So you’ve decided you want to become a Titan-killing machine?
Good! But first you must prove yourself by making an incredible amount of straps before joining the ranks! This little tutorial will show you how I made my Attack on Titan pleather straps. I personally wanted my straps to be rather sturdy and durable to make it more viable that these things could actually function as they would in the series. Also, you can of course apply this to straps and belts of the non-Shingeki variety.

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Leggings from Banggood ❤

So this is my second review with BangGood, and I’m really pleased with this products!

It came wrapped in a large tough plastic bag, and was packaged with a coat. They were each in individual plastic bags inside. There were no rips or issues with the package. I had no problem with communication with the site. I was given a tracking number and could keep track of my order on it’s way to me.

The fabric is incredibly smooth in the front, and soft on the back. There were no tears or loose threads anywhere. The color was a very crisp shade of black.

Appearance: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 of 5)

I really love how these look. They fit me very well, and I think I look super hot in them. I got lots of compliments on them when I wore them to school. They go with almost anything too, especially some cute boots.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥

I love the texture of these! In school I was just asking all my friends to feel my thighs. They’re really smooth inside and out, and very comfy. It’s like that feeling you get when you first shave your legs, but without having to shave your legs. The one and only problem I had with them was they didn’t have a ton of booty room. The front sits a little higher than the back.

Quality: ♥♥♥♥♥

I thought these were a really nice quality, especially for the price. I don’t really have any complaints here.





Editor’s Pick
thru Feb 28:

Voids and Invocations
 Evie Falci

The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie St., NYC

“I’m a person in the world; I don’t make art for other artists. I draw from many different sources and interests that I have, and obviously fashion and beauty is one of them… It’s interesting for me to take things that could be dismissed and make them really powerful and undeniable in their beauty and color. The studs on leather are a natural counterbalance, the masculine to the feminine and also, formally the black and white of the silver as relating to drawing—tone, versus the rhinestones as pigments and paint.” - INTERVIEW MAGAZINE (11/21/14) “The studworks I’ve been making are decidedly more figurative in terms of the forms being rendered. They relate to various traditions representation of a spiritual dimension. Things like kachina dolls, the space that Aboriginal people refer to as “the dream time”, voodoo veves, and ancient Mesopotamian figurines, and sigils found in both contemporary and historic magical texts. It is not necessarily important to me that an individual will be able to decipher specific symbols, it is much more important for the viewer to be able to read a specific feeling or energy being projected. I do like to use a lot of eyes, which for me refer to Nazars or “evil eyes” common in Turkey as a way to ward off evil, always a good thing to have if you ask me.“ - Evie Falci

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DIY 2 Leather Cord Organizers. If you have the right supplies you can make so many of these thoughtful gifts in whatever color you want using snaps, screw posts or button studs. These cost roughly $1 to make.