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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
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This was all taken from facebook because our own local media isn’t covering enough of this. But here’s what happened as of 12:24 AM PHT:


- AFP: Marawi City situation under control as military pursues Maute bandits.

- AFP: Several members of the Maute group were killed.

-Duterte flies back home from Russia.

-AFP are sending more troops in Marawi

- Patients and nurses are safe inside the APMC and the latter are currently on duty.

- Armed men are confirmed to be the Maute group.

- The Maute group together with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

- A policeman and 2 ambulance drivers were killed.

- Homes are being trespassed.

- Women not wearing Hijabs are being taken away.

- AFP received an intel that Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon was with the Maute group.

- Some buildings in Dansalan College were burnt to ashes.

- Most affected areas are Basak Malutlut, Sarimanok, Marinaut, Provincial Jail, Amai Pakpak, Bo. Saber, Sarimanok and most of the key intersections in Marawi.

- Marawi City Jail is on fire.

- Detainees in the City Jail were freed by the group.

- At least 5 gov’t troops are now wounded.

- Chapel in Barrio Paypay is on fire.

- The group took away the firetrucks so that the fire can’t be put out.

- Marawi City is experiencing total electricity blackout.

- ISIS flags are raised in several areas in the city including hospitals, government establishments, and police cars.

- Maute group has left the Amai Pakpak Medical Center.

- Maute recruiting residents to join them.

- AFP issued a 5-hour ultimatum for civilians to leave before they start bombing Marawi again.

- Maute is interrogating civilians. If you can’t prove you are a Muslim, they will kidnap you and will be “taken cared of”

- Maute used trucks to block all entry/exit including bridges.

- Police captain killed.

- The group is seizing houses looking for men to recruit.

- Civilians are asked to recite the Shahada. If they can’t, theyre killed.

- Some of the teachers in Dansalan College are already dead. Their heads are being displayed on the highway.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the information here came from personal accounts of people inside Marawi City.

PLEASE signal boost this! I know there are many things happening right now, especially with what happened with Ariana’s concert. But this is really scary and there’s not enough information on it.

I'm not racist but...

A little background: I play a halfling Warlock who’s patron is an as-yet unknown undead entity. Since pledging my allegiance to them, I’ve had constant hunger that isn’t satisfied by normal food. I managed to capture two enemy agents (who are Elves) and this happened during the interrogation:

DM: So nothing’s worked on them yet, anything else you want to try?

Me: Yeah can I eat a few of their fingers? I feel like that would fuck someone up pretty badly 

DM: Yeah that’s fair, cannibalism is pretty fucked up

Me: It’s not cannibalism, we’re not the same race


No, but seriously

the shadiest fucking thing about the American Pledge of Allegiance in schools is they force you to do it with varying penalties in elementary school and never, ever explain to to you what the Hell you’re doing when those words come out of your mouth. Then, when you get to middle school and you’re at about the right age to really question those words, they mysteriously stop doing it in the mornings, so you never get a chance to question those words and the fact they forced you to memorize and say them every morning for a fair chunk of your life ages 6-12. 

And then of course you have kids who are seniors or in college and haven’t had to say the pledge in school in years except on, like Veteran’s Day, but can still recite it word for word when asked on the spot, but even then, don’t really know what they’re saying. 

A history teacher once asked my class last year what government the US had. Everyone said “democracy”. 

“No, specifically we’re a republic. It’s in the Pledge. How do you not know this?” He replied. 

And there was this dawning moment of realization on everyone’s faces and even the teacher’s face that none of us had ever once really considered what we were saying when we recited the pledge. They were just meaningless words we didn’t know the meaning to and were forced to repeat time and time again. 

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

God bless America!

What’s happening in Marawi City is an emergency and a tragedy but PLEASE avoid calling them ISIS fighters. They are part of the Maute Group, an Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to ISIS and Abu Bakr.

Calling them ISIS fighters would make many people think that foreign terrorists have made their way into the Philippines, making this seem like an issue of international security instead of domestic/regional. What that does is put the Philippines at further risk of imperialist intervention in this era of the global ‘war on terror’.

So please avoid rhetoric that plays into imperialist hysteria, because if there’s one thing that will make this situation a whole lot worse, it will be a whole bunch of Westerners calling for Western powers to come ‘save’ the Phillipines.

Salamat sa lahat