pleated silk



Dusty rose silk charmeuse having cream embroidered net high-neck bodice insert and long sleeve, pleated silk wrap-front bodice with heavily embroidered short chiffon sleeve, inserts and center oval, draped and angled skirt, self tassels at back and ends of self chain suspended from waist, trained skirt decorated with net inserts and Celtic knot appliques, satin under-skirt with pleated hem ruffle.


1780′s Polonaise based on this fashion plate from “Galerie des modes et costumes français” I dyed the pink silk for the dress and the pleats are all stitched by hand. The shoes were made by reshaping the heel of a pair of ordinary court shoes and adding a tongue before covering in silk. The chatelaine was made using beading techniques 

“Here, let me,” Harry murmurs, close enough that his breath brushes Louis’ ear. Handing off the tie, Louis turns to face his host, already completely dressed. He’s in a suit similar to the one Louis’ wearing, though his shirt is silk and pleated. A stripe of black satin runs down the outside of each trouser leg to match the tailcoat’s lapels.

Louis lifts his chin to allow Harry to fasten the bowtie. “You look very nice,” Louis says softly, his focus moving to Harry’s face. This close, Louis can see exactly how green the man’s eyes are, bright and clear, rimmed with a dark ring like a gemstone in a setting.

Or, the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

[Paint the Sky with Stars by kiwikero]


Selling my personal Meg dress: $300 including USA shipping.

Bust 34, Waist 28, Hips 36, Height 5'4" - some size alterations possible!

Worn once for DragonCon. Hand pleated all across the top and stomach panels. Hidden zipper. Silk and pleated cotton. Very comfy, but also sexiest I’ve ever felt in a cosplay! Will include matching hair band.

PM for purchase inquiries. (Posting date: Feb 21, 2017)