A few weeks ago I shot lookbook and product photos for a music/fashion collaboration between designer Lauren Cousino and the band Santah. It’s a collaboration that is dear to my heart, not just because Lauren is a friend of mine, but because I truly believe in the work that both artists are doing. Santah are currently raising money to complete their second album, and one of the incentives is Lauren’s skirt & shirt designs that she made in collaboration with the band. Both pieces are amazing, and I strongly urge you to check out their PledgeMusic page. Help out these two amazing Chicago artists!

Santah: Our New Full-Length Record on Pledge Music

Cousino x Santah Lookbook

When I was 18 years old I left my home, my friends, my family and everything I knew to chase this dream of mine: to learn how to create that feeling of belonging that I got, and get, from music and art. If I could make one single soul out there feel less alone, feel like someone understood, then my mission would be completed. And this is still my mission, every single day, because who knew there were so many souls out there in need for comfort.

Ever since that day I have dedicated all I am and have, every hour of every day to grow, learn, reach more people and prove to everyone that you can become exactly who you want to be, if you just want it bad enough. I spent a year homeless on the road because I simply couldn’t afford rent, and I will keep doing everything I can to keep building this mission of mine.

Because I often get asked what you and your friends can do to support me, I have a created a little “Support Me” Page, where you can read my full story of what I’m trying to do and how you can help me pursue my mission by donating whatever amount you can and want, in order to keep doing this. You can read exactly what the money will go to over on the Support Me Page.

I’m a completely independent artist, doing everything all on my own, by myself. You, your support and your help is the only reason to why I can keep writing, learning, creating and reaching out. We’re doing this together, because alone I’m nothing, but together we can be heard.


We’re not so different you and I. We’re both just trying to find our way and get something out of this life we’ve been given. Some people find it, some people don’t. I’ve been through things, seen things and felt things that I wish I could erase, but still I consider myself lucky. Because I found a reason to breathe. A reason to believe.

I found music.

The way it gives me heaven for some hours. The way it makes everything beautiful - even though it might not be. The way I can write my life in a better way, in the way that I want to remember it, and how I lose my fears and worries when I sing. And most of all, how I left everything I’d built for 18 years, and found my home in my art.

There weren’t a lot of people who supported me when I found music and decided that I wanted to spend my life doing it. The fact that I more often than not live on my friends’ floors because I can’t afford my own place, that I some days can’t afford dinner, that it’s expensive to record, produce, print CDs, buy instruments and equipment and tour, is just another reason for family and friends to not support you in this. But - I don’t know if you’ve found that yet, that one thing that you were born to do. That one thing that makes everything else disappear. That one thing that makes you want to go up every morning. I have, and I will never ever let anything or anyone take that away from me. The music industry today is the devil’s game. To afford touring and releasing high-standard albums you need money. I’ve told this story before but:

For those of you who’s gotten to know me through my blog, twitter, facebook or anywhere else, you know that I aim higher than what’s in my reach with everything I do, because the only way to realize your full potential is to reach beyond it, right? I have tons of goals and dreams this year, but the two main-goals are to produce, record and release my thrid full length album, publish my second book and play as many house concerts as I possibly can for as many people as possible. I’ve talked about these goals for a long time now and you’ve all been so supportive, writing beautiful motivational words and you’re the reason to why I’ve kept pushing for this, even though everyone else told me that producing my own albums by myself, booking tours by myself and doing this and that just wasn’t achievable of me.

I’m a firm believer that you can get everything you want with determination, but I really really need your help to make this possible. We’re all in this together, and I think we can achieve great things together, and show the world what real music and passion is all about. I hope you understand that to make this dream come true, I need your support. You’re the reason to why I can do this, and to why I WANT to do this.


Surprise! Chantal has started a Pledge Music Campaign to get her BRAND NEW “No Good Way To Die” EP on vinyl! The items in this gifset are only some of the great incentives listed. Get a nice gift for yourself because you deserve it, tell your family and friends to preorder themselves a great digital EP, or, if you’re feeling direct, print out the page and give it to them as an early holiday wish list. Your ears will thank you later. 

Check out the video, store, and an audio preview of the EP right now!

Okej peeps, here’s the deal:
I have songs to sing, a voice to use, a guitar, a dream and a will, and YOU HAVE A LIVING ROOM. You crushed the 200% line like vikings, which means that I will take my guitar and try to go and play for as many of you as possible this fall and winter. 
This is how it works; You invite all your friends and family, the man in the coffee shop and your old school teacher, we decide a date and I will come play in YOUR kitchen, living room, cafe, garden or any other cosy space, and there will be nothing but love, music, beautiful people and real connections. Because that’s what I want. Me and you and people who care with no walls in between. Sounds good? :)

So if you want me in your couch (literally), write to me at and we’ll make it happen :) <3

Escape The Fate’s Craig Mabbitt has announced that his new side project, The Dead Rabbitts, has teamed up with PledgeMusic to help raise money for To Write Love On Her Arm and to give fans the chance to pre-order the new Dead Rabbitts album and be apart of his project. Check out the statement below!

