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Hi! Could you find some outfits of female idols who are a little more rectangle shaped? I don't really have much in terms of a waist or hips, so my body is all sort of the same width the whole way down.

Hello ^^ 

There are some idols with rectangle body types: Girls’ generation Tiffany, SISTAR Bora, Minzy



  • Use strong blocks of color to help define your body
  • As for most body types, be sure to wear a good bra to define what bust you have
  • Wear tops and jackets that emphasize the waist
  • Choose a coat with a good waist or that is belted at the waist
  • Any jacket tailored around the waist will look great
  • You can use some shoulder padding (don’t overdo it though)
  • Medium to high necklines usually work well, especially if you have s small bust and long neck
  • If you like to create the illusion of bigger breasts, choose tops with pockets, rushes, pleating and other front details
  • Halter necks will also give the appearance of a bigger bust and shows off your back
  • Accessorize with belts around the waist. Heavy belts can be really good if you’re also long waisted
  • If you have no waist at all, then a belt is best avoided
  • ¾ sleeves usually work really well for a rectangle
  • Blouses can look really good if they are tucked in
  • Shift dresses and empire line dresses work well, but I also like to break the rule with dropped waist dresses!


  • A-line skirts work really well for this shape
  • You can also go the other way and wear a tight skirt or pants to highlight the curves that you DO have
  • You can wear almost any shape trousers but slightly flared trousers will look great on you as it will add more shape to your body. Low to mid waited pants are usually best.
  • A knee length pencil skirt that tapers in at the side will also add some curves and look good
  • If you like the waistless look you can opt for straight skirts and shirt dresses
  • For shoes, opt for curvier and rounded options like ballerinas and pumps.

What not to wear?

  • Avoid shapeless clothes
  • If you want to add curves then avoid straight dresses, but you can also opt for the waistless look!