source: Tenasia
Translated by vernonstop
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