Hey guys! I just joined up with PledgeMusic to raise money for TWLOHA and to allow all of you to preorder and be actual real part of my side project Dead Rabbitts!!! Click the below link to find out more information on how you can join the movement! Sullen Clothing | Monster Energy Music | HK Army ~ Craig


TPC is starting a PledgeMusic campaign! The only way to gain access to the US fan pre-sale will be through pledging and signing up here.

US Fan Pre-sale starts at noon local time tomorrow (1/22) & ends at midnight on Thursday. All dates at


Get exclusive pre-sale access to the band’s spring tour, a first listen of the entire album, and a whole host of b-sides + demos. Fans pledging will also have a chance to win unique experiences with the band, including hockey games, dinners, guestlist, and more. Head on over to PledgeMusic now to learn more.

Note from Dave: 

Forcefield comes out this spring and the four of us are really proud and looking forward to sharing it with you. It’s got a heart and it’s got some fangs – I really think your next favourite TPC song will be on it. So excited for it to come out.

It’s been such a long journey (A Lesson in Crime is 8 years old!) and we’ve had an incredibly supportive and dedicated audience the whole way. We try to get to every town we can and sign every t-shirt but it’s not always possible. I see “come to Malaysia!” on our FB all the time and we still haven’t been! So with this pre-order we’re offering something else.

Pre-ordering our record here automatically enters you into a free contest where you can win a chance to bring all your friends to a show, or come to dinner with us (we pick up the bill!). And we’re gonna throw in an exclusive alternate version of ‘See it Clear’ (you may know it as Pt III of Argentina, but this is a cool vibey version). Or if you wanna say hi to us on Skype that’s possible too. Once you pledge you’ll get to see extra pictures and video and things that we post here. It’s gonna be like a little online club that goes until the record comes out. This doesn’t mean we won’t come out and shake hands after a show or that you have to spend more to be a bigger fan. We owe so much to everyone who has supported and we’ll always make the effort to show that.

We value your support and pre-ordering our album helps us raise money to take part in amazing opportunities, like playing festivals and touring overseas, that keep careers going and allow us to continue making records.

See you soon! - Dave


Here it is creatures! This weekend’s Q&A hang and preview of my new song “The Water’s Edge”! :)

PledgeMusic is amazing!

Dear Friends of my art and music,

As most of you might have already seen, I currently run a campaign for my first full solo album ILLUSION on For those who haven’t heard of it yet, PledgeMusic offers a special kind of crowd funding or fan funding called direct-to-fan because you don’t merely “collect funds” but you offer something in return. Like this, you and me become a community and we make this album possible together. I can give you an exclusive insight on the work for my album before it is even released and I can make exciting things for you and me.

Now I get a lot of questions the last days whether my album will also be available on iTunes in the future because some seem to mistrust this new system you haven’t heard of before. The answer could be as simple as “yes” but it isn’t as easy as that. Before we started the project we did a little calculation of the minimal amount of money we need to pay the producers we work with, the studio fees etc. So we decided on an amount we needed, this is our target, our 100%. On PledgeMusic you don’t see the amount of money raised which I think is great, because it sets the focus on the project as a whole and I think that money is pretty boring. Doesn’t excite me very much to talk about it…

Thus, if we reach our goal and can finally finish the production of our songs and pay the producer, the album will be distributed through PledgeMusic first in November - and yes, later on also on iTunes. So you can decide whether you hope for other people to pledge and make this album happen or you can decide to contribute to the success of our campaign and pre-order one of the versions of the album or even get one of the exclusive items. 

Very soon I will start working on the layout of the booklet and the CD design, as well as the ILLUSION Songbook.

Soon we will also decide on the track list of the album. We chose 14 songs that we want to record properly for the album and depending on the outcome of our project, we will choose between 10 and 14 songs that will finally make it.

I want to thank everyone who pledged already. Every little amount helps to make this baby come alive! And I want it so badly :)

Check out my campaign on or check out some snippets of demos we recorded for the album below.


Jack Strify <3

Remember alt-rock group Luscious Jackson? The female rockers came out with a handful of albums in the 1990s and made it big with their 1996 hit, “Naked Eye.” In 2000, they broke up. Now, after more than a decade apart, the group has decided to reunite. 

Luscious Jackson’s new album is still in the works, but they just released a new song, “Are You Ready?,” which you can stream right now. In a recent chat with Rolling Stone, singer and bassist Jill Cunniff discussed the group’s decision to fund their new project with PledgeMusic, a site that helps bands connect with their audiences, instead of going for the traditional label route. 

Head over to to learn more about Luscious Jackson’s comeback and to hear their new song. 

Ben Murray