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Sweetening the Pot

In case you missed it, yesterday Nick (@a-new-american-classic) launched a Kickstarter campaign to co-publish his debut novel, In-Between Days. You can find that campaign here –– but don’t click that link just yet. Read this first.

As you may know (or are about to find out), I spent countless hours editing and polishing this book. It is near and dear to my heart (as is its author), and as such, I have a vested interest in seeing this book succeed. That means seeing this campaign succeed. To help make that happen, I am offering some Tumblr-exclusive rewards that will come straight from me.

  • Pledge $25: I will write you a poem. It could be a poem for you, a poem for your significant other, a poem for your mom, whatever you want.
  • Pledge $50: I will write you a poem. In addition to the poem, you get a light edit of up to 6k words, or a substantive edit of up to 3k words. This is prose only, sorry––I don’t edit poetry. If you don’t write prose, we can talk.
  • Pledge $100: I will write you a poem. In addition to the poem, you get a substantive edit of up to 6k words. Again, if you don’t write prose, we can talk about something else.

About me: I am a professional writer and editor with over a decade of experience.  My work on Nick’s novel is saving him money because the publishers see no need to do a final line edit. So yeah, I’m that good.

Here’s what you do. Go pledge. Drop me a line and let me know you did so. I’ll confirm your pledge on the backer report and we’ll go from there. Please note that since I’m doing this independently of Kickstarter, these rewards are yours regardless of whether Nick is fully funded. We want Nick to be fully funded, but these rewards are not contingent on that.

A Sorcerer In the Basement

Hi everyone! Another commissioned piece this week, this time with some specifically requested alterations. See you if you can spot them ;P Also note there are some definite non-consensual themes, so if that’s not your bag you might want to skip this one.

I’m open for commissions, so if you’d like me to write something, shoot me a note!

Alexi had lived for a long time. By his last count he was 500 years old, and although in his earlier years he’d thought he would eventually tire of life that simply did not turn out to be the case. Each new century brought wonders that he would hardly have ever dreamed.

One of those marvels was the proliferation of knowledge. Schooling wasn’t only for the wealthy or devout - now it was for all. Of course, none of the institutions he had visited ever taught any of the arcane arts, but he considered that to be a blessing. It allowed him to operate without notice.

Perhaps the best part of the numerous colleges and universities he had visited were the collections of young men who congregated in a single household. Frats, he thought the name was, although he could be wrong. He knew they typically had randomly selected Greek letters as their name, a tradition he had never understood, but then the concept of scholarly fraternities hadn’t existed for very long either. He could forgive the occasional absurdity, especially when these domiciles offered such delightful amusements.

Danny was beginning to question his desire to be in Phi Alpha Tau. His father had played it up as a family tradition where he’d build bonds with his housemates that’d last a lifetime, but after spending a year there he didn’t feel like he was all that close with anyone. He was often the butt of jokes, and his frat mates teased his more nerdy qualities incessantly. On his initiation they’d made him wear a diaper for a whole day. If he hadn’t been doing it along with a half-dozen other pledges he would’ve thought it was deliberate targeting.

Today though was the initiation of the current round of pledges, something that Danny wasn’t particularly looking forward to taking part in. He got no pleasure from torturing people, and he was mostly there for the free beer. The one benefit to being in a frat house: there was a ton of booze.

Of course, such easy access to beer had its downsides. Danny had caught the freshman 15 with a vengeance, and the sophomore 30 looked to be creeping up on him with a protruding beer gut and a general softening of his features. He was still cute at least, according to a few lady-friends. This didn’t stop his frat-mates from nicknaming him “porky”, which was always followed up with a poke to his soft middle.

Glancing down at his belly with a small sigh, Danny made his way with beer in hand back to the front-lawn where all the pledges were lined up. This year’s initiation was simple; all the third and fourth year brothers were going to shoot the pledges with pellet guns execution style. The new members were all blindfolded against the fence with the frat president was shouting, “Ready! Aim! Fire!” Then there were a dozen small pops followed by screams and squeals.

