What a cutie! After just changing from a tadpole into a baby frog, this critically endangered Cusuco Spike-thumb Frog (Plectrohyla dasypus) takes a rest on a twig in the nearby bushes. Found at my HARCC @frogrescue site in Cusuco National Park, Honduras. Visit the link in my bio above to learn more about our wildlife rescue program!

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Peek a boo! Meet one of my favorite frogs - the Exquisite Spike-thumb Frog (Plectrohyla exquisita), a critically endangered species found only in Cusuco National Park, Honduras at my HARCC @frogrescue field site. They have such inquisitive attitudes & seem to study me as much as I study them! 🐸 #frogs #amphiblr #animal #outdoors #cute

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Will this frog croak before we ever hear it “ribbit”? This is the Exquisite spike-thumb frog from Honduras (Plectrohyla exquisita) and it’s critically endangered due to chytrid fungus. No one has ever heard what their call sounds like. I hope we can save them from extinction and one day listen to them croak, in a good way! To see a video of this frog alive, click here: FrogRescue YouTube.

Don’t let this cute frog disappear! This species - the Cusuco Spike-thumb Frog (Plectrohyla dasypus) - is critically endangered & found at only one place – a single mountain-top cloud forest in Honduras. Follow my @frogrescue team as we race to save this frog from extinction. This image is another recent addition to my gallery at (link in profile).

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Plectrohyla dasypus, Cusuco National Park, Honduras

A recent metamorph of the Cusuco spike thumb frog crawls onto land and takes its first breath of cool rainforest air. This guy was just a tadpole not long ago, and still has a pretty big tail, even though he decided to come out of the water.. You can read more about this critically endangered species here: