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We Bring The Boys Out! (Ch. 1)

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Pairing(s): Will be revealed in time
Genre: College AU, Roommate AU, Comedy, Romance, SMUT (in the future), Fluff, & Angst
Words: 2,381
POV: 3rd Person
Next Time: ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4 | ch.5 | ch.6 | ch.7 | ch.8 | ch.9 | ch.10 | ch.11
Filler Episodes: spec. ch.1 | spec. ch.2 | spec. ch.3 | spec. ch.4

Meet Your Roomie!

The start of the new semester should be one to remember, right? Unfortunately, it is memorable all right but for all the wrong reasons. It was the week of Greek rush where all sororities and fraternities set up a table in the middle of the quad and try to recruit new members. Once every fraternity and sorority managed to recruit enough people to keep their charter up and running, each group retired to their respective Greek house for the day and went over possible pledges that they wanted. Now, this is where it gets interesting. One specific fraternity did not have a house to go back to. Apparently, someone accidentally plugged in something into the faulty wall plug that was supposed to be taped over, warning any newcomers that that specific plug was off limits. Someone did not get the memo.

           “What do you mean we have to move in with our “sisters”?!” a boy with raven hair shouted as his friend tried to console him.

The faculty member, that is tasked with watching over them, sighed as he tried to think of a way to convince these fourteen gentlemen to move in with ten girls.

           “It was either move in with your “sisters” or be relocated into the dorms. Either way, you guys have to live somewhere while the school rebuilds your fraternity house.” The faculty member firmly explained, questioning to himself why he took over this job. These boys were stubborn, energetic, and very outspoken.

Soon the friend, who was consoling the raven-haired boy, spoke, “Come on Jungkook, it won’t be that bad. Besides, my girlfriend, Billie, and her close friends are in that sorority. What can go wrong?” the friend explained to this Jungkook. Jungkook glared at him and shrugged off his hand that was on his shoulder from earlier.

           “That’s the problem, Yugyeom! There are girls there!” Jungkook angrily stated as he flopped down the couch next to his other close friend and one of the older members of his personal group.

The second oldest male looked up from his phone and gave Jungkook a weird look.

           “Seriously, don’t be such a pussy. Those girls won’t bite you.” The pale older male said.

Jungkook groaned, “I am not being a pussy, Yoongi. You know how I get when it comes to girls. I freeze and look like a deer in headlights.” He argued as he turned to look at the other members for help. Unfortunately, they were all gung ho with the idea of moving in with their “sisters”.

           “You guys are thinking with your dicks….” Jungkook angrily thought as he crossed his arms over his chest like a little kid who was put on time out.

Yugyeom chuckled lightly at his fellow ’97 liner, “Sometimes I wonder who’s the older one between you and I, Kook.” Yugyeom teased as he patted Jungkook’s fluffy hair. Jungkook quickly grabbed his hand and put pressure on it.

           “Ow!!!!” Yugyeom shrieked as he looked to his own personal group for help.

One of the guys sighed and walked over to the bickering “brothers” to put a stop to their rough housing. Soon, another boy from Jungkook’s group stepped up as well to help. Maybe having both “moms” of their respective group will get them to stop.

           “Jungkook, release Yugyeom!” the boy with faded pink hair demanded in a motherly tone of voice while the other boy, with natural colored hair struggled to get Yugyeom’s hand out of Jungkook’s iron grip.

Jungkook stared innocently at the eldest of his personal group, “But Seokjin!!! He touched me first, and Namjoon said that I am allowed to retaliate just as long as they put their hands on me first.” He explained, batting his eyelashes to add to his innocent and boyish charm.

Seokjin turned his attention onto Namjoon, who was currently trying his hardest to avoid his hard gaze.

           “Namjoon…” Seokjin said calmly, so calm that it brought shivers down the younger one’s spine.

Namjoon groaned, unable to take Seokjin’s cold glare on his back.

           “Okay! Okay! I told him that. Just stop staring at me like that!” Namjoon confessed, feeling a weight being lifted off his shoulders.

The boy that was helping Yugyeom from Jungkook’s iron grip turned to the leader of their own personal group.

           “Do we act like that Jaebum?” the boy with natural colored hair asked, curiosity written all over his face

Jaebum raised an eyebrow, “Like parents?” He questioned as he thought about the times where he and his close friend acted like parents themselves, “Yeah pretty much, Jinyoung.” He stated, earning a light groan from Jinyoung.

Jinyoung then turned to Yugyeom and his close friend within their group, BamBam and asked the same question. They both responded like Jaebum did.

           “I refuse to believe that we are the parents of you crazy ass children!” Jinyoung shouted in frustration as he leaned his head against the wall and began to lightly bang his head against it.

           “The sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes to control them.” Seokjin stated as he lightly smacked the second youngest, Taehyung, hand to prevent him from touching the faculty member’s valuable vase that was displayed in a cabinet.

Taehyung rubbed his hand, “Why did you do that for? I was only going to look at it.” He muttered with a sour expression on his face.

Seokjin scoffed at his words, “Uh-huh, it starts off with just a look and then it turns into a rousing game of “keep away from Jimin” with Jungkook.” He argued as he led Taehyung back to the couch and sat him next to Jungkook, who was still acting childish.

Yoongi rubbed his temples as he felt migraine coming on. Soon a hand was placed on his shoulder, hoping to comfort the poor boy.

           “Here. I always keep some medicine on deck, especially if you hang out with BamBam and Yugyeom every day.” A boy with light brown hair offered as he held out his palm that contained two white pills.

Yoongi smiled slightly as he took the white pills and swallowed them without water. He felt the migraine pain begin to dull.

           “Thanks Mark.” Yoongi thanked as he nodded his head slightly.

Mark smiled, “No problem dude.” He replied as he went back to stand next to his close friend, Jackson Wang, of his respective group.

           “Okay kiddos, back to the task at hand, why don’t we draw names and seeing how there are fourteen of you fine gentlemen and ten of those young ladies, four of will be rooming with each other. Fair enough? Namjoon, you and your group can go first.” The faculty member announced as he finished putting the last slips of paper in a bowl and handed it to Namjoon.

Namjoon drew first and then passed it Seokjin. This continued until all the slips of paper disappeared one by one from the bowl. Youngjae, being the last one to draw, handed the empty bowl back to the faculty member. The faculty member took the bowl from Youngjae’s grasp and lightly set it down on his desk.

           “Now, one by one, reveal your slip.” He instructed as he quickly glanced at the clock to see the time. He had to hurry this little meeting up because he had a department meeting to get to in about an hour.

Jaebum decided to go first and opened his slip up. His facial expression unreadable as he showed off his paper.

           “Maddie? Who the heck is Maddie?” He questioned but was ignored as Jinyoung went next. His slip of paper revealed to be blank, which meant that he was going to room with any of the remaining fellas that didn’t get assigned a woman.

Jungkook saw that and instantly pleaded with the elder to switch papers with him. Hoseok laughed at his actions and forced him to sit back down. After Jinyoung, Mark was next and his eyes instantly lit up when he saw that he drew his girlfriend.

           “Oh cool! I got Haneul!” He announced and then turned to Yugyeom, “Yo! Maybe you’ll get lucky like me and draw your girlfriend.” He mentioned as Yugyeom opened his paper up. Like Mark, Yugyeom’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July as the name he wanted and hoped to be was written.

           “Yes!!! I got Billie!! Suck it guys!! You guys can’t keep my girlfriend and I apart!!” He shouted excitingly as he did a happy dance in the room.

The faculty member chuckled, “Okay settle down Yugyeom,” He instructed and then turned his gaze onto Youngjae and BamBam, “You two, who did you guys get?” He asked them. Youngjae and BamBam looked at each other and then opened their slips of paper. They were both blank.

Jinyoung smiled slightly, “Oh hey, I have a chance to room with one of you guys.” He said, feeling rather happy with the thought of being one of their roommates.

           “Jackson, who did you get?” Mark asked, making sure his buddy was not left out.

Jackson smiled widely at his fellow foreign exchange student friend, “I got Chrysa,” His eyebrows furrowed as he thought long and hard who that person was, “Ah! She’s that foreign exchange student from Greece!” He happily announced, snapping his fingers when it came to him.

           “Alright, our turn!” Jimin happily shouted as he impatiently tapped his foot on the floor.

The faculty member raised an eyebrow at Jimin and his own little crew.

           “Okay Jimin, since you are so eager to know who you will be shacking up with, Yoongi why don’t you go first.” Namjoon teased as he loved to torture Jimin specifically.

Jimin whined as he flailed on the couch, “But!!”

Yoongi eyed Jimin weirdly then ignored him as he opened his slip of paper.

