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Sweetening the Pot

In case you missed it, yesterday Nick (@a-new-american-classic) launched a Kickstarter campaign to co-publish his debut novel, In-Between Days. You can find that campaign here –– but don’t click that link just yet. Read this first.

As you may know (or are about to find out), I spent countless hours editing and polishing this book. It is near and dear to my heart (as is its author), and as such, I have a vested interest in seeing this book succeed. That means seeing this campaign succeed. To help make that happen, I am offering some Tumblr-exclusive rewards that will come straight from me.

  • Pledge $25: I will write you a poem. It could be a poem for you, a poem for your significant other, a poem for your mom, whatever you want.
  • Pledge $50: I will write you a poem. In addition to the poem, you get a light edit of up to 6k words, or a substantive edit of up to 3k words. This is prose only, sorry––I don’t edit poetry. If you don’t write prose, we can talk.
  • Pledge $100: I will write you a poem. In addition to the poem, you get a substantive edit of up to 6k words. Again, if you don’t write prose, we can talk about something else.

About me: I am a professional writer and editor with over a decade of experience.  My work on Nick’s novel is saving him money because the publishers see no need to do a final line edit. So yeah, I’m that good.

Here’s what you do. Go pledge. Drop me a line and let me know you did so. I’ll confirm your pledge on the backer report and we’ll go from there. Please note that since I’m doing this independently of Kickstarter, these rewards are yours regardless of whether Nick is fully funded. We want Nick to be fully funded, but these rewards are not contingent on that.


Hello everybody!

I would like to open a session of red lining here and now as part of our experimental pledge.

The red lining is a correction over one of your drawings, and one of the things that we have found most insightful over the years to boost our own work and get passed the frustration of practicing “solo”.

The price for red lining in one of your pieces is $35.

To get a slot, simply contact us through the ask box. We go on a “first come, first served” basis.  

WARNING:  On previous openings, the the slots tend to go away very fast.

We would like to Open 2 slots for this Sunday.

1.  TAKEN!


Here is a sample of red a red lining session.  As you send me one piece to go over, I will send you back a PSD with red lining over it, plus notes.