Children’s movies are no place for promoting a harmful sexual political agenda, one that offends the deeply held beliefs of countless parents and families. 

 I pledge to boycott both the Beauty and the Beast movie, and other Disney films and products, until such a time as Disney commits itself to protecting, not harming, the innocence of our children. 

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 A harmful sexual, political agenda? Really? You do realise that regardless of a film’s content there is bound to be at least one LGBTQ+ person in the audience, whether out or closeted. And guess what that mean? There are gay children. Shocking right? Children can be gay, who knew? It’s almost as if people can be born black, or Hispanic, or white, or any other race. Children can also be born with any sexual orientation or gender identity.

I feel terribly sorry for the LGBTQ+ children of these countless parents and families. For these are the types of people who will refuse to validate you for your sexual orientation and/or gender identity if you aren’t a heterosexual cisgendered person, it seems. I am also terribly sorry that my pansexuality offends people who don’t even know me and my existence bears no impact on their life. It must be such a burden to feel offended by me at all times. 

This film is about a woman and a beast-man. It details the romantic relationship between a man and woman, as they grow to see each other beyond appearances and stereotypes. It deeply baffles me how the sexual orientation of secondary characters can offend you so greatly. Your marriage isn’t at risk, you’re children won’t turn gay, your crops won’t wither, and the sky won’t fall. They are fictional characters who provide representation to a community highly underrepresented in the media, and often misrepresented when represented at all. 

I guess, in short, I’d like to say that I pledge to watch this film as many times as I damn-well please. I will throw all my money at this film and others with equally gay, or gayer, messages [And you can bet your ass I’ll be going to see the magnificently gay Lego Batman Movie again]. I pledge to do this because I also pledge to protect children. I pledge to be someone LGBTQ+ children can turn to their time of need, to be a voice for those silenced by bigoted family members, to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ representation, and I pledge to promote love and acceptance to any child who is perceived to be different in any way. Above all else, I pledge to promote love instead of hate. 

And if fighting your ignorance and intolerance means that I have to keep bringing on the gay, then I will. Because no one deserves to feel ostracised, especially not by their own parent.


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The pledge...

When I refused to stand for the pledge I was sent to in house, or as others may know it “in school suspension”.

When kicked out of class I went directly to my assistant principal, explained what happened, asked what I could do. He suggested standing and not saying the words, I felt I would be standing for something that both disrespects my beliefs and the beliefs of my country. Then he sent me to the principal.

The principal first and foremost apologized to me for being sent to iss “in house is not how we want to handle these situations”. We discussed what I could do, he offered that I could stand and turn away from the flag. I made it very clear that I dont want to disrespect the flag or my country, I just don’t want to stand for the unconstituational words that are in the pledge.

After telling me multiple times that he agrees I have the right to sit during it, he wants to respect everyone, he just wants to avoid other students going home and telling their parents and having to deal with people who “don’t understand” – he said that he was afraid my sitting would be taken as disrespect to other people beliefs. –he asked if I had any suggestions.

Despite wanting to just be able to sit I really just wanted out of his office, so I offered to sit somewhere outside of the classroom until the pledge was over. He agreed. So every morning I would sit in the nurse’s office until anouncments ended and I’d then go to class.

Though my school tried to “respect my beliefs” I feel like I was still pushed to the sidelines here. He didnt want me sitting because it would be viewed as disrespectful to other people’s beliefs, but standing and not facing the flag would have been okay?

I sat separate from everyone else to avoid other people’s misunderstandings… Wouldnt it have been better to teach them if an upset occured?

Oh well.