Except for one - he was taller than the rest, with dark hair and a muscular build. He just stood there like a rock, unphased, unmoving as everyone around him dropped to moan and rub at bruised skin. As another upperclassman ordered them to remove their blindfolds with a laugh he caught Danny’s eye, and smiled a small, sinister smile. Danny felt a chill run up and through him, but smiled back politely while silently hoping that particular pledge dropped out.

Having already had enough of the festivities, Danny went back to the keg to get a refill. As he made his way he noticed a certain discomfort as his briefs kept riding up on him. He picked them back down and sighed again, hoping this wasn’t a sign that the sophomore 30 was already upon him. Then as he was pouring another glass the feeling returned, far worse than before. It felt like he was getting a wedgie, but there was no antagonistic frat brother in sight.

Perturbed, reached behind to tug at his briefs and was shocked and what he felt. His formerly loose-fit jeans were now skin tight, the fabric practically ready to burst. He frantically felt around the waist only to find his ass hanging out with a plumbers crack nearly a mile wide. Realizing he’d be mooning anyone who was behind him Danny turned around to ensure his butt was only ever facing a wall, his cheeks reddening.

As if the sudden swelling of his rear wasn’t enough he could feel a tightness in his chest. At first he thought he was having a panic attack, only when he brought his hand up to his chest it stopped much earlier than expected. He looked down and saw that just as his ass had turned into a swollen bubble butt, so too was his chest rising like baking bread. He heard the ominous sound of threads stretching and felt his nipples poking through the sheer cotton.

Danny had never been particularly svelte, but soon it felt like he’d gained that sophomore 30 and then some, all going to his chest and ass.

So far no one seemed to have noticed, and Danny aimed to keep it that way. He made his way back inside the house, rushing past pledges and drunken brothers and nearly falling headlong down the basement stairs. He knew that some of the frat members had set up a home gym in the basement, complete with full length mirror. Now standing in front of that mirror he was aghast at what he saw.

He still had the slightly pudgy frame he’d come to loathe, but the proportions were now bordering on the ridiculous. His top and bottom were so heavy that if it weren’t for his gut he’d call himself hourglass shaped. His ass was so bubbly it was like two volleyballs jammed beneath the denim. But it was his chest that truly drew all attention. It was as though someone had injected his chest with silicone, all rounded and meaty, only it didn’t have the same jiggly bounce as fake boobs. They were all real, and they were moments away from bursting free from his t-shirt.

Just then Danny heard the noise of the party come pouring into the basement from the opened door, followed by the drunken clomping of heavy feet. Danny was about to dive into the adjacent laundry room but it was too late, and he heard one of them call out, “Hey Porky, whatcha doin’ down here?”

Danny turned around and could see four of them coming down the wooden steps. Three he recognized as frat members, and the other was the tall, muscular pledge from earlier. There was no escape, so he did the only thing he could think of - throw himself on their mercies.

“Oh, um, hey guys. I’m not feeling well, so I came down here for a minute.”

It almost seemed like that was enough to get them to leave, but then the muscular pledge stepped forward and asked, “Why aren’t you feeling well?”

“Um, I think I may have eaten something that didn’t agree with me, I’m feeling kinda bloated.”

Danny hoped the light from upstairs was enough to shield him from sight, but then the pledge found the lightswitch to turn on the basement lights. Danny froze, his alterations fully on display.

The frat brothers all seemed shocked at first, but then one cracked a smile, the other smirked, and then they all burst out laughing. Danny’s could feel his face catch fire as his cheeks turned beat red.

“C’mon guys, there’s really something wrong here! I should see a doctor.”

Once again the pledge came forward and poked Danny in his doughy chest. His finger sunk in nearly an inch.

“Oh I dunno, seems like having these could be a lot of fun,” he said, leering at Danny’s chest. Then he turned back to the other three and offered, “What do you think, guys?”

A second stepped closer, this time cupping Danny’s ample rear. “You know me, I’ve always been an ass man myself.”

The third moved in, and tugged at Danny’s shirt. “Damn, Porky, you’re practically coming out of this little thing,” he said. “Maybe you should move up to a D-cup.” The four of them laughed, but the pledge’s seemed especially cruel.