           “Madelyn.” He stated simply.

Everyone looked at him, curious about his lack of emotion. He wasn’t excited nor was he disappointed. He was nothing.

           “Who’s next?” He asked as he looked to his group of friends.

Before anyone else could pipe, Jimin seized the opportunity to reveal next. He carefully peaked at his slip and then tore it right open when he saw a group of familiar letters.

           “Woo!!! I got Jailene! She was in my introductory to psychology class during freshman year. Sadly, we never got classes together after that one, and I always wanted to play catch up with her.” Jimin stated as he felt his cheeks turn into a light tint of pink.

           “Ooh someone has a crush.” Taehyung teased his fellow ’95 liner.

Jimin’s face deepened in color as Taehyung mercilessly and endlessly teased him.

           “Okay, Taehyung that’s enough and please announce who did you get assigned with.” Seokjin requested as he secretly felt impatient himself, hoping that he would get assigned a certain person to room with.

Taehyung smiled widely and opened his paper, “I got Jey. Who is she?” He questioned, wondering who this person since he has never heard of her nor seen her around campus.

Namjoon smiled slightly with a raised eyebrow, “Oh damn you got Jey? She is in my philosophy classes. She seems pretty chill unlike yourself. She’s a thinker. My type of girl.” He explained, causing everyone in the room, minus the faculty member, to eye him strangely.

           “What?” Namjoon questioned as the many pairs of eyes began to avert their gazes.

Namjoon then opened his slip of paper and revealed to be the last blank that was assigned.

Jungkook and Taehyung high-fived one another upon learning this. Namjoon is the most terrible person to room with due to his loud snoring. Jinyoung, Youngjae, and BamBam looked at them weirdly and asked them why they were so happy that Namjoon was not rooming with any of them or the girls.        

           “You’ll see…” Hoseok vaguely stated as he opened his slip of paper.

He stared blankly at it as if he was trying to figure out who this person was. Suddenly a light bulb went off in his mind.

           “Ah! Alison! Now I remember her. She was in my introductory dance class. Girl got some moves on her.” Hoseok stated with a slight smirk as he reminiscence about that class where he first laid eyes on her.

Jungkook gave him a strange look, “You look kind of perverted Hobi…” He pointed out bluntly, causing everyone to laugh, as he opened his slip. He eyed the name intensely as if the name was familiar to him, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it.

           “I got Hana.” He informed everyone, hoping that they would have a slight idea on who she is. After staring blankly at Namjoon and at the floor it finally hit him.

           “I remember her. She was in my history class.” He mumbled to himself as he tried to dig deeper in his archives to find any memorable moments with her worth mentioning.

           “And saving the best for last…my turn.” Seokjin stated smugly as he opened his paper up and if his calculations were correct, there was only one girl left.

           “Yup! I was right. I would be assigned to room with Kim.” He announced happily, smiling as if he won the lottery.

Yoongi eyed him both curiously and amusingly, “Let me guess, you’re going to ask her out again once we arrive in front of their house, huh?” He questioned, knowing the history between the two.

Seokjin smirked, “Probably and who knows, maybe she’ll let me practice being a doctor with her as my patient.” He mentioned, earning him a couple of groans and gags from his fraternity brothers and closest friends.

The faculty member rolled his eyes, “Alright, you got your room assignments. Now, seeing how your fraternity house burned down before you guys could unpack your belongings, they should be already in boxes. They are in front of the sorority house. Okay, now please leave. If I’m lucky, I can still make it to my department meeting with five minutes to spare and please don’t torment those ladies too bad. Got it?” He warned these boys were practically like a second set of sons to him. Well almost.

The boys smiled widely at him and shouted, “yes!” as he and the whole gang left their meeting place.

Meanwhile with the girls….

           “They’re what?!!!”

A/N: And there you have it folks! Chapter 1 of my brand new series! The title came to me when I was listening to “The Boys” by SNSD, and I thought it fit! I just want to say that this entire story was not my idea. I just volunteered to write it! This story idea goes out to my tumblr fam

@jinssmile @jungkookfortunekookies @jeylovestoblog @allaboutthespn @philophobia999 @kookiewithak @bangtannoon @bubbl3tae @fetus-jungkook (especially Madelyn and Jey! These two are the brains behind the idea and I just wrote it ^^;) Okay, I need to go start on chapter 2 now! (which should be released tomorrow!) Peace out girl scout!
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