Leggings from Banggood ❤

So this is my second review with BangGood, and I’m really pleased with this products!

It came wrapped in a large tough plastic bag, and was packaged with a coat. They were each in individual plastic bags inside. There were no rips or issues with the package. I had no problem with communication with the site. I was given a tracking number and could keep track of my order on it’s way to me.

The fabric is incredibly smooth in the front, and soft on the back. There were no tears or loose threads anywhere. The color was a very crisp shade of black.

Appearance: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 of 5)

I really love how these look. They fit me very well, and I think I look super hot in them. I got lots of compliments on them when I wore them to school. They go with almost anything too, especially some cute boots.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥

I love the texture of these! In school I was just asking all my friends to feel my thighs. They’re really smooth inside and out, and very comfy. It’s like that feeling you get when you first shave your legs, but without having to shave your legs. The one and only problem I had with them was they didn’t have a ton of booty room. The front sits a little higher than the back.

Quality: ♥♥♥♥♥

I thought these were a really nice quality, especially for the price. I don’t really have any complaints here.




DIY 3 Leather Bracelets’ Tutorials and Patterns from Lia Griffith. These are pretty simple with scrap leather and she links to an inexpensive set of industrial stamps ($15). TIP: Download patterns when you see them - don’t wait and then find out they’re gone. *First seen at Transient Expression hereThere are patterns for:

  • Bow Bracelet
  • Mystery or Magic Leather Bracelet
  • Stamped Bracelet

So i’ve had this top arrive from my amazon wishlist thanks to user gr8nfune :D :D :D Apologies that i look a little messy from work, but i’ve been putting the thank you photos off long enough!!! :D 
Could totally team this with a skater skirt :D : D Much love x


One of our recent projects! We finished a leather bralette in the studio this week.

The pattern was draped on out dress form and a pattern was drafted based on it. The pieces and lining were cut from black pleather, and sewn together on our industrial machines (using a teflon foot). After the piece was finished, we used our industrial snap machine to install the snaps! The finished piece is perfect for the daring LA girl. :)

The fabric is from Micheal Levine. It was made at Sew FYI!

The pattern is stored in our studio for any members to use!