“jussiesmollett:Last night I went to #Ferguson. There was no way in hell I could’ve been in St. Louis and not gone. I was ready to go alone. Instead, because of my bro @malikyoba I was shown around by these brothers @marlonlee80 of the #UrbanLeagueStLouis and @maverickmediagroup. I spent time at the exact spot where Michael Brown was murdered and left to rot. I saw the quick trip that was burned to the ground and will be rebuilt as a community center. I saw the burned buildings and businesses that no longer exist on the west Florissant strip. I say all this not for some sort of praise because I don’t deserve that. I say it as a pledge. I will be back and will continue to come back. There is a systematic breakdown in our society because of what the system was built upon from the start. Together we can change all of that. So much work to do but I promise after seeing and feeling it, I will never be the same. #HappySunday fam. Make a change today and every day after. #LOVE“

Gender Euphoria!

This is the newest zine made from my webcomic!! It includes all the best strips from November 2014 to March 2015, plus many bonus and exclusive strips!

You can get it here!

I’ve grown so much as an artist this past year, as this zine shows, and it’s mostly because of all the love I get from you! <3 Thank you so much everyone for your support!

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Lyanna Stark, the winter rose of Winterfell! Simple color sketch done for lyannas as a thank-you for pledging to the “Draw ‘Em With the Pointy End” Kickstarter campaign. Lyanna’s story is one of my favorites (if not one of the saddest).

There’s 19 days left in the campaign, and we’re almost at our base goal, guys! 100+ artists and pages of full-color illustrations like this amazing piece. Pledge and get your copy of the book, plus loads of awesome swag! Follow the Draw ‘Em With the Pointy End Tumblr for art updates and campaign updates, too~

“When I came to the Senate, I was the only Democratic woman, and he was there for me, but I saw how he was there for so many other people. In 2004, when we were in Boston, Ted Kennedy and I had lunch in the North End. It was one of our favorite things, to get together for a meal and for conversation. What I realized then—as we enjoyed ourselves with big plates of antipasto, always vowing that we would eat more of the salad and less of the pasta, as we got up and left and walked around the North End—is that his best ideas came from the people. It was his passion for people. I knew he represented those brainy people in Cambridge who went to Harvard and who often came up through the Kennedy School with those great ideas. But as I walked around the neighborhoods with him, I saw he actually listened to people, trailed by a staff person who was actually taking notes.

As we walked down the street, there was the man who came up and who talked about his mother’s problem with Social Security. ‘Take it down,’ he said. ‘Let’s see what we can do.’ We walked down a few feet more. ‘Oh, my grandson wants to go to West Point; how does he apply?’ He said, ‘He is going to love it and he is going to love my process. Let’s see how we can do that.’ A few feet on down, the small business guy said, ‘Keep on fighting, Ted. You know, I can’t buy this health insurance. Can I call you?’ ‘Always call me,’ he said. ‘And by the way, don’t forget to call Barbara’—the legendary Barbara Souliotis. And all of us know Ted Kennedy had an outstanding staff, whether it was the staff in Massachusetts, who took care of casework and projects and day-today needs, or the staff in Washington who helped Ted Kennedy take the ideas that came from the people, their day-today struggles, and converted them into national policy. That is what it was—people, people, people.”

- Senator Barbara Mikulski from Maryland (x)



I’ve made a patreon page few days back, you can gain access to never posted art,eruricough sketches, process of my finished pieces and wips!

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I’m incredibly grateful for any reblog or pledge, I’m currently freelancing and I hope to be able to make art for a living. This is my dream so if you help me achieve it in any way I’ll bury you in art and kisses I swear to god

‘A Game of Lannisters’ for DRAW ‘EM WITH THE POINTY END, a Game of Thrones hardcover anthology! Pledge to get your copy via KICKSTARTER - there’s tons of stellar artwork in this book.

I’m a huge fan of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, but wanted to keep the book description of his complete heterochromia - hence the one bright green eye. Joffrey is a viper. Erk. This piece is printed on a spread, so the left half is Tyrion and the giant lion, and the right is Team Incest Jaime, Cersei, and Joffrey the little viper.

I’m seeing some people do comparisons of their wardens as they were envisioned/started out and how they ended up and I am all about jumping on this bandwagon

Anila started out significantly younger, the 16 end of the 16-20 range I usually give my Tabris wardens, less confident, and more suspicious than she is nowadays! Look at her, hair all in her face and giving Nelaros the side eye when he calls her beautiful and pledges his life to making her happy. Still a flaming freckled redhead, though.

i-dreamt-on asked:

How often does a sorority typically get together a week for expected activities? Is it time consuming or not bad at all?

Being in a sorority is a lifestyle! It’s basically all-consuming. Especially if you live in the sorority house. Then it’s 24/7. Sorority membership is not like being in the French club. It’s more involved than that. There are mandatory chapter meetings once a week, activities, socials, volunteering, fundraising, pledge class meetings, parties, retreats, trips, events, greek community activities and more. Joining is total emersion for most sisters. 

You can keep your distance, not attend events and remain minimally involved. But why join a lifestyle oriented organization and not take advantage of all it has to offer? Dues are pricy, so you want to get every joy out of your sorority. If you choose to rush, prepare yourself for a new group of friends, new experiences and a complete change of everyday living. It’s fantastic! And it also takes a lot of your time. But it’s well worth it. xoxo ;)

Rumbelle Drabble Collection

The Polaroid - part 2

Apparently he was being punished for every bad thing he’d ever done in his life.

And apparently the gods above had become quite creative in their manner of sanctioning.

Because almost literally shoving a picture under his nose of beautiful, perfect Belle French in a wedding dress was a whole special brand of torture.

A curve-hugging, fairy-tale like, dream of a wedding dress that was going to feature in his fantasies for months and months to come. 
Fantasies in which he got to hold her in that dress, feeling the warmth of her body through the endless silk and tule and he never had to let go. 
Fantasies in which she pledged herself to him, her eyes beaming with love and adoration for him.
In which he got to take the dress off her and make love to her that night and every night that followed until the end of their lives.

Like a glass of water kept just out of reach to a man who was dying of thirst, the photo taunted him for the rest of the day and during the sleep-deprived night that followed.

Not even a monster like him deserved such a chastening.

bookgirl91 asked:

I would like to make a pledge to the most noble and ancient house of Bookingham. I can organise books, rescue books that have mysteriously had tea or water spilt on them relatively well, and have a habit of leaving books on friends at works desks with cups of tea when I hear they are interested in a book I own.

Huzzah! I hereby dub thee Dame Bookmender and from henceforth you shall be counted among the sons and daughters of the noble and most ancient House of Bookingham.

Left to right:
- MJ succumbing under the influence of the symbiote chemical sexfare.
- Gwenom puppeteering the orgy.
- Silk taking it like a champ.
- Anya is completely demented with what Gwenom just did to her.
- Felicia with a face that says “Ouch, that won’t fit insid— NNNGH!!”  

(8-page comic)
Art by Shade
Colors by Ben Marxx

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A new position in the Yukon to help female victims of crime understand their rights and options was announced today in Whitehorse.

The Yukon government has pledged $281,000 in funding for a women’s legal advocate as a three-year pilot project.

The position comes in response to a review of police services in Yukon and recommendations from the Council of Yukon First Nations and Yukon Advisory Council on Womens’ Issues.

Elaine Taylor, minister of Yukon’s Women’s Directorate, said Yukon has some of the highest rates of sexual violence in the country.

"Women express that they consider many factors when deciding to report to police or seek services from support agencies," she said at a press conference Thursday morning.

"More information early in the process can help them make appropriate choices for their safety." […]

"The word ‘navigator’ is pretty important to that position. Not necessarily knowing everything but knowing where to go. It’s going to take a very special person, and we look forward to seeing who that is."

Solonick said women considering leaving an abusive relationship could call the women’s advocate, for example. […]

Taylor said the office will focus on aboriginal women and residents of smaller communities.

Things I am grateful for Today vs. Things I resent...
I am grateful for DVRs, West Coast Feed repeats, narcotic cough medicine and antibiotics

I resent endless pledge drives, late winter/early spring colds that turn into infections and and coughs that make your chest hurt


Things have changed within the last two days in the frat. Ned, their new pledge, had somehow changed all of their bodies so they were not only cuntboys but always in heat! It drove Nico crazy with lust. So much that he did practically whatever Ned asked him in hopes of an orgasm. But this…This was pushing it. He was wearing a tight pair of lavender panties under a short green skirt that barely made it past the panties. A mink halter top completed the outfit, leaving a lot of his skin of his chest revealed. “Ned?” NIco whined. “Do I really have to wear this?” He asked with a huff as he looked down at his ‘outfit’ in annoyance.


I am so ecstatic because finally, mom lets me to get my skin ink. I’ve been asking for her permission since last year, a couple of months since dad died. I already have a date and its on Saturday, and I can’t wait. I think, the reason why mom finally allow me to do this because she saw how passionate I am with art and having a tattoo. Well, I’ll be inking my dad’s signature on my right wrist, showing how daddy’s girl I am. Honoring the greatest man I’ve ever met and ever existed (aside from God). I will post some photos and pledge to tell you guys what will happen this Saturday “getting inked” day.

“Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.” - Cyril Connolly

Meet London

Being the daughter of a socialite mother, London knew that she’d end up part of the Greek Life society. It was in her fate; as hermother liked to tell her. While she was never pushed to be in the same chapter as her mother was, London followed her footsteps and pledged for AXD. It wasn’t long before she became part of the Greek Life at St. Augustine’s. It just seemed to be her calling. A natural born leader, London ensures that everything is running smoothly within the house. As much as she wishes it wasn’t necessary, image is nearly everything.

Having to compete with the presidents of the other sororities, the journalism major does all that she can to improve AXD’s place at the university. One thing she can never tolerate is betrayal. It’s the one thing that makes this sweet looking girl turn into a vengeful beast. She’s kind to all her new pledges and has a large group of friends; both Greek and not. She’s organized and one of the top reporters for both the Today’s Sea Breeze Newspaper and Shark Bites TV.

She’s prone to reading people, whether she’s right or not however seems to be a game of chance. Nonetheless, London is a great person to be around so long as you stay on her good side. With her younger brother things have always been strained, though it has more to do with their mother doting over her and practically ignoring Luke.

Her personality

Positive: intuitive, collected, organized
Negative: vindictive, self-confident, prone to be condescending
Sexual Orientation: determined by player
Gender Identity: female
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Birthday: determined by player

What she does

Residence: Alpha Xi Delta House
Clubs: Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Sea Breeze, Public Relations & Reporter forSBTV,
Sports: Volleyball & Equestrian
Greek: President of Alpha Xi Delta


Veronika Belitrov: rivals with a constant power struggle, in public they keep themselves calm but in private claws are shown

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theteaisaddictive asked:

I'd like to pledge to always keep the Royal Kitchens filled with hot chocolate/tea. Like, the kind of hot chocolate that HAS to be made with milk (unless people have allergies, in which case water-based hot chocolate is acceptable). I could also stock some YA in the library, if that is acceptable to the Duke *curtsies but loses balance because I'm unusually clumsy for someone so short*

So we already have a YA librarian I think, but you can absolutely be the hot beverage master. I hereby dub thee Sir (or Dame) Cozymug and from henceforth you shall be counted among the sons and daughters of the noble and most ancient House of Bookingham. 

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