pleated organza

I wish I had somewhere to wear my wedding dress again. It was a work of art.

That beaded lace cost $150/m… I bought 25cm! My amazing dress maker cut out the motives and placed them all around the dress, and scatterd them across the sunray pleated silk organza train (made out of the deep red you see above trimming the neck and sleeve). And all that pleating, oh my god. I don’t think we have any more pleaters in Brisbane, 9 years on. It’s quite depressing. There was 13 or so metres of red silk dupion in that dress and it was lined in cotton voile, my dress maker was so thoughtful about how easily I overheated.


And here’s the Hero of China herself, my OOAK Mulan doll!

I wanted to preserve the integrity of this dress, so for Mulan I put less embellishment and focused on materials. Her dress begins with a pleated cotton skirt and organza top. Over that is a second skirt made from authentic Chinese brocade, one layer a porcelain blue, the other a deep red. Her top was completed with a layer of sky blue lace and a red brocade trim around the collar. Her dress is finished with a sash pf the same brocade and tied with a salmon ribbon. I felt she needed to pop though, so I created three of her accessories from the movie. She wears the Crest of the Emperor around her neck, a metal medallion set with rubies and customized with a golden dragon. She carries the sword of Shan-Yu, sculpted from clay and wrapped in a golden brocade that features three elements of the film: a dragon, the circular crest, and a flower blooming in adversity. Last but not least, she also includes the fan used to disarm Shan-Yu, delicately created from toothpicks and paper and hand-painted to be finished off with black sequins.

Her box is just as lovely, a deep red lined with red silk from a real Cheongsam. The box is finished with metal clasps of flowers and a dragon, and inside is the famous quote from Fa Zhou when Mulan comes home.



Café Society (2016) - Kristen Stewart as Vonnie wearing a dark red satin dress with short balloon sleeves, pleated organza collar, double row of buttons on the bodice and thin belt. The accessories include mary-jane pumps, her trademark satin ribbon as headband and white wrist gloves.

The costumes were designed by Suzy Benzinger.


My customized King Hans & Queen Elsa of Arendelle dolls. (Hans is in the ‘formal’ attire version that’s lighter blue.) I rebodied Hans onto a Fashionista model body and made the outfit, made his crown, touched up his face, added blushing and more delicate freckles. For Elsa, I completely redid her face, fixed her hair and adorned it with tiny snowflake gems, remade her Ice Queen gown to have iridescent/holographic sparkles then added hundreds of tiny AB crystal gems to her bodice, sleeves and hips, added 3 tiers of AB ‘chain’ gems to her shoulderline and made her skirt more flaring at the bottom with an overlay of pleated sparkle organza for ‘waterfall’ effect. I also added a 2′ long lined cape with all her fractal patterns all over it!!! For their ‘sidekicks’, I made Sitron, Hans’ horse, made 2 pearlescent Snowgie figures, and enlarged Marshmallow to be 20″ tall. :) Hope you like them!!


Royal brides who wore Valentino

Marie-Chantal of Greece - 1995
Twenty-five seamstresses were said to have worked on Princess Marie-Chantal’s wedding dress, designed by Valentino. The London-born beauty wowed in an ivory silk gown studded with rose appliqués, finished with a lace bodice and sleeves. Twelve different kinds of lace were used to complete the creation.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands - 2002
Queen Máxima and her mother-in-law, then-Queen Beatrix, travelled to Valentino’s studio in Rome to discuss their requirements for a gown that would take people’s breath away. Valentino lived up to his reputation, creating a long-sleeved cowl-necked confection, made of heavy ivory Mikado silk that kept Máxima warm on her February nuptials. The gown flared out slightly from the waist, emphasising her figure. Máx’s five-metre-train was made from the same fabric and inset with panels of embroidered lace.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden - 2013
Madeleine’s gown was fashioned from pleated silk organza with appliquéd ivory-hued Chantilly lace. The upper section of the bodice was also made of lace and featured a deep-cut back. Narrow vertical pleats opened up from the accentuated waist, above the wide skirt, which ended with a four-metre-long train.

Valentino said of the bride: “It was just so easy. She is a very lovely girl. She is modern, full of energy and enthusiasm, and she is so beautiful. It has been a pleasure and an honour.”

Which gown is your favorite?