10 Feeds Every Nonprofit Should Follow on Twitter

Building a strong social network is vital to nonprofit success. As such, for our friends who are “socially-oriented” in both meanings of the word, we compiled this quick list of feeds to follow.  These accounts will not only help you expand your network, but provide cogent advice for nonprofits and the socially-conscious on twitter.  As Confucius said, “When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him.”

1)  @Kanter

With over 400,000 followers, Beth Kanter takes the top spot on our list.  Simply stated: every nonprofit stands to benefit from reading her blog, “How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media.”  Beth’s blog posts will certainly help jumpstart any organization’s social media strategy.  Additionally, she regularly tweets engaging content about her travels and work with nonprofits (she is currently documenting her time in Cambodia with some great pictures!).

Follow @Kanter

2)  @NonprofitOrgs

While Beth can help you get acquainted with the social media world, following Nonprofit Orgs is a great way to connect with other charities. In keeping with their mission is “to serve as a portal to all nonprofit organizations on Twitter,” they only follow nonprofits and nonprofit employees, forming a rich network of third sector streams.   

Follow @NonprofitOrgs

3)  @Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in nonprofit work, and the same can be said for their twitter stream.  Some claim that Twitter’s greatest gift is real time news, and @philanthropy makes it easy for your nonprofit to keep up with headlines affecting the sector.

Follow @Philanthropy

4)  @TwitCause

TwitCause is dedicated to helping nonprofits on twitter—a noble aim that may convince you to follow them.  If that isn’t enough, every Thursday TwitCause highlights a nonprofit and works to promote them through their growing network.

Follow @TwitCause

5)  @npquarterly

As with The Chronicle of Philanthropy, following @npquarterly ensures you stay up to date on important nonprofit sector news.

Follow @npquarterly

6)  @Successdotorg

This is the twitter account of Bill Fitzpatrick, founder of the nonprofit American Success Institute.  While his profile may seem quirky, he delivers solid advice and interesting commentary on a regular basis to his large following.

Follow @Successdotorg

7)  @Network4Good

The importance of online donating cannot be stressed enough (which is why we built pledge4good!).  Network for Good provides “practical, free fundraising trainings for nonprofits, and resources and software that make it as easy to donate online as it is to shop online.” As online donations increase, you need to stay up to date.

Follow @Network4Good

8)  @gatesfoundation

The Gates Foundation does philanthropy right.  With a huge war chest and tireless effort, the foundation has not only improved the lives of millions across the globe, but also changed the nonprofit sector in America by focusing on sustainable development. In short, we find it important to keep an eye out for nuggets of wisdom from this feed.

Follow @gatesfoundation

8a)  @billgates

While we won’t include him in the top ten, Bill Gates (and Melinda Gates) both have personal Twitter feeds that many nonprofits will find useful.  Presently, Bill seems to tweet much more on his work with the foundation than with Microsoft, so he is definitely worth a follow.

Follow @billgates

9)  @charitywater

Charity:water may be the strongest nonprofit account on twitter. They have well over 1.3 million followers, and they are constantly pushing out engaging content.  Following @charitywater is a great way to gauge best practices for how a nonprofit should operate their Twitter account.

Follow @charitywater

10)  @livestrong

Beautiful. Livestrong regularly tweets fantastic content, but they made the top ten because of their wonderful style. Any nonprofit trying to make a name on Twitter should take a moment to look at Livestrong’s profile.  Their distinctive colors and polished look are certainly to be admired by those looking to better brand themselves. 

Follow @livestrong

11)  Shameless plug: @pledge4good

Sorry! We had to give ourselves just a little mention.  We constantly tweet nonprofit related news, fundraising tips, social media tips and other useful information.  We also spotlight nonprofits and the socially-conscious on a regular basis.  Give us a follow if you like!

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