pleasure leftists

Playlist for 28 Feb 2013

1. Red Temple Spirits - “Nile Song” - Dancing to Restore An Eclipsed Moon

2. Spectres - “Time Is Out” - Last Days
*3. Pleasure Leftists - “Elephant Men" 
4. The Ex - "Sports” - History Is What’s Happening
5. Swann Danger - “Thee MIghty Fall” - Staccato 
+6. This Heat - “Makeshift Swahili” - Deceit

7. Rebel Christening - “Desire and Glory” - Tribal Eye
8. Blue Cross - “Here With A Bullet” - I Am Death
9. Blue Cross - “Despair, Don’t Care” - I Am Death
10. Dead Cult - “Witch Hunt” - demo
11. White Lung - “Sleep Creep” - It’s the Evil

12. Ausgang - “That Heat” - Last Exit…
13. Neon Piss - “Close the Door” - single
14. Bellmer Dolls - “Push! Push!” - The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over
15. Red Voice Choir - “Leviathan” - Apparitions
16. In Excelsis - “One Day” - Creeps in the Trees

17. White Lung - “Bunny” - Sorry

* denotes new music
+ denotes request 


Pleasure Leftists - Animal Heart live 2011 Cleveland

Pleasure Leftists
Animal Heart live
03 December 2011
Happy Dog
Cleveland OH

filmed by
Randy Thatcher
Michael Paterson

I’m super into Pleasure Leftists, they’re easily one of my five favourite bands of the last year or so. I’m really not sold on the sound quality of this recording, though. In fact it’s pretty bad, but I love Haley’s dancing skills and the look on her face when she performs.


Pleasure Leftists killed it at Happy Dog Last night w/ Relaxer and Nights! The singer was constantly swaying back and forth while she belted out her deep intense melodies. I felt like I was in an 80’s scifi movie at one point.