“Knock it off guys, this isn’t funny.”

“On the contrary,” said the pledge, this time cupping a pec roughly. “I think this this is hilarious.”

In moments each frat brother had their hands on some part of Danny’s exaggerated anatomy, pinching, pushing or poking. Then one of them shoved Danny into the other, which caused them to shove back. Soon the four of them were engaged in a shoving match with Danny as the object of contention. This continued until there was a sudden and loud ripping noise.

“Oh no,” Danny breathed, but he could already tell by the breeze filling his briefs his pants weren’t up to the horseplay they had just endured.

“Oh man, look at dat ass,” one the brothers said. Danny couldn’t tell who said it - his world had turned a bright and mortified pink.

“My girlfriend doesn’t even have an ass that good,” another commented.

The pledge then stepped in front and began to tear at his t-shirt. “C’mon, let’s see those tits!”

In a single motion he tore Danny’s t-shirt in two, each half peeled from his body by a helpful frat member. All four assailants crowded around his chest to see what they had unleashed. They were not disappointed.

“Damn. That’s some fine titties you got there,” the assman commented excitedly.

The pledge looked down on him with a sneer, then said, “On your knees, Porky,” followed by a rough shove. Danny fell forward onto the cold concrete, and was immediately beset by hands probing every new part of his anatomy. The four of them groped and fondled his chest, smacked and pinched his voluminous butt, and at one point even felt a finger roughly tease his hole.

On the surface Danny knew this was wrong and he was horrified at what was happening, but at the same time a voice deep inside said he was also incredibly turned on.

Then the roughhousing stopped. Danny brought his head up to see the four of them looming above him, with three looking somewhat disoriented, as though they’d just awoken from an intense dream. The fourth, the muscular pledge, did not however - he only sneered down.

One of the dazed frat brother spoke in a slight stutter, “C’mon guys, let’s get back to the party.” And then they left. All except one: the sneering pledge. He remained, and once the other three had gone he went up to close the door to the basement, silencing the sounds of revelry coming from above.

“Well. I almost managed to conjure a gang bang, but I suppose it’ll just have to be the two of us.”

Danny looked on in bewilderment and began to stand up by going to his knees, but a wave of the pledge’s hand stopped him. It wasn’t that he didn’t wish to stand - it was that he couldn’t. His body simply wouldn’t respond.

“Now now, no need to get up. I’m sure we can have a grand old time with just ourselves.”

The pledge walked slowly toward the frozen frat boy, a look on his face saying far more than the obvious erection tenting his shorts on what was about to come next.

With his head facing forward he could only hear the sound of a fly unzipping, followed by the slight ruffle as the pledge’s garments dropped to the floor. Then he could feel the steel hard heat dragging up and down his right ass cheek, then his left. Danny was on the verge of panic - he couldn’t do this! Not in the middle of a party!

“No, stop! We can’t -”, he managed, before the pledge tapped him on the head and he fell unnaturally silent.

The sickly smooth voice of the pledge came from above and behind him, oozing lewd calmness. “Of course we can. Doesn’t this feel good?” He asked, before forcing his cock between the deep crack of his ass to press against his hole. The voice inside him grew louder, no longer whispering but clearly saying this was good, that he did enjoy it. When the pledge’s hand reached around to firmly grab his hard cock, the voice grew louder still.

“See? I knew you’d enjoy it. Now, let’s use that fat ass and come sit in daddy’s lap.”

The pledge’s voice combined with the voice inside him to grow into a hollered command. Danny backed into the pledge’s hard cock, spearing himself in a single backward thrust. He would have yelped at the pain, but cut himself off when he remembered the party above him. Then the pain gave way to an incredible warmth that grew outward from the pledge’s cock, and the internal voice became a crescendo of pleasure.

“That’s right, now get up, daddy wants to play with those pecs,” the sickly sweet voice returned. This time Danny gladly rose to his knees, the pledge’s cock still buried deep in his ass. From behind the pledge brought both hands up to Danny’s chest, gripping them firmly and then kneading the thick flesh before one hand traced down his chest to the slight swell of his beergut, and finally finding his hard and aching dick. The surprisingly delicate fingers danced up and down Danny’s length, eliciting a drop of pre and a moan from the bottom.

With one had latched onto Danny’s juicy pec, and the other slowly jerking him off, the pledge began to slowly pump in and out of Danny’s well-padded rear. He could feel each and every inch as it pulled out and languidly slid in, mourning its loss and celebrating its return with each stroke. The voice inside had truly taken over, making Danny moan like a bitch in heat.

As Danny felt himself get closer and closer to orgasm, a new voice started speaking inside him - a voice that said that this was wrong, all wrong, that he shouldn’t be enjoying this, that he had to get away, get help, that he couldn’t give in to this man. It was enough to break him from the sensual fucking he was receiving, and he stopped meeting the pledge’s thrusts.

“This… this is wrong,” he said with a shaky voice. “Please - please stop.”

There was silence for a few moments, and then the pledge’s hands withdrew from his chest and cock. He backed out slowly, respectfully, and once done he helped Danny to lay down on the floor from his kneeling position.

But as Danny turned around he saw the pledge still had a brutal sneer on his lips, and he knew it had all been a ruse.

The pledge grabbed Danny’s ankles, hauled them over his shoulders and then roughly jack-knifed Danny so his ass was pointing skyward, and his own leaking erection was pointed directly into his face. Without warning or care the pledge shoved his cock roughly inside to the hilt. Despite the shock, despite the horror, he couldn’t deny how amazing it felt to have a cock inside him again.

The pledge held him there, speared on his dick and smiling down cruelly, before he slowly began to piston in and out of Danny’s well used hole. By then the shock had given way to pleasure once more, and Danny let out a small moan, his face written up in a grimace of confused ecstasy that was plain to see.

The pledge’s thrusts picked up pace, now pounding him relentlessly, beads of sweat dripping from his face to land on Danny’s. With each new thrust Danny found himself getting closer and closer to the edge, the voice of pleasure a deafening cacophony that screamed at him to cum.

And cum he did, in an earth shattering orgasm that released a torrent of seed. Angled as he was, each jet of semen hit Danny square in the face, the first blast plastered over his forehead, but the next two entered directly into his open and moaning mouth. The thumps in the back of his own throat caused Danny’s gag reflex to kick in, and he both choked and swallowed on his own load.

The sight of his bitch choking on his own cum was enough to get the pledge to guffaw even as he came deep inside Danny’s trembling hole. His laughter continued as Danny kept cumming, spraying seed over his expansive upper chest before pooling on the ground beside him.

Eventually Danny’s orgasm died down, his spewing cock slowed to a dribble, but the echoing laughter of the pledge still burned in his ears. The voices had all gone and Danny was left utterly mortified at what had happened, and worse, how much he’d enjoyed it.

The pledge withdrew with a lewd schlorp, and this time didn’t bother to gently lower the body of his victim. Danny fell back to the concrete floor with only his well padded rear to cushion the fall, hitting the concrete with a wet slap.

Wiping a tear from his eye at how hard he’d laughed, the pledge found his shorts and donned them with only a fading giggle, not even bothering to look at Danny. He made his way to the stairs, and then finally looked over his shoulder at the pathetic form still lying on the floor. At the very last moment he took pity on him, and with a snap of his fingers, Alexi turned the boy back to his former self, although still covered in cum.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find new clothes,” he tossed over his shoulder as he ascended the stairs. And then he was gone forever, leaving Danny to wonder what had happened.

Homecoming Series #5: Return Of The Advisor (Part 2)

I’d come to town a few days ahead of homecoming, hoping to reconnect with one of my old flames and fraternity brothers, Travis.

What we had a few years ago while I worked here at my alma mater was taboo but it felt very real. I met Travis while he was on line, pledging our fraternity. I had crossed the same chapter as an undergraduate member but I was now serving as their campus and graduate chapter advisor.

He was attractive, ambitious and trying to find his way in the world while seeking a spot in the fraternity that’s we are both now members of.

Our affair was a crazy one - neither of us were out and I was (and still am) married to a woman. Still, there was something that attracted me to Travis and I couldn’t let it go.

When I told him that I was moving a state over for a promotion, he broke things off without an explanation. He began acting weird - he seemed anxious to separate himself from what we had going on. It left me hurt and confused but since I was a married man, he had no obligation to me. So I respected his decision.

Two years later, the way that things had ended still bothered me and I needed answers. How could he love me and cut me off? These last two years without Travis in my life in any capacity had truly hurt me.

If I knew that he’d be attending a conference, I skipped out on it. I’d avoided our shared alma mater to give him his space. I was doing what I needed to do until my own line brothers demanded I return to campus to share in the 15 year anniversary of our crossing. So now, I had no choice.

I decided that I needed to come to town early to iron things out with Travis.

A lot had changed in the last two years. My marriage had fallen apart - I discovered that my wife had been sleeping with a colleague, and we’d decided to separate. I wa son my own and looking to return to this institution as an Assistant Dean. I was also in the process of coming out and living my truth as a bisexual man.

The one thing that hadn’t changed were my feelings for Travis. I needed to know if he still thought about me. I still dreamed of those taboo moments, me fucking him in the bed that I shared with my wife like like there was no tomorrow. Him riding my dick in the back of my Beamer after State Conference. I missed our adventures but I also wanted to build something real with him.

As I checked into my hotel room, I began to place calls, attempting to get in touch with him. I called five times, with each call ringing multiple times before I got to his voicemail message.

After the fifth missed call, I decided to leave a voicemail. “I came to town a few days early and I have a hotel alone. Call me.”

I hung up, unsure if he would even check it.


And the boy was a boy for all seasons
That boy is long-lost to me now
And the man has forgotten his reasons
But the man still remembers his vow

Aiight now,uhhh, my beautimus followers...listen here now--

Imma say this, in the kindest most respectful motherfucking way possible because I love you all and want you to be happy here and want you to like visiting my blog and posting with me.

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But let’s get one gotdamn thang straight. This is a NOT a Tobin Friendly blog.

Ok…see now, you gotta lot of questions…fine. FINE. I’ll answer them.

Q. Is this an anti-Tobin blog?

A. Nah.

Q. Are you sure you’re not a Tobin Hate Blog? 

B. Honestly that would require energy and concern that I can not muster enough to express.

Q. Why don’t you like Tobin?

A. I’ll raise you a question…Why do I have to?

Q.He’s nice guy and—

A. So? And? You know what else is nice? Grass. I mean, it’s grass, it don’t bother nobody. But I ain’t trying to watch it grow, ya know what I’m saying?

Q. Why do you keep interrupting the ques–?

A. Because you ain’t saying nothing.

Q. You said we could ask questions, but why you won’t let us finish asking them?

A. I say a lot of things, I don’t even remember what I said.

Q. Well…Scroll up and see what you said.

A. No. You scroll up. Or square up. Which ever.

Q. Why you so mad? It’s just a tv show.

A. I’m chill.  And I know it’s a TV show. I know what it is. You don’t got to remind me what it is.

Q. But you said you’re a Carol fan. Don’t you want her happy, even with Tobin?

A. FIrst of all bruh, watch your tone. I feel like there is a tone in the way you typed that. I am a Carol fan. I am a Daryl fan. I am not a Tobin fan. If I wanted to watch Tobin I would have turned to the DIY channel and learn all I could about plywood. But I didn’t. I wanted to watch zombies, and a 45 year old biker with trust issues get it on with a 48 year old housewife who will stab you in the face. And don’t ever question my Carol fandom again!! I ain’t pay no fees, or pledge on no line, or get an invite and really what is a fandom?? HUH???! HUH?

Q. Are you so mad because Caryl isn’t canon?

A. I said square the fuck up! I ain’t playing with you no more!

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Okay, that went way left, but just wanted to um…let ya’ll know, I don’t hate Tobin. I mean, he could kindly walk into a herd of walkers and I’d crack a smile, but I do not hate him because he’s not a threat to my ship. I just don’t like him and don’t